tagMatureMy Caring Sec(X)retary Ch. 01-02

My Caring Sec(X)retary Ch. 01-02


Part 1

I ran a large Engineering consultancy organization in my hometown in India and about two years back I recruited a Mrs. Sarita as my personal secretary. She was widowed about 3 years and had to support two small kids. She was about 32 years old and as South Indian ladies come,

She was about 5'-9"tall with a dark complexion and a little on fleshy side like many married ladies of her age tend to be. She had good spoken English and was amiable and courteous in behaviour, besides being very efficient and took a lot of care to see that my schedules and days remained as organized as possible.

I had helped her set up a respectable home in suburbs, paying for advances and rents for the first few months myself and, also being philanthropic in nature, had taken up her children's education expenses upon myself. I also used to help her out with routine daily needs and other household chores. She was ever so grateful for all these gestures and it made me happy too that my money was of service to a needy person.

My wife and I had no children and that was the reason my wife encouraged and supported me in all my gestures to Sarita and her children.

At the same time the two ladies took instant liking to each other and were very close to one another. This mutual goodwill, no doubt, fostered our bond in the office. She remained very loyal to me as an excellent secretary and a very dear soul, till a car accident changed the complexion of our relations and introduced us to some mutually delightful sexual experiences.

My wife, Amita and I were having a little get-together on the fateful day at Sarita's home with some business friends.

The atmosphere became boisterous with a lot of jokes being exchanged and I had drunk perhaps a little more than my normal quota by the end of the night. After the party, while I was driving home, it was drizzling steadily and the road was slippery. My car met with a terrible head on accident with an oncoming van.

My wife and I were hospitalised that night with serious injuries.

We stayed for about a week in the hospital. The Orthopaedic doctor felt that my wife's back injury needed specialist treatment and had to be sent away to New Delhi for 3 months, while I have to take full rest and walk on crutches till my leg healed. I stayed back as I had three projects going on and I felt with Sarita's help I could keep the office going.

My wife tearfully bade me farewell on the day of departure and had to leave with her elder brother as an escort to New Delhi. She told Sarita and I,

"I will be back soon, Darling. But please do not strain yourself and take care. Sarita, you need to help him recover"

Sarita patted her on the shoulders and smiled in her self-assuring way which had endeared her to us.

"Amita, Not to worry. You take good care. Don't worry about him at all. I won't allow him to strain a muscle."

As providence would have it, she made me strain one particular 'muscle' very well indeed to mutual satisfaction and pleasure in the months that followed

It was during this crucial time that Sarita offered to stand in for nursing me back to health at her own residence as she took me to her residence, despite my polite protests. I was grateful for this offer as I needed someone with me, Amita and I had hardly been away from each other fort long.

In my handicapped condition, where I had to limp on crutches or on wheel chair, I surely needed Sarita.

I was attending all work brought in by Sarita in bed and it was a slow road to recovery. After a week, I was feeling rested and more or less OK except for the plaster on my leg, because of which I had to walk around in crutches.

Often, Sarita would help me get up and lend a shoulder while I gained balance. At these times, I had some thrilling brushes with her soft, but heavy breasts and healthily rounded ass. It no doubt gave me instantaneous and pleasurable erections, which tried desperately to hide so as not to embarrass her. Both of us pretended to have not noticed anything amiss in such close encounters.

There was a kind of strange but volatile sexual tension building up between us under the surface of normalcy.

I wondered how long I could carry on this charade and what happens when my mask slipped. I was sure she had noticed my raging hard-ons while she bathed me as I could not but help but respond to the tantalizing sight of her clad in sheer undergarments tucked up between legs so as not to get wet, but it did everything to reveal her shapely rounded thighs. Some days I could have sworn if I had peeped I could have seen her pussy, as Sarita did not prefer to wear panties under her petticoat. Two undergarments are two too many in tropical summer of India.

Her humongous jiggling mammary clad in sheer bra would sometimes shake heavily making my mouth water close to my face as she bathed my head and neck. Sometimes she would wear a bathrobe and nothing else underneath and her swollen tit globes unconfined in a bathrobe, capped with their dark nipples jiggled temptingly as she soaped my body standing close to me in the bathroom.

