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My Charitable Contribution


Well, I had done everything that I could think of to reach our company's U Way goal and with one-week left, we still were short by $600. If it wasn't such a big deal to the execs of our company, I would have been happy being so close. But I was in charge and we were still short of our goal.

I was sitting in my office with my best friend/co-worker Linda lamenting the fact that I was out of time, and I figured that since it was my boss that recommended me for the internal U Way position, both he and myself were going to be looked on as not getting the job done.

Linda's eyes lit up when she turned to me and asked, "Are you doing anything tonight?" I replied that I didn't have anything planned. She said, "I think that I have an idea. I will be right back."

She came back about 30 minutes later and said, "I think that your problems are over. You should easily be able to get the additional contributions tonight." I asked her how that was possible and she replied, "Trust me".

I certainly was curious as to how I was easily going to raise $600 in one evening and knew that Linda had some crazy ideas now and then, but she was my best friend, so I wasn't worried. I think?

At the end of the workday, I got into Linda's car and we went and had something to eat. At dinner I asked her what was on the itinerary for tonight and she told me about a friend of her husbands that owned a club in town. She had called the friend and told him our dilemma. He simply said to show up at the club tonight and he would help us raise the money.

I asked Linda, "What kind of a club is it?" She replied that is was one of those alternative clubs that are gaining popularity and it should be fun.

I had no idea what "alternative club" meant, but thought that it must involve some kind of New Age music or maybe some kind of coffee bar.

I was excited to find out what our evening had in store for us.

After dinner we climbed back into Linda's car and drove to the part of town that is commonly called, "The Warehouse District", which now was a very trendy area of nightclubs, restaurants, and little boutiques.

Our destination seemed to be well off the main area of the District, down a side street and standing pretty much by itself. It was an older and smaller warehouse building with gray siding, a rather dimly lit parking lot, and a single metal door on the side.

Over the metal door was a red and yellow neon sign with a single word, "Knots".

I had no idea what kind of name "Knots" was for a club, but was very soon going to find out.

Linda parked the car and turned to me saying, "This is it".

My apprehension was starting to grow, however I just reminded myself that we were getting the rest of the needed contributions tonight.

We got out of the car and headed to the steel door. As we approached the door, a huge muscular man opened it from the inside and welcomed us. I thought, "That is probably the biggest bouncer I have ever seen".

We went inside and walked down a wide hallway towards a large area of flashing lights and heart pounding music. As we entered the main area, it was filled with people in all kinds of leather outfits. I saw leather pants, and leather vests on most of the men, and leather tights, vinyl tights, leather and vinyl mini skirts in all colors, along with very revealing lace body suits on the women. All of the women were in high heels.

I thought to myself, "Wow, what a sexy place".

Everyone was rocking to the pulsing music and looking very, very sexy. I felt very out of place in my business suit and pants. Well, at least, I have on high heels, I thought with a smile.

Linda directed me over to the bar, where she signaled the bartender. She told him that she had talked to Jerry, the owner, and that he was expecting us. The bartender smiled and said, "O yah, you're the ones here to raise money for the U Way." "Let me get you both a drink on the house, while I send someone to find Jerry."

I thought how nice of him.

As we waited for Jerry, I watched a beautiful woman in a black lace bodysuit that clearly showed her tiny black thong and half bra, approaching me. She had on the most gorgeous knee high stiletto boots as well. I couldn't figure out why she looked so familiar.

She came right up to me and said, "I thought that was you." I immediately remembered. She was the businesswoman who saved my butt with the Mall cops the other night, and gave me the slap on my panty-covered bottom. She looked so different with her hair down and most of her body showing. I found that I couldn't stop staring at her. Everything about her was so perfect and sexy.

She introduced herself as Samantha, but said that I should call her Sam. I introduced Linda and myself to her and complimented her on her very sexy outfit. She replied that this was her secret place to explore her wild side. I wasn't quite sure how this club was a secret place, but felt that I probably had some things yet to find out.

