My Brother's Panties


To the outside world, I was a man's man. Alone at night, I slipped into my other realm. This was a special place for me; a place where my secret was safe.


Life took a quick left turn for my family. Mom called and told me that Dad had a stroke. She was crying uncontrollably and asked me to come home to help her for a few days.

Taking care of everything with my professors, I left for home. Mom looked like hell. Dad was still in intensive care and things weren't looking good. He died the night I got there.

Jamie didn't come home for the funeral. He told Mom he couldn't get away. In reality, it didn't matter.

I returned to school and would come home every other weekend. Mom was in a bad way. Dad was everything to her, and without him, she let her life slip away. Less than a year later, she died of a heart attack. I think it was a broken heart.

Again, Jamie didn't come home. However, he did sign all the papers making me the executor of the will, and trusted me with the finances. I had an estate sale and everything was sold.

The only exception was the rest of Jamie's panties. Those I kept for myself. There were enough of them to keep in stock for quite a while. I did wonder however, why he didn't take all of them with him, but I was glad he didn't. I loved them

Mom and Dad weren't rich but there was enough to pay for our college expenses with a nice, but small sum left over.

With no place to call home, I rented an apartment near campus. I threw myself full time into studying, fucking chicks, and solo sessions. I graduated near the top of my class and got a full ride into graduate school.

Before I knew it, six years had passed. I was twenty-four and working for a large investment firm in downtown Chicago. It was a job that demanded all of my time. I'd wake up; go for my run, do some sit-ups and push-ups; go to work; go out afterwards; talk about work over drinks; try to pick up chicks; and repeat the process the next day.

I had my share of success with the women. A couple of times I even considered settling down. However, my solo sessions brought me back to reality. Somehow I knew my wearing panties, sucking cock, fucking myself and eating my own cum wouldn't align with the typical Mid-Western girl. There was no way I was going to tell anyone about this either.

Work went well. Promotions came quickly and by the time I was thirty, I was offered an office manager's position in New York. I jumped at the chance.

Although Jamie and I stayed in email contact and we had a general idea of what was going in each other's lives, timing just didn't work out for us to get together. Jamie never came to Chicago and the two times I had trips planned to NYC, Jamie was in Europe. This time was different, I wasn't going to visit, I was going to live there.

Jamie was thrilled to learn the news when I called. She didn't need to say anything about her change. I could hear it in her voice. We talked for hours over the weeks leading up to my move. There was still a spark and chemistry between us and I wondered what she looked like.

Jamie was a junior fashion designer for an elite brand. She and her roommate, Lauren, had a nice loft flat on the west side near the garment district. Jamie couldn't wait to see me again, "It's been too long." She also insisted I stay with them, but I told her I didn't want to impose. When Jamie put Lauren on the phone to convince me, I relented.

It was three weeks since we reconnected and our excitement to see each other was growing. My last day in Chicago was a Wednesday. Having sold everything, I only had a few suitcases to pack as I was starting anew. The relocation package they gave me was outstanding. They also gave me two weeks of vacation to discover New York and an additional thirty days of all expenses paid including temporary housing. I used Thursday to pack and flew to New York that Friday. The last things I packed were Jamie's sketchbook, her dildo, and all but one pair of her panties. Although they were fairly worn out, they still had some magic. The last pair was for my trip to New York.

I arrived early Friday evening so I could enjoy the weekend with Jamie and her roommate. New York was a bit of a shock for me. Even though I was used to city life, there's no place like the Big Apple. The cab dropped me off at Jamie's flat and I was greeted by Lauren. As it turns out, Jamie was held up at work and would be there as soon as possible.

Lauren Davenport was stunning. Five-feet eight inches of willowy woman. Long wavy auburn hair bounced on her shoulders. Thin dark eye-linear sensually accented her hazel eyes. Her make-up was subtle sophistication, using soft earth tones to highlight her high cheekbones. Lauren's lips were light pink, almost a white pink. They looked so kissable against her lightly tanned skin.

Tossing her hair to the side, she extended her hand to me in greeting. Lauren's smile was mesmerizing. Her touch was soft and feminine; just the way I remembered Jamie's.