A couple of times I splashed some water on her chest playfully keeping an innocent face, and I could have sworn that she had two luscious grape-sized nipples come erect at those times. All these delightful bathroom interludes no doubt tormented my libido long after, and I was burning up inside with unquenched lust.

Especially in my wife's absence, the physical immobility and staying home all the time in bed and having my attractive and voluptuous secretary around me had also no doubt contributed to my increased sexual needs. Like an Idle brain being a devil's workshop, an idle cock is a certain devil too!!

One fine day I woke up very late having seen a late night X-rated movie alone in my room where Sarita had thoughtfully installed both TV and VCR. The images of interracial couples and groupies kept flashing in my mind in the morning after waking and my cock was fully erect twitching unbearably for release.

When I limped on my crutches to the bathroom to have a wash, I found the door ajar; and when I peeped in, I was held breathless to a splendorous view of a fully naked Sarita bathing in the shower stall.

The door lock of this bathroom was not OK from sometime and we had found no time to get it fixed. That became a blessing in disguise for me that day.

I was excited to see my well-endowed secretary in her naked glory for the first time. My cock reacted instantly by springing to attention that very minute as I gaped with a pleasant shock, leaning on my crutches, my painful leg in cast forgotten temporarily.

Her back was to the door, so she did not see me in the doorway right away.

She turned sidewise, her eyes still closed against the spraying water from the shower rose and presented with a delightful spectacle of her honey coloured curvaceous sumptuous female form. She was no slim, skinny teenager. She was a proper 32-year-old well built, delightfully curved woman abundantly endowed in all departments.

While her dark skin was shining like ebony, her wet gloriously rounded body was shimmering with cascading water, her bountiful juicy 38" rounded boobs, soft wide slightly rounded stomach with beautiful stretch-marks, the symbols of motherhood she had been blessed twice with, and a wide flaring posterior with ripe melon like buttocks presented a galaxy of sensational curves with rivulets of shower water running over it.

Rivulets of shower water cascaded over the curves of her splendorous body kissing and caressing each delicious spot before sadly leaving her body to fall down to the floor below. I could imagine myself as one such drop of water and enjoy the same privilege and envied that drop of water. Hmmmmmm!

A mop of wet curly pubic hair covered her biggish pubis and even as I was standing, she lifted one healthy leg to allow her soapy hand to caress soft wet inviting folds of her pussy. Her wide flaring ass globes parted teasingly to show the deep furrow and the nether land sweetly hidden therein. My breath came in rasps and my heart thundered in my chest and my blood rushed to my already aching manhood.

I stood transfixed, my mouth dry and suddenly she turned. When she turned her eyes opened WIDE! Sarita realized with an embarrassed shock that I had seen her naked in bath! She covered her groins in a reflex with one hand even as her one shining thigh crossed over the other in a well-known gesture of feminine modesty, preventing further exposure of her privates.

Sarita silently implored me to leave the place with her eyes, crinkling them and nodding her head to drive home the meaning. Her eyes spoke very well at that time.

Her breasts did a beautiful jiggle right then, water droplets falling off those rock-hard dark nipples. I limped back on crutches with my heart thumping and collapsed on the rocking chair in the living room with my heart thumping and feeling thoroughly ashamed of myself. I was red in the face and dreaded the consequences.

Sarita, I knew, was a no-nonsense woman, and a honourable widow of fine character and would not spare me for this brazen behaviour.

Soon she came out of bath wrapping her wet body with a thin long cotton towel that that barely covered her essentials and walked straight to me.

I realized that my cock had lost all interest in the proceedings and had shrunk to an unbelievably small size by now.

She came near me and stood with a foxy smile on her face.

I tried to salvage my damaged dignity by apologizing, but all that I managed was a incomprehensible mutter-splutter which ran,

"Ummm I ..oh...that...You know....," as my face turned beet red.

Sarita stood with a surprisingly calm face and sported an endearing smile at my growing embarrassment.

There was a deafening silence for a few seconds and I was afraid that my heartbeats could be heard outside.

"Boss," She addressed me as she always did. "You saw me naked today in there. Did you like what you saw?"

"Yes. Why, No.... I didn't know you were in there....," I spluttered still unsure of what she had in mind.

