tagIncest/TabooMy Conquest of Uncle Mike

My Conquest of Uncle Mike

byJoseki Ko©

My life really didn't start until I moved in with Uncle Mike. I lived with my folks from the time I was born until I turned 13. When I was 13 they were killed in a D.U.I. accident. Dad was driving drunk and he swiped a telephone poll and hit another car head on, killing everyone. I can't really say I was sorry for them. But I was sorry for little Jessica Lynn and her mother. Dad should never have been on the road.

Living with Uncle Mike was pretty good. I spent the next five years more as a tomboy than anything else. Uncle Mike got me through training bra's, my first period and, my first boyfriend. He was a really good father. There were a lot more good times than there were bad times. Two years ago when I was 16, Uncle Mike found me on the computer doing things I shouldn't have. He spanked me, grounded me from the computer and told me I'd turn 40 before I was allowed to date. He later relented on the dating at 40 thing.

I began to find out that boys my age really didn't interest me. They were to wrapped up in themselves and not really experienced enough. They hadn't had all the lessons in life that older men had, I tried really older men and they were just to slow for me. After trial and error I fond that men in their early thirties were the best. And I began to see more of them. I also found I liked a certain body type. Six feet tall and kind of big. Short hair and clean shaven. Preferably kind of laid back. It wasn't until last night that I realized what I wanted. Let me tell you about last night and you'll see what I mean.

I usually met my dates somewhere other than the house, and last night was no exception. Even though Uncle Mike was gone for the weekend old habits die hard. So I met Barney at La Victoria. It's a great French restaurant. I really enjoy dinning there. I'd been with Barney once before and I thought he was a real nice fellow. Our dinner went extremely well and Barney took me for a ride in his Mercedes when dinner was over. I really enjoyed Barney and when he suggested that we might find a hotel I agreed. I'd been seeing Barney for six weeks and thought it was time. Then I asked Barney if he wanted to see my room. He was fairly surprised but he agreed and I took him back to the house. I know I shouldn't have even with Uncle Mike gone, but sometimes you just want to be bad.

We had some soda and I tried to make small talk but neither one of us was really into it. In no time at all I was showing him the house...well okay everything on the way to my bedroom. I showed him all my pictures and my Barbie collection. He seemed to really enjoy it. I was trying to be coy when I offered to let him see my underwear. I knew I pleased him when he said yes and I stripped down to my lingerie. In no time at all we were naked and doing some serious kissing. Another thing I like about older men. They are much better in bed. They are soft, take cues, and make sure that you cum.

We were really getting into it when my door opened and Uncle Mike leaned in. I wasn't really worried until I head him speak.

"Excuse me, but it's Linda's bed time. You'll have to go partner." Uncle Mike said in a voice that was utterly at odds with the situation.

He sounded like he was sending one of my playmates home. Not a naked man almost twice my age.

Barney looked up and his eyes widened. I mean Uncle Mike is impressive, but he's not a bodybuilder.

"And what if I choose not to move?" Replied Barney.

Uncle Mike just laughed. About 45 seconds later Barney left through the front door. Uncle Mike tossed all his clothing after him. As Uncle Mike closed the door he turned and saw me standing there hand over my mouth watching him.

"Couldn't even grab a robe?" Uncle Mike queried.

I looked down and realized that I was still naked. I turned to flee to my room. But Uncle Mike's voice stopped me. He called my name and I froze in my tracks. I looked over my shoulder and he beckoned me to him with one finger. As I turned around and started walking towards him, he nodded and walked into the living room. I followed hum into the living room and I froze as I watched him settle into the same chair he'd used to spank me two years ago. After Uncle Mike had sat down he just looked at me.

I slowly unstuck my feet and inched over to him. I knew I was in for it and I was probably just making it worse. Eventually I was close enough to him and he pulled me over his knee. What followed was a very humiliating experience. He gave me a lecture an safe sex, love, and respecting myself. Every few seconds he'd punctuate his statements with a sharp slap to my bottom.

I barely heard any of the lecture. All I could think about was Uncle Mike's raging hard-on. I could feel it under his jeans as I lay there. When he was done with the lecture he gave me a full spanking. I was crying and kicking by the time it was over. It was also both the most exotic, erotic and humiliating experience of my life. Uncle Mike was as turned on by me as I was by him. I even came as he spanked me. I'm very glad he didn't notice.

After the spanking I had to stand naked before him and thank him for my punishment. And I meant every word of it. I was thankful. I'd realized that while Uncle Mike loved and cared for me like a father, he also loved me as a woman. What really surprised me was that I realized that all the guy's ' really liked were the same age and general features as Uncle Mike. I knew then that I loved Uncle Mike as more than a father. That night while I hid in my room I planned my strategy.

The very next day I convinced Uncle Mike to spend a week at his beach house. Uncle Mike was a writer and he could take his laptop anywhere so he agreed. The beach house was a very special place. It was secluded on a very lonely section of beach and when you were there, the solitude was complete.

We made the four hour drive that day and stopped for groceries a couple of miles before we hit the turn-off to the beach house. I loved it I'd bought all kinds of foodstuffs, promising I'd cook a feast every night. I ran up a Four hundred dollar bill. Uncle Mike gave me quite a look but he paid it. The store owner positively loved me.