She asked, "So are you the woman looking to get donations for the U Way tonight?" I nodded, and she replied, "You should have a lot of fun" and gave me a very knowing smile.

It was like she knew something that I didn't.

At this moment Jerry, the owner, came up and introduced himself to Linda and myself, and asked, "So which of you is our volunteer for the night?" I immediately thought, "volunteer for what"?

Sam excused herself from the conversation by saying, "I am sure to see more of you later." Again she had that inside joke smile as she walked away.

Linda said that I was the one there to raise money and Jerry replied, "Of course, I recognize you from the photo." Again, I didn't know what he meant.

He handed me a release form and asked me to read it and then sign it. I turned to Linda and said, "OK, what is this about?" She then told me that this club was a very classy bondage club and I would be a part of their stage act this evening.

Isn't it funny how you can walk into a place with a preconceived idea and allow your mind to let everything that you see reinforce that same idea? I now looked again around the club and instead of seeing what I thought was a nautical theme with thick ropes in various knots for decorations, I saw the same thick ropes in various knots along with hand cuffs, ball gags, and other bondage themed props. Does the club name "Knots" mean anything now, I thought to myself.

I returned my attention to the owner and said, "So what is with the release form?" Jerry said that it was a standard release form that allowed me to be a part of their show. I turned to Linda and she quickly calmed the fear in my eyes by saying, "You are probably going to get tied up and stuff. Come on, it is no big deal and it is for charity".

Jerry assured me as well, that nothing was going to happen that could hurt me and from what Linda had told him about me, I should have a great time. I thought, "What has Linda told you about me?"

I signed the form and Jerry took it back and said that the show would be starting in about 15 minutes and that he would call me up on stage to introduce me.

After Jerry left I turned to Linda and demanded, "What photos was he talking about and what did you tell him about me?" She said that when she called Jerry to ask him about raising donations at his club, he had said that the best way to do it is if we had a good looking female with a bit of a wild side to participate in their stage show. Then we could raise a lot of money.

She told him about my Mall strip tease for charity the other night and sent him the photos, saying, "For God's sake E, they were the only photos that I had of you".

I guess Jerry told Linda that I would be perfect and to come over anytime before 8:00 that evening.

So here I was wondering about the "show". I will say that based upon most of the very sexy outfits that the woman were wearing in the club that evening, I was becoming very intrigued with what I would have to do and hoping for the few remaining minutes to hurry by.

I have never been the center of attraction for 100 strangers before and the thought was making me a little sick to my stomach as well as excited with anticipation.

Well, my waiting was about to come to an end, as the lights went up at one end of the club, where a beautiful female in a red vinyl mini skirt, matching bra, and thigh high vinyl boots stood on a stage that had a number of ropes lying on the floor, a chain with a hook on the end dangling from the ceiling, and what could best be described as a very large wooden keg lying on its side with a padded top to it, and for lack of a better word a gymnastics pummel horse without the handgrips on it.

There was also a table with some things that I couldn't see lying on it.

The second the lights came on the club crowd roared.

Jerry came up on stage with a microphone and welcomed everyone, saying that he had a very special treat for them this evening. He told them that a woman was volunteering to be a part of the show in order to raise money for the U Way, and sincerely hoped that everyone would give generously.

He then pointed in my direction as the spotlight followed his extended finger and lit me up. He said, "Without further ado, let me introduce our brave volunteer and ask her to join us on stage. Everyone in the place cheered.

I found myself swallowing very hard as I tried to take a deep breath before heading up to the stage.

I nervously and excitedly walked to the stage with the spotlight following me. Talk about how self-conscious a person can become in the simple act of walking. It seemed that everyone's eyes were on me and they probably were.

As I walked up the stairs to the stage and stood next to Jerry, I was again reminded how out of place I looked. Other than my friend, Linda, who was still sitting at the bar, I was the only one dressed in business clothes. I could not have felt any further out of place, and yet I reveled in the attention that it was giving me.

