tagGay MaleMy Cocksucking Addiction

My Cocksucking Addiction


Disclaimer: All characters in this fictional story are 18 years of age or older.

My name is Doug, and I am a submissive cocksucker. And I just can't help myself. I tried to deny it at first, but now I want a guy to just make me suck his cock. I am 24 now, and the following are some of my adventures.

It all started when I was 18 and after I graduated school. And of all places it was my church. I was asked to be an altar boy by my priest at one of the services, and he asked me to come see him at the church on Monday. He was a nice guy and always had my attention when he gave his sermons. I wasn't sure about being an altar boy, but figured I would talk to him and see what my duties would be.

I went to see my priest John that following Monday morning. He proceeded to tell me what was expected of me in my duties.

John said, "You will carry the candles at services, as well as prepare my pulpit and communion. But there is one special duty I will need you to perform for me. I watched you during the Sunday services, and I felt you looked like the person who could handle this job very well."

Then he stood up and parted his robe. I gulped as his hard cock stood at full mast. I was surprised at the size of it, it had to be seven inches and it had precum dripping from the head.

The priest said, "All good altar boys take care of their elders. This is your audition and I want you to suck my cock. Get on your knees for me please."

I had always fantasized about sucking cock, but here I was faced with the reality of actually doing it. As I got on my knees, my fate in life was sealed as he wiped his cock on my face and lips and told me to kiss it. I kissed his cockhead, tasting the precum. I was surprised that it tasted pretty good, and I kissed it over and over. Then he lifted his cock and told me to lick and suck his balls. I obeyed as my mouth soon surrounded those cum-filled orbs and I alternated between sucking them and licking them. Then I slid my lips and tongue up that long shaft and teased his cockhead. I truly loved savoring his dripping precum.

He subtly told me, "Okay Doug, open wide, it's time that you get to know my great staff better."

He reached out and put his hand behind my head as I opened my mouth wide. He slid that beautiful cock past my lips as I felt it attempt to enter my throat. I gagged a bit as he began to fuck it in and out of my mouth. I realized he was the driver and I was just the passenger on this cocksucking trip.

"Keep trying to take it all Doug, before long you will be very good at sucking cock. Some people like having their cocks sucked, while others are destined to just suck cock. I know you now know your calling is to swallow a cock," he told me.

And with that, he gripped my head harder, and his entire 7 inches went down my throat. I was able to work my gag reflex and actually began to enjoy being used like this. He smiled down at me as he watched my lips pressed against his pubic hair as I adjusted my throat to his size. Then he pulled back, and began to fuck my mouth with that massive cock. My lips were stretched wide and aching but I was determined to make him happy that he chose me as his altar boy. We soon had a rhythm going as I would lick his cock head everytime he pulled back, and then feel him surge back into my throat. I could feel his balls slapping my chin as I watched closely his cock entering my lips with it seeming to swell even more now.

"I am about to baptize you Doug. I want you to take my heavenly juices and swallow it. Make me proud young man," he said.

I knew he was about to cum as I felt those cum-laden balls slapping my face. I felt him surge one last time just as his cock jerked, and my throat was bathed in his cum spurts quickly. I didn't have a chance to taste it as it went straight into my stomach for several spurts. Then he pulled back until the head was just between my lips, and he bathed my tongue and teeth with his powerful squirts. I savored the somewhat salty but yummy cum he was feeding me. Then he slowly began to dribble from his pisshead as I licked off all that he had.

He pulled out, and I kissed his cockhead as he told me, "Great job Doug. Be here tomorrow morning while the choir practices so we can practice your duties some more.

I licked my lips as I understood I was now a submissive cocksucker.

The next day, I showed up as the choir was preparing to come out to practice. John guided me to the pulpit, and had me kneel inside of it. He had an evil grin as he told me to stay there and in a few minutes he would do his sermon and choir practice.

I knelt there as I knew what my duty would be. I also knew I would have to be discreet when the choir came out, so as not to let them know I was under there. Soon the priest returned as I heard the choir come out and prepare to sing. John walked up to the pulpit, and began to practice the sermon he was going to use on Sunday.

