My Carpathian Princess Ch. 01


I closed my eyes and thought of Ms. Stratford. I imagined myself standing in front of her desk and masturbating while she watched. I imagined her holding out her hand, palm up, waiting for me to deposit my semen onto her soft fingers.

For my part, I was quickly nearing the point of no return. Dr. Marsden started caressing my inner thigh, letting her hand slide up and 'accidentally' touching my testicles with each upward stroke. Her touch sent me to the brink, making me rub my penis faster as I gasped, "I'm coming, Doctor..."

Just as the first spurt shot from my penis into the carefully positioned beaker, I felt Dr. Marsdale thrust her experienced fingers between my testicles and probe my perineum firmly, pushing on my prostate gland, and heightening my urgency to ejaculate. At the same time, Nurse Peters pressed the needle deep into my arm, stripped the tourniquet off of my arm and let my blood flow rich and red into the large tube, pumping into the glass cylinder with the beat of my heart.

Dr. Marsdale started pushing hard on my perineum in time with my spurts, making them bigger and more powerful, forcing more semen and bigger spurts than I'd ever had. She coached me as I ejaculated, "Yes, that's it, big spurts Jeffrey, yes, keep going, stroke your penis hard and give us all of your semen. Keep spurting, you can give more, that's it, you're doing great, yes, good boy, more, more, push harder, yes!"

I just kept coming and coming, spurt after thick spurt, and then dribbles, and more dribbles, and drop after drop. Finally, I was exhausted and let go of my penis, sighing in relief. But Nurse Peters just attached the fourth big tube and kept drawing blood. Dr. Marsdale took hold of my softening penis and started milking it from base to tip, getting just another drop or two. I was exhausted and felt light headed. I felt truly drained when nurse peters finally took out the needle, applied a bandage and bent my arm.

My penis was numb from over-stimulation, but when I saw the women smiling at each other, I looked at what they were holding. Dr. Marsdale's little semen beaker was half full, and Nurse Peters was holding up five large tubes of blood. No wonder I was light-headed I thought.

Just as I passed out, I could have sworn Dr. Marsdale had bent over and begun sucking greedily on my limp, sated penis. But that couldn't have been...

I awoke to the sound of female voices. They seemed to be arguing, or at least discussing something important. I caught bits and pieces of conversations as my brain tried to re-booted from a hard shut-down. It seemed that a few of the younger women were trying to get into the medical station, and were being prevented from doing so at the door by their elders.

I heard things like, "Can't you smell him?... He's resting........ Please Madame...... not important... but I smell the semen...... perhaps another time..... one taste, I beg you..... no, not now, he can hear you, you little slut..... "

It certainly didn't make sense to me and I drifted out again.

When I next awoke, I was laying on a couch in the corner of Ms. Stratford's office. The door was closed and we were alone. She was sitting on a chair beside me, stroking my head gently.

"Ah, you're awake, ma gallant. Are you feeling better?"

"Uh, yes Ma'am," I said, still dazed, "what happened?"

She pursed her lips in disapproval. "I think Nurse Peters took too much blood at once for the tests, and you succumbed. Not to worry, you'll be fine, just rest and I'll get you something to drink." She reached over and picked up a glass of orange juice and handed it to me.

"Thank you," I said. I lifted my head, with her hand behind it for support, and gulped the juice down. I was very thirsty. It was then that I noticed I was dressed in a pair of strange shorts. They were very baggy and pleated, but made of a delicate gauze-like material. I had a matching shirt, short-sleeved and cropped short above the waist. I looked up at her with a question.

"I took the liberty of dressing you, once they brought you to me," she said, "This was the only garment suitable for a boy that I have here at this time."

"Where are my clothes?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, but I think someone mistakenly tossed them out. They were not of good quality anyway. Do not worry, ma gallant, I will dress you in finery soon enough. These clothes are...suitable for your current situation."

I stared blankly into her eyes, not understanding.

She smiled and caressed my face with a soft cool hand. "You're hired, my dear," she said happily, "Your fluid samples tested very well..." she licked her lips, "very well indeed..." she whispered.

When I had regained sufficient strength to sit up, Ms. Stratford helped me to do so. She seemed very unsure of my condition; she continually looked at me with concern on her face, and her supporting hands never left me. Somehow, even with the strange events since my arrival at Stratford Enterprises, her touch seemed to comfort me and give me the feeling that I was alright.

"Here, let me sit beside you, Jeffrey," she said as she slipped into the space between my hips and the arm of the sofa. I thought I heard a faint accent in her voice. Something eastern European perhaps, but I certainly didn't have a lot of experience with accents so I wasn't at all sure.

She put her arm around my shoulders and said, "Why don't you lie down, dear? You can rest your head in my lap." I found my body shifting weakly into position at her suggestion, strangely drawn of its own accord to obey her sultry and seductive voice.

With my head cradled in her lap, my ankles were propped up on the opposite arm of the couch. I felt very warm and relaxed and very safe. I nearly started to lose consciousness again but then I felt her body shifting and one of her hands was working at the buttons of her blouse. I hadn't even noticed that her suit jacket was already opened and the lacy blouse was against my face.

"Jeffrey," she whispered, and I opened my eyes to see her push open her blouse to reveal a sheer bra cup of white lace. It looked so wonderful, I smiled. Her fingers deftly flicked the front hook of the bra open and her large, plump breast flowed outward, relieved of its confinement. She pushed the cup away from the half of her breast still covered and I saw her large brown smooth areola capped with a bountiful but not over-large nipple.

She held her breast out to me and raised my head to her with her cradling arm. I opened my mouth automatically to accept the warm gift of comfort and affection she offered me. I felt warm and grateful all over.

"Just close your eyes, little one, and drink of me. I will explain later, my dear."

My eyes closed and I began to gently suckle. I felt warm milk suddenly begin to fill my mouth and I swallowed happily. I had never had a mother, I realized. Something deep inside me wanted this. The thought that she should not be of the age to give milk crossed my mind, but was shooed away as she began to rock me and coo softly in my ear.

"Yes, that's it, good boy," she whispered. "Just drift away and suckle me, dear one. It is what you need and you will awaken refreshed and strong. Then we will talk and your destiny will be revealed..."

I only remember drifting off to sleep with her voice softly caressing me and her arm cradling my head and her hand caressing my face as I drank the warm life-giving milk from her soft breast. I felt completely at peace. As though I was home at last...

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