tagTransgender & CrossdressersMy Brother's Panties Ch. 02

My Brother's Panties Ch. 02


Waking the next day brought the flood of pleasant reminders of the previous night. Next to me were Lauren and Jamie, cuddled together in the spoon position. It was obvious this wasn't the first time the ladies had spent the night together. That thought followed me to the spare bathroom for my morning duties and then into the kitchen to make coffee.

Finding what I needed to make a pot, I thought about Jamie and Lauren being lovers. They met during their first year at college; made their transitions together; choose the same career path, with the same design house; and rented this loft together. Who was I to barge into my sister's life?

Still, the conversations indicated I was welcome and should never leave Jamie again. Lauren also made a point that she was part of this relationship. A wry smile crossed my lips as I silently chuckled to myself thinking, "When you make love to a woman all night and spend the night in their bed, it sort of hints at the start of a relationship. Even if the love making meant sucking a woman's cock."

While the coffee brewed, I did a quick pick-up of the clothing trail we left last night. I was such a 'horn dog' because I found great pleasure in fondling their intimates. The smoothness of bra cups is so erotic. It arouses me to think how lucky this inanimate piece of clothing is to cradle their breasts all day. I brought their panties to my nose and savored the musky scent left by their cock and balls. My cock was getting firm so I hurried up before I was fully aroused.

Slipping into the old pair of Jamie's panties I wore to NYC, I couldn't help but notice how tattered they looked in comparison to the ladies' lacey intimates. They did say "new panties" were on my settling-in list. The image of picking out panties with the girls was very provocative. I knew I had to change my thoughts or I'd have a hard-on all day; although I probably would anyway.

Back in the kitchen, I surveyed the refrigerator and cabinets for some breakfast supplies. It was well appointed with appliances, dishes and utensils, but there wasn't much in the way of food. No wonder the girls were so trim. I did find a pack of English muffins and made it my quest to turn them into a little morning treat for them.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the loft. I heard the girls stirring, and Jamie hollering out, "Do I smell coffee?" Her tone was that of being pleasantly surprised. Timing is everything. I just finished.

Half-and-half was transferred to a creamer and placed on the table next to the sugar. The muffins had been transformed into lightly toasted cinnamon-sugared delicacies with a touch of orange marmalade. Three cups of 'jo' were being poured when Lauren shuffled her way into the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

She was naked and radiant. The morning light danced across her body. The cool air had her nipples erect, and jutting out from her beautiful natural Cs. Her hair softly falling about her shoulders gave her a "J-Lo' look. The major difference: Lauren's flaccid seven-inch cock hanging seductively from her loins.

With a bit of a coo, Lauren voiced her pleasure. "Oh Kevin, how sweet of you. God, you really are special. Thank you so much."

She made her way over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. The 'Good Morning Kiss' she planted on my lips brought my cock to life instantly---her's too. Breaking away she smiled and said, "It's going to be a good day." She took a muffin from the plate, giving me a mischievous look while taking a lingering glance at my pantied covered cock.

Jamie, also naked, entered the room and expressed similar sentiments. Lauren pointed out the little treat I prepared, making a big deal out something so simple. Jamie also gave me a special kiss.

It started with one hand on the small of my back, and the other delicately placed on my chest. Her lips softly said good morning; followed by Hello; then 'hey brother'; ooohhhh; and into a passionate exchange of tongues and mouth munching. When we broke, her arms were around my neck and her stiff cock pressed next to mine through the panties.

She said, "We better enjoy breaksfast before it gets cold. Can I wear your shirt, Kevin? I'm a bit chilly."

"Sure," I replied. "Let me get you a clean one."

"No," Jamie shot back. "Give me the one from last night. It will have your scent."

Heading into the living room, where I left the folded clothes, I caught a slight look of disappointment on Lauren's face. I made sure to get the shirt I wore into NY as well as a clean t-shirt. The clean shirt was just in case she didn't want my scent.

Lauren was thrilled at my thoughtfulness

The three of sat around the breakfast table chatting, enjoying muffins and coffee. The girls looked very sexy with my larger shirt covering their nakedness. I put on the t-shirt, which hugged my torso. Wearing panties and a t-shirt made me feel sexy too; although I'm not so sure I looked that sexy, but the girls didn't complain.