I knelt there when he moved up close to my face. I reached up and parted his robe, and his magnificent rigid cock almost hit me in my face. I stroked it as he began his fiery sermon. I slid the cockhead into my mouth as he directed the choir to sing their first song. They were soon in unison as John began to push his cock in and out of my mouth. I was now getting accustomed to his manhood sliding down my throat, and we soon had a steady rhythm going as the choir finished up. Then he began to give his sermon again as I felt his cock begin to swell, knowing I soon would be drinking his cumjuice. I began to suck harder as his sermon came to a climactic end. I felt his dick pulsate and then thick wadded spurts of cum pummeled my mouth and throat. I tried my best not to make slurping noises as I struggled to drink him dry. He shuddered as I licked the remaining cum from his pisshole, then I safely tucked him back under his robe.

He soon walked away, and after the choir left, I snuck out from under the pulpit. I would have many more baptisms with him until he left for another church and I quit as the altar boy. But my submissive cocksucking was just beginning.

I had two friends who were brothers, Mark and Brian. One day they asked me to take a walk in the woods behind their house. I spent a lot of time with them, but on this day I would find out they wanted more from me then just being their friend.

We were soon standing by a very big old oak tree. Mark said, "Man, I got a hardon and I need to relieve myself. I had this thing all day."

I watched as he soon took his cock out and began to stroke it. My eyes were glued to his dick, as his brother Brian stood next to me.

"Man, what I wouldn't do for a blowjob right now. I need to cum so bad," Mark uttered while stroking faster.

Just then he saw me licking my lips as I watched him jerk his cock.

I guess Brian saw this to and whispered to me, "Go ahead John, suck his cock. You know you want to. You are a cocksucker, aren't you John?"

I looked at both Mark and Brian and then got down on my knees as Mark said, "We knew you were a cocksucker John. And I need you to suck my cock now. As a matter of fact, you will be sucking us all summer my friend."

With that, Brian pushed my head forward and my mouth enveloped Mark's cock. As I started to suck him deeper, I could hear Brian's zipper being pulled down, and as the cock in my mouth ran deep down my throat, Brian's cock rubbed against my face. Even though Mark's cock wasn't as big as the priest's, I still had quite a mouthful. My fingers played with his balls as I sucked him in and out. Then I felt Brian nudging closer to my lips, so I pulled off of Mark, and slid my lips over Brian's dick. Soon I was doing both of my friends moving back and forth while jerking the other cock that had just left my mouth. They groaned as my suction was bringing them ever so close to cumming.

Then Mark yelled, "Suck me Doug, swallow my cum! You are one hot cocksucker."

I felt his cock enlarge in my throat, and then his cum spurts filled my mouth. I gulped down as he continued to fill me with his tasty cum. He held my head as he emptied the contents of his balls deep down my throat. Just as I finished up with him, Brian moaned. I slid off of Mark quickly and engulfed Brian as his dick let loose another torrent of cum. I felt him shove deep down my throat and he just plain filled my stomach with his cumjuice. After many spurts he slowly dribbled, and I licked both his and Mark's cocks clean. They soon pulled their shorts back up and we all walked home.

The next day, they came over to my house once again. I lived alone and no sooner did they get to my bedroom, then they had me lie on the bed with my head hanging off the edge. Brian shoved his cock down my throat as his balls hit my forehead. He just used my mouth like a cunt and fucked in and out of it until once again I swallowed his wonderful sperm.

Then Mark had me lie completely on the bed as he climbed on top of my chest and slid his ass over my face. He settled his asshole right over my lips, and begged me to lick it. I tentatively licked his anus at first but soon I was sliding my tongue in and out of it while he was jerking his own cock off. After a while he slid back and fed me his beautiful dick. He was so hot from the ass licking that as soon as he entered my throat, he shot off and I swallowed his massive spurts. I was trapped as he just shoved his cock deep making me take all he had to offer. When he was done I guessed Brian was jerking off watching me suck off his brother that he jerked off right onto my face. I closed my eyes as he bathed my lips and face with his sticky cum. I licked what I could off, and soon they both got dressed and left. I lay there with cum on my face while jerking myself off.

I needed a job and decided to apply as an assistant to an office manager. I was directed into the office by his secretary and then he introduced himself as Bill.

Bill said, "I need an assistant to help me around here Doug. Do you have any office skills?"

"I don't have any experience around an office. I mostly did pickup jobs to make ends meet," I told him.

