tagIncest/TabooMy Cousin Mandy Ch. 01

My Cousin Mandy Ch. 01


My 18 year old cousin Mandy stayed with us over the summer for two weeks. We used to spend a lot of time together when we were younger, because I baby-sat for her a lot. I'm ten years older than her. Her parents moved to upstate New York a few years ago so we hadn't seen much of each other recently. Mandy just finished her first year in college and she asked my husband and I if she could come and vacation here at the shore for a while. I was only too pleased because I'm home all summer with the kids and I'd have some mature company to talk to while Jon was at work during the day.

We spent the first day catching up and hanging out around the house. My parents and brother's family came over and we just hung out on the deck with several pitchers of margaritas and had a blast. Mandy had changed a lot since I last saw her; she seemed much more adult and was looking less like a kid and more like a young girl. I noticed that immediately, but it would be a couple more days before her maturity would hit me like a ton of bricks.

A couple nights later we were sitting around watching a movie; Jon and I were on the couch and Mandy was across the room sitting in a chair. She was wearing shorts and a pink peasant top, something she'd been wearing all day, but I hadn't realized until just that moment, how gorgeous she was now. Everything about her was so soft looking... soft and rounded. She wasn't heavy, not even chubby, but just soft. She was sitting on her side, with her legs pulled under her. Her bare skin was tanned, and I became hypnotized by the smoothness of the back of her thighs. I stared at her legs as they disappeared into her shorts. The rounded ass looking so perfect as she sat there. I looked upward at her bare arms and shoulders, I'm such a shoulder person and hers were perfectly curved. The soft fine blondish hairs on her arms looked sooo sexy against her tan skin. I noted how much lighter those fine hairs were against the light brown hair on her head.

I just stared, for what seemed like forever until she looked over from the movie, catching me. I tried to be casual, and smiled wide at her, and turned back to the movie. Then I started to feel guilty for thinking the things I was about my cousin. I just couldn't help it though; maybe it was because it had been a while since I'd been with a girl. Jon knew that I had been bisexual in college, but he really didn't know how much I still thought about it. We had a family and I didn't feel like complicating things by introducing third parties, or sneaking around. I had slipped a couple times, (another story), but I suppose I shouldn't be thinking these things about my cousin. I glanced over at Jon who was watching the movie, but I know that he had noticed Mandy's transformation as well....I'd caught him checking her out earlier.

That night in bed Jon and I had sex. It was amazing as always, but during the long foreplay that preceded it, as I closed my eyes, relishing in the sensations of him licking and kissing my entire body, it dawned on me that I was imagining it was my cousin, not my husband that was making love to me.

The next day Jon went to work and me and Mandy took the kids to the beach. They are six and three and would normally have required all our attention, but as luck would have it, their friends from the neighborhood were camped nearby so all of them played, leaving the adults in peace. Mandy settled into her chair and took a book out. She sprayed some oil on her tanned legs, making them glisten and look even more delicious. She sprayed her arms and then handed me the bottle, asking me to do her back. She turned for me as I sprayed her skin and then rubbed it in a bit. I tried to be quick, but it was all I could do not to linger and savor the feel of her young skin. I applied the same oil to me and then she finished it off on my back. Her hands felt so nice, driving another flood of fantasies and more waves of guilt.

I had my sunglasses on and was tanning my back. She was wearing a pretty red tankini and as she sat in that chair lost in her book, I was able to secretly stare at her, while pretending to doze behind my glasses. My breasts and groin were pressed hard into the towel and the combination of the hot sun and erotic guilt over Mandy set my body ablaze. I tried to push myself into the towel, without giving too much away. Soon my guilt faded; maybe I was a sick deviant for wanting my cousin, but I wanted her like I've wanted nothing in a long time. I wanted to take her right there on the hot beach, our bodies slick from oil and sweat merging together. I wanted to kiss her full lips and feel her sighs of pleasure fill my mouth. I hoped I was being quiet as I felt my pussy contracting in orgasm. I know my breathing had quickened a bit. Please God let it have been quiet enough....

Later when we returned home I bathed the kids and Mandy jumped in the shower downstairs. Jon would be home soon and then we were all going out to dinner with other relatives. Once I got the kids settled I went downstairs to get some more towels from Mandy's bathroom. I heard the hairdryer running and I knocked on her door. "Come in," she said. I opened the door to find her standing there drying her hair in just her bra and panties, a gorgeous emerald green set with French cut panties. Oh my God, I got the best view of her body yet. Her breasts in that green bra were like two gifts from heaven. They were full and perfect. She was very voluptuous and her bare belly was just begging to be kissed. As I looked downward, I saw the slight bulge of her pubic mound under her panties and I instantly felt the tightening in my lower stomach and sex. To me, neatly trimmed pubic hair is one of the sexiest sights in the world. I wanted to see it so bad; no more than that, I wanted to be on my knees, brushing my lips and nose against the softness of it. I wanted to smell the delicious mixture of soap and the faintness of her arousal in that pubic hair. God almighty, how long had I been staring?

"Hey, nice undies," I tried to save myself, "Victoria's Secret?" I asked.

"Yep," she answered with a smile. If she caught me fantasizing, she was pretending she hadn't. Fumbling with embarrassment, I grabbed the towels and told her I'd be ready soon.

We all went out that night, had a great dinner and lots of drinks. I can't deny that I was distracted a lot of the time. Maundy was looking so damned delicious in a sleeveless red shirt, tight to her chest and black shorts. When we got home, Jon turned in because he had to get up for work early. Mandy and I stayed downstairs, had another couple glasses of wine and watched TV. This night we both lounged at opposite ends of the couch, stretching out. Our legs brushed together from time to time, smoothness against smoothness and neither of us pulled away. I could feel my breath quicken again, my heart pounding, my pussy moistening. I lightly scratched my fingers across my thigh, enjoying the feeling. A few minutes later I slowly brushed them through my hair. Every nerve ending in my body seemed to be ultra-sensitive. Mandy glanced over at me a couple times, out of the corner of her eye. What was she thinking?

