tagLoving WivesMy Brother's Wife Ch. 02

My Brother's Wife Ch. 02


I had expected some kind of intense fall out after encouraging Kelly Ann's revenge on her husband.

Yes, he had been clearly caught on photos and video cheating on her with his secretary, to say nothing about other women. But she came to confront me, then him, and left as a woman who had cheated on her own husband with me, his brother.

I figured she'd blab, or he'd somehow find out that I, his brother, had been the recipient of a wonderful morning of unprotected revenge sex with his lovely wife of two children. Brothers don't do that, I know! But the opportunity presented itself, Kelly Ann willingly went along. My brother's transgressions caught on tape with his secretary, and apparently various other girls, deserved the payback in her mind. And somehow in a warped way I was a perfect revenge enabler.

It was quite a reversal of what I initially thought would happen. Heck, I thought she'd bitch me out, then go over and confront the secretary before kicking hubby from the family home. I thought there would be hell to pay, divorce lawyer and headaches

Something clicked that morning. Looking back, I think it was the reality that Kelly Ann, despite having an intense hatred at the moment for my brother Rick, didn't want to break up the relationship. But, she wanted the man to pay, and not in the pocketbook.

She wanted him to pay by giving up something --- her luscious body --- that was his.

And she gave it to me, probably the worst person from her perspective to give it to.

After our exciting session at my house Kelly Ann left for home, a home she'd be staying in, At least I think that was the case. She used me to get back at her husband, clearly, and I really believed she wanted to stay with him, especially for the sake of the kids. She had gone on about young kids and broken families, and how she'd be damned sure some other woman wasn't going to bring up her children.

Still, it wasn't as if all could be forgotten. She still had a deep hatred for her husband and his screwing around. Only now, she was guilty of what she accused him of doing. I had two thoughts. First, what would happen when my brother returned from his "golf" game...or was it a game of hide the salami with Michelle? Would Kelly Ann confront him, tell all about what she and I had done? Second, were there several girls he was screwing or just his secretary Michelle?

I could only hope Kelly Ann was true to her statement that our sexual escapade was our own little secret. That she had gained some revenge and satisfaction. So hopefully she wouldn't blab.

Having copied Kelly Ann's zip drive to my hard drive, I had the opportunity that afternoon to slowly review the photos and video Rick had made of his escapades. Rick was indeed a busy brother. There were at least five girls he had on tape, so his little interlude with Michelle wasn't a brief, one-time thing.

No, she was in various poses over a longer period of time. And the other girls? Some looked like shots taken years before, including one girl who might have been a former co-worker before Rick took his current job. Rick was a busy guy in the bedroom. Maybe not the marital bed, where Kelly Ann confessed it was a once-a-week thing, but outside where he was getting Hefneresque pussy.

Admittedly I had to jerk off to the video; it was so very hot watching Michelle take Rick from behind. He face contorted into all kinds of looks. At one point I thought he was hurting or maybe slipped his dick into her other hole, but when she moaned in ecstasy seconds later I guess all was forgiven. It was just like a video I had seen on an adult website, actually all too close. I wondered if Rick and Michelle had seen it too and recreated the coupling. Or maybe Rick had seen and was replaying it without Michelle knowing.

I wanted to call Kelly Ann and make sure she was okay with everything, but was actually afraid of getting Rick, or maybe that she might blab, so at this point I kept to myself and hoped she didn't out me as a revenge thing or something.

That night the cell rang and Michelle said she only had a minute. "He's in the basement. He didn't notice a thing, and our secret is safe, Rob," said my brother's wife. "I think he was with her today, he went right to the shower when he came home."

I told her he was probably sweaty from the golf course.

"Oh, do they have girls who give you sex on the golf course?" she asked. "I smelled his underwear, SMELLED, and that was a girl smell on them. Pussy. No, he scored with that hussy. I will be sure of that tonight."

She hadn't mentioned what he meant, but I cautioned her not to confront him. "I have my ways, Rob, I have my ways."

The following day I got a play-by-play description.

"Oh, he fucked her all right, he couldn't get it up," said my brother's wife. "I came to bed in a little nightie, one that showed a lot of skin. I cuddled next to him and asked if he was in the mood. He told me he was too tired, so right there I had my proof. He never turns me away when I want it, usually it's me who sets the tone and timing.

"I played a little with his legs and then his ass --- he loves a little ass play --- then took his cock in my hand. He barely could get it up. It could only get to half mast. He tried to turn over but I told him I needed cock, and now. I think it was put up or shut up time for him, and he began trying too hard and it only kept him half hard.

"Rob, he told me to suck it, and I said no. He hates it when I say that, but I don't like sucking him and I surely didn't want to suck on a cock that had just been in Michelle. So I kept playing with him and did lick around his thighs and balls... That got him pretty hard but he was struggling, the pig.

