tagInterracial LoveMy Crush Sarah Meets Javon

My Crush Sarah Meets Javon


My senior year of high school I fell in love with the loveliest girl I had set my eyes on. Sarah was a few inches shorter than me at 5'6, brunette, gorgeous brown eyes and an average shaped body except for her amazing breasts. I've never been a breast man preferring the smaller ones but hers were special, they were generous in size but youthful and perky. Sarah was a junior but closer to my age for her grade. After sharing a few classes together, we quickly became close friends by day chatting, sharing lunch together and making each other laugh.

When we first became friends I only viewed her on that level and likewise she enjoyed that aspect of our relationship. I loved her but I didn't seek out romance or sex and we just accepted those terms of our friendship. We'd date other people, talk about our relationships together and commiserate about the troubles of young love. Plenty of times I was her crying shoulder after a breakup and she was my person to vent to. This arrangement continued as I headed off to college and she wrapped up high school.

When Sarah finished high school she picked a college 60 miles away that I could visit with relative ease. We spent the whole summer between high school and her freshman year of college together as we were both single and were wingmen for each other. We'd drink together, watch tv together, workout together, but it was all in friendliness and nothing more. Around this time though, it started becoming more for me. I started appreciating the woman Sarah had become and I wanted her as more than a friend. Towards the end of our summer together I started flirting, turning up the heat and working to safely transform our valuable friendship into romance. Sadly I could not seal the deal but I figured with her college so close we'd have plenty of opportunities to make something happen.

Sarah was living in an apartment suite at her university so she had her own room and a common area for parties and guests to stay. After the first few weeks of school I started seeing photos of her on Facebook having parties with her roommates, drinking and posing with guys. Being away at school she could wear more scandalous outfits than she could ever pulloff in our small town and I was enjoying hot photos of her cleavage and tight body showing up on my feed. Every Sunday I'd login to Facebook and there would be more and more shots of her and I'd instantly get rock hard. This became my ritual, loading up her Facebook page and pulling out my 6.5 inch cock and stroking it until I came for my sweet Sarah. I wanted her so bad and I had to seal the deal with her soon before some other young guy got ahold of her.

Her birthday was coming up in October and she wanted me there to celebrate for her party, I would spend the weekend with her and the roommates and sleep in the common room after the guests had left. This was my chance, it was her birthday and I was going to turn our loving friendship into a romance, Sarah would be the love of my life and we'd cherish this sweet day that changed it all.

The party started at 9 but I had to work until 6 and drive up to her college town and as always traffic would be my enemy. After struggling through hours of backups I finally made it to her campus apartment complex at 10:30 and I could hear the party well under way from the street. I carried my overnight bag to the door and found the place packed with college students, music blaring and drinks flowing everywhere. I tossed my bag into a closet and went looking for Sarah, eventually I bumped into one of her roommates that I recognized from a Facebook photo and asked her.

"Oh Sarah? She's in the kitchen doing shots with Javon." Who was Javon I wondered.

I made my way around the corner into the kitchen to find Sarah and presumably Javon standing next to each other in a circle of friends taking a tequila shot. He had his arm wrapped around her as she threw the shot back and she proceeded to hug and high five him after proudly swallowing down her shot. I could have sworn during that hug Javon's dark hands had found the side of her amazing breast but maybe it was just the angle.

At that moment Sarah spotted me from the side of her eyes and bounded over to me.

"Peter! You made it. I'm so glad you are here!"

"Happy birthday Sarah! You know I wouldn't miss your special day."

I admired her stunning and revealing outfit and complimented her on the birthday attire. She slurred back a thank you and we chatted for a few moments about college and mutual friends. Before long one of her roommates came by and Sarah introduced us and winked as if encouraging me to hit on her. Her roommate Becca was an attractive brunette, there was nothing wrong with her, as an attractive young man I should have pursued her and guaranteed my place in a bed for the night instead of a couch in a common room. But no, I was here to turn Sarah from my friend into my boyfriend.

As Becca and I chatted Sarah strolled away to mingle with another group and I'd lost track of her for awhile. Then I spotted her again across the room next to Javon clearly flirting and having a good time with their banter and occasional touching. Javon was a handsome black guy, dark skin, 6 feet tall, athletic and well dressed. He was quite the contrast with short Sarah with her smaller body and pale skin.