The conversation centered on what we were going to do for weekend. With it being New York, there certainly wasn't a shortage of things. The girls declared that this would be a shopping weekend since I wanted to go with a newer image, socially and professionally. The first order of business was to see what I brought with me from Chicago.

It wasn't until we entered the guest bedroom that we remembered what was in the one suitcase. Jamie went to that one first, unzipping it on the bed and throwing the top open. Right on top were the dildo, her old panties, and her sketchbook.

Jamie picked up the dildo as if it was a sacred relic. She started to make little sounds of remembrance. You could almost see the memories flashing through her mind. There was a look in her eye telling us something wickedly erotic was brewing.

"So," Jamie said in a sultry voice while gently rubbing her fingers along the dildo's fleshy shaft. "It seems both of us learned to suck cock the same way." She took a few steps towards me, turning the shaft upward as if it was becoming erect from her stroking.

Standing in front of me, she began to talk. However, her words weren't directed to me; they were directed to the dildo. Her eyes were riveted upon it.

"Many years ago I sucked you."

Jamie brought the head to her mouth and licked all around it.

"I've had you in my ass."

She began to caress her face with the wet, fleshly phallus. Closing her eyes she continued.

"The pleasure you gave to me, I will never forget. I left you behind for a reason."

Lifting her eyes, Jamie asked me in a direct, matter of fact tone, "Kevin, have you fucked yourself with my dildo?" Reaching into the suitcase, she grabbed a handful of panties and held them symbolically in front of me. "And have you jacked off in these?"

I got the feeling I was in trouble; the kind of trouble that could get very kinky.

Lowering my eyes, I nodded 'yes.'

"I'm sorry, but I didn't hear what you said." Jamie's voice was confident, yet sexual.

"Yes," I mumbled.

"What are you saying 'yes' to? Was it 'yes' to having MY dildo up your ass or was it 'yes' to jacking off into MY panties?"

"It was 'yes' to both." My voice crackled slightly.

"Oh....My.....God," Jamie lightly tapped the head of the rubber phallus against my lips with each word. She let it rest on my lower lip for a moment before she slowly ran it down my chin and onto my chest. Using the head, she began to rub my nipples.

"You know what Lauren? It appears my brother is into cock and panties. I wonder just how perverted he is?" She gave me a coy glance and then looked beyond me to Lauren. "What do think about all of this?"

Lauren was in tune with Jamie. "I noticed the same thing at breakfast. When I gave him a simple 'good morning kiss,' he got all hot and bothered. That's when I noticed these." Lauren was now standing next to Jamie with her hands lightly rubbing my cock through Jamie's old panties.

"Weren't these YOUR panties from when YOU were a little girl?" she asked Jamie with a tone of mock discovery.

Jamie dropped the dildo onto the bed and brought her hands to her mouth, cupping it in mock surprise. Purposefully, she lowered her hands to my panties and began to gently run her fingers over them along with Lauren's.

"Look Jamie! Look at his cock!" Lauren exclaimed. "He's getting so excited. His little secret is out and it turns him on that we know."

My cock was very hard and straining against the silky material as the girls raked their nails along my shaft.

"Does it turn you on to be a panty freak, Kevin?" Lauren asked. She was now standing upright with her hands on her hips. Jamie was on her knees, using all ten of her ruby-painted talons on my cock and balls. The look on her face was pure fascination.

Lauren's question required an answer. I didn't know the exact path this was going, but I was really digging it. With the air of a confession, I slowly mumbled, "It turns me on very much."

Lauren continued her questioning while Jamie seduced my cock. Her mouth was inches from it, breathing warm air over it, adding to her nails' stimulation. It was becoming difficult to focus on what Lauren was asking.

"Tell me why it turns you on." Her question was simple but powerful.

There was true hesitation before I answered as Jamie was driving me nuts. I needed to try to ignore what she was doing. Gathering my thoughts, I tried to begin.

"Men are.... trained and groomed to be tough and without emotion...." Jamie's lips were now kissing the outline of my hard cock. Her fingers lightly moving over my balls and rubbing against my asshole. "But true power resides in feminity...... Women are able to explore their softness and sensuality."

