My Carpathian Princess Ch. 02


With an effort, Veronica had released the Wampyrie from her bonds, who in turn, lead Veronica out of the cave and into the first starlight of darkness. They stood together on the cliff as the old woman took her first breaths of clean air in at least 6 centuries. In the starlight, Veronica could see the woman's body for the first time since drinking the blood. She was a wrinkled hag with sagging flesh, wrapped in small scraps of rotting fabric. She looked horrible.

The Wampyrie released Veronica's hand and said, "Go back to your home. You will fall ill in the morning and die in three days. I must find food elsewhere, and will return in my full powers to take you from the grave." The old woman looked at herself, "Gods," she rasped, "I won't look like this for long..." Veronica was amazed as she watched the hag scramble swiftly down the sheer face of the mountain, something young Veronica would never attempt.

Veronica made her way down the mountain and back to the castle by starlight. She was brought before her father who, with drunken bravado, beat her for being missing all day and half the night. As she lay on the bed that night, seething with hatred and desire for revenge rather than crying from her father's harsh treatment, she felt the pain in her abdomen begin. This was the pain that would bring her death in two more days.

Much later, she learned that Wampyrism attacks the womb and ovaries first, which must have something to do with its spread solely among women. For two days, she lay wracked in torment, finally breathing her last on a Saturday in July.

Being that it was hot, her father said a few words over her grave on Sunday while her mother cried, and then the men buried her, long before word of her death had reached the priest in a neighboring village. They had wrapped her body in thick burlap cloth over her maiden gown, dropped her into the shallow hole they had dug, and covered her up. That night beneath 18" of dirt and a pile of rocks -- just as the moon began to rise -- Veronica's eyes opened again.

Within a few minutes she heard scrabbling above her and the dirt began to shift. She felt her cloth-shrouded face was uncovered as the pressure of the dirt disappeared. Strong hands gripped her shoulders and roughly pulled the rest of her body out from under hundreds of pounds of dirt and rock, and stood her on her feet. Claw-like nails tor the outer shroud away, releasing Veronica to stand in her white gown, under the moon, in front of Vashta, the Wampyrie.

Vashta's appearance was much improved. She now appeared as a well-maintained 50-year-old woman, with beautiful blonde hair, blue twinkling eyes, and a full, rounded figure. She was striking.

The Wampyrie spoke in a halting version of the Moldavian dialect, "Let's get something to eat, pretty one -- I'm starving!" She smiled and held out her hand to the young and newly-undead Virgin.

Veronica did feel quite hungry, but other than that, all the pain was gone and she felt very fit -- even very strong -- much stronger than she had ever felt!

The two women walked away from the graveyard toward the nearby edge of the forest where Vashta had hobbled two horses. They climbed and rode at a cantor several miles, to a village far from the castle. Vashta explained that she had selected a certain family because they had twin boys of about 20 summers old, who were fit and full of male virility.

This comment embarrassed Veronica who admitted that she had never seen or touched a boy, not even her brothers. Vashta laughed for a long time before saying, "Well, my virgin Wampyrie, that's why we try to avoid making young Wampyrie. My advice is to avoid it at almost all costs, as I have until you. I felt it was worth it, in this case only. Now then, we are going to go into the boys' room, and each of us will take a boy." She looked at the bewilderment written on Veronica's face and sighed.

Vashta continued, "It is best to take them between their legs for two reasons; first, nobody looks there for bite marks. Second, you are well positioned to take the boy's manly juices with ease, which will be very satisfying, like blood, and will keep the pain of the disease in your belly from coming back. And no male has ever woken from sleep, with a woman's mouth on him there, and tried to escape or called for help. So you're relatively safe even if he were to wake. In time you'll have many boys who will beg you to visit them regularly. And that, my dear, is how we make our living."

Veronica's eyes went wide. "Manly juices?" she wondered, "You mean, like a stallion covers a mare?"

When Vashta had stopped laughing and wiped her eyes, she said, "Listen, child, there are things about being Wampyrie that you will learn in time. To be Wampyrie is to be a woman, and a hungry woman who needs every drop of precious life-giving fluid that a male can give her. We are gentle and kind. We do not kill our boys from overuse. We even get pleasure from their pleasure. We do not abuse our power over men, but stay safe and quiet and out of the way."

