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My Cousin's Story


[This is a story that happened to my cousin, Zoe. We had been sharing intimate stories with each other, and this one was so hot that I had to retell it. I am telling it as though it had happened to me, because I think that makes it sound even hotter.]

In college I had a number of boyfriends. I also had a few episodes with some other girls. This was my favorite. I was a sophomore and lived in a sorority house. Sophomores had to share rooms with three other girls, juniors had two to a room, and seniors got their own private bedrooms. We all shared large bathrooms which had multiple shower stalls. As you'd expect, we had all seen each other naked many times and pretty comfortable with our bodies.

One night I ended up talking with a girl who I was good friends with but not best friends. Her name was Kem and we had partied together many times and spent time together one-on-one, but we never had one of those tell-all nights over too much wine or too many beers...until "that night."

We came home from an off-campus party together and were both feeling pretty crazy. We ended up going back to the House and she wanted to show me something in her room. We ended up staying there and getting into deep conversation. Guys, school, exams, guys, sex, parents, guys, sex. Pretty typical stuff. Then the sex talk turned to best orgasms, with and without a partner, and things started heating up a bit.

I went first and gave a pretty detailed account of a lust-filled night the semester before. When it was her turn, she got super embarrassed and I could tell that she wanted to share something but was reluctant. "C'mon, what was it? Just tell me. I promise I won't tell anyone, and you know I've probably heard something like it before. And that's assuming I haven't done it myself."

"Well there's a few, so I'm just trying to decide which one to say."

"Clearly one is better than the other, or you wouldn't be turning so red, Kem," I said as she held back a smile and squeezed her eyelids shut so hard her forehead became all wrinkled. I knew it was going to be a good one now and tried to push her even more. "C'mon, I can't wait to hear it. I'm sure it's hot so please tell me."

Kem took a long sip off of the open bottle of wine that we were sharing, and giggled one more time, but I could tell she had convinced herself to share the story. "Ok, but you have to swear like you've never sworn before that you won't tell anybody. Nobody."

"I swear, I swear," I said as convincingly as I could. We were both sitting on her bed facing each other, and I couldn't help but lean in toward her in anticipation. My eyes were wide I'm sure as if I were a kid waiting for a piece of candy. "Just tell me as much as you are comfortable saying, that's all."

"Ok, have you ever squirted something when you came?"

I was blown away by not only the question but more by the abrupt in-yer-face start to the story. Holy crap. I was not prepared for this. "Uh, no. I'm assuming you have?"

"Just twice. They were amazing, but very weird and embarrassing at the same time."

"Oh my god, you've got tell me what it's like. I've never talked with someone before about this."

"Well, first of all, it was nothing like what you see in porn. It doesn't come spraying out. But you can totally tell its coming up, and then you have this earth-shattering orgasm that won't stop. Your whole body has this huge electric charge. It's probably even better than what I experienced, because both times I tried to cut it short and stop it."

"What in the hell? Why in the heck would you try to stop your orgasm? That's like the craziest thing I've ever heard of."

"it was because I was with my boyfriend and I was sure I was going to pee. That's what it feels like if you're not ready for it. It feels like all this pressure is building up, and that you are going to pee on him. I was so embarrassed."

"Did he freak out?" I asked, thinking I might unless I knew what to expect.

"At first, but then I was screaming and he knew he was giving me an orgasm, so I think he actually knew before me what it was. I was like, 'It's not pee, it's not pee, I swear' and he knew pretty quickly that it wasn't. That was the first time, and so I was a little more prepared the second time, but still embarrassed and self-conscious."

"Was he in you, or what exactly were you guys doing, if you don't mind me asking?"

"He was fingering me, but up inside on my g-spot. He was doing that, really good I might add, and I was fingering my clit. The combination was just too much. Have you ever tried that?"

"Sure, I've explored my g-spot, but sometimes it's better than others. So what did he do? Can you tell me who it was?"