"Anyway, he reached over for a condom and really struggled getting it on. I had to help him. He held the base, real hard, to keep his cock hard while I rolled the rubber on."

"Rubber? You guys use a rubber?" I sputtered.

"I went off the pill a couple months ago, doctor's orders," said the girl. "Don't worry, it's not my "time" so we are clear. But he doesn't know that. And let me tell you, now that I know he's fucking half the girls in the city I don't want that dirty dick touching me."

I just smiled, listening to her. I had just fucked her bare back and her husband had to do it in the rubber. How's that for a payback. Kelly Ann is quite the revenge artist.

"I couldn't help myself, Rob, he's always after me to suck his dick and I won't do it. I never had liked it. It is so, well, degrading. I know you guys love it, but I just do it on special occasions or, yea, when drunk or something. But something came over me, we got the rubber on and he was struggling, and I bent my head over and took his rubber-coated cock in my mouth.

"It was amazing. His cock sprung to attention. I think the sight of me sucking his dick in a rubber was a turn on, because just a minute or so later he pushed me away and jumped on. He started banging me like we were on our honeymoon. As usual, it was all about him, but I didn't care. I had my proof, I knew he was fucking her, and now he was fucking me. I don't think he lasted two minutes."

Asking if it was good for her, she replied it was....in that she had her proof and all the while he was screwing her she was thinking that she had been screwed earlier in the day by me.

"Payback is a bitch," said Kelly Ann. "I almost told him...but don't worry, I didn't. That's going to be our little secret. But I have to tell you it makes me feel great, really great, knowing I had one up on him. That you loved banging my pussy. That he wasn't the only one who could fuck around and get away with it. It gave me, I don't know, a powerful feeling."

We spoke for a while more before agreeing to continue the conversation when we had time. I only wondered if it would only be conversation.

The question of conversation or action didn't take long to be decided.

Rick went out of town for a one-night business meeting later that week, and one of the kids fell and needed stitches. Rich was apparently not answering his cell phone, so Kelly Ann called his office and asked for Michelle. "She's on vacation today," explained the temporary. "She will be back tomorrow."

Back tomorrow, she was surely on her back today...with my husband thought Kelly Ann. I received a frantic call from her, cursing out the bastard brother of mine for running off with his secretary when her kid needed him. "Bastard," was her closing word, right before slamming down the phone.

I was just getting home from work when my phone rang. It was Kelly Ann, and she wondered if I had eaten dinner. I hadn't. "I'll swing by and pick you up, let's get take out okay. My mom is over and she has to leave by 9.

Drying off from a quick shower, I heard her knocking at the door. "That was quick," I said.

"Hurry up and get dressed," she said, ruining any thoughts of me getting a quickie.

Throwing on some clothes, I raced downstairs and asked whose car we were taking. "I have Rick's Element," she said of his Honda. "It's blocking you, so we'll take it."

We drove toward a local mall, and she pulled into a fast food place. It wasn't fine dining, but if that's what the woman wanted, that's what she'd get. We drove off and before I knew it we were parked by a small stream which overlooked a small lake.

"Remember this place?" inquired Kelly Ann.

How could I not? It was a haunt during high school, a place where the kids went to "park" with their dates. Remember asking several girls the magic words..."Want to go see the ducks?" A yes after dinner meant a night of necking, a no meant a walk in the mall was forthcoming. In either case it meant for many a night of blue balls.

"I remember Tommy's saying about the place when he was dating Anna...come quick at Crum Creek!"

"It figures, you guys were always gross. We girls were, well, saintly! You tricked us into coming here."

The banter went on for a few minutes as we argued about how guys were always attempting to coerce girls down to the lake for a little petting while, from her perspective, the girls were virtuous and virginal. "Of course, I think a lot of girls lost that virginity down here," said Kelly Ann with a smile. "You guys could be very convincing. What was it, the pain from blue balls affected your brains and eyesight or something."

Laughing, I replied. I think it was we'd go blind from masturbating, so we needed help.

"Oh yea," said Kelly. "Let me get this straight. When you jerked off it caused blindness, but when I jerked you off it was different."

Okay, so who said it had to make sense? We ate our dinner exchanging comments of those nights long ago. I told her I was surprised Tommy was able to have sex with Anna out here, given that the cops patrolled frequently and there wasn't a lot of time for a full blown session of sex. Kelly Ann replied that with Tommy it only took a minute or two as he had such a quick trigger.

"How do you know?" I asked.

She looked at me, smiled, then said "Anna told me, she said he couldn't keep hard without cumming for more than a few minutes. And then, well, after they broke up, and after you dumped me, Tommy brought me here on our only date."

"You fucked Tommy?" I asked, incredulously.

"No silly, but I did jerk him off," was her quick reply. "And Anna was right, he came in less than a minute. I did it to pay you back for dumping me."

And now she was here as a payback for my brother Rick's transgressions with his secretary. How ironic was that?