Jerry asked me to introduce myself, which I did and then he explained again that I was there to raise money for the U Way.

As he was talking I noticed my businesswoman friend, Sam, standing in the very front next to the stage. We caught eyes and she smiled at me.

I heard Jerry ask, "Are you ready to get started?" and realized that he was talking to me.

I smiled and said "yes", which brought out a round of cheers from the audience. I definitely had no idea what was coming next.

Jerry then said into the microphone, "Let's start with a $100 donation to have E handcuffed". I noticed a very sexy young lady with a large bowl walking through the audience collecting money and then at a certain point she raised what looked like a child's Halloween flashlight with a red impish looking devil head on its tip and turned it on. It turned out that this was the sign that the $100 had been donated.

The Miss Red Vinyl on stage went over to the table and picked up a pair of leather-padded handcuffs and came over to me. She asked me to keep my hands together and extend them out towards her, at which point she strapped them on me.

Now I can tell you that just a couple of years ago, once I saw the handcuffs coming at me I would have headed for the door. But that was before I fully realized my exhibitionist nature and started to embrace my true self.

Instead I found myself very curious as to what would happen next as I was thoroughly enjoying all of the attention that I was getting. And besides, my friend Linda always watched my back.

I thought, "Wow, I already have $100 and this is easy."

Jerry then asked for $150 of donations to have me put on the hook. I looked above my head and some device from the ceiling was slowly lowering the chain with a large hook on the end. Once the hook got to my eye level it stopped.

The crowd again cheered as the young lady walked among them with the bowl. In virtually no time, the Halloween flashlight was lit.

Again Miss Red Vinyl walked over to me and placed the middle of the leather handcuffs onto the hook. After she checked to confirm that everything was secure, she gave a little wave and the chain with the hook with myself on the end, began to raise back up until I found myself extended fully with my cuffed hands well over my head and just the tips of my high heel covered toes touching the ground.

It wasn't the most comfortable position, but it wasn't that uncomfortable either.

Jerry than asked the crowd, "How much can we raise to have our sexy volunteer prepared for her performance? How about $250?"

"Prepared" I thought, "How much more preparation can there be. I am already hanging from the ceiling on my tiptoes without any ability to do anything."

The crowd went wild with this question and the Halloween flashlight was again raised with its little red devil head lit up.

I stared at Sam in the front row and she again gave me that very knowing little smile that I seemed to be seeing all too often from her.

This time Miss Red Vinyl approached me with no other prop. She pulled the remaining part of my light gray silk blouse out of my dress pants, since by having my arms fully extended over my head; most of my blouse had come untucked. She then swung me around so my back was facing the audience, and I felt the chain raise me off of my feet, so that I was now dangling about 20 inches above the floor. With absolute expert precision, Miss Red Vinyl unbuckled my belt, opened the clasp of my dark gray trousers, and unzipped me. Then with just a slight tug on each side of my pants, she pulled them completely down my legs, over my black patent leather high heels and off of my lower body.

I was now hanging from the hook and chain with my back to the audience with nothing on below my waist but my panties and high heels. A roar went up from the crowd.

At this point I should tell you what bra and panties I had put on that day, particularly since I wasn't planning on getting stripped in front of 100 or more strangers. My bra was a black and white striped satin demi-cup bra that shows quite a bit of me, although my blouse was still fully buttoned. My panties were very teeny black with white polka dots string bikini style with a completely sheer backside.

Now since my backside was the part of me facing the audience they all were getting a view that very few others have ever seen.

The realization that I was being stripped in front of over 100 people that I had never met, was causing me to hyperventilate and at the same time get quite excited.

Goosebumps formed over my entire body.

It is amazing how much energy you can draw from a large crowd. And in this case it was all sexual energy.

Miss Red Vinyl now swung me around as the chain lowered me back down to a standing position, and just as expertly unbuttoned every button on my blouse and pulled it open for every one to see.

As I now could see the faces of at least the first 6 or 7 rows of people, I felt my body start to flush with that telltale heat that I experience when I am feeling very, very sexy.