"After you saw I was in there, you did not exactly rush back now, did you?," she drawled, arching her eyebrows menacingly.

I was dead now. " No, Sarita...But I was trying to go back, then..."

She cut me off brusquely, "This is not on. I can report this to your wife that you were ogling at me in bath...Then what happens? Hmmmm?"

I was aghast. I nearly screamed, " Hey Sarita.... Look, let us not drag her into this innocent thing. We can resolve this together, I mean between us," I was pleading.

She slowly dropped one end of her towel from below her armpits and let that slip down carelessly over the tops of her heavy breasts. She started adjusting the other end as if she had difficulty in holding it together and threw her head back, her streaming wet hair flying across her face and away to the back and her wet well rounded ebony thighs shivered, those supple muscles rippling too, as a whiff of cold air wafted across the room.

I gulped.

"Resolving together to mutual satisfaction is exactly what I have in mind, my dear boss," She said in an over sweet voice that made me sit up straight.

I gaped. " Now what do you mean?," I demanded uncomprehendingly.

Sari said "Yes, dear Boss! I mean what you think I am implying! I have always wanted you, but had never found enough courage to express it, though."

So! My unexpected peeping-tom act had finally managed to break ice and Sarita had come to terms with her emotions. Was that what she meant?

She continued to hold my face in both hands cupping them lovingly, looked into my eyes while she spoke softly.

My Secretary whispered conspiratorially,

"Boss...I had always fantasized about being with you. You are such a handsome man...Besides, what haven't you done for my kids and me after I was widowed. You did all this so selflessly, you kind-hearted sweetheart. Never have you made a pass at me. I had had a difficult marriage and my husband was very difficult to live with.

"He earned little, came home drunk and beat me up almost daily. He died of Liver Cirrhosis finally," she sighed wiping a stray tear as memories came flooding back to her.

At this point she straightened up, tied her hair in knot and let her towel completely slip off her chest in the process.

I was treated to the wonderful sight of two plump breast globes sitting proudly six inches from my hot face, crested with rock hard erect nipples and surrounding half dollar wide goose pimple covered areolas.

My hands were aching to touch her, I did not care what ever happened next.

I drew her impulsively near me with both my hands on her soft waist and she carefully stepped in between my spread legs as I was sitting on the chair, taking care to avoid the plastered injured one. Her slightly rounded smooth stomach as well as plump healthy milky tit globes were at my head level and she smelled of a beautiful soap fragrance that she had just used. It was so heady for me to watch her and as I did my hands slowly palming the rounded butt over her wet towel.

She continued softly,

"I had lost all my self-dignity and even faith in humanity till I met you. I was a battered and shattered woman. And I had two children to bring up. You have been such a gentleman. You gave me this home, took care of my earlier loans, my children's' school fees...oh so many things... but you have never taken advantage of me although having done so much, one in your position would have expected a natural payback on those terms. You never asked nor suggested, not once.

"My emotional bank balance is full of your deposits over last two years. I really wanted to show you how grateful I was, but you never gave me such a chance in the office.

"I was so envious of the your wife that she alone enjoyed the privilege of sharing life with a darling like you. No, not any more... She is not here and you are with me...under my care!

"I have got my chance to show my gratitude now and you just have to sit back and enjoy my hospitality"


Thus saying, Sarita slowly leaned down and kissed me full on my lips without the slightest hesitation... It was a slow, wet sloppy kiss ending with a 'plop' as our lips disengaged and that sent my blood pressure soaring.

Now, as I gasped and looked at Sarita with blank uncomprehending eyes my emotions of surprise, passion, confusion flooded me simultaneously. I hugged her impulsively and felt her soft cushiony tits mashed on my chest.

At that very minute, my cock sprang to life again relieved that the action was indeed going to be there, at last. My hands reached out to hold on to her big ass globes, finding them cool and wet with bath water, and my fingers trailed over those lovely curves toward the sweet junction of her womanhood.

We were soon gasping as we nuzzled and cuddled our passion hot bodies against each other as I blurted out, ""Sari, I want you now!!"

She gave my rampant cock a squeeze from over the bathrobe first, slowly slipping inside the folds to find the inflamed manhood.

