My Brother's Panties


"Now pinch her nipple like this."

The sharpness of her nails sent a piercing sensation through me. I gasped, as did Jamie, when my nails found her buds. Jamie's eyes glassed over and she looked deeply into mine. Her hands were on my hips grinding them into hers; rolling her cock against mine.

Arching her back, Jamie presented her tits for more. "Pinch my nipples, twist them, ...hard." Something about the way she said 'hard' was intoxicating. Lauren's nails were digging into my flesh, twisting and pulling. The pleasure was incredible. I mirrored her twists and pulls on Jamie's. Moans poured from both of us with each tug.

Lauren spoke again, "Take them into your mouth. Suck and bite them. She loves it."

Lauren guided my mouth to one of Jamie's breasts. When I surrounded her areola, Jamie's body shuddered. Her hands went to the back of my head and pulled it deeper into her softness.

My lips sucked on her fleshy bud. It grew with each flick of my tongue. Jamie's moans were such a turn on. Lauren's pressed her body into mine; wrapped her hand around my cock; and began stroking it. As she stroked, she rocked her hips into my ass. Pre-cum oozed from her cock causing it to smoothly glide over my perineum. It felt so good. I wanted it up my ass .

Jamie moved my head to her other breast. Taking her fresh bud into my mouth, I started to pinch and pull on the thicker, wet nipple I just finished worshiping. My teeth bit slightly into her flesh. Jamie's knee gave a bit. This rocked her. "OH MY GOD, Oh My God, yesssssss." Jamie grabbed two handfuls of hair, pulling my face harder into her breast. She wanted this.

Lauren continued her erotic instructions into my ear.

"Jamie is so hot for you. Feel how hard you've made her."

Lauren took my hand and placed it on Jamie's hardness. It felt so warm and erotic. Jamie's moans were pure lust and desire. I was out of my mind with passion. After all these years, that thick shaft I saw pressing against her panties long ago was finally in my hand. Jamie was right; fantasies were coming true and things had just started.

"It's time, Kevin. It's time to suck your sister's cock. The cock you've wanted all these years. The cock you've dreamt about. The cock you desire. It's right there in your hands. Now it's time to take it into your mouth."

My lips never lost contact with Jamie's body. I slid to my knees, leaving kisses and nibbles down her torso. Lauren slid to a crouching position behind me, placing one hand on the back of my head and her other on mine, which was still wrapped around Jamie's hardness. Lauren was going to guide Jamie's cock into my mouth.

With Jamie's cock inches away, I opened my mouth just a bit. Lauren pushed my head forward, placing the tip of Jamie's cock against my wet lips. Instinctively my tongue swirled around it, bathing its head. When Jamie moaned, I went over the edge. My eyes closed and I slipped into sexual surreality. My entire being began a deliberate worship of my sister's cock.

As the head pushed passed my lips, my tongue welcomed every inch of her smooth, hard shaft. Jamie was unhurried; unlike most guys when they are getting a blowjob. This was no blowjob. I was making love to a woman who happened to have a cock; a cock that also happened to belong to my sister.

I lost complete awareness of everything but Jamie's cock. It wasn't until my nose and lips meet her hairless mound did I realize the tip of her dick was pushing against my throat. Relaxing it, the head slipped into the tight channel. My hands went to her ass, pulling her deeper into my mouth and throat.

Jamie's withdrawal from my mouth was as erotic as its entrance. When her cock popped free, I took hold of it and rubbed the warm, wet head and shaft over my entire mouth and face. Looking up at Jamie, our eyes spoke of lust and desire.

Jamie's look ignited me. It was the same look from years ago. The look of want. This time however, 'want' was reality. I shoved Jamie's cock back in my mouth. I wanted her too. I became the aggressor.

My sucking was deep. Bobbing my head up and down on her cock, I turned it to and fro around her shaft as it slid into my throat. My tongue worked it. I wanted this more than I ever wanted sex before in my life....male or female. On the outstrokes, I increased the suction on Jamie's cock; trying to coax the cream from her shaft. Any exposed portion I worked with my hand; massaging my saliva into it.

The intensity and rhythm of our acts amplified. Our moans filled the room. I wanted her seed. The head of Jamie's cock never left my mouth.

Lauren, still crouching behind me, brought her mouth back to my ear; her breasts pressing into my back. "Suck your sister's cock," Lauren continued. "Suck her long, thick shaft. Take it all the way into your mouth. Milk her balls."

My sucking and stroking were driving Jamie crazy as I envisioned everything Lauren was saying. One of Lauren's hands began to caress my ass, her finger dancing across my hole.

"Soon her cum will be filling your mouth....warm, thick, creamy cum spurting from her smooth, so delicious....

The tip of Lauren's finger was now wiggling its way into my ass. I pushed out to expand the opening and then re-clamped my sphincter trapping it.