"Well you will need to be trained. Too bad you aren't a cocksucker, I could always use one of them around here," he jokingly said.

I guess he saw the look on my face and the fact that I didn't reply. He may have been able to read the look on my face, as he stood up and walked around his desk.

Bill said, "I get the feeling I have the perfect job for you. As an assistant, I could use a blowjob to help me get through the stressful days. Don't you agree Doug?'

I sat still not saying anything as I guess it gave him the answer he was seeking. He soon had his pants unzippered and was dropping them and his jockies to the floor, and stepping out of them quickly. He soon removed his shirt and threw it on the desk and just stood there in his socks. He began stroking his cock as he walked right up to me. His cock was inches from my face as I sat there looking at his magnificent speciman. I could see precum bubbling in his pisshole, and he moved forward and wiped it on my lips.

No words were needed to be said as I pursed my lips and kissed his cockhead. I pulled away but a strand of his cum hung to my lips before eventually snapping off. I licked it up and then I reached around him putting my hands on his naked ass and pulled him right to my lips. Then I sucked his cock into my mouth while looking up at him. He groaned as my tongue swirled around the cockhead and I began to move my hot mouth up and down that rockhard dick. He was only six inches and I easlly swallowed his cock whole. My hands squeezed his taught asscheeks as I fed him in and out of my mouth. He continued to moan and encourage me to keep sucking him harder. Before long I could feel his ass tense, and then that in turn made his cock swell. I braced myself for his first cumload as he stood on his toes. I pulled off with just his cockhead between my lips when he shot off massive spurts of cum. I gulped and slurped each offering as he just kept shooting into my mouth. I guess he hadn't cum in a while as he fed me a lot before he finally waned and I soon was left licking off his oozing pisshole.

He went back to his chair completely naked, and sat down. I marveled at his cock while it only lost a little of it's rigidity.

He said, "Doug, you are a damn good cocksucker. I will hire you as my personal assistant. I will need your services quite often. In fact, shortly I will have a client coming in here, and I want you to climb under my desk. I could use some more of your special blowjob qualities while I discuss business with this guy. So please get under here and continue where you left off please."

I soon found myself under his desk with very little room to spare. He pulled up and his naked cock hit my face. I could hear his rustling as he slipped his shirt on, while my mouth once again enveloped his hard cock. I teased his balls as I sucked that beautiful manhood of his. It was tight under the desk but all I

wanted was to please him and drink some more of his tasty cumjuice. Then I heard him page his secretary and soon another voice was in the room with us. I knew he had a hard time concentrating when I would let his cock slip from my mouth and I would flick the head of it with my tongue. But I have to say he did a hell of a job not letting on about the blowjob I was giving him while he was trying to land a new account. I soon teasingly sucked him agonizingly slow, as I wanted him to last as he continued to enjoy my mouth while discussing business. My hand continued to manipulate his balls while my lips pleasured him. He soon had finished his conversation and the other man then left.

"Whew Doug, I had a hell of a time trying not to let on about the great job you are doing sucking my cock. Now I need to cum, I have an appointment in ten minutes," he said.

I went into full speed sucking as I swallowed his cock whole now. I squeezed his balls willing them to let loose their load into my mouth. His naked ass on the chair rose up to force more of his cock into my mouth. Then he grunted and I soon took his deluge of cum down my throat. He pumped his cock in and out of my mouth emptying his balls into my stomach. I could feel his thick cum awash on my tonsils. He soon pulled away, and I was allowed to get out from under his desk.

I had that job for about 6 months until he got transferred to another state. I kept him well satisfied, as he would take me on business trips and even once I sucked him off in the elevator. I never did much real work for him, I was just basically paid to suck his cock often. But we never got together outside of him being at work, as I am sure his wife would have suspected something.

Mark and Brian stopped coming over when they met their girlfriends. I was busy doing odd jobs to get by, but didn't suck anyone's cock for a while.

I soon had a new neighbor move in next to me. He was about my age and he often had friends over, but we seldom saw each other except in passing. Then one day he dropped by asking to borrow a few tools to do some maintenance work. We got to talking and told me his name was Tim. He was about my age of 22 then, and we chatted about a lot of things and soon became friends. About a week after he invited me over for a poker game with a few of his buddies.

