tagMatureMy Caring Sec(X)retary Ch. 03

My Caring Sec(X)retary Ch. 03


From the next day onwards Sarita and I became inseparable as lust and passion overwhelmed us and we were always nuzzling or cuddling and teasing each other when we were not making love.

Although my physical condition made lovemaking in any different position other than 'Lap dance' and 'Woman on Top' next to impossible then, I wasn't complaining.

It was only during shaving my face on alternate mornings that I used to see how I looked then. I was beginning to feel all right and Sarita was playing no small role in my speedy recovery!

I am six feet tall and am a little overweight but don't have too much of a waistline for a forty two year old man. I have curly black hair and jet black eyes. My face is a kind of soft, not like those of toughies and macho guys stereotyped on TV as the ones who always get their women. I looked like an artiste and in fact was a building and interiors consultant and it kind of showed in me as an educated and sophisticated man.

As my voice was quite melodious, I was deemed to sing well. I used to sing for Amita and that had played a major role in wooing her with success and eventually got us married. More than anything else, I speak and write impeccable English and all this had no doubt secretly seduced my secretary even before she was privy to my charitable deeds to her family, which only tilted the case fully in my favour. But I was never to know that fruit of my actions would one day turn out to be so sweet and fulfilling.

Having a heaving big juicy woman like Sarita dancing on my erect pole carefully avoiding any accidental injury to my plastered leg was more than I had bargained for in this recuperation period. In those exciting and heady moments of pleasurable lovemaking, my hands would roam on the wide and sweaty expanse of her lush smooth back, soft yielding butt globes, pinch an erect nipple and caress her soft mildly swelling tummy or her soft one layer tyre of flesh that sat around her waist. She was not making any pretensions about a diet-conscious trim lady nor was she a frail teenager. She was a natural middle-aged lady who was not underplaying her age or the maturity that came with it. Come to that, she was exactly my kind of woman. One full woman.

Full in bodily proportions so as to be called buxom and full of hot passion for me which too she made no pretensions of hiding, as we spent entire days and nights on end together at her home.

When I was not working, which was about two hours of day for me and about three hours of secretarial work for her, my prick used to be in a constant state of erection and would be buried in her mouth or her juicy pussy pounding away in her womb. I could come six to seven times a day. The Doctors too had a role in this; some of the anti depressants prescribed to me had the side effect of causing temporary Priapism in me (A condition of the penis remaining continually erect without any external stimulus and even ejaculation would not soften the same). Sarita loved to come out of the bath and rub herself or pose in front of me in various stages of nudity or just walk around doing some chores looking unconcerned although fully aware of the visual titillation it was providing me. I used to be in a constant state of arousal and hence I had given up wearing underwear and had started to wear just a cotton robe on me throughout the day just to provide my cock the freedom to stretch and yawn whenever Sarita provoked such emotions in me.

Sarita too seemed to be obsessed with thoughts of sexual passion and fulfilment all through the day and sometimes would wantonly stand spread-eagled in the nude; her jutting thighs on either side of the seat armrest and push her wet juicing pussy into my face. I used to lave it all up, pubic hair and all, with my tongue lapping up the wet folds while my teeth pulled on the silky down. She used to mewl like a cat making a contented 'meow' after its belly was full.

She sometimes used to walk to my wheelchair looking innocent or as if busy about some serious chore only to deceive by tweaking my cockhead by slipping her warm hands in between the folds of the robe or strum the ever-erect shaft back and forth and rush out of my grasp when I made an attempt to catch her. She was so wickedly playful.

It's not that I never thought of my wife Amita at all in this period. We used to talk to each other at least once in two days. She was recovering more slowly as her injuries were far more serious. But, she was not here and Sarita was here. And Sarita had entered my body, mind and soul.

Sarita was closely monitoring my health too and used to make me do the physical exercises of stretching, walking on crutches etc prescribed by my physiotherapist regularly. She never forgot about my medicines either and used to come to me each time with tablets and a glass of water ready in her hand punctually. Why, Amita had not served me to this extent in all our married life, if I may tell you.

