tagIncest/TabooMy Cheerleading Sister

My Cheerleading Sister


I was just starting my freshman year at college. My sister was now in her Senior year in college and she was excited about it being her last year here at college. My parents had bought her a condo for her to stay in while at college and since I ended up going to the same college as sis they let me move into the condo with her (it is a 2 bedroom condo) there was plenty of room and even though my sis wasn't crazy about it, it really didn't seem to bother her at all. I was not into the sports scene however I did play ball in high school and new some of the jocks on campus I just wasn't good enough to make the team. Sis loves cheer- leading and in high school was always the cheerleading squad captain and that continued in college as well... I wondered how often her pussy got used while she was in college but she never talked about sex to me.

Sis is very beautiful... Long blond hair down past her shoulders and very thin frame with 36C breasts and an ass that looked so solid and pert... (I get hard just thinking about her ass)... Our age difference kept us from really getting to know each other while growing up but us sharing a condo for a year in college I figured should open the doors to a new brother sister relationship... (and I sure was right).

As I got to the condo... Already being down to the campus and getting all the books required... I was now ready to move all my things (bed, dresser etc. ) into the condo. When I got there Sis was there waiting for me (she can be so sweet when she wants to) I hadn't seen her for 3 months and she jumped into my open arms and gave me a big hug on the front steps of the condo.

As I was still holding her in my arms a very big man came out... I recognized him as our star quarterback... He is very popular... He came up to me and shook my hand as sis introduced us. Roger was his name and I wandered just how long he and sis had been seeing each other... Not that I really cared too much... I was just impressed with Roger being right here in our condo. After the greetings I told them I was anxious to get moved in and they offered to help... I gratefully accepted. Sis was wearing a short skirt (like always) and I thought she might want to change but she didn't. We headed to the van and she climbed in ahead of me and as she bent over to get in I was treated with a view of her ass right there in my face ohhhhh... It was soooo fucking awesome... That ass that I had lusted for sooo long was right there in my face... With no panties on...

I now wandered if I may have interrupted something between her and Roger. As she climbed in a little farther her ass cheeks kinda separated a bit and I saw her pussy sticking out from between her cheeks and I even saw her asshole for just a split second... Wow... I now had thoughts rolling through my mind that never had occurred to me before... I was wandering what her ass and pussy smelled like and felt like and weather she had big pussy lips or small ones or if she ever masturbated before... Wow... Then finally very faintly I heard something behind me...

It was Roger pulling me out of my sexual trance with a question of if I needed his help too... I told him no that's ok... As I told him that I kept my body facing the van as I was too embarrassed about my hard on I was trying to hide... I then wandered if he saw me looking at my sis's ass... Oh I hope not. After I heard Roger walk away... I told sis I would be back in a bit that I had to use the restroom... I ran inside as fast as I could with my prick still straining inside my pants and before I even reached the bathroom my pants where undone and my cock was just popping out as I turned and shut the door inside the bathroom. I started grabbing and squeezing my cock head...

Not really wanting to masturbate but feeling I had no choice because I knew my cock would not deflate on its own... Pre-cum was already leaking from its piss hole... I gripped my cock harder now... As I stood over the toilet stroking myself I noticed a pair of panties next to the shower. I thought for a moment then as if being taken over by an animal or something I bent down and grabbed those panties and spread them open to find a clear dried substance in the crotch... Mmmmmmm... I brought the crotch part up to my nose and smelled it... Oh I couldn't control my cock... As the pussy smells of my sister entered my nose I came so fucking hard and sooooo much my cum was shooting over and over... I took the panties and stuck my dick in the center of them as it kept shooting more and more cum filling up the little panties. Just as my orgasm was ending a knock on the bath room door brought me back to reality...

It was Sheri a friend of my sisters (she's a knockout as well) I told her I'll be out in a second... After I calmed down and splashed some water on my face I cleaned up the cum that shot all over the toilet with a wash cloth and zipped up and then let Sheri in... As she squeezed past me into the bathroom she said I'll only be a minute I took a shower here a bit ago and left my cloths in here. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH I thought to myself... What did I do with the panties... Oh no... I couldn't remember where or what I had done with them... I didn't know what to do so I told her I had to go get my stuff moved in and left. The whole time I was just hoping she wouldn't be able to find her panties.

As I was helping sis remove my dresser from the van I saw Sheri coming out of the condo with a bag... Sis asked her if she found everything and Sheri said she found Every thing she needed and then told her " tell your brother I hope to see him soon " I don't even know her... So I know the only reason why she said that was to embarrass me because she must have found the panties with my still hot cum in them. Oh how embarrassing.

That evening I asked my sister if she wanted to go out to eat with me. She declined saying she was getting ready for Roger to come over and they where just going to stay in and watch a movie tonight. I went ahead and went out by myself. I drove around town a bit just trying to get acquainted with the town and I was sooo bored I went back to the condo... I saw Rogers car there but didn't think much of it since we each had our own bedroom if they wanted to be intimate. I unlocked the door and as soon as I opened it I hear what appeared to be moaning... I thought Roger must be giving to my sister pretty good... But as I got inside further towards the living room I saw they must have got excited while watching a porn flick and went to her bedroom for some fun. I sat down watching the flick and of course me only being 18 yrs. Old and watching a porn flick my cock go excited as hell... Especially this porn flick...

