tagNonHumanMy Brother's Ghost Pt. 05

My Brother's Ghost Pt. 05


\Warm blood drips from my busted lip onto the icy ground beneath me, staining the snow. Mud and ice cake underneath my fingernails and between my fingers on my numb, freezing hands. My whole body aches where I hit the pavement when I leaped from Scott's Camaro. Despite the pain I feel, I keep clawing my fingers into the cold, wet, ground in desperation, attempting to climb the steep, mountain slope to get away from Scott.

What little ground I manage to gain, I quickly lose sliding down the slope towards Scott. With nothing to hold onto, escape seems impossible. I don't think Scott is going to give chase waiting patiently at the bottom of the slope for me to slide right into his clutches.

From out of nowhere, a ghostly voice echoes in my head. A haunting image of a faceless, translucent figure with a bluish aura around it appears in front of me in the mountain mist. Hovering just inches above the ground, the ghost like figure appears to be waving and coaxing me to go on, giving me a small sense of hope. I'm so hysterical I can only assume I'm hallucinating - this can't be real.

"Be patient, Amanda. Your time has not yet come to an end." The ghostly hallucination affirms with an eerie, haunting voice that echoes in my head.

"What?" I reply as if I'm talking to myself, temporarily forgetting the severity of my situation.

"Judgment is coming this day." The ghostly hallucination promises, fading from my visibility before I can respond.

"Help me." I mutter under my breath as I stretch one of my arms out, reaching towards nothingness where the hallucination appeared.

Physically drained, I give up hope and slide to the bottom of the steep, icy, mountain slope. I'm too exhausted from struggling to climb the snow covered, mountain slope to put up much of a fight. The shadow of Scott looms over me, obscuring the afternoon sunlight.

I collapse face down into the icy slush beneath me. Towering over me with his menacing 6'2" stature like a predator, Scott sizes me up like helpless prey before kneeling beside me. Then, he grabs a hold to my jacket collar, snatching me away from the mountain slope.

"Let go of me, Scott!" I shout, attempting to wiggle myself free from my jacket. "Help! Somebody help me, please!" I scream as Scott drags me across the frigid ground face down towards his Camaro.

"You made a fool of yourself attempting to escape - and did it get you, Amanda?" Scott taunts me with his cat and mouse games while I fight and resist anyway possible.

Dissatisfied there's still plenty of fight left in me, Scott ceases dragging me to towards the Camaro. Rolling me over onto my back, he straddles my weakened body and pummels my face with his fists countless times until I'm nearly unconscious. Satisfied there's no fight left in me, Scott hoists my limp body across the hood of his car face down. Then, he methodically undresses me with his knife, exposing my bare skin to the frigid mountain air.

"You've got more fight in you than your pussy ass brother - he hit like a little girl." Scott jokes, throwing huge chunks of my clothing into a pile at my feet." It's a pity he isn't here." He whispers in my ear, dragging the blade slowly across my flesh, scratching me with tip of it and drawing blood.

Scott's warm hands move across my naked flesh, positioning me on the hood of his Camaro. My face is bruised, swollen, and bleeding; my eyes are black and blue - I'm in pain and helpless to fight back. Tears roll down my cheeks and mix with the blood dripping from my busted lip. My worst nightmares are materializing before my eyes.

Kicking my legs apart, Scott presses his body against mine, tightening his grip on my wrist and holding it in place; subduing me. I want to scream, but there's no one around to hear me. Paralyzed with fear, I'm hoping it'll all be over quickly. I can only pray he doesn't kill me. Scott has no intentions of making this sexual encounter pleasurable for me. Unzipping his pants, Scott begins stroking his cock until it springs to life, getting rock hard in his hand.

"I tried to be nice, and you blew me off. I've wanted to fuck you the moment I laid eyes on you." Scott whispers in my ear. "If you won't give me your pussy, then I'm going to take it." Scott insists, spreading my ass cheeks apart; exposing me.

The pain is unbearable from Scott shoving his hard, throbbing, cock into my pussy dry. If I wasn't crying before, I'm whimpering like a baby, balling with tears now. I feel the entire length of Scott's cock penetrate me; my pussy lips wrap around his shaft - it's painful and hurts like Hell.

I let out an inaudible scream as Scott releases some of the tension on my wrist. Unmercifully, Scott begins to pump my pussy relentlessly with his hard cock. In and out, harder and faster, until my pussy begins to lubricate itself, relieving some of the friction and pain. Scott smiles mentally assuming I'm enjoying his cock pumping and pummeling my pussy. Releasing his grip on my wrist, Scott trades it for a handful of my long, red hair.

