My Brother's Lover


"Uh, ah, mmmm, yes, fuck, brother, fuck me, use me like your dirty bitch, oh God yes!" I began to moan and scream, "Fuck my virgin arse, brother, take your slutty sissy sister's cherry! Make me a woman, make me your bitch!"

As I threw back my long, wavy hair and groaned, I pushed out my chest, tearing open my white blouse (and hoping my mother didn't still ever wear it) to reveal the lacy stuffed red bra beneath it. Really getting into the role of slutty Cynthia, I now almost imagined myself as a real girl and began to cup and play with my tissue breasts through the bra as if they were real as I arched my back and continued to meet Darren's thrusts.

"God bitch, you're tight, it's incredible, the feel of your tiny arse on my cock, I feel I could cum any minute!" Darren groaned as he violated my tight arse.

Looking down, I could see what he meant. Frankly, it looked like one of the tranny porn films that Darren had on his computer, my little, slight body, with a blouse torn open and a filled red lace bra, a suede skirt hanging around my waist, my own hard cock showing out of the lacy panties that had been pulled aside, flopping around as my little pert arse and tiny arse hole was repeatedly violated by Darren ramming his massive meet between my little arse cheeks, my sexy, long bare womanly legs were wrapped around his back. He moved his hand from its place on my waist and wrapped it around my warm, hard cock, beginning to stroke it off even as he continued to fuck my arse, stimulating me both deep inside and on my cock.

"Oooo, ah, yes, brother, that feels amazing, keep doing that, I'm fucking loving it," I screamed, and truly I was loving having my virginity violated by my own brother.

"God Cynthia, you're quite a girl, tight arse, big tits and this lovely hard cock," he groaned, "You're everything a guy could want, my fucking sissy slut of a sister."

I knew that with the extra attention of my brother wanking my cock even as he fucked me it wouldn't be long before I went right over the edge.

"Oh, oh, ooo, God, baby, keep jerking me, your going to make my little girly cock cum," I yelled out.

"Fuck, slut, that's it, cum for me," he said, "I want to see you cover your girly lingerie in all your thick white cum."

"Ah, aah, oooh, oh God, Fuck, OH!" I screamed as my body shook all the way through with an incredible orgasm, "Fuck, brother, I'm cumming!"

A stream of warm cum shot out of my cock and hit me on the chest, staining my mother's sexy brown suede skirt. Darren continued to plough into my arse and pump his hand up and down my cock, milking my cum as it shot out in spurts, covering his hand and my thighs, skirt and chest. Some of it even shot up over my red lace bra and one stray drop hit me in the chin.. I stuck out my tongue and licked it up, almost instinctively, acting as I was like a dirty tranny porn star, I was just imitating them. But I loved the warm salty taste and the way it made me feel naughty for drinking my own juices. I knew I wanted more and was going to get some pretty soon from the looks of it.

"Fuck Cynthia, you naughty bitch, like the taste of cum do you, slut?" Darren was saying, "I'm gonna cum for you soon bitch and I'm gonna cum all over your slutty girl face."

He pulled out of my arse and came around to where I was lying back on the sofa and stuck his cock in my face, jerking it off. Even though it had just come from my own stretched out arse, I put my lips around the head and sucked on it as the first of his cum shot out and hit the back of my throat. Warm and salty, it tasted great and I drank it down. More kept coming, much faster than I could swallow and I had to let my brother's cock fall from between my lips as bubbles of cum leaked from the sides of my mouth. Darren continued to jerk off as he covered my face and hair with his cum.

"God, you really look like a dirty tranny porn star now, Cynthia, all covered in my cum, licking it up from your lips," he laughed, as he finished cumming and put his cock away, leaving me collapsed on the sofa in my mother's torn and cum soaked clothes and undies, covered in both my own and my brother's cum. A little grin came to my sticky lips, my plan had come off better than I had ever expected, I had got to see just what it was like to be one of those crossdressing sluts on my brother's porn films, dressing up, sucking cock and getting fucked like a real woman. It had been quite an evening.

Later, after I had cleaned myself up, hidden my mother's ruined clothes and reverted to my male self, Darren came up to me and took me aside.

"Listen, man," he said, being more brotherly with me than usual, "You know that if what happened gets out then my reputation will be ruined, so just keep things to yourself, ok." Well, I'd expected that, frankly, but I'd hoped he might mention thanks or something, tell me how much he enjoyed our evening together. And then, as he turned to go out, he just added, "Oh, and if Cynthia is around this evening, tell that dirty slut that I want to see her in my bedroom and maybe she can get her little arse fucked again." He grinned and walked out and that was it between us. Well, the whole incident hadn't made us any closer as brothers but it did seem to have given me a new family role, Cynthia, my brother's slutty tranny lover.

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