Lauren was wearing a pink cashmere, cowl neck sweater with three quarter length sleeves. It clung to her seductive C-cup breasts. The sweater was tucked seamlessly into the smooth, black, beltless slacks hugging her legs. On her feet were a pair of black opened toe spiked heels, held on by a thin ankle strap.

We both chuckled at the handshake. Lauren broke the ice by saying, "Give me a hug. Jamie's brother deserves more than a handshake." When she threw her arms around me, I thought I was in heaven. Lauren melted into my embrace. Her scent was fresh with just a hint of perfume. I was starting to feel a bit aroused.

We broke the hug in time. Lauren guided me in, giving me a quick tour of their flat as I followed her to their guest bedroom. The place was beautiful. The furniture, the decorations, the colors, the details; everything flowed and was tastefully done. Even their home office area had that NYC elegance.

My room was well appointed and the bed looked to be new. This was already better than renting a temporary place. I put my luggage on the stand and followed Lauren out of the room.

On the way out, I noticed the mirror over the dresser. Written in red lipstick was the message, "Welcome, Kevin!" There was a big heart with a few Xs and Os around it and two sets of lip prints with Lauren and Jamie written underneath.

I told Lauren I appreciated the welcome and she smiled, telling me how excited they were to have me in New York.

We went into the kitchen and Lauren offered me a glass of wine, which I gratefully accepted. She poured two Chardonnays and we made our way back to their living room. We just started the 'how was the flight' conversation when the door flew open and Jamie burst in.

"Kevin!!!!" she was screaming. "I can't believe it! All these years!" Jamie ran across the room and flung herself onto me as I stood to greet her. Her arms were around my neck and her legs wrapped around me. Jamie with giving me kiss after kiss on my lips, cheeks, and neck.

I was just as happy to see her. We were spinning around in the middle of the room. I was kissing her too. I couldn't believe how much I missed her.

Finally we settled down and backed off a step. Still holding hands we surveyed one another. I couldn't believe my eyes. Jamie was drop dead gorgeous. Before I could say anything, Jamie said, "Oh my god, Kevin. What a hunk youuuu turned into. You are soooo handsome."

I'm sure I blushed.

I never gave much thought to it, but I guess being six feet, with brown hair, blue eyes and a warm smile is considered attractive. Working out and staying fit kept my body toned. I wasn't ripped, but there was definition. So to hear Jamie say it with emphasis caught me a bit by surprise.

It was my turn. "Jamie," I began, "You are beautiful. You have blossomed into the woman I always knew you would be. I am so glad to be here.....finally."

Jamie was every bit as beautiful as Lauren. She no longer had her ponytail blonde hair, but rather a shorter, layered, pageboy cut. Her make-up was rose colored to complement her soft white skin. Jamie's eyeshades were a bit bolder, very exotic blues to match her eyes. Her lips—deep red, some of which was already on my lips.

Her full B+ breasts were all natural. This was obvious because Jamie wasn't wearing a bra. It was easy to see the way they moved under her clingy, sleeveless white satin turtleneck. The satin stroking over her nipples had them thick and arousing.

A multicolored scarf was draped elegantly around her neck and a tight, blue leather skirt snugged her hips and thighs. Her legs were to die for and the pattern of her high heels matched her scarf. Jamie looked very much like a New York City designer.

By this time, Lauren had returned with a glass of wine for Jamie. Lauren said we all had to make a toast. The three of us held up our glasses. Jamie went first. "May we never again part!" Our three glasses touched and we sipped.

Lauren went next, "May our friendships grow." Again, our glasses clinked. Exchanging glances and nods we took another sip.

Lifting my glass, I said, "It has been a very long time since I've been this happy. I offer my toast to the two beautiful women who are making me feel so welcome." I let my eyes linger a few moments with each woman, making individual clinks with both. There was excitement building in the room.

We talked and laughed for the next couple of hours. The wine flowed easy. Jamie and I had so much to catch up on, and Lauren and I were learning so much about one another.

Both Jamie and Lauren were designers for the same company. They met as freshmen at Pratt while going through their transition. I didn't bother asking about the past. I knew Jamie's and realized it was only today and tomorrow which mattered now. The past was simply that.

They were very interested in my job and asked a number of questions about money and investments. Although I downplayed things, it didn't take them long to realize my new position was high on the corporate ladder. When they heard I had two weeks off to settle in along with an additional month stipend covering all expenses, they just looked at each other with open mouths.