After finishing dinner we held hands, and then she moved over and put her head on my shoulder. "That was long ago, those nights making out here," said the pretty girl. "It was a different time, I think it was a lot easier then, when we didn't have responsibilities and kids and all that stuff."

Kelly Ann's hand move down to my pants, playing with my hardening cock. She had great hands, a girl who could use either hand to caress and stroke and satisfy a man. I unzipped my pants to get her easy access, and she pulled my dick out from my boxers.

"It likes me, after all this time it still likes me," said the girl, stroking my cock.

I luxuriated to her touch, keeping an eye at the cop car that was slowly driving down the lane. Opening my window, I waved as he went past. He gave me a knowing smile, probably figuring the old guy (me) was harmless.

In any event, I figured the coast was clear for a while, anyway, so I lay back and enjoyed Kelly Ann's erotic hand-play.

"Do you think Rick is getting a blow job tonight?" asked his wife. "I hardly ever give him blow jobs, and I surely don't allow him to cum in my mouth. Do you think Michelle sucks his cock and swallows his cum?"

What was I to say? Who knows? Probably, I guess. I mumbled something, I didn't think my answer mattered, and I think her mind had been made up.

Kelly Ann moved away, looked around, and then knelt on the passenger seat. She bent over and began stroking my cock, just like she had years ago at this same location. She kissed my neck while stroking, and I have to tell you that her hand had not lost an iota of their ability to satisfy a cock. My dick was jumping at her talented touch.

Moaning, I told her how much I enjoyed her actions.

"So, is Rick getting blown tonight?"

"Yes," was all I could manage.

"You should too."

"But I thought you didn't."

"Tonight I will."

With that she lowered her head toward my cock. I sensed she was hesitant about the act, she clearly wasn't comfortable. But maybe it was an act, as she never wavered, she moved south toward my throbbing dick, stalking her prey.

She licked the tip while holding the base of my cock and I thought I'd explode. I kept thinking of Tommy, and his reputation, so I forced myself to ignore the touch of my brother's wife to the best I could.

Her mouth opened a little and she sucked down the tip, encircling it and then sucking hard with her unpracticed lips. It was an intense feeling, she sort of worked only on the tip of my dick while stroking the base of my cock.

All of a sudden she released the firm grip on the tip and lowered her head to the base of my balls, lapping at the junction. Then it was back to the tip where she once again nibbled then secured the top with a lip lock followed by suction.

A few stroked of the base with her talented hand and I couldn't stop myself.

"I'm going to cum!" was all I could manage.

"Cum in my mouth," urged the girl.

It was as simple as that. I forgot the fact that she didn't suck cock, and I ignored the fact that she didn't let men cum in her mouth. I totally missed the fact that she didn't swallow. All I knew is that my cock was in her mouth and erupting spurt after spurt of spirited baby batter into her wet, willing and sucking mouth.

Liars figure, it has been said, and figures lie. There are multiple ways of interpreting facts. The facts I had thought were true about my brother's wife and her oral talents were clearly misinterpreted.

I caressed her head as I came, not holding the cock in her mouth. She could have lifted off, I suppose, but she didn't. She sucked harder on my cock, if that was possible, while I was cumming. The sensation was unbelievable, and I had a fleeting thought she had done this many times before despite her protestations.

Spent, I laid back as she kept working my dick. She lifted her head, looked me in the eyes, and swallowed. I realized it wasn't easy, she struggled with the swallowing, and I thought for a second or two that she might spit it out. But she didn't, it all went down, and she wiped her face with her sleeve. Just like the girl did in the video.

Sitting back on the seat, she then leaned over. I kissed her, tasting the cum residue in her mouth, tonguing her as if it was a kiss that would have to last forever.

We held each other tight as I noticed the cop car drive past once again, stopping behind us. Again I waved, and I suspect he noticed our heads were visible and we were decent. I didn't think he had seen us in the act, thankfully, and soon he drove off.

"That was marvelous, simply marvelous," I said to my brother's wife. "Incredible."

Kelly Ann kissed my neck. "That was intense...that was the first time I swallowed that, uh, stuff. It's not that bad. Maybe it would be a little better with a milkshake chaser but I kind of liked it."

I mentioned she was welcome to have more any time she liked, and she mentioned something about playing my cards right.

It was quite the night, and I couldn't help thinking about my brother Rick, and knew that what every Michelle and he were doing on the road that night could never, ever top what his wife had just done to me.

Looking at the clock, I realized Kelly Ann had to be home in less than an hour. We made ourselves presentable as we drove back to my place. A few blocks from the house I kissed her at a stop sign --- it probably wasn't wise to do it in front of my house --- and wished her a good night.

"It has been a great night, Rob," she said with a smile. "I will go to sleep thinking about what we did...and remember, it is our little secret."

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AWESOME tender and erotic

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