Lauren let out a slight coo as she worked her finger. Her tongue gave my ear a quick snake before she slowly whispered, "Someone's a dirty boy. I can't wait to bury my cock deep in your hole, but right now you have your sister's cum to savor."

Removing her finger from my ass, Lauren moved behind Jamie, while saying, "Work her cock, while I lick and suck her asshole. I want this woman to cum like she has never cum before."

With those words, Lauren's face disappeared into Jamie's ass. I couldn't see what she was doing, but whatever she was doing, it was working. Jamie's cock was jumping and twitching in my mouth. Her breath quickened and her moans intensified.

Her first spurt caught me by surprise, but not a drop escaped my mouth. I pulled Jamie's cock out so just its head was on my bottom lip. I opened my mouth to take all she had to offer while stroking and coaxing her shaft. She filled my mouth....quickly.

Jamie was shaking, and nearly collapsed on top of me; her hands were on my shoulders steadying herself. Lauren left Jamie's ass and joined me in milking the last drops of cum from her cock. It was more than Jamie could handle and she took a step back, collapsing onto her bed.

Lauren wasted no time in covering my mouth with hers. Our tongues began to swirl together, shoving Jamie's warm cum back and forth between us. I lost track of how long we snowballed, but Jamie's voice broke the spell.

In a tone that told us she was still very aroused, Jamie said to join her on the bed because wanted part of the snowball too. Ours mouths were a mixture of Jamie's cum and our saliva. Jamie sat up on the foot of the bed and I moved next to her. She pulled me towards her and into a deep French kiss. It was heaven.

Our mouths were a twisting creamery. Lauren gently pushed us back onto to the bed, and crawled on top of us, positioning her mouth a few inches above ours. She started to drip the creams from her mouth onto our lips. With those first drops, Jamie and I broke our kiss, opening ours mouths to catch Lauren's mixture.

Her lips met ours, sharing all of Jamie's cum. Little by little we consumed it all. Jamie slithered down my body, taking my cock all the way into her mouth with one move. It was her turn to finally suck the cock she had desired all of these years.

She was crazed and worked my cock and balls in a way I never thought possible. I rolled onto my back, bending my knees and spreading my legs to give Jamie better access. She knew what I wanted and dropped her mouth to my asshole while still stroking my shaft.

The feel of her tongue dancing around my entry drove me wild. She soaked it thoroughly before replacing her mouth with two fingers. I relaxed and took them easily as she pushed them into me. Her mouth pounced back on my cock, sucking and pumping it while she finger fucked my asshole.

Lauren's mouth was working my nipples; licking, sucking, and biting them--alternating between them. Each bite kicked me up a level. When Jamie's fingers started massaging my prostrate, it sent me over the edge.

Cum exploded from my shaft. There was so much. Jamie's mouth couldn't hold it all. It was oozing down my rod and onto her hand that was coaxing it for more. I just kept shooting stream after stream, my body was close to convulsions. I came so much, I actually felt my balls empty.

When I was done, Jamie wasted no time in repositioning her full mouth over mine. Lauren started licking the cum from Jamie's hand. Jamie streamed the globs of my creamy cum into my open mouth, bringing her lips to mine in the process. We sucked, lapped and shoved my wad back and forth. Our hands were all other each other, pulling ourselves into a tight web of frenzied lust.

This time it was Lauren breaking our action saying, "Here's more."

Lauren was straddling our bodies, jerking off. She aimed her cock at our mouths. Before we could react the first jet of her hot spunk splashed across our lips. More and more followed, covering our faces with cream. Lauren's cum was on our cheeks, lips, chins, noses, and mouths. Empty, she fell on top of us again and the three way cum swap began again. I don't know if it was Jamie's or Lauren's cock resting on mine, but the feel of the remnants dripping onto me was so erotic.

Finally, things slowed. Laruen went to the bathroom for a towel and warm washcloth. Jamie and I were still in an embrace, looking into each other's eyes. I went to speak first, but Jamie's finger went to my lips as she said, "Shhhhhhh." With tears in her eyes, she smiled and added, "I know. I feel the same way. You are still, and have always been, my shining prince."

Lauren was sitting on the edge of the bed next to Jamie, and was watching us fondly as she cleaned us. She softly caressed the two of us. She too had tears in her eyes. Her words captured the moment, "I don't ever want the two of you apart again. And for the record, I'm part of this." We all smiled and warmly pulled Lauren to us, the three of gently kissing each other.

After a few minutes, Jamie said, "I can't wait until tomorrow so we can get you settled in. There is so much to do. Unpack, show you the town, new panties, and we have to prepare that tight butt of yours for our cocks."

Mine jumped a bit against Jamie's thigh. She simply bit her lower lip and gave me her look again. Her eyes never left mine as she made her way back to my cock. With a wicked smile and a sultry voice she whispered, "The night is still young." My cock slid into her mouth. Lauren brought hers to mine, echoing Jamie's words.

As I took Lauren's cock down my throat, I thought to myself, "This all started with my brother's panties." be continued.

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