"Sarita, you would have made a good nurse too" I used to tell her and she would simply smile back and say, "I do it out of love for you and for no one else".

Such emotion-charged talk would immediately result in me hugging and kissing her deeply while my hands would roam about freely like a hungry cow left to graze on a full meadow. I used to lay her bare on the spot divesting her of all the clothes and kiss her skin again and again everywhere like a maniac as and when it got exposed during the hurried undressing spree.

I used to throw my robe away when we got aroused thus, which were about six times a day, and in the process many of her dresses like Saris, bathrobes and blouses got torn and were thrown away for good in the frenzy. She hardly minded the loss as significant because the sound of clothes getting ripped during the heat of the passion sounded like music to our ears. Once when she could not untie my robe in time as the knots became a mess, she brought a pair of scissors from the kitchen and cut the robe clean, end to end and fell over me kissing my naked body madly that she had so exposed. So, I had to buy a couple of new robes too!

She brought them of course and carefully cut out the groin part in the robes making six-inch diameter holes from where my energetic organ would peep out, bob up and down looking for action. I used to walk on my crutches thus and the sight used to make Sarita go horny in no time and she would find some excuse to drop what she was doing and be back in my embrace and her hands holding the stiff organ rolling the foreskin up and down.

She used to be like a tigress in heat and the heat showed in the temperature of her passion-hot skin as well in the cosy warmth of her big cunt, which clasped me as if it would dissolve my shaft slowly in the melting pot of her womb. Sometimes after fucking her continually for some half hour I would bodily lift her by the arse her to see the state of her banged pussy and it would resemble a rounded hole of stretched walls fitting the outlines of my cock shaft and I loved to see the walls shrink back to the puffed up wet labia that looked alike the pout on the mouth of a naughty girl.

The other erotic game that we played was 'A Kiss A Word'.

I would lie back against the cushions in the bed and Sarita would sit between my outstretched legs and my hands would be caressing her ample curves and then I would pick a topic. The only rule was that I would have to interject each word of a sentence with a kiss. Like, for example I have to say 'I liked the taste of food you prepared today', then that would go this way:

"I (kiss) liked (kiss) the (kiss) taste (kiss) of (kiss) food (kiss) you (kiss) prepared (kiss) today (kiss)".

Each kiss can be given to whichever part of the body I liked at the moment say, back of neck, ears, chin, lips, neck, shoulders etc. Each kiss earned one point and the kisser had to keep count. If the topic was hot and words were erotic like breasts, pussy, buttocks, cock etc figuring in that talk, I could use 'double kiss' (two kisses after each word) and double points too in counting my tally.

She would then take her turn and start talking and kissing me the same way. We had to keep individual score and after three rounds or so whoever talked and kissed more won. Sarita's talk inevitably would be on the gratitude theme that heart was full of for me and she would recall each and every favour she had received from me and would 'double kiss' and 'triple kiss' (three kisses for one word) me on my erogenous zones as her emotions and passions ran riot and she would get carried away and not keep the score properly. I used to protest only for the sake of rules that her words did not justify triple points and all the three kisses would be counted as one each...

If there were a dispute we would wrestle about on the bed overpowering each other and inevitably a spree of kisses on the mouth with tongues lashing and entwining in a slippery hold, would be used to silence the partner and the dispute would turn into a glorious bout of heightened sex. Even if the game ended with a clear winner the winner got Oral sex double the normal duration as his/ her prize.

Sarita had to be more careful while wrestling with me as I was injured and she had to take care not to hurt my leg but on the other hand, I did not have any constraints and would tickle, pinch and squeeze her soft rounded body at will. The 'kiss a word' is a maddeningly arousing game and for hours on end we used to worship, lick, nip and softly bite each other's body in every nook and cranny and the room would fill with sounds of those slurping kisses and 'Oohs' and 'Aahs' in their wake.

One day a client from a faraway State had sent a PowerPoint presentation for me and I was supposed to see, approve and suggest some changes and improvements and get back to him on that. Sarita went to the office in the morning to bring the CDs and we were to play it on the computer and projector that Sarita needed to set up in my bedroom. She knew as my secretary that this was a job necessity and although her home did not have much infrastructure in those terms, she went about doggedly and got everything done as efficiently as ever. The screen was right opposite my bed and I could sit legs stretched out and watch.

