tagBDSMMy Cat and Muse: The Switch Pt. 01

My Cat and Muse: The Switch Pt. 01


This is a start of a sub series based on the same characters from the 'My cat and muse' series.


Chapter one: Kitten takes charge

We don't get along on everything. But we make it work by taking turns. That goes for topping and bottoming too.

Tonight is my night. We are going for a fancy dinner, at a new French restaurant that prides itself on head to tail cookery. The kind of delicacies that make all but the most daring of foodies cringe.

Last weekend was her time. She took me to a dance class that nearly killed me. Now she thinks I'm taking revenge. Little does she know, this night is more for her than me.

It's cold out. Not chill to the bones cold, but sweater weather for me nevertheless . She's wearing a cute colorful knee length dress with a matching light jacket. I'm in my nicest jeans with a casual sweater and a white undershirt. I wonder if she suspects that I have a surprise for her under my jeans.

Earlier this week, I went out and bought myself some panties. A pink lace thong is now holding my cock in place. The fabric relentlessly tickling my shaft with every move. It's hard not to give away my obvious distraction as we wait at the bar to get seated.

I keep finding myself passionately looking her over. She smiles every time she looks up. But she is too distracted by the thought of the strange menu to notice my mind is somewhere else.

We finally get seated and I quickly make our order. I see her nose wrinkle and I know my trap is set. So I excuse myself and head for the washroom.

As I approach the entrance, I look back. She looks mildly disturbed as she sees other food being served around the restaurant. A wicked smile spreads across my face and I pull down on the side of my pants, exposing my thong just over my hip.

I catch her gaze when she looks over at me. Her eyes travel over my body and she takes me in. My pink thong catches her eye. She smiles widely, and shakes her head in disbelief. I quickly motion for her to follow me and walk into the men's room.

It's empty. Perfect. Quickly I go into the stall and remove my shirts. I hear the door behind me and feel her hand on my back. Pressing me against the wall of the stall before she closes the door.

She holds me there with her left hand and smacks my ass with her right. "You are such a dirty whore" she says. "Say it! Say you are my dirty whore!"

"I'm your dirty whore" I whisper back.

She slams her hips into mine forcefully and reaches around to undo my belt. Pulling it completely free, then looping it again and placing it over my neck.

She puts on an aggressive dominant voice and says "take off your pants and show me how big of a fucking whore you really are". I quickly undo my button and start to take off my pants. Suddenly, I feel a hard jerk on the belt around my neck. "Slowly", she whispers.

I feel her take a step back. I turn my head and see she has her kitten ears on. -holy fuck, my kitten is going to fuck me!- Her phone is out and pointed at me, she is grinning sadistically, ready to save this moment forever.

I bend down a little and stick my ass out at her. I stick my thumbs in my pants just above hips and slowly slide them down over my ass. I hear her breathe in in excitement as I pull them down further and sticking my ass out until it's pushing against her. Once I get my pants all the way to the floor, I kick them off . I'm standing there, exposed, in just my thong and belt leash, facing the wall of the stall. She grabs my arm and spins me around to face her.

She's looks at me quickly before stooping down to suck on my nipple. My head goes back and I bite my lip. Trying not to make a sound. She digs her teeth in lightly, making me release a stifled moan. Then she drops to her knees for a better look at my pink thong that is barely containing my cock.

She softly presses her face against it and breathes in taking in the scent of my cock mixed with the drop of her perfume I placed on the panties earlier. She sticks out her tongue and runs across my shaft in its lace prison. I moan as she takes her time licking up and down.

She stands up and says "put your face against the back wall". I open my legs, stand over the toilet and press my face to the cold wall for her. Her hand grabs the top of my thong and pulls it down over my ass cheeks. "What a fucking bad boy" she says as she smacks my ass with her bare hand. "Now spread yourself to me, you whore" she commands. I shamelessly reach back and hold my ass open for her.

I hear the sloppiness as she sucks and slicks up her fingers before placing them directly on my asshole. I feel a pull on the leash and she says "you're lucky you get lube at all". She forces two fingers in me all at once, causing me to cry out and jump forward.

She yanks on the leash hard and holds her fingers up in me. Waiting for a second to see if I can take it.

Then she starts to fuck me...

Still holding the leash tight, she works me in an increasing rhythm, her two fingers working harder and faster, in and out of my ass. Each time they go deep she thrusts her hips against her hand as if she's fucking me.

I'm starting to let go. I'm panting and letting out little moans as she works me into an anal bliss. My cock is rock hard and soaking my panties as it begs for release.

She skillfully twists her hand and faces her palm downwards to get a better angle on my prostate. Bending her fingers down hard now as she tries to milk me.

I hear the door open and someone walking to the urinal. She releases the belt and puts that hand over my mouth. She slows but never stops working her fingers up and down as I hyperventilate and whine against her hand.

The urinal flushes and the man walks by, stopping for a second by the door. I imagine he sees our feet and my clothes on the floor. Is he looking through the crack? I wonder. Then the sink turns on, and he washes his hands before leaving.

I breathe a sigh of relief, but only for a second. She grabs the belt again, and that's when I feel the third finger pushing at my opening. I feel a glob of spit land on my hole and her fingers. She slowly twists and works the third one in while I grimace and contort my face from pain mixed with pleasure.

As soon as it's in she is fucking me again. But this time she takes the belt in her teeth and yanks it hard, freeing up her hand. With her free hand she reaches around and starts to tickle up my shaft with one finger.

My ass tightens and pulses around her fingers and she presses into my prostate hard. I moan and cry out against my will as I cum so fucking hard inside my pretty new panties.

She slides her fingers out slowly and wraps both arms around my still shaking body. Her fingers push into my open panting mouth, making me suck.

Then she bites and whispers in my ear.

"You are such a good boy... Fuuuuuuck"

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