tagIncest/TabooMy Cousin My Sister

My Cousin My Sister


I will try to make this a short story. Melissa, Missy, was born 2 days after me. So we always celebrated our birthdays together. Her mom was my mom's younger sister. They were always close so when Missy's parents died, my mom took it hard.

Missy's parents had left a will. And in it they asked my mom and dad to take care of their daughter. It helped ease the pain of loss for my mom. She loved taking care of Missy. So that is how Missy came to live with us.

The accident and Missy comming to live with us happened when we were 2. So we grew up as brother and sister, not cousins. As the years went by, things began to change between us. She became shy and I became protective. Every time someone hurt her I would find them and beat them black and blue. She would get mad at me for this saying that no one dared to date her for fear of me.

When we turned 18 our parents gave us the usual birthday party. One day after my birthday and one day before her's. I was watching out for her as usual when I saw her leaving the party with a jerk named Tommy. I knew what he wanted because I had over heard the locker room talk. I was not about to let that ass-hole touch her.

I had no sooner gotten to where he had taken her when I saw her struggling with him. I heard him say,"Come on Missy. I know you want it."

"Get off me. I did not come with you for this."

"Aw, Missy. Yes you did. If you didn't why did you come?"

It was then I grabbed him from behind, hit him a few times and threw him out the front door. I turned around and saw Missy crying. "I am sorry Missy. I did not want him to hurt you."

"It's not that, look."

I looked and saw that her new dress had been torn. I felt sorry for her and helped her to her bedroom. Then as she fell asleep, I went down stairs and told my parents that Missy had gotten sick and was in bed asleep. They stopped the party and sent everyone home.

After everyone had gone, mom asked me if she and dad should change their plans for the weekend. I told her no and that I would look after Missy. "That is just like you. Her guardian to the last." Mom smiled at me and told me not to stay up to late as I had to take care of Missy in the morning.

The next morning I had to reassure mom and dad that I would look after Missy. "Are you sure you can handle her being sick and all?"

"Yes, mom, I will take care of her. If she gets worse, I will call you and you can come running back."

"Don't patronize me, Mark."

"Mom, I will take care of her just like I always have."

"Yes, you alwasy did watch out for her didn't you."

"Don't worry, mom. I will call if anything happens."

"I know, dear. I know."

They left for the airport and I went up to Missy's room. Missy was still asleep, or so I thought. I softly knocked on her door. "Missy? You awake?"

"Yes I am. You can come in Mark."

"Mom and dad just left and I am checking on you to see if you are ok."

It was then I noticed what she was wearing. It was an old tee-shirt of mine. It was so thin that I could see right through it. Her nipples were hard and poking through the material. I saw that they were dark brown in color. I looked lower and saw she had no panties on. I averted my eyes and tried to hide the hard-on I was getting. "Hey, Missy. What do you say to us going to the mall and replacing your dress?"

"I would like that, but, I would like to get more than a dress."

"I'll tell you what. I will get you anything you want, seeing as how I didn't get you a birthday present. What do you say?"

"Great! I'll get dressed and then we can go. Ok?"

"Ok." I left her room and my desire for her. Or I tried to at least.

On the way to the mall, Missy asked me to make her 18th birthday perfect. I asked her how I could do that. "By doing me a favor."

"Yeah, what?"

"Going into the changing rooms with me."


"I hate trying on clothes and then comming out to see what somebody thinks. What if somebody laughs at how I look? What if they point their fingers and say things like "Oh my god, you are so ugly. Why did you try that on? You know it makes you look uglier than you already do." I just can't take it."

"Come on, Missy. You don't look ugly. You never have. How could anyone think that?"

"I don't know, Mark. I just don't like having to come out of the changing rooms. Ask mom she'll tell you."

"All right but I don't have to watch you change." What was I getting myself into?

We went to a department store first. There she tried on a few dresses untill she found one she liked and I liked too. Then we went to the bathing suit department. "I need a new one. My old one doesn't fit any more." I thought ok because she always wore a one piece. Little did I know that she had a change in mind.

"Now, Missy, I know I said I would go with you into the changing rooms but that was before I knew you wanted a new bathing suit."

"Mark you promised. Now you will come with me or I will throw a tantrum worse than the one I threw when we were 6."

I remember that tantrum and it caused quite a stir. "Fine, but I don't have to watch you undress."

"Just as long as you are there."

I followed her to the changing room and was shocked when I realised she had brought bikinis in the room. I turned around as she changed from one to the next. She finally chose a pink one that did little to hide the fact that she was no longer a little girl.