Becca noticed my constant glancing over to Sarah and realized I was curious about who this new man was in her life. She filled me in that they met in a shared class together and instantly hit it off but this was their first time hanging out together. She said Sarah was really attracted to him and bought her sexy birthday party outfit to get his attention. She further explained that Javon had a reputation on campus for being an amazing lover and she was envious that Sarah would likely be bedding him tonight.

I was stunned. I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I came here to confess my feelings for my sweetheart of several years and here she was eagerly pursuing another man right in front of me. Becca sensed something was off after our conversation and dismissed herself to make a drink. I heard a call from the kitchen "Who wants to do shots?!"

I trotted over and bumped into Sarah and Javon chatting and introduced myself to him as I stepped between the two. I shook his hand and his big dark hand enveloped my smaller white hand. He was a very charming guy and I was torn because he was so likable but he was successfully seducing my sweet Sarah. I had to stop this and had to stop this now!

I challenged them both to do shots which would hopefully slow things down for the night. They both eagerly agreed and I toasted "to the birthday girl!"

I wish I had eaten dinner because that shot hit me almost instantly and I was out of it. In my drunken state I also noticed Sarah looking like she was done for the night. I slumped down in a chair and rested my eyes. Sarah's roommate Becca sat across from me chatting with their other friend Caitlin gossiping about the developing Sarah and Javon situation.

"She wants him bad!"

"I know, we were talking the other day and she said she wants to try fucking a black guy, that it's on her sexual bucket list."

My Sarah? My sweetheart? She has a sexual bucketlist and she wants to fuck a black guy?! I was drunk but I knew I heard this correctly.

"Damn, well she picked the perfect guy to try! I heard from Becky that his cock is enormous."

"Becky... the petite blonde from across the hall?"

"YES! What do you think all that noise was coming from across the hall last week?"

"Oh my god! Javon and that tiny girl? How does that even work?"

"Javon has his type and he likes his small white girls."

"Well he's going to love Sarah then, she's the perfect size. Hope her pussy is ready for that beating." Becca's face winced when she thought about her roommate struggling with a large cock.

Caitlin pointed in my direction, "What's this guy's deal? I thought you were supposed to hook up with him."

"Oh Peter? He's nice, he's Sarah's friend but I think he's way more into her than me."

"Oh damn, Peter has a thing for Sarah? Poor guy! Hopefully he's passed out for the night and doesn't hear her and Javon going at it."

"He's cute, but sometimes a girl's just gotta get her fuck on."

The two giggled and walked away as my stomach churned. I'd like to say I was faking being asleep but I was drifting in and out after drinking on an empty stomach.

The party was dying down and I heard everyone parting way. I cracked my eyes open and spotted Javon and his friend by the front door leaving. I was suddenly relieved, he's going home. He's not fucking my Sarah tonight! Sarah hugged him and he was gone.

I glanced up and watched Sarah stumble down the hallway to her room. Becca's room was next to it and I caught a glance of her stumbling in with some other dude she'd met at the party.

"Well there goes my chance for a bed tonight. Good work Peter!" But at least Sarah wasn't fucking Javon so all was right in the world.

As the doors closed and the lights turned down I drifted back to a half slumber. But just 15 minutes later there was a light knock on the door. Sarah stumbled back in from out of her room and answered it. It was a dark figure, he was embracing Sarah. Oh my god, Javon came back!

I'd seen Sarah kiss other men before, I'm not naïve, she's had relationships and I'd seen typical PDA. This was different, Sarah and Javon were passionately kissing as they stood by the door. Slowly they stumbled back to her room but leaving the door open just enough so I could still hear their passionate kissing. I was torn inside, my stomach churned. I came here to seal the deal with my sweetheart on her birthday and she's in the arms of another man.

It was absolute torture hearing the muffled moans and I decided to get up and close the door to give them their much needed privacy. I made my way to the door and looked in to see Javon and Sarah on the bed still passionately making out. Both lovers had their shirts off but Sarah's bra remained in place. I watched as Javon and Sarah's contrasting lips pressed together, his dark mouth pressed against her soft pink lips. His dark hands roaming across her body and exploring places I had fantasized touching.