"No, I don't want this getting out. It doesn't matter. He is an ex-boyfriend and doesn't even go here."

"So it was an amazing feeling, huh? I wish I could have an orgasm that powerful."

"Yes and no. Like I said, once I knew what was happening, I tried to stop it. I sure didn't want him thinking I was peeing all over the place. It's not like a lot came out, but enough came out that you knew it wasn't normal."

"So why don't you try to do it when you are alone so you can see how powerful it can be to ride it all the way through?"

"Trust me, I've tried. I've tried many, many times, but it just doesn't get me there. It is hard to reach in the right place and still be totally relaxed. When it happens, I'm totally relaxed with him massaging my g-spot for a while, then when I feel myself getting close, I rub my clit to set off the explosion. When I try it myself, I'm curled all up in a ball, and all tense, and it just doesn't work." When she was saying this, she mimicked herself jamming her middle finger of her right hand up against the crotch of her jeans and rubbing her left index finger on her zipper while curling up in a ball.

I started laughing. "I see what you mean. Not very relaxing."

"Trust me, if I could figure out a way to do it, I would definitely give it a try."

So with that, I made a move. Now Kem had no idea that I had tried a few bisexual experiences, or I'm sure that she wouldn't be this open with me. I was going to play dumb and just see where it got me. "Well, I could help, if you think it would truly make a difference."

"What do you mean," Kem asked with her forehead again forming wrinkles. "Not what I think you mean?"

"No, I'm not trying to do any weird lesbo stuff, I was just wondering. I mean, I can't tell you how intrigued I am. I'd love to hear how it feels if you don't hold back. And if I can help you get there, then that is fine. I don't get grossed out. It's just a friend helping a friend."

I could tell that it was having an effect. She didn't say no, and she looked as though she was considering it. "Trust me," I added. "I ain't going to tell anybody, so you don't have to worry about that. But you have to promise to do the same. Don't say anything to the Sisters or any guys. Promise?"

"Promise? I don't even know what I am promising to, exactly." She closed her eyes super tight again, sort of like before, and then opened them while flashing a super big smile. "Ok. You really don't mind? I don't know if I could do the same thing to someone else. You know what we're talking about, right?"

"Yes, stupid. I know what we're talking about. I even know where to go. I am a girl after all, remember." And we both laughed, but more of a nervous laugh.

"So...um, what's next?" Kem asked with a voice that was half nervous and half excited.

"We could just try to do it right now if you want." I was getting pretty excited, so I was trying hard to not let it show.

"My roommate could be back anytime, so that won't work. That could be really weird..."

"Ah, of course! No way. Hey, we could go down to my room. Sandra went home for the weekend and Kylie is out with her boyfriend tonight. She'll probably stay at his place tonight, but even if she doesn't, she won't be home for hours, so we could go down to my room."

Kem thought about this, and I think the reality of what we were talking about was getting to her. She looked unsure, and then reached down, grabbed the wine, and took another big drink. "Ok, but let's hurry." And with that we grabbed our stuff, the wine, and slipped downstairs to my room.

The room was dark and sort of messy. Pretty typical. Whirlwinds while everyone is trying to get ready at the same time for a Saturday night. Discarded clothes, makeup, hair straightener, etc. all over the place. The room had three twin beds against three of the walls with the fourth wall home to the super gigantic closet. I locked the door, but each of my roommates had a key, so we were still a bit nervous despite my confidence that neither would come home tonight, or at least in the next hour or so.

"This one is mine," I said as I sat down on my bed. At least my bed was made. I had three pillows and a stuffed kitty cat near the head of it.

Kem looked at the bed and at me, and said, "I'm not sure. This is sort of weird, isn't it?"

"No, you're making it a bigger deal than it is. Don't you want to know what it feels like to experience that mind-blowing orgasm? You have the gift and you've been denying yourself. Luckily, you got me liquored up enough to try and help you achieve what you've only been able to dream about." I said this in sort of a fake over-selling voice, and then we both laughed.