Once the projector started the display, I called Sarita over to our favourite position, which was between my spread-eagled legs, her back on my chest, and I put my face over her shoulders next to hers and settled down comfortably staring at the screen together faces next to each other's.

The presentation was about a Cement Plant and as such was long and mundane, much of it already familiar to me. So as I waited for newer things to unfold on the screen I let my idle hands get some exercise on the luscious curves of my caring and grateful secretary. I thought 'let me show my own gratitude too in return of all the favours she had meted out'.

She was wearing a simple cotton nightgown zipped at the back and I pushed her a little forward to get a better grip and unzipped it fully not alerting her what was happening behind the back so to say. I was pleasantly surprised that on that warm afternoon she had forgotten or deliberately wore no bra. I blew on her bare skin along the back and kneaded the skin with my bare palms softly making her purr and sigh and settle back contentedly.

But it was my stiffening cock that got unsettled due to such a movement of her soft yielding buttocks carelessly against it and it protested by standing up for its rights angrily.

My balls got buried in the soft Vee of her arse globes and rotated around in their sac producing molten seed that it felt required for a specific action shortly. I agreed with what my balls were doing too. Good planning and forethought.

I pulled the gown from over her shoulders and bared her top. As it was a warm afternoon Sarita absentmindedly allowed disrobing to this extent and continued to watch the Presentation Screen with keen interest.

She felt probably that I would ask her to make a transcript of the whole presentation and so she concentrated as a dutiful secretary. I revel in secretive slow seduction and this was a godsend. Her back shoulders and arms shone from the light from the screen and I rubbed my palms on each shoulder languidly and my thumbs sought out the neck muscles smoothening out the nerve and muscles there and providing her much needed relaxation. She sighed and relaxed as I had expected.

I slowly slipped one stealthy hand from over the shoulder to the front and over the massive and cool slopes of her breasts till it grazed the stone hard round nipples.

The nipples were erect. So her body was reacting to my massage although she was no was not giving away one bit away outwardly. I held one nipple between my forefinger and thumb for a microsecond and tested its firmness making her squirm and sigh contentedly. I went back to caressing her smooth soft back and kissed her arbitrarily leaving trails of snaky wet tongue marks on it. 'UmAhhh', She moaned for the first time, yet it was not enough to snatch her eyes way from the riveting presentation going on the screen for her. My hand slipped below her arms and explored the armpit and found silky tufts of sweaty hair there. As I said this woman is a natural. She did not shave anywhere. I brought my fingers back to my nose. 'Arghhh', It was heavenly, the smell of a deodorant, sweat and her skin odour. It was the smell of a sweating and hardworking woman and not the artificial synthetic smell of a lazy aristocratic lady or that of a glamour puss wedded to beauty parlours.

My hands revelled playing in her armpit hair twining and entwining my fingers in them and tugging on them outward playfully eliciting small Ummms and OOHHHs from her.

"Oh Boss, This is so interesting... why don't you...." She let it hang. She was referring to the presentation of Cement plant and I was planning to plant something else shortly deep inside her. We were sitting so close but thoughts were so divergent. I was not losing heart now.

"Yes dear.. Very Interesting. This one..", I averred with her meaning her body beautiful sitting half naked in front of me and my cock was already shedding tears of happiness in the form of 'precum' right in her coccyx, my shaft pulsing along her spinal column in that position.

I moved my palms stretched outwards from her sweaty armpits onto the cool soft globes of her tits in front that sat proudly and her nipples stood rigid like small dark eyes too as if watching the presentation on the screen themselves!!

I closed my thumbs and forefingers over the turgid nipples and gave them a squeeze of recognition as if saying hello to a dear friend.

I pulled the nipples out of their goose pimpled areolas once and that evoked a sharp intake of breath and a low moan that was in between an approval and disapproval from her.

My hands moved the folds of her gown down over the front below the navel exposing her stomach and supple waist flesh to outside air and as it was welcome cooler to be out of the clothes, Sarita wriggled and readjusted herself by leaning back her three fourth naked body against my chest now.