We paid for her clothes and left the store. Then she said she wanted to go to another store, a lingerie store. I asked why. She said, "To see if that can get any bigger." She laughed as she was pointing at my hard-on.

Great that is all I needed. I got a hard-on as she tried on the bikins. What would being in the changing room of a lingerie store, with this 18 year old goddess, do? I did not want to know... Yes I did. Missy helped me to sneek into the changing room. "My god, Missy. There is a mirror on each wall. I can see you no matter where I look."

"I know. That is why I brought you here. I want you to see me."

"Missy, I can't."

"Why not? Don't you like how I look? I know you do. You got a hard-on looking at me in the bikinis."

Not like how she looked? At 5'6", 125 lbs, a 34b (I thought) and my favorite hair color brunette. Yeah I did like how she looked, but she was my cousin. Even though she was more like a sister. "Yeah, but we are related."

"So, it's not like I am asking you to fuck me."

She had me there and started to change into the lingerie she chose. It took an hour untill she was satisfied with the choices she made. I was so hard that I had to get her home and jack off.

When we got home I ran to my bedroom and pulled off my pants and started to masturbate to the memory of her finely trimed pussy. I had started to cum when she burst into my room and said,"Wow, I did that didn't I?"

"YES YOU DID!" I yelled because her bursting in the room embarassed and scared me.

She walked over to me and got down on her knees in front of me. "I will clean this mess up for you." she said as she took my shrinking cock into her mouth.

"Missy... oh god that feels good... we shouldn't be doing this."

"I have to pay you back for saving me last night."

"Oh, Missy... stop. I can't help myself if you don't."

"I want you to take my virginity Mark. I want you to be the first."

"Missy... oh god... you should let the man you love and get married to, be your first... "

"I love you Mark, I want you to take me. Please."

I was a virgin too but Missy did not know this. I wanted her and I had wanted her for a long time. Now my cock was giving me away. Missy's sucking was getting me hard. "Missy, get undressed. We can't do anything if you are dressed."

She got up and stripped for me. God what a sight. I got harder than when I was in the changing rooms with her. What a sight. She had on the bra and pantie set that she chose at the lingerie store. The white lace set left nothing to the imagination. As she took off her bra she handed it to me. I looked and saw that I had miss guessed her bra size. She is a 34c not b. But that didn't matter. Her nipples stuck out about a half inch. what a sight. I reached over and pinched one. "Do it some more." I did.

I helped take her panties off. I laid her on the bed and spread her legs. "Eat my pussy Mark. I need you to suck on my clit." Who am I to deny a woman in need. Especially one with a pussy as jucy as this one. Her bush was just a strip above the split. Her lips were deep red and moist with excitement. We got into the 69 position and ate each other. I sucked on her clit and tongue fucked her until she creamed my face.

I then turned around and slowly penetrated her. My hard cock spread her outer lips and penetrated her. I slowly pushed until I felt her hymen. I looked her in the eyes and asked,"Are you sure?"

"Yes, do it."

"It will hurt for a little bit." she nodded and I pushed hard. The hymen gave and I entered her fully. She closed her eyes and a tear fell.

After all the times I looked after her and kept her from being hurt, I hurt her. I fell on top of her and held her tight as she cried. I cried a little too. "I love you Mark. Don't cry. It doesn't hurt anymore. In fact, it feels real good." As she said this she put her arms around me and held me.

I looked at her and saw she was ready and I slowly started to thrust in and out of her. Her pussy was tight and it felt good. I wanted to fuck her pussy forever. But I knew I would not last much longer. "God, Missy, this is so good, but it is so wrong. I never want to stop. Oh, god I'm cumming..."

"Yes, Mark, I am cumming too... Fill me up with your cum... I want it in me... Oh GOD!"

I could feel her pussy as it convulsed around my cock. I could not hold back anymore. I came in her pussy so deep that I thought I was in her womb. "Oh god...I'm filling you up."

"Yes... fill me... oh god... I need it...."

When I was done I withdrew from her and watched my cum leak out of her pussy. "Missy I love you and I want us to be together for the rest of our lives."

"I want that too... but what about our parents?"

I believe it was fate that the phone rang just when Missy mentioned mom and dad. It was the airline. The plane that our parents were on crashed in the ocean and all lives believed lost.

Missy and I became rich off the inheritance we received. We moved far away from the memories and from people that knew we were related. We got married and now have 2 lovely children. We started out as cousins, became brother and sister, and now are a loving husband and wife with 2 beautiful girls.

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