"Sort of true, in a way."

"Here," I said, and handed her the bottle, but only after taking a big drag myself first. She took the bottle, and then sat near the head of the bed. She swung her feet around so that she was lying straight on the bed, but with her head up. "So you tell me, what should I do. Do you want to get yourself in the mood first?" I asked with a devious smile.

"Actually, all this talk of this has given me sort of a head start. I'm sort of tingly down there already."

Hearing this made me even more excited, and I was doing my best to try and remain calm. "Ok, just tell me how you want me to go about this. I can lay next to you if you want, or sit down here in the middle of the bed. Let me know how your boyfriend did it, and I'll try to do it the same way."

"Ok, he would be lying next to me, but slightly down a bit so he could reach up. OMG, I can't believe this. Ok, ok. Calm down. Do you want to do this on top of your bed spread, or pull down the covers?"

"Oh, good idea." I jumped up and grabbed by shower towel off a hook on the wall near my bed. "Let's lay this out." I doubled the towel up and laid it down where Kem's butt had just been. "There. Hey, you should probably lose these," I said as I scratched my fingers against her jeans.

Kem unbuttoned her jeans and in one swift move slid down both her jeans and panties. She then pulled them all the way off and tossed them on the floor beside the bed. I lied down on the bed beside her, "Now close your eyes and remember that time with your boyfriend. Feel the passion and excitement."

She closed her eyes and began to rub herself. I bent my head down so I could get a better view but not look like I was staring or getting off on it. I could see the top of her hand covering herself and rubbing gently. I wanted a better view, but didn't want to freak her out. I wanted her to get going because once she got into it, I was sure she would go all the way.

"I don't know," Kem said is a soft bed-whisper voice. "Again, this seems sort of weird. Here I am jamming myself, while you are just lying there. Makes me feel sort of..."

"I know, because I'm not doing anything sexual but just laying here?" I said, cutting her off. "I know, how about if I rub myself, too, at the same time until you get warmed up. Would that make things seem a little..."

"Yea. Hey, I'm not trying to be weird, here, either. And you could keep your pants on, but I just feel that all the pressure and attention is on me, and it's sort of in my head, if you know what I mean."

"I totally get it. I can take my pants off if you want, I don't care either way," I offered.

"No, you can keep them on. Well, I don't care. You can take them off, too, if that is easier to move your hand around. But at least keep your panties on, perv."

I laughed, and said ok while I quickly rolled onto my back, unbuttoned my pants, and pulled them down and off. I was wearing black cotton panties, which I was glad because they didn't show hot wet they already were. All I needed was Kem to see some big wet spot and get spooked.

I lied on my back and slid my right hand under the waistband of my panties. I went directly for my slit and all the moisture that had been building up. I slipped my middle finger inside myself and brought it back out, drenched with excitement. I rubbed it up through my slit until I reached my clit and gave it a few good circles. The feeling was electric. I knew I could cum in a minute if I wanted to, I was that excited. A couple more flicks of my clit, and I forced myself to calm down and slow it down. I looked over at Kem, and she was doing the same. She had her left hand massaging her boob and her right hand going to town down below. After a few minutes, I could hear her sloshing sounds, and it made it even more exciting. I thought about pulling my panties off and really going at it, when Kem whispered in a husky voice, "Ok. I'm sort of warmed up. Still want to try this?"

I looked over at her and smiled. "Of course. This is going to be amazing." I scooted down the bed a little bit so my head was below her shoulder. This allowed me to reach down and insert my fingers while pointing up. I knew where the G-spot was, even though I have never had a G-spot orgasm before. I put my index and middle fingers into my mouth and got them soaked with saliva. They were already warm and slimy from being inside me, and this was a sexual rush to my head. I was so damn horny and couldn't wait to bring Kem to an earth-shattering orgasm.

I took my two moistened fingers and pressed them against Kem's lips. "One finger or two?" I asked.