Stopping to regroup, my voice started breaking between thoughts. "Women can express... ahh... their sexuality in many ways.....ohhhh......Intimates... allow their sexuality to be part.. of them...at all times......myyy godddd.....Having panties....hug my manhood..... is a constant reminder..... of the power of feminine...... sexuality."

I thought I was going to cum on the spot. Lauren moved to the bed during my response. She slithered onto it and turned her torso towards me. Resting on her elbows, the shirt I gave her fell open and her legs spread, providing me a provocative look at her luscious tits and thickening cock.

Tossing her hair in her special way, Lauren questioned me again, "What is it about sucking cock and getting fucked that excites you?'

Jamie's teeth were nibbling on my shaft by this time. Lauren could see the lust in my eyes. My legs wobbled a bit with each of Jamie's bites. When her finger slipped under the gusset of my panties and snaked into my asshole, I nearly collapsed. My head drooped and jerked back up releasing a deep moan from my throat.

When I regained vision, there was Lauren lightly stroking her now rock hard cock. My glassy eyes caught hers and I licked my lips wantonly. She grinned seductively as she stroked her cock towards me. Still, she added, "We are waiting for your answer."

Recalling the question was difficult. I had to regain my focus. When I did, only a few broken strands of conscious thought passed through my mind. I took a deep breath and attempted my answer.

"Having my cock sucked....feels...so....good." Jamie was very close to proving it at that moment.

"The feeling around....my cock....when it is buried.... in....a....woman....is....incredible.... So.... If.... it.... feels...ohhhh myyyyy......"

I needed to pause and regain what composure I had left. "if... it.... feels.... so good receiving.... It should feel.....ahhhhhhh.... ummmmm....just as good.... giving."

Jamie was too much. I buckled over, my hands catching myself on the bed. Jamie moved out of the way as I dropped to my knees at the side of the bed. Lauren wasted no time in sliding her body to the edge of the bed, her legs on either side of me, and her cock inches from my face.

"So," she said in a provocative manner, "You love to suck cock. Well, here's mine. Why don't you show us just how much you love sucking cock." It wasn't a question, but rather a command.

The tip of her dick pushed deep into my throat as my mouth completely engulfed her. My nose buried directly into her abdomen. I started moaning and twisting my head around her cock. This sent a wave of shivers through Lauren causing her to release her own, deep moan.

Removing her cock completely from my mouth, I slapped it over my lips and face a few times and then started my next assault. I was out of my mind with desire. I sucked on her cock head, licked her shaft, massaged her balls, deep throated her, slapped her cock over my face again, and went back down on her. I was in a frenzy.

My fingers strayed to her asshole, and Lauren pulled her legs up to expose her brown bud. My mouth covered it. My hands continued to work her cock, but now my lips and tongue had a new center of attention. Lauren was opening and closing her sphincter around my tongue, capturing and releasing it. I was in heaven as I licked and savored the entrance to her ass pussy.

Suddenly, Jamie's hand took hold of my hair and pulled my face away from Lauren's ass; bringing me back to the reality that she was still "mad" about my taking her dildo and panties.

"It's not that easy lover boy." Jamie said with a sadistic twinkle. "Do you really think you can just come into town, and help yourself to our asses and cocks without making amends for your past transgressions?"

With those words, Jamie took her free hand and laid a crack on my ass cheek which stung like hell. I was a bit surprised, and she saw it in my eyes. She gave my ass another slap and broke out into a quick forced laugh.

"There is so much you don't know about us, Kevin. I've got news for you brother; by the end of the day, your whole world will be rocked." Jamie's face was now inches from mine. I could see every word form and roll off her lips. "Lauren, redden his ass while I explain things to our little pervert."

"With pleasure Mistress," Lauren said obediently. This change had me wondering what was really going on. Lauren slid quickly from the bed, her erect cock brushed across my face as she moved behind me. Her first slap stung even more than Jamie's. Both girls laughed as my body flinched.

Jamie let go of my hair and strode to the edge of the bed. I was on all fours as she lewdly spread her legs while taking a seat in front of me. Her cock was jutting out from her loins and although I wanted to take her down my throat, something told me not to touch her.

