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My Brother's Girlfriend


My parents were throwing a big party at their house this weekend. My brother Ron was bringing his fiance Amy home for the first time. My brother lived a few hours away and didn't get home much. I know my parents were eager to meet the soon-to-be newest member of the family.

When my brother did arrive for the party his girlfriend wasn't what I had imagined. Amy was short with short brown hair. Her two selling points were her personality and big her breasts. My mother is normally hard to win over, but Amy soon had my Mom eating out of her hand.

Everyone was invited to the party it seemed. Family, friends and neighbors were all there. You could hardly get near the pool it was so full of people. I preferred to sit in a beach chair and watch all the people. I was keeping my eye on Amy. She was wearing a tiny bikini. It was barely covering her breasts and pussy.

I did catch Amy looking over at me a few times. Her eyes were wandering to the bulge in my trunks. I know she saw me catching her at it. The party went fine and my brother was the happiest I had seen him in some time. There he was showing off his bride-to-be.

I went home rather early and went to my bed. I stripped off my clothes and tried to sleep. I hate to admit it, I had Amy on my mind. I knew it was crazy to think it, but I wanted her for some strange reason. I woke the next morning to my phone ringing. At first I thought it was my mother, but it turned out to be Amy.

She said my brother wanted me to come over that morning as soon as possible. I asked her where Ron was. She said he was in the shower and had asked her to give me a ring. I hopped into the shower myself and drove over to the motel where they were staying. I guess my brother wanted some privacy to be alone with his girlfriend.

I knocked on the door and Amy answered. She had on the shortest bathrobe I had ever seen.

"Where is Ron?" I asked.

"Oh, he is out playing golf with your father," Amy replied back.

I was puzzled by this answer. What was going on? Amy told me to have a seat on the couch and she walked to the bathroom. The next thing I see is Amy walking over to the bed completely naked. I think my eyes nearly popped out of my head. Amy got onto the bed and told me to join her. I knew what this was leading to. I should have gotten up and left, but I didn't.

I walked over to the edge of the bed and I started to shed my clothes. Amy kept her eyes on me the whole time.

"I knew you had a big one," she told me as I removed the last bit of clothing.

Amy was lying on her back by then. I got onto the bed and I pulled her legs apart. I knew it was insane, but I had to have her. I lowered my face and my tongue found her pussy. Amy was completely shaved down. She looked like a newborn down below. I started lapping up and down her slit. I found out quickly that Amy was a vocal lover.

She was practically screaming as I licked up and down her folds. She placed her hands on the back of my head, making sure I wouldn't pull away. There was no chance of that. Her pussy was so hot I could feel the heat coming from it. A few minutes of my tongue and Amy exploded.

She started to squirt her juices all over my face. It got wild there on the bed. I never had a woman do that before. I opened my mouth to take it all in. Amy raised her hips and flooded my mouth with her hot liquids. I eventually pulled away and watched Amy's body shaking. She soon got herself together and went to the bathroom.

I could hear the water running as she cleaned up. She brought a towel back for my face. I wiped down and we got back to it. Amy took my cock in her hand and brought it to her lips. She slowly sucked on my mushroom. It looked like my dick was too thick and long for her to get all the way down.

That was alright with me. Once she made me hard with her mouth Amy got on top of me. She raised up and her pussy was directly over my dick. She slowly sunk down on my cock. It took some time before I was able to get my prick in all the way inside Amy. Her pussy was so tight, like some young virgin.

Once I finally worked my dick in all the way, Amy let me know how she wanted me.

"Fuck me hard and deep Scott, I need you so bad!"

I had wondered what was going on between her and my brother. I know this was wrong, but I had to fuck Amy. It was just that simple. I brought my hips up as Amy lowered herself onto my rod. I was pumping deep into her pussy. Amy threw her head back and I reached up and found her tits.

I started pinching her big nipples and that really got Amy worked up. She was moaning and telling me to fuck her good. I had all eight inches of my cock buried inside her belly. She later told me it felt like a giant snake was crawling inside her pussy.

I didn't give any thought about protection. We just started going at it. I had my raw dick sliding in and out of Amy. I was getting damn close to letting go.

"I should pull out," I told her.

Amy just clamped down harder around my prick. There just wasn't any time to pull out. I raised up and I blew my load. My balls were aching as I sent streams of hot seed into Amy's pussy. That really pushed her over the edge. I felt Amy begin to orgasm. Her pussy was milking my dick and she squirted more of her juices onto my mid-section.

We fucked for some minutes longer before I started to get soft. Amy pulled off of me and once more went to clean up. When she came back we kissed a little and talked. I found out that my brother was a nice guy but not too good in the sack. Amy saw me in my swim trunks and got the urge to have me before they left to go back home.

I started to feel some guilt about this time. What was wrong with me, fucking my brother's girlfriend? Amy evidently didn't feel any remorse. She wanted to go at it again. That is exactly what we did. Amy got on all fours and I got in behind her. She lowered her head and raised her ass up and I slid my cock into her once more.

I watched Amy's big tits flopping back and forth as I drove my rod deep into her belly. I had my hands on her hips controlling her actions. We went at it even longer this time. Amy's pussy was still slick from my cum. I was able to go harder and deeper than the previous time. I did cum in Amy a second time. By the time we finished my cock was so sore and raw looking. Amy was a dynamo in bed.

It was already afternoon when we finished up. My brother was due very soon so I left their motel room and went back home to my apartment. I got a call later from my brother. He wanted me to have dinner with Amy and himself. It was the most uncomfortable I have been in a long time.

Amy and Ron sat across from me at dinner. All I could think of was our afternoon together in bed. It didn't help matters that Amy was wearing a low cut top that showed off her big tits. My brother was so happy about the upcoming wedding. I sat there with my dick hurting from all that fucking we did. I cut out as earlier as I could. I had to get away from that scene.

The next morning my brother and Amy were heading back home. I didn't see them off. I was in bed thinking about Amy and me fucking the previous day. I hated myself for what I did. I also wanted to fuck Amy again. I was thinking of ways to set it up I was so crazy to have her.

The time came for the wedding, but I had to beg off. I made some lame excuse about having to fly to a business meeting on the far coast. I had to go I told my family. I can tell you my mother and brother were pissed at me, but I had to do it that way. I couldn't bear to be in the situation of looking at the sister-in-law I had fucked a few weeks earlier.

I guess things blew over and I didn't hear from Ron for a few months. One night the phone rang and it was my brother. Good news, he told me. Amy is pregnant. I felt the bottom dropped out of my gut. I was trying to do a calculation of exactly how long ago it was we had sex together.

I congratulated my brother and got off the phone. It wasn't long before I heard my phone going off that someone had texted me. I looked at the message and got that sinking feeling.

"Scott, I think the baby is yours.... Amy"

Fuck, this was going downhill really fast. I wanted to know how she knew exactly it was my baby. What was the point of even telling me that. Just have the child and leaving sleeping dogs lie. My brother had begged me to come and visit them now that Amy was pregnant. I tried to say no. I knew if I go and visit I will be fucking a pregnant Amy this time around. I know it will come to that.

Tell me, what would you do?

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