When we got to the beach house we unloaded the groceries and our bags, and set about cleaning the dust out of the place. When that was done, Uncle Mike sat down and worked on his laptop while I cooked. I made stuffed beef brisket. The stuffing was incredible. I marinated it in cinnamon, cloves, and thyme. I had buttered corn and fresh baked bread to go with it. I'd laid out some chilled grape juice.(He wouldn't buy any alcohol)

As Uncle Mike and I sat down he told me how good it smelled and he really meant it. It was great to watch the relish with witch he dug in. He asked for seconds and I refused him thirds on the grounds that he'd ruin desert. He just laughed and said he'd wait for desert. We talked a little as I cleaned my plate and then I went to get dessert.

I sprung my trap for dessert. When I returned I was naked and carrying a bottle of chocolate syrup. Uncle Mike just looked up at me in shock. I could see the emotions flitting through him, shock, indignation, love, and even lust.

"Well young lady..." Uncle Mike began.

I stopped him by holding up my hand and placing it across his lips.

"Uncle Mike, I love you. I've always loved you. And I've just come to understand that I love you as a woman as well as a child. The child loves you as a protector, a friend, source of strength. The woman loves you as a comfort, a source of strength and as a man. I ask you now will you make love to me. Not sex but love the way it can only be between a father and daughter, loving, tender, and exotically hot."

I was totally surprised as my Uncle, the strongest man I ever knew, burst into tears. I rushed to hug him, and found myself giving him as much comfort as he'd ever given me. He told me that he'd had thoughts about the two of us, but had never acted upon them. Nor would he have. But I should realize that society would never understand our bond. I don't think society should be included in this. I told him that and that I had never found anyone to equal him. Nor did I think I ever would. I knew what I wanted and was prepared for the consequences.

I held Uncle Mike for a long time after that as he came to understand that I returned his love and it was okay to indulge himself in me. I knew I had won when he took the chocolate from my hand.

"Young Lady food sports should either be done in the kitchen or outside." Uncle Mike stated.

"It's a beautiful night out on the most beautiful beach in the world." I replied.

Uncle Mike took me by the hand and led me out on the beach. Laying me on my back in the sand he began to undress. Finally he was ready and picking up the syrup he leaned across me to kiss my lips. As I looked up into a glorious sky, I felt the cold syrup pour across my body. It covered me from neck to crotch. It poured across my nipples and the chocolate flowed down them like an ice-cream sundae. It spilled across my belly like a pool. And my little pubic mound soaked up the syrup, Uncle Mike started at my neck and began to lick the syrup from my body. I listened to the crashing waves hit the beach, and with each wave I felt my passions rise. Uncle Mike was good with his tongue. He took his time and worked his way down my body. Gently licking the chocolate from my skin. I could feel the sand underneath me as I twitched. My bottom slowly wiggled a niche in the sand as he made me squirm.

As Uncle Mike licked the chocolate from my breasts he started sucking as well. He took the whole nipple into his mouth and holding it between his teeth he gently ran his tongue over it. Again, and again, and again. He moved to the other nipple and did the same. It was maddening. He played my body like a fiddle, never quite letting me climax. Every time I started to get close he'd slow up his licking or move on to a different area.

As he traced his way down my belly I tried to grab his hair and shove him into my pussy. But Uncle Mike would have none of it. All I earned was a smacked hand as I tried to hurry up the process. I felt him work his way across my belly. It was even more sensual then. I finally understood what he was doing. He was working his tongue across my muscles kneading out the tension. You see, every where you can see or feel a ridge of muscle there is a small amount of pain. A good masseuse works these muscles in an attempt to alleviate that pain. Most people don't even know that pain is there. They just think it's relaxing.

Finally Uncle Mike moved down to my little mound. I do keep it trimmed but the chocolate had found it's way into the hair I left and Uncle Mike's tongue deftly worked at cleaning out all the chocolate. It was maddening not being able to cum as he kept me on edge while he cleaned me. I began to realize how long we'd been on the beach when the fist wave tickled my body. The tide had come in and we were below the high tide line.

Finally Uncle Mike opened me with his tongue. He began working his tongue back and forth across my labia. Gently probing me. Gently stroking me, working his tongue ever deeper into me. I began to get hotter and hotter, and then another wave would crash into me, with it's chilling cold water. I was on edge. The feelings of heat and cold were equal and opposite. No drug high was ever this good. We stayed like this for awhile as Uncle Mike worked my body. When the waves had finally made enough of an advance to start covering me, Uncle Mike shifted his body so that he lay between my legs. I could close my legs around him but I waited to see how he would finish me.

I felt Uncle Mike shift his body so that he could reach my lips. As he kissed me fully, I felt the tip of his cock probing my other lips. Uncle Mike reached down and placing the head of his cock between my pussy lips kissed me again. I felt his jaw open mine, and as his tongue slid between the lips on my mouth. His cock slid between the lips of my pussy.

As each wave covered us completely he stroke me again and again. Finally as the waves started to erode the sand under my body and we were rocked back and forth he let me cum. It was incredible. My long wait had just made me hotter and hotter. I squirmed underneath him as my legs locked around his body, trying to pull him deeper and deeper into me. I grabbed his back and tried to pull him closer, make his tongue dive deeper into my mouth. I felt Uncle Mike's balls bunch up and the head of his penis seemed to grow just a little bigger, as it hit my cervix when he came. I felt him stiffen in my arms and his eyes rolled back into his head. The whole wave thing made it even more difficult but somehow more erotic. It would wash over us and we would hold our breath until it was gone.

When I was spent I just lay there unable to move, uncle Mike lay on top of me trying to collect himself. He finally climbed to his feet and reaching down took me into his arms and carried me back to the beach house. We spooned in front of the fire place as Uncle Mike stroked my hair. I gently turned my head to kiss him, and feeling as safe as I ever have I fell asleep in the arms of my man, my protector, my lover, My Uncle.

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