She kissed me on the lips again and said meaningfully, looking directly in my eyes, "Yes, Boss! I can't pretend any longer, either. We have waited long enough. My kind boss's dear cock should pound my wet pussy today to pulp till I scream the roof off!!!"

I was inflamed with passion at her unbridled lusty provocative words and my hands were everywhere caressing all those soft zones in her body and we were gasping with excitement soon.

I knew, knowing her as well as I did, even as she spoke that she meant each and every word .It still did not register fully in me as I blabbered,

"Are... Are you...sure, I mean it's not that...."

"I want you, my boss...Don't worry, If there is going to be a baby, so be it... Its the wrong time of the month for me anyway"

I shifted my one leg in cast painfully and asked," But, Sari, I am handicapped now with this leg in cast! How can I manage to make love now?"

"Don't worry, my darling Boss," she said lovingly hands cupping my face and her tongue out licking me on the lips , searing me there.,

"Have trust in me, as always. I always fix things for you, remember? I got a plan" She said in a mysterious way and winked.

Listening to all this and her towel clad bath-fresh body tied below her hanging tits close to me and the anticipation of what she was going to do next made my cock spring up and down inside my bathrobe in unbridled excitement..

My hands held the big soft cheeks of her ass apart and my fingers slowly roamed on the outer soaking labia of her fairly large pussy covered with curly black down..

To which she gasped. "MMMMMMMMMMMM...OHHH Boss! My sweet darling Let Your caring secretary relieve you of all pains and give only pleasure you today, Come honey!!...At last, today..."she mumbled on with her eyes partially closed, lost in her own wonderful world, as her inhibitions slowly melted and after years of forced celibacy after becoming a widow, hidden passions were in full bloom today.

She bent down to open my bathrobe and this allowed me to see her really ripe womanly breasts, which sagged just a little .I buried my eager face in those black skinned milky melons enjoying the soft cool yielding flesh against my cheeks.

My mid finger eased a little inside the juicy folds and buried up to the first knuckle in the soft moist cave therein. Which made her gasp like,

"AWWWWW...ooooooooohh...UNGHHHHHHHHHHHH," and she almost pulled my bathrobe away recklessly even as I raised my waist and hips facilitating the same.

The robe managed to fall only in a heap over the injured leg in cast.

Sarita's eyes now found my inflamed eager torch of passion bobbing eagerly in her face. I removed the mid finger from her soft wet pussy cave and held it to my nose to smell the maddening aroma of a wet cunt of a woman in heat.

Its fragrance smelled heady and heavenly, and my mouth licked the finger clean, slurping in unbridled passion. Seeing this rousing spectacle in front of her own eyes, made Sarita so wanton that she held my majestic pink tipped 9 inch cock in her soft black hands,

"Oh, this beauty is mine from today, not just Amita's...Your sweet love-sword.... Stab me in the pussy with it and but its effect goes up all the way to my heart" She concluded wistfully as my enraged cock throbbed in her soft palm and my fingers explored the depths of her now leaking wet pussy and her rosebud like hidden clit bud. She mewled like a teenage girl on the verge of losing virginity.

The smell of my pre-cum and her own juices filled the air and made for a heady giddy mix.

"Today, I won't let this payback of gratitude slip away from my hands..." She said with an air of finality that made me choke back any argument to the contrary, if at all.

With this she buried her head in my lap and soft wet hot mouth enveloped my fevered manhood in a swoosh. I could not hold back my own gasp of unexpected bliss as I sang out "AHHHHHHH...wow...you sweetie"!

She gave me head, like I had never endured before. I was in seventh heaven in two minutes flat after she started slurping my upstanding prick in the warm cosy cavity of her mouth, twirling the tongue over the sensitive head again and again licking the orifice at the tip and I threw my head back and moaned with rising passion and approval.

Her palm softly cupped and rolled my nuts around in the sac of my scrotum and she raked my sensitive knurled skin there with her fingernails sending electric sensations running up and down my spine to nerve centre.

I wrenched her up, so her juicy pubic mound was right in front of my face. I nuzzled my face and nose against the wet valley and scraped my teeth against the outer walls of her pussy as she began to sigh and grind her mound into my face, instinctively.

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