Veronica still was quite hesitant to say anything, and just decided she'd follow Vashta's lead.

About 3 hours before daylight, the two Wampyrie went through the window of the small cottage, into the room shared by the two brothers. They found the boys lying side by side on top of their covers since it was a warm night. Both boys were on their backs. Both boys were naked. Vashta licked her lips and whispered "how perfect..." as she moved to kneel between the thighs of the boy nearest the window.

Veronica watched in utter shock as Vashta spread the boy's thighs farther apart and gently held his penis and testicles to the side to open up a wide area of tender flesh just where his inner thigh met his hip joint, right next to his genitals. Vashta's fangs came into view and she lowered her head and set them into the boy's intimate flesh. Veronica could see her throat working as she swallowed pulse after pulse of blood. Her body writhed languidly in pleasure as she feasted on the rich red liquid.

The boy seemed to stir, but then was calm again. Veronica took note that the boy's penis seemed to be getting bigger -- just like a stallion on the scent of a mare. Without stopping her feast, Vashta's hand moved to wrap her fingers around the boy's stiffening and growing member and she began to gently stroke it.

Veronica was fascinated by the sights before her and the smells of men. She had been a normal girl, with occasional thoughts of boys and husband that would strangely warm her thighs, but to see the male nakedness, to smell their scent, and now to see the tumescent penis being stroked by a woman's hand, it was almost too much!

She looked at the sleeping boy who would be her first. He seemed so beautiful, so muscular and manly, and his genitals! Lightly dusted with blond hair; the penis so big and plump and full of promise. She studied its shape, its color. The tube of flesh covered in foreskin, and she thought of the pink bulbous prize hidden under the overlap of skin.

She looked back to Vashta's stroking hand and studied the pink head of the other boy's penis as Vashta's hand coursed the downward strokes, pulling the foreskin and revealing the delicious-looking pink mushroom. So shapely and fine, she was eager to have one of her own to taste and touch.

Where were these thoughts coming from!? She wondered, as her hand caressed her belly, now filled with tightness on the verge of pain. She remembered the 'disease' that had killed her, and the pain in her womanly parts. She remembered that Vashta said the male issue -- his seed -- would abate the pain she could feel coming again...

After a few minutes, Vashta released her bite at the juncture of the boy's inner thigh and licked the wound several times until it stopped bleeding, leaving two tiny incisions visibly closing over and disappearing right before her eyes. Then Vashta lifted her head and placed her lips against the boy's soft scrotum, pulling some of the tender skin into her mouth as she continued to gently stroke his penis. She made a small but quick movement with her jaw and began to lap vigorously with her tongue and suck on the loose pink flesh. There were now two small holes on the boy's scrotum that leaked some clear fluid and she was taking the drops with her tongue.

After only a few seconds, she gave the boy's testes a final lick and turned her attention to his completely erect penis, throbbing and straining in her hand. She began to stroke it faster and she pulled the foreskin back and put her mouth over the pink head. She changed her grip to keep the foreskin pulled down as she stroked so that the tender pink mushroom tip could be licked and sucked at will. The boy's hips began to wiggle and a groan passed his open lips, and then it seemed his body went stiff and he was tensing over and over as Vashta continued the steady stroking and sucking of his hard penis.

When the boy's body went limp, after many convulsions, Vashta hesitantly slowed her assault and removed her mouth from the head of his penis. The boy was so still, Veronica was afraid that he was dead, but Vashta continued to slowly stroke upward, milking a few last drops from the boy's spent and softening penis, licking the pearly drops up with her tongue as soon as they appeared. Veronica saw that the boy was now breathing calmly, alive and well, so she relaxed.

When there were no more drops to be had, Vashta gently laid the boy's softened penis down, gave it one little kiss, and whispered, "Good boy," patting him on his thigh. She carefully stood as the boy rolled onto his side in sleep, his back to his brother.

"Your turn," Vashta whispered, wiping her lip and her cheek with her hand and licking her finger happily.