"My boyfriend uses two, but you can do it any way you want." I pressed both fingers against her girlhood and they were immediately welcomed into her. Warm, moist, slippery. It was so erotic. I sort of just moved them in and out slowly, feeling her sexuality. Her hips were moving subtly in time with my fingers, encouraging my actions. She began to make little moans of pleasure, so I continued this for a few minutes, working her up before turning my fingers over, face up, and beginning my search for her G-spot.

It didn't take long. I could feel the spongy patch inside the top part of her vagina. It was swollen with excitement, and welcomed my touch. I used my middle finger to rub it softly, back and forth. She was now moaning for real and playing with her boobs with both hands. I instinctively wanted to rub her clit with my free hand, but didn't want to scare her. The deal was that I would stimulate her G-spot, and she would do the rest.

I kept on fingering as she moved her hips in synch with my movements. She was literally dripping juices down her ass and onto the towel. Her scent was powerful and erotic. I kept on until my finger got tired, so I switched to my index finger. It was incredible. I felt like I could cum myself without even touching myself. This made me think of actually slipping my left hand between my own legs and joining the party. Just then, she said that she was getting close and not to stop, no matter what. "It feels like I might pee a bit, but don't stop. I'm going to cum. I'm so close."

She dropped her right hand down to her pussy and began fingering her clit very fast and hard. This was it, show time. "Yes, yes...I'm almost there. This is it."

And with that, she came. A small amount of clear liquid shot out of her and onto my hand and wrist. Then her body convulsed and a larger amount of thicker, creamy stuff oozed out of her pussy. Two huge convulsions followed by two more oozings. It was amazing. It didn't look like sperm from a guy, it was clearish, creamy stuff. I watched it drip down her crack and onto the towel. I was so hot watching this, with my fingers still inside her. Her convulsions eventually slowed down and she took a couple of deep breaths. "Damn," was all she said and then giggled. I giggled, too, and then slowly slid my fingers out of her. I looked at them and they were covered with juice, but also some of the creamy stuff was on my knuckles.

"Let me see," she said, and sat up, looking between her legs and at the towel. "Wow, there's so much," she said as she stuck two fingers in the blob on the towel and picked them up, rubbing her fingers together. "Would you be grossed out if I tasted it," she asked. "I just have to know." And with that, she touched her tongue to her fingers. I have tasted myself many times, but admit that this was something else entirely.

"It felt like I peed, too, just a little bit, at the start of my orgasm." I showed her the small drops that sprayed onto my wrist. Although it clearly wasn't the same stuff that oozed out of her, it didn't seem like pee, either.

"Here, lick this, too," I said jokingly as I shoved my wrist to her face.

"No, I'll save that for you." We laughed again, and then she laid back down on the bed. I did, too. My arm and fingers were super tired. "Thanks so much. That was amazing, and I never could have done it or would have done it without you. You're an awesome friend."

I was still super worked up and horny as hell. I wanted to just begin rubbing myself right there. I knew it would only take a minute to cum. I thought about telling her I needed to do it, but just sort of smiled at her. Then, without me even saying anything, Kem said, "I won't mind if you want to take care of yourself. You have to be going crazy. I can leave the room even, if you like."

That was all I needed. "I am pretty damn horny. That was so sexy. I almost came just watching you." As I was talking, I slid my fingers down my stomach and inside my panties. Drenched. As in super drenched. My fingers were also still wet and slimy from Kem's juices. I slipped the same two fingers inside of me, then slid them up to my clit. Less than a minute, and I was coming. The entire time, I was thinking of Kem and her oozing her girl cum as I fingered her. Wow, I had an amazing orgasm myself, even if it was so quick.

As I came down and began to relax, I looked over at her and smiled. She smiled back, and we knew we had a unique relationship. We laid like that for probably half an hour, until finally she suggested we get dressed before my roommate comes home. With that, we both slowly got off the bed and got dressed.

Amazing experience. One of my all time most sensual.

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