I took this opportunity to get out of my own gown and threw it down in a heap not giving away this fact to Sarita just as yet. I pressed her cool big back on my hairy chest and her waist pushed my soft belly back and my cock grew abnormally anxious for more action by twitching with redoubled effort.

Sarita mewled and gurgled as the wonderful contact thus happened and turned back to kiss me on the lips. Her eyes were bright and the light from the screen made her lips look wet and inviting.

Still she was not ready to let the presentation go uncared for and they were now talking about the possible locations for foundation of the new plant. But I was keener to inspect Sarita's foundation pit and I did so by moving a sneaky hand below the remaining vestiges of modesty of her nightgown and found her pubic mound and bush waiting hot and moist there.

My fingers did not meet any resistance although Sarita crossed her thighs trapping my hand in between two yielding columns of flesh; I used my other hand to caress her thighs languidly from outside her gown. It was erotically teasing and she loved it and she sighed and growled with contentment. She held on to her self-control and the sly game we were playing went on. But not for long, I decided and continued to scrape my fingernails scratchily over her full thighs from waist to kneecaps in a crazy line to produce certain immediate results.

'AMMMAAAHHH', she moaned and her own thighs flew open in reflex so wildly that the gown got ripped in the centre with the force of the movement.

Which made my task of removing the gown all the more easier; with a single tearing rip it was done. My voluptuous Secretary was sitting bare in between my splayed legs. What a glorious inviting sight it was to behold in the dim lighting of my bedroom except for the flickering from the screen showing the presentation!

In the Presentation, they were still talking about the soil load capacity at their site and where to locate foundation pits. But I was more interested in releasing my 'load' soon after settling down cosily in Sarita's ample 'foundation pit' if you will excuse the double entendre.

I now unabashedly started kissing Sarita passionately all over her smooth neck, back and with hands squeezed her yielding but firm breasts not forgetting to give each nipple their deserved pinch or two on the way. My cock was silently shedding tears of precum on her soft buttocks and I had tough time managing not to get over-excited and come then and there.

Sarita now showed obvious signs of distraction from that riveting presentation of hers, as my handiwork was not going unnoticed anymore. She occasionally half turned to me still with her back to me and looked at me in the dim light too that her eyes were afire with growing lust and said things like, "Oh Boss, You're like a horny donkey! You just can't wait to strip me... OHHH... How nice it feels all over to have you cuddle and play around like this... UMMMMM... I will now switch off the presentation, we aren't watching it anymore". I nodded my head firmly and said, "Nothing doing! You watch and you make mental notes, you will make a draft note for me on this later" I ribbed her and cupped her full pouting pubic mound and I couldn't really cover it completely with one palm. It was so full and large. Sarita shook in passion, "Like hell, I can ..." she started vehemently but cut off and looked at me with a soft look,

" Sorry Boss, for the swearing...but you are making me too excited and so I forgot my manners". This woman was a secretary devoted to me all the time, eh? I wondered as my fingers grazed about her bushy pubic hair making her squirm and giggle.

"You are forgiven ...but only this time!" I warned as my middle finger parted her bush and buried itself to the first knuckle in her hot steaming pussy pouch.

"AHHHH!" She squirmed and squeaked like a singing parrot bearing down with her pubis trying to get more of my invading finger in.

"Why, What happens the next time I swear then?" She asked semi- challengingly knowing the punishment could never be too unpleasant.

I didn't disappoint her but surprised her by saying, "I will fuck you in the arse and you will start it by impaling yourself as I sleep under you!"

" AHHH! Really...that's one thing we have never tried... My husband was too prudish to even suggest all that", She remembered with a sigh.

"It's never too late, my dear assistant. Why worry when you have an able boss right here...?" I asked catching her hand and putting it over my aching dribbling cock.

"Right here" She repeated and gave it a soft squeeze.

"It's so right here and 'here' too," she continued with a mild gasp as she raised herself, lowered again and swallowed my middle finger in her wet channel. The meaning was not lost on me what the second 'here' meant. I hope it isn't to you either, dear readers!

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