Veronica had felt the need building ever-stronger in her belly all this night and watching Vashta consuming her boy's offerings had driven her new-born needs to a peak. She could smell the sweet fragrance of blood in the air, and a the new smell, very distinct and obvious as never before, that she now knew to be the smell of 'maleness' and with that, the smell of sperm and of semen. She wondered why she had never smelled the men like this before. They had always seemed 'unclean' but now these boys smelled like hearth and home and fulfilled yearning. She was nearly mad with need, fighting the overwhelming urge to jump onto the boy and bite him.

Bite him? What sort of thought is that? She licked her lips and for the first time her tongue felt the elongation and sharpness of her canine teeth. What is this then? She touched the enlarged teeth with her finger...

"Hurry girl," whispered Vashta, "just as I have done, fight the urge to strike and do it gently and carefully!"

Veronica bucked up her courage and knelt between the spread thighs of the other brother, parting them slightly. She had never been with a man, never between his thighs, never so close to a naked penis. It all looked and smelled so wonderful and delicious! A wicked smile crossed her lips as her eyes darkened in determination. Just like Vashta, she thought.

She settled herself and moved the boy's genitals to the side to reveal her target. Touching her first male genitals was a revelation. She'd never known they were so soft and delicate, or that the egg shaped testicles were so firm within the boy's soft velvet bag. She lowered her lips to his groin, now smelling the blood just beneath the surface. She opened her mouth and laid her fully deployed fangs against his yielding flesh and they sank into him instantly, such was their needle sharpness.

Blood flowed. She swallowed greedily, feeling dampness and need between her thighs. Her hand unconsciously squeezed and kneaded the big lumps of his fleshy genitals, so warm and vulnerable in her little but unnaturally strong hand. I mustn't harm them, she thought, as she relaxed her enthusiastic grip slightly. As she drank the hot surging blood from his groin, she felt the penis begin to throb and stiffen under her fondling fingers. A grin on her face caused some of the blood she was drinking to dribble from her lips.

She felt Vashta's hand on her shoulder, and heard her whisper, "Now, take his seed, girl..."

She let her fangs disengage and lapped at his wounds as Vashta had done, and marveled as they closed to little pink dots before her eyes. She lifted her head and took his testicles in her hand, letting them lie in her little palm as she stared at their beauty. "Next time," said Vashta, "Stroke him now to firmness, and then gently suck his head as you do it."

Veronica turned her attention to the boy's stiffening cock. 'Cock?' she thought, grinning at the lewd expression that had crossed her mind. She gripped his shaft firmly and began to slide the skin up and down as Vashta had done, amazed how the penis had been soft and fleshy, and now very stiff -- like a piece of wood covered in soft velvet.

The rod of flesh in her hand became even harder, swollen larger, and it throbbed in her hand as she stroked it. She re-gripped higher so that the foreskin would come down and smiled when the pink head would peek at her with the downward strokes. She gripped higher again, now revealing the entire head and corona ridge, dark pink, tender, juicy. She lowered her mouth, taking the tender velvet into her mouth and careful not to allow her teeth to harm it, she gentle sucked on the throbbing softness.

The boy's breathing became gasps in his sleep; his hips writhed under her hand and mouth, trying to either go deeper between her soft lips or escape the brewing crisis. Instinctively, she stroked with greater vigor and began to lave his head with her tongue as she gently sucked.

Vashta whispered, "When he begins to spurt, whatever you do, don't stop. Just swallow and keep milking him until he cannot give any more..."

Veronica nodded slightly in understanding, and in a few seconds, the boy's breathing stopped, he moaned softly, and his body began to flex and convulse under her. She held on and rubbed with greater vigor, instinctively sucking harder. Suddenly a gush of thick, hot juice nearly gagged her. She sputtered and coughed, losing some of the fluid onto her stroking hand, but with determination, she swallowed the rest and kept up her milking just as another convulsion wracked the boy and another gush filled her throat.

Veronica settled into a rhythm with his body now, stroking, sucking, swallowing, as she coaxed spurt after spurt of the strangely delicious viscous fluid. She felt powerful in her newly acquired prowess to so easily control a male and cause him to offer his seed to her desire. After many spurts, and one last great tensing, the boy's body fell back spent. Veronica slowed her stroking and stopped sucking his head, gently releasing his tender and precious member from her mouth. She saw that the head was now dark purple and thought it was beautiful.