In a calm and controlling demeanor, Jamie placed her hand under my chin and lifted my head so that our eyes met. She wore a slight smile while her eyes examined my eyes and face. There was a look of detachment in her gaze. She moved her head as if she discovered something,

She glanced at Lauren and waved her other hand. Her gaze returned to mine. Fiery slaps landed on each cheek. Jamie waver her hand again, and again Lauren's hands delivered their burning message. With a sigh of discontent, Jamie waved her hand multiple times, and Lauren's slaps turned my ass aflame.

"Now, you are probably wondering what you did to deserve this?" Jamie's tone was again matter of fact. "The issue isn't what you DID, it's what you DIDN'T do."

What happened next surprised me even more. In a complete turn-about, Jamie brought her lips to mine in a tender kiss.

"I wanted you to find my sketchbook. I wanted you to wear my panties. I wanted you to suck and fuck my dildo." Jamie paused and gazed into my eyes.

"I also told you I loved you, and that my door was always open. You knew I was starting a new life and that I'd never come back to Chicago. Did you get the hint? NO!"

Jamie waved her hand. Lauren's slap never came. Instead, her lips kissed their way across my heated flesh.

"I was hurt and pissed off. When you told me you were moving to New York, I was filled with emotion. Lauren and I made plans for your seduction and punishment. Last night when we learned your secret, Lauren and I decided to move things along faster than planned and to fulfill a few fantasies right away."

Another tender kiss was placed on my lips. Lauren replaced her lips with soft caresses from her hands.

"Today, I needed to share my hurt with you. I also wanted you to know that I still love you as I love Lauren. We had many a conversation before you arrived about the way this was going to work. And at this point, both Lauren and I are pleased with the man before us."

Lauren whacked each cheek one more time, catching me off guard because Jamie did not wave her hand this time. When I jumped, Jamie gave a knowing smile and said, "And we also wanted to let you know, there's so much more to sexuality than just fucking and sucking. As I said moments ago, we ARE going to rock your world."

Jamie stood and offered her hand to me to help me up. Lauren moved next to me as I stood, pressing her hardness against my hip. Her breasts were against my arm. Her hands gently roamed my body; one along my back and warm ass, the other across my torso and cock. Jamie lowered her mouth to one of my nipples. She licked and sucked it. Her other hand pulled and pinched the other. My cock was regaining the hardness lost during Lauren's spanking.

Once I was thoroughly aroused, Jamie removed her mouth from my bud saying, "It's time to prepare your body for life with us." Jamie and Lauren turned and began walking out of the spare bedroom. Both of the girls let my shirts drop to floor as their asses swayed away from me. They stopped and looked back over their shoulders. Lauren added, "Come, let's clean that little ass of yours so we can do all sorts of kinky things to it."

I followed them. A sly smile was on my lips, knowing that the day had just begun. I was very happy.


Lauren and Jamie led me through their bedroom and into their master bath. It was magnificent--warm and inviting. The first thing to catch my eye was the over-sized Jacuzzi against the wall to our left. Lauren began filling it with water and scented bath oils, while Jamie gave me the 'nickel tour.'

The walls were a combination of tile and paint. The tiles-- large, square earth tones tilted on a 45 making a diamond pattern-- extended a bit more than half way up the walls. They wrapped completely around the bath, with the exception of the massive shower and the mirror over the sink area. Golden, wheat tone paint covered the rest of the walls.

Tastefully hung around the bath were stunning, full color, framed fashion prints. Jamie told me they were copied from their college and work portfolios. Also in the mix were actual photos of runway models wearing their designs.

The sink area was directly in front of us. There were two of them and all of Lauren's and Jamie's cosmetics, brushes, perfumes and other beauty items were neatly arrange. The mirror was at least four by eight feet. It provided a full, unobstructed view while making the room seem much bigger. Jamie caught me staring at Lauren in the mirror.

She turned to me and put a mock slap on my cock, saying "Dirty boy." She had a look on her face saying, "Do I detect...?" My look was that of "I've been caught....."

The shower was also tiled and took nearly the entire right wall. Jamie explained it was a spa unit with heat, steam, rain and "of course showers." There were at least a dozen showerheads with multiple water valves. Some of the showerheads were attached to hoses and some were wall mounted. All looked adjustable.

Bench seating outlined the three functional shower walls, while the front was solid glass panels from the floor to ceiling. The center section included a large hinged door with another panel over it. Jamie said it is one of their favorite places in the whole house.

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