About an hour later she said she was going to bed. She leaned in to kiss me goodnight. I looked upward and her lips caught me partially on my own lips. Did the kiss linger for a moment, or was it my imagination? She disappeared into her bedroom and I stayed on the couch for another 15 minutes or so before turning off the television. I walked past her closed bedroom door on my way toward the steps, and stopped for a moment. I thought I heard something inside. I leaned my ear into the door and my mouth dropped. Was that rapid breathing I heard behind the door? Oh sweet Jesus, was she in there masturbating? I tried to concentrate, but the damned pump from the fishtank in the living room was distracting me. Oh, but I think she was in there cumming....I prayed she was thinking of me as her fingers played inside her. I was so excited I ran upstairs into my bathroom. My pussy was soaked when I took my shorts off. I needed to be filled, I needed immediate relief. I turned on the water and grabbed my round-handled hairbrush. I sat on the toilet seat with my left foot propped on the tub and fucked myself hard to yet another very intense orgasm, again thinking of my beautiful cousin. I slowly pulled the handle out, hearing the wetness of my pussy release it. The handle was coated with my juices, which I licked off...sooo delicious...I just knew Mandy's pussy would taste this good too.

The next morning after Jon left again for work, my parents called and said they wanted us all to go to the beach for the day. I had a ton of errands and things to do around the house, so I told them to pick up Mandy and the kids and I would meet them later. A few hours later they were all gone and I started to do some work around the house; you know the usual chores like dusting, vacuuming and laundry. I was carrying a load of laundry down the steps through the downstairs hall when I passed Mandy's room. The memories of last night, and what I thought I heard hit me suddenly. Almost instantly I was turned on. I couldn't help but enter, I was drawn to it and as I looked around our guest room, now personalized with some of her things on the dresser and desk, I noticed a plastic shopping bag in the corner next to her suitcase. I dropped the pile of laundry in my hands and that familiar rush of nervous, aroused stomach cramping hit me. That bag was Mandy's laundry bag and I was now in a trancelike state as I walked over and picked it up. Yes! Just as I'd hoped, the emerald green panties from yesterday were right at the top of the bag. I was almost sick now with excitement and guilt and as much as I tried, I knew there was no turning back. I held them in my hand, and oh my God, they were very damp, so much so that the crotch was bunched together. She had been masturbating last night!! She must have been very turned on for them to be this moist. It was like my hand was moving in slow motion as I lifted them to my nose, and smelled that delicious mixture of strong arousal along with the faintest hint of urine. Oh fuck, it had been too long since I'd had my face against a pussy. My own panties were becoming heavy with my own musky secretions. I found myself crazed with lust; breathing heavy, chest pounding, nipples hard. Even the little hairs on my arms were aroused. I couldn't pull those panties away from my face, I just wanted to deeply inhale Mandy's scent any way I could. Using only one hand, I pulled down the comforter and sheets of her bed. I slid my shorts and panties to the floor and took off my T-shirt, still without removing her panties from my face. I was afraid if I broke away from the fantasy for even a second, I'd snap to my senses and chicken out.

Now I was completely naked and fell into her bed, pushing her wet panties into my face. I rolled in her soft sheets, the same sheets she'd cum in last night. My left hand held her panties...her pussy, and my right hand played with my nipples, pinching and rolling them. I could feel the heat of my sex as my fingers trailed downward, playing through my soft patch of dark hair. My two fingers slid inside, curling upward, collecting my thick juices. Oh I knew Mandy was this wet last night. My tongue lapped at the material, tasting the juices on her panties and my fingers played inside me.

I rolled over on my stomach, drawing my right leg upward toward my chest. I placed the panties on the pillow, and pressed my face into them again. Now with both hands free I slid my left fingers underneath my clit and my right hand softly caressed my ass. Oh fuck, this is the way I wanted to feel my cousin. I wanted to feel her soft body laying on top of me in this position. I wanted those breasts against my back, her nipples grazing my skin. I wanted to feel her press her pussy to my opened ass, the soft hair and moist clit riding against my most private hole.

I reached down wetting my fingers in my pussy, my juices with thick and warm. I brought them upward tickling the sensitive skin around my ass. I pressed my lubed finger against my hole, feeling the resistance as the muscles fought the intrusion. Inhaling Mandy's cunt deeply I pressed my finger inside my ass, moaning loudly. My left hand played with my clit, and my right middle finger fucked my ass. Oh God, I wanted to feel my tongue inside Mandy's ass, wanted to feel it spasm against my invading tongue as she came in waves.....Waves and waves erupted from me as I screamed loudly. My body rocked up and down, my cunt grinding into my left hand, my finger buried to the knuckle inside my ass.

I had cum so fucking hard, I was actually lightheaded I lay face down in her bed, gasping for air, waiting for my heart rate to slow again. I couldn't even believe what I'd just done. I'd cum in my cousin's bed, my face pressed into her panties. I pulled my hand out from under me and it was absolutely covered with my juices. I licked some of it off them. I loved the taste of me. I rolled over, and felt a moist spot on the sheet under where my pussy had been. I would leave my scent in her bed. I wanted her to be driven to lust again tonight, even if she didn't know why...the scent of my pussy might arouse her. God, I needed her. I had to taste her, had to feel her naked body against mine. How could this become a reality?

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