"Does this mean dinner is on you?" Jamie asked.

"Not only dinner, but if I do this right, we can have quite a good time for the next thirty days."

The girls exploded with cheers. Lauren exclaimed, "So what are we waiting for? Let's get going."

Jamie jumped up, clasped her hands together and said, "I know exactly where we're going. But first," she said pointing her finger at me, "WE need to see what sort of clothes YOU have!"

My heart skipped a beat as Lauren and Jamie scurried into the guest room. I knew they were going to open my suitcases. My only hope would be for them to find what they wanted in the one without my collection of Jamie's things.

When the girls came out of my room rather quickly with an outfit they selected from the 'safe' suitcase, I gave a silent sigh of relief. Even though my hidden items were originally Jamie's, I just didn't want her to find them like this...especially on the first day together after years apart.

"Nice threads," was Lauren's comment, "You certainly have your sister's taste in clothing."

Her statement caught my attention, but I passed it off as paranoid over-analysis. The girls pushed me into the spare bathroom to shower and freshen up. They said they'd be ready to go in about a half-hour.

Everything in their flat was so well appointed. Even the bathroom had a tasteful, feminine touch. I used the body wash and shampoo they had placed in the shower. The scent was so soft and feminine. I shaved a couple of times; going over the tough whiskered areas to make sure they were smooth. I was enjoying the softer side of things.

I stepped back into Jamie's panties and finished getting dressed, trying to capture a soft but masculine look. I wanted to look my best for Laruen and Jamie. I fixed my collar, opened two buttons versus my traditional one, folded the cuffs of my shirt one turn, and gave myself the once over.

Exiting the bathroom, I went to my room and tossed my travel clothes on the bed. The girls were already in the kitchen looking radiant. Jamie was finishing up a call on her cell, and Lauren was splitting what was left of the wine between our glasses.

"We are ALL set. I got us into Carmen's. It is this fabulous little restaurant whose specialty is lamb. If my memory is correct; lamb is one of your favorites. "

How true. We finished our wine and headed out. The girls hooked their arms in mine saying it isn't everyday they get to go out with such a hunk. I chuckled telling them I have never gone out with two beautiful women before.

The restaurant was everything Jamie said it would be. The food was spectacular. Jamie had reserved a private table for three in a small alcove, isolated and out of sight from the rest of the clientele. We took our time, enjoying every aspect of the meal and each other's company. Even after I paid the bill, we sat around talking and finishing our drinks. The conversation eventually steered towards 'the girlfriends I left behind in Chicago.'

When I told them I didn't have any, they started questioning "how is that possible?" Hymn-hawing with my explanation; I said my job kept me busy; that I did have a few girlfriends in the past; and how the Mid-West girls were too conservative for my tastes.

I tried to turn the tables on the girls by asking them if they had boyfriends.

Lauren and Jamie broke out in a girl-to-girl secret laugh. Lauren spoke for the two of them saying, "T-Girls don't have boyfriends. We have each other."

This surprised me, and I asked if that was the way they wanted it?

Jamie spoke up this time. "Heavens, no. We'd love to have a boyfriend, or a husband for that matter. But most guys don't go for girls like us."

"You're kidding." I replied, "You are two of the prettiest ladies I have ever seen. How couldn't a guy fall for you?"

The girls looked at each other for a few seconds. Lauren leaned slightly into the middle of the table and asked, "You do realize we have cocks don't you?"

The heat of my blush was obvious.

Jamie followed up with, "Kevin, a moment ago you said the Mid-West girls were too conservative for your tastes. Tell me; have you ever been with a T-Girl?"

I really couldn't look the girls in the eye. I just shook my head no.

"But the thought of it turns you on, doesn't it?" Jamie continued. Reaching into her purse, Jamie brought out a group of folded papers. As she unfolded them, I could see they were photocopies from her sketchbook. One page was the sketch of the T-Girl and the guy labeled as Kevin and Jamie. She also had copies of the journal entries saying how she wanted to suck my cock and how she thought I wanted her too. There was also the entry saying it was "the look in Kev's eyes."