I arrived there and met his 2 friends Rick and Dave. We soon had some beer and snacks and sat down to play.

Tim said, "We play poker but our stakes aren't money. We play strip poker and the loser at the end has to give blowjobs to the others. Now I know you are new to our game Doug, but I invited you over as you seemed to be the type of guy who would play with us. And it's just us friends here."

Then Dave added, "If you don't want to play, that's okay man. But it's up to you and if you decide to play, there is always that chance you may lose and would have to suck our cocks. Are you game, Doug?"

I looked at them and I think they sensed that I wasn't going to back out. I told them that let's go. Tim said the rules were we would only wear two pieces of clothing, shirts and pants. The last one to have any clothes on was the loser. The winners then would then be sucked off in the manner of their choosing.

He dealt the first hand, and Dave lost, removing his shirt. The next hand saw me lose, and I too lost my shirt. Then Tim lost, and only Rick didn't lose anything yet. Next hand Tim lost again, and he dropped his pants and I eyed his cock. It wasn't hard yet, but was impressive at about 6 inches limp.

Dave leaned over to me saying, "Don't you just want to suck his cock Doug? Don't you want to lose this game?"

I looked back as Tim sat down, lightly stroking his cock. From my angle I could only see the head of it sticking up as the next hand saw Dave lose. He soon was naked, and I saw his cock was similar to mine at about 6 inches. I had my shorts left, but Rick still hadn't lost a piece of clothing yet, and I thought my odds were pretty good that I might get my first blowjob tonight.

But it wasn't to be. Rick lost two hands in a row and he showed off his nice seven incher, and I was left still wearing my jockeys. I looked around at the guys and they all were jerking off as they knew I was going to be their cocksucker tonight.

Tim said, "Well Doug, you lost fair and square, you will have to blow us now. The three of us will pick a card, high card goes first."

Dave picked a 4 card, Rich had a jack, and Tim drew an ace. Then Tim stood up and I gasped, he had a huge cock. I knew it would be a challenge trying to swallow that mammoth monster which was like a tire iron.

Tim got up saying, "Doug, get naked and lay on your back on the floor here. I can't wait to have you suck my big cock off."

I laid on the floor after stripping off my jockeys, my cock as hard as a rock while awaiting my fate. He soon straddled my chest, and his cockhead hit my nose. I opened my mouth awaiting his entry. As the other two guys egged him on, he began to feel me his cock. I felt it slide in, and then he pulled back. I knew he was allowing me time to get used to it as my throat started to give a little more. I knew it would be a challenge, but I wanted to swallow every damn inch of it. So I felt him push once again, I angled my throat on his rigid manhood, and shoved my mouth all the way to his balls. I was so proud of myself as I felt his balls bounce against my chin. I was able to barely keep my gag reflexes in check but kept breathing the best I could.

Then Doug said, "Wow Doug. You are the first guy to ever suck all nine inches of my cock. Now I will fuck your mouth until I fill it with my sperm! We are going to be buddies a very long time."

And that's just what he did. My arms were useless as he had them pinned against my body with his legs. He slid that killer cock in and out of my throat, as my chin was his ball rest. I really got into being submissive to him, and wanted him to cum as quickly as possible as my jaws were getting really sore. But he just kept on pounding me until finally I could feel him tense up, and then he flooded my mouth with his cum. I had to swallow quickly or drown in the position that I was in. He tasted kind of salty but I stayed with his huge spurts until his balls were empty. Then as he pulled out, he rubbed his leaking cock on my lips spreading the remaining juice all over them.

Dave and Rick walked over and helped me to my knees, as I was out of breath. They stood before me as I began to hold each of their balls, then started to suck Dave. His cock was more manageable as I tasted his precum dripping onto my tongue. Then I moved over to Rick, and began sucking his cock as well. Soon I was switching off as they each kept urging me to suck one and then the other. Shortly they both pulled out and started jerking off their cocks at my mouth. I knelt there with my tongue out and my mouth open as both Dave and Rick suddenly shot off at the same time. Cum was splattering my tongue, lips, face, and hair. I sat their trying to catch as much of it in my mouth as I could. Eventually they were finished and each slid their cocks into my mouth in turn as I licked and sucked them clean.

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