I could see Linda still sitting at the bar giving me a two thumbs up sign along with a big smile. Sam, who was still standing in the front row, was applauding and whistling along with many in the crowd.

And besides I had already raised $500. I couldn't be having more fun, I thought.

Jerry then said, "I think that E is ready for her performance. Don't you?" The audience went wild.

The chain lowered itself back down until Miss Red Vinyl was able to unhook me and she led me over to the padded wine cask lying on its side. She faced me towards the side of the barrel and hooked my cuffed hands to a rope that extended over the same side and seemed to be connected to some kind of a winch. It looked like I was going to be lying face down on the round padded side of the barrel.

As the rope started to get taut and move me towards the barrel, I noticed the table along side the barrel. On it were various straps and what looked like ping pong paddles. I didn't think much of it at the moment, as I had to concentrate on being pulled forward by the rope, until as I suspected, I was lying over the side of the barrel, with my arms extended out away from my body. The rope continued to pull me until my feet were completely off of the ground.

As I settled onto the barrel, Miss Red Vinyl came over and took the tails of my blouse and lifted them up on top of my back to fully expose my bottom. That is why she had unbuttoned my blouse before, I thought to myself. What a smart little girl she is.

So there I was lying over the side of a barrel with my handcuffed arms fully extended out in front of me, and my sheer nylon covered bottom sticking up in the air.

The realization that I was helpless, vulnerable and very exposed in front of so many people caused a very warm and wonderful sensation pass through my entire body. I was starting to get very turned on.

I then noticed a small microphone sitting about two feet in front of my face and another one hooked to the side of the barrel, right about where my very exposed bottom was sticking up.

Well, as they say, my parents didn't raise any stupid kids. I suddenly fully realized, OMG, I was going to be spanked in front of over 100 strangers.

I definitely had not signed on for this and I could tell that Jerry could see by the look on my face that I was starting to panic. At least he was one of the few people in the club still looking at my face.

He stepped over to me, covered the mic and said, "Don't worry, if you don't want us to continue, I will stop it, however this is where you can raise a lot of money." I guess being in the spotlight in my sexy little panties with a large crowd of people cheering and whistling at me affected my judgment, as I heard myself say, "Let's just give it a try and I will let you know if you should stop". Jerry replied, "That's my girl" and returned to face the audience.

He announced that it would require a donation of $50 for every smack on my exposed bottom. I thought to myself, "That's only two whacks on my bottom and I am done. How bad can that be?" He said, "Let's get the donations flowing". The combination of the spotlight and my sexual tension resulted in my entire body starting to glisten from the external and internal heat being generated.

I could feel the sheer material on my bottom starting to stick to my skin.

Miss Red Vinyl came over and picked up what appeared to be an oversize ping-pong paddle from the table and showed it to the audience as they enthusiastically applauded her choice of device or is it weapon?

As I saw the Halloween red light go on, I heard a slight whistle in the air and immediately felt a sharp exquisite pain course through my body. "Oh my God" escaped from my mouth and was heard through 20 or so surround sound speakers throughout the club.

I have never had such a conflicting sensation within my body. The pain was sharp and acute and yet a very pleasant shudder went through my body.

If there is such a thing as nipple popping, at the first feel of the paddle, my nipples literally popped to attention.

My bottom was throbbing, my nipples were throbbing, and that wonderful place inside of us woman where orgasms originate was waking up.

I saw the red light raised again as another smack hit my bottom and my entire body arched in ecstasy. My sexual excitement was building.

Another red light, and another smack was administered. Each time I moaned in surround sound, "Oh God". I could feel the sensations building and knew that I was enjoying this much more than I ever thought I could: so much so that I was about to orgasm.

The next smack on my bottom opened the floodgates for me. I started to convulse in orgasmic spasms as the pain coursed through my body igniting every sexual nerve ending that I had. I ground my pelvis into the padded barrel with my bottom tightly clenched awaiting the next delicious smack.

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