Emotions ripped through me. Where did these come from? Did Jamie have them all these years? Everything was still in my suitcase; wasn't it? At the same time, the sketch of Jamie sucking Kevin made my cock jump, as it always has over the years. I looked up at both Lauren and Jamie. They both wore seductive smiles.

"When we went into your room to find your clothes, we opened the suitcase with the panties, dildo, and sketch book. At first, we just re-zipped it and went to the other suitcase. When you were in the shower, we looked again and I realized those things all belonged to me years ago."

While Jamie spoke, Lauren's hand went on top of mine and began to run her fingernail lightly over my skin.

Jamie clasped her hands together, placed her elbows on the table and rested her chin on top of her hands. With an aloof but pleased look she asked, "So how long have you fantasied about me?"

My heart was pounding. Deep down, I was hoping somehow to be part of Jamie's world now that I was in New York. I just didn't expect all of this to happen the first night. I was caught off guard, causing the truth to just roll out.

"Ever since we were kids I knew there was something special about you. The summer before we left for college is when the things got sexual for me. Watching you walk around the house; your ass swaying; your cock pressing against your panties; and seeing your puffy nipples drove me nuts."

I took a sip of my drink. Jamie licked her lips. The look in her eyes had changed to desire. I continued.

"What you wrote in the sketchbook was correct. The looks we gave each other were telling. Your kiss at O'Hare blew me away. And it nearly left me with a hard-on right in the middle of the terminal."

Jamie's eyes fluttered and with a lusty whisper added, "Me too."

I told her about finding the sketchbook and then sneaking back for the dildo and panties. I told her about wearing her panties and my solo sessions. The feeling around the table was steamy.

Lauren interrupted my story when she asked, "Have you ever been with a guy?" Her nails were gliding back and forth over my middle finger. She was staring at my finger while she asked, lifting her eyes to mine after her question.

Taking a deep sigh, and another swig of my drink, I told them about Greg. I explained how the sex became mundane and even though I enjoyed his cock, I still had a strong need for the feminine.

With that statement, Lauren said, "Something like this I assume." Lifting my hand to her mouth, she inserted my middle finger completely into it before closing her glossy lips around it. Licking it, Lauren proceeded to give it a most erotic sucking.

My cock was on swelling, wishing it could replace my finger. Lauren guided it in and out of her mouth, never once breaking her suction. Her head moved her lips around the shaft of my finger as it slid between them. Her eyes slowly opened and shut while fellating my finger. I wanted this woman.

Jamie moved her chair closer to me. She lifted my chin, and lowered her lips to mine. The first kiss was soft and sensuous. On Jamie's next kiss, her mouth began to open and close around mine, consuming it with lust. When I opened mine, Jamie slid her tongue in, causing a moan to escape from deep inside my soul.

Lauren was now at my side. Her mouth was at my ear working magic with her tongue. Two hands were on the outside of my pants groping my stiff cock. When Jamie and I broke from our kiss, Lauren turned my head towards her, replacing Jamie's mouth with hers. Her tongue immediately pushed in and began to flick around the inside.

The warmth from Jamie's breath in my ear sent shivers through me. Her lusty words filled my mind. "Tonight, fantasies come true." With a final grope of my cock, Jamie stood and said, "It's time to go." Lauren and I followed.

I wasn't sure if anyone noticed my cock straining against my pants as we left; nor did I care. I couldn't wait to get to their flat. The cab ride was a blur. I was sandwiched between the two girls, and it was nothing but tongues, hands, tits, and cocks.

Our clothes made a trail from the entry door to Jamie's bedroom. We were naked by the time we got to her bed. Their girls' bodies were so hot; perfect asses, natural breasts and long hard cocks.

Three mouths attacked one another. Arms pulled our bodies together, pressing our stiff, warm cocks against each other's torso. Hands groped asses and nipples flicked over nipples as our mouths moved from one to the other.

Lauren slipped from our embrace and moved behind me. Pressing her body into me, my first thought was she was going to fuck me on the spot. However, her warm husky words told me otherwise.

"It is time to become one with your sister. It is time to fulfill your dreams. Touch her breasts and caress them the way I am caressing yours."

Lauren hands were gliding over my chest. They felt wonderful and I followed her pattern on Jamie's. When Jamie began to moan, I knew Lauren was showing me exactly what Jamie needed.

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