Yanking my limp body into an arch by my hair, Scott holds my swollen face off the hood of his Camaro like a puppet while he sexually violates my helpless body. Harder and faster he pumps my devastated pussy with his hard, throbbing cock. I want to blackout from the whole experience. Just when I think it's over Scott takes it to a whole new level.

"I bet you're wishing this was over." Scott taunts. "Not hardly. I'm going to fuck you in the ass like I fucked your brother." Scott insists, extracting his slimy, cock from my pussy. "Your brother loved taking it up the ass like a bitch." Scott mutters, pulling my hair tighter with his grip.

Never in my life have I ever wanted to kill someone until now. That's the only thing on my mind when Scott spreads my ass cheeks apart to force the head of his cock into my ass and sexually violate it as well. I only thought the pain of being fucked in my pussy dry was painful. The pain of being forcibly fucked in my ass is excruciating.

Scott literally shoves his cock into my ass in one hellacious, mighty, thrust. Closing my swollen eyes, I block some of the pain out the best I can. It feels like my insides are on fire, burning, and being ripped open. My rectal tissue stretches and wraps around Scott's cock until I can fully accommodate his girth.

Once Scott's cock is buried deep inside my ass, he begins to pump and pummel my ass with vigorous strokes. It's as if he's fucking my ass with the same ferocious enthusiasm like it was my pussy. In and out, harder and faster, each stroke slamming into my ass unmercifully - slapping his flesh against mine.

Scott tightens his grip on my hair, yet again, pulling me back towards him. The pain is unbearable; I've cried myself out of tears. I want to die just so the pain will end. When I've all but given up hope, I feel Scott's hot, sticky, semen being injected into my anal cavity. His warm, throbbing, cock twitches and quivers as it blasts each stream of cum into my ass.

Satisfied with his accomplishments, Scott drags my beaten and nearly naked body to the rear of the Camaro, opens the trunk, and tosses me inside on my back. I'm hurt and hurt bad. I stare almost lifelessly up at the hollow, distant eyes of Scott staring down at me. In his warped mind, he's probably assuming that I enjoyed what he did to me.

As I lay in the trunk bleeding and in pain, Scott gathers my tattered clothes and throws them over my face to conceal his actions. Towering over me, Scott begins punching me relentlessly in the face again, trying to knock me unconscious. Once I'm motionless, Scott retrieves my backpack, purse, and anything that belongs to me and throws it in the trunk with me.

"I bet you love my fucking cock now." Scott mutters. "I bet you want some more, too." Scott snickers, slamming the trunk shut, leaving me in total darkness.

Barely conscious and freezing, I want to let go of my life, but my will to live is equally as strong. Closing my eyes, I rest, trying to regain some of my strength. There's no way of telling where this maniac is going to take me or what he's going to do next.

Once Scott cranks the car, the sound of the engine is drowned out by the music from the BeeGee's blasting from the stereo. I'm guessing this is supposed to convey some sort of subliminal message to me. At the very least the song reflects Scott's twisted way of thinking.

🎶 Here I lie in a lost and lonely part of town

Held in time, In a world of tears I slowly drown.

Going home, I just can't make it all alone. I really should be holding you. Holding you! Loving you. Loving you!


I can barely understand what Scott is babbling about over the sound of the music. It sounds like he's speaking jibberish at first, then it sounds like he's singing along with the song horribly out of tune. With no light in the dark trunk, I feel around for my iPhone in what's left of my tattered jacket, and turn on the LED light. Then, I wipe some of the blood off my face with my tattered clothes.

Struggling for leg room in the confined space imprisoning me, I kick at the side walls of the trunk with my feet. When that yields nothing, I begin to pound my fist on the inside of the trunk. I assume Scott can hear me beating on the inside of the trunk. Turning the radio down he yells loud enough for me to hear him.

"I'm taking you to where I left your faggot ass brother Kevin." Scott yells loud enough for me to hear. "You'll be with him soon enough." Scott promises, jacking the radio up to drown out the sound of my hand beating on the trunk lid.

🎶When the feeling's gone and you can't go on, It's tragedy. When the morning cries and you don't know why, It's hard to bear. With no one to love you you're going nowhere.


When you lose control and you got no soul

It's tragedy.🎶

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