Slow upward milking motions produced additional pearls of delight from the boy's tiny slit, and she gently lapped them up, and pulled for more as she felt his penis going soft in her hand. When she was satisfied that she had taken all he could give, she placed his spent penis softly on his thigh, sat up and happily licked the remaining semen from her hand. Waste not, want not, she thought.

As Vashta had done, she leaned forward and laid a chaste and affectionate kiss on the soft shaft of his penis, patted her boy's testes softly and whispered, "Good boy..." She stood and turned to Vashta, smiling in triumph and feeling euphoric with the surge of energy and strength that coursed through her body.

Vashta smiled and whispered, "Well done, girl. We must go now."

In a flash they were on horseback again, riding west in the trees, away from the village and the cottage of the two brothers. Veronica was giddy with delight at herself, so bold was she indeed! And her body had never felt so alive, so strong, and so invincible. The stars looked like tiny suns, she could see details of the circular mountains and valleys on the crescent moon so clearly, and it seemed like daylight between the trees as she rode swiftly, at one with her horse.

As they slowed to a cantor and then to a walk, miles from the village, Veronica felt her breasts were heavier and she looked down to see the front of her white maiden gown was wet at her nipples. Her breasts seemed large, not unlike a mother of an infant who gave suck at her breasts. This was strange, she thought, and determined to ask Vashta as soon as they stopped.

Many miles later, they arrived at a small clearing in the forest. Dismounting, they found a small hut, like that of a shepherd or hunter, deep in the forest and un-saddled and hobbled the horses over fresh summer grass. The night was warm and calm, a soft breeze rustled in the pines as the woman and the girl sat on the ground and built a small fire, just to enjoy its crackling light.

As they sat by the fire, Vashta explained the increasing wetness both women now had, staining the front of Veronica's dress and Vashta's shift. Veronica's breasts were heavy and aching, leaking constantly and the front of her dress was soaked and sticking to her breasts, revealing her now larger and darker areolas and protruding nipples. She now had the chest of a mature mother, not the small pert mounds of a young virgin. She kept having pictures in her head of cradling a grown boy to her breasts and urging him to suckle, and she told Vashta all these things.

"Wampyrie take their sustenance from male essence -- their many fluids are our best food," she said. "We can survive with the blood of a woman, gaining some strength, but our natural desire is always for the male, a young and virile male." The older woman grinned and added, "No matter how old you become, the young boys will draw your desire. They are so full of youthful energy and stamina," she giggled, "so delicious and precious are they..."

She continued, "And we can give milk in return, to favor a boy if he pleases us. But we must be careful. If you suckle a boy, it will enthrall him to you, and you'll have a young pup following you around like a lap dog. Perhaps you can have one when we are settled somewhere safe, but for now you must refrain from giving any boy your milk. And it would be cruel to bind him and leave him heartbroken. Also, when you suckle a boy, you will feel bound to him as well. You will love him, care for him, protect him, and never want to leave him. So for now, you will leak and drip and it will pass in a day. Your breasts, however, will from now on remain newly enlarged..." She giggled girlishly, "And that's never a bad thing..."

Vashta poked at the fire as she gave Veronica time to digest this information. "There is more," she said, "your hips will widen, and your figure will become quite womanly." Vashta stood and opened her shift, showing her naked body to Veronica's eyes.

Voluptuous was the word for it. Large plump breasts, heavy pillows of softness, with large areolas dripping milk slowly but steadily. A flat but shapely tummy, a triangle of short light hairs, with fat lips below, surrounded by a wide swell of hip and taut but ample thighs. The woman twirled slowly to reveal a heart shaped bottom. "You like?" she whispered.

"You are amazing," said Veronica, as Vashta reclosed and fastened her shift and plopped down on the ground again.

"I was a skinny, sickly girl; ugly and flat as a rail, and dying of something horrible. On my deathbed a woman came to me and told me many things, offering me life. I took it, and in a few short years I looked like this, but much younger. I was then 19. You begin the journey already beautiful, already womanly in your youthful fashion. I'm sure in a few years you'll be an irresistible force to the poor boys -- a thing of their dreams and fantasies -- which is exactly what allows we Wampyrie to survive. The boy's love us and they will do nothing to harm us, enrapt with our beauty as they are. And we take what we need from them with care and respect, giving them pleasure in return for their blood, semen, and other things we need."

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