I was watching a woman being licked from behind... The man's tongue running up and down her asshole and pussy and then all of the sudden she started pissing and the man stayed there with his mouth open sucking it all down... Just as I had freed my excited cock Sis came out of her bedroom and into the living room I rolled over really quick so my cock was now bare and being pressed into the sofa but I couldn't do anything about the porn movie playing... The girl in the porn was still pissing when sis came in... Sis just gasped... As she saw what was being played on the t. V.... She mumbled to herself and then said out loud " you can tell Roger picked this one out " and then she went back to her bedroom... I don't even think she saw me laying onto the couch.

Well it was getting very late and I decided to get to bed. As I was laying in my bed (naked of course) my cock was so hard... It was always hard at night when I would go to bed but watching part of the porn really made it even harder then usual... Then I heard my sister moaning and Roger groaning... Mmmmmmm... I wandered what position they where in... As my sis got louder and louder... I couldn't help myself... I got up and went down the hall to her bedroom door... As I could hear the bed creaking through the door and her moaning over and over I put my hand on the door handle and turned... I was shocked it wasn't locked... I opened it just a bit and now on my hands and knees still naked I could see who I thought was Roger pounding his cock into my sister from behind. Oh what a sight Roger must have... Sis was getting louder and louder...

I was starting to think maybe his cock was in sis's asshole and all of the sudden with a loud grunt and low moan Roger drove his cock all the way inside sis and then held still... Sis started moaning yelling "ohhhhh fuck... I can feel your cum shooting inside my body" "oh cum lover... Cum inside my slutty cunt hole" Wow... I never even knew sis knew the work cunt existed. I again could not control myself... My cock was sooo hard I started stroking it harder and harder but just as I was near orgasm Roger got off of her and went to the other side of the bed... Sis was still there with her ass sticking up in the air... They had left the desk lamp on in there so it was easy to see her cum smeared pussy in this position even at the distance I was... Then Roger got up and as I looked harder at him I thought that guys not as big as Roger and sure enough it wasn't Roger at all... I could surely tell now as he was approaching the bedroom door.

I started to get a bit worried as he neared the door(I didn't want to be caught peeping in on them so I hurriedly crept away going back to the couch finding a cover and covering up pretending I was asleep. I could hear someone putting on their cloths then as this man I never met before was leaving the bedroom I heard him kiss sis and tell her thanks for the sloppy fuck babe. Sis just moaned as it sounded like she was probably sleeping now. I lay very still acting asleep as this guy walks by me and leaves through the front door...

I sigh in relief knowing he's gone and sis is more then likely asleep. I got up and was going to my bedroom but walking down the hall I peeked in on sis and noticed she was still naked laying ontop of her sheets. I thought she might get cold so I went in to pull the covers over her nude body but as I bent down to grab the sheets I couldn't help but look at her perfect ass again... Mmmmmmmm... I thought that looks so tempting... With the bed lamp still on you could see cum glistening on her ass cheeks... Her legs where spread a little and I could also see it was pretty cummy between her legs as well. Instead of pulling the sheets up over her exposed body like I should have I started getting all hot and my cock started to fill with blood and get sooo hard... (remember I'm still naked too)

I just got this naughty feeling over me and decided I'm going to get a closer look... I bent down now at eye level with her ass and on the floor beside the bed I saw a bottle of vodka... I didn't know how much she had to drink but I figured it must have been alot if she didn't even know or feel my presence... I bent down real close to her ass and stared at her pussy... Oh it was soooo beautiful... All swollen and gaping open as the cum was rolling out of it... Mmmmmmmm... I bent closer yet and smelled her pussy... Mmmmmmm... It smelled like cum actually...

With my cock wanting some attention I started stroking it while smelling my sisters pussy... Mmmmm... I leaned in even closer to her ass softly licked right at the top of her ass crack... Just to see if she would stir and she didn't... I knew she was totally out of it now... So I went ahead and very VERY softly spread her ass cheeks... Mmmm... There it was her beautiful asshole... Oh and there was sooo much juice in there... I'm sure she didn't get fucked up there but I knew that juice to be cum... Some of the cum was REALLY REALLY thick around her asshole and around her pussy it was really slimy and more watery... I didn't care and neither did my cock as I leaned in to smell her asshole I scooped up as much of the cum around her ass as I could and spit it in my hand to use to lubricate my cock with...

Woowww my cock responded to that oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I squeezed my cock still staring and smelling my sisters gaping holes... My cock started to cum... Ohhhh an overwhelming feeling took over me and THREE LONG HARD SQUIRTS OF CUM started shooting out of my piss hole... Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh... I aimed it at my beautiful sisters gaping pussy... Mmmmmmmmmm... And my cum landed right on her swollen gaping lips... Ohhhhhhh... That felt so good... She didn't wake or even flinch... After my orgasm ended I laid with her a bit watching my cum mix in with the other mans cum... I could only imagine the sheets underneath her must have been so soaked she would probably think she pissed the bed when she wakes up... She finally started to try to roll over and that was my cue to get out of there... Just before I left I turned the light off and pulled the sheets up over my lovely sis...

To be continued...

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