I felt terrible. I stood there envious, curious and invading my good friend's privacy as she was intimate with her lover. I wanted to close the door and leave but part of me wanted to see what my sweet Sarah looked like under her gorgeous outfit. I decided to stay and watch until her bra came off, what's the harm in seeing her breasts?

They continued their heavy kissing for a few more moments before Sarah took the lead. She reached for his belt buckle and released his pants from around his waist. Without missing a beat they both worked together to slide the tight jeans off his legs.

She continued kissing him while rubbing the growing tent in his boxers. Javon's nearly naked body was all over Sarah while her hand caressed his manhood through the thin cotton boxers.

He reached behind her and unclasped her bra finally releasing her gorgeous breasts. This was the moment I had been waiting for, the time I agreed with myself I would leave and let Sarah have her birthday evening with her lover. Seeing those breasts though, they were so lovely with perfectly shaped nipples and all the perkiness of a young 19-year-old woman. I couldn't leave I had to keep watching. Javon's chocolate lips made his way down her chest and took her nipples into his mouth one at a time. She moaned, sweet Sarah must have some sensitive nipples. I wish I had been discovering this from my own hands on experience instead of as an observer.

After a few moments of exploring Sarah's stunning breasts she pushed Javon away and with a devilish smile she worked her fingers into the elastic of his boxer shorts and pulled them down. I don't know why I was stunned, I knew what to expect and yet here we were and I nearly gasped when I saw his cock spring forward. I had never watched interracial porn before but I knew the rumor of black men and their endowments. This was the real deal. Javon's cock sprung forward and gently slapped Sarah in the face.

The lighting wasn't amazing but I could tell that Javon's cock was 9 inches long, thick and supporting two massive balls. I say cock, because Javon truly had a cock and a guy like me has a penis. Sarah's small white fingers delicately took hold of Javon's throbbing cock and stroked it a few times forcing out a drop of precum from the tip.

I couldn't believe everything I was seeing in front of me as my envy continued to bubble inside. Surprisingly though, my own penis which had been planning to be in Sarah tonight was fully erect. Javon surely wasn't the only man here leaking precum but unlike his hard cock mine would have to wait inside my tight jeans.

Sarah continued stroking Javon and working his hard cock in her hands while she marveled at his length.

"Your cock looks amazing, I've never seen anything like it before! I didn't know they could get this big."

"Thanks babe, why don't you give it a taste," he suggested and she didn't need much more than that to proceed.

She reached her tongue out to taste the precum gathering in his tip, smearing it around his head before engulfing his cock in her pretty mouth. It was supposed to be my cock in her mouth tonight I thought as I watched her work as much of his manhood as she could.

He moaned and rubbed her head as she took as much of his black tool into her mouth as she could which turned out to be just a few inches.

Maybe this will be it for them tonight, maybe she'll just give him a blowjob, he'll cum and that will be it.

She stroked, licked, sucked and massaged Javon for what seemed like an eternity. I wondered if it was my imagination but his balls seemed to get bigger as she provided more attention to them.

It sounded like Javon was nearly ready to cum and I thought this would be the end of the show but Sarah had other plans in mind as she pushed the throbbing saliva coated cock away from her mouth and grinned at him.

Javon took the hint and unbuttoned her shorts pulling them along her silky smooth legs. Sarah just had on a pair of sexy purple panties with a very dark moist spot between the legs. She looked up at Javon with her hungry eyes, his naked dark body hovering above her and urged him to strip the last of her clothes off.

I watched with laser focus as Javon's finger tips slid under Sarah's panties and with one smooth fluid motion pulled them down. Her legs spread and showing Javon his prize for the night. For the past few weeks I had masturbated to the thought of her pussy. What would it look like? Would she be shaved? Would she be an innie or an outie?

All of my answers were suddenly answered. Sarah had shaved for tonight, she knew she'd be showing off her tender flower and she wanted her lover to experience it in its glory. From my view I could tell she was soaking wet in anticipation of her sexual adventure. Her pussy was simply amazing looking, it was small but blossoming from the excitement with a perky clit peaking out from under the hood.

Javon slid his thick dark finger along her labia, teasing her before probing inside. The pleasure of his first entrance into her pussy was too much and she moaned, releasing more moisture on his finger as he worked in and out. She reached down and grabbed his cock to stroke it as he continued to pleasure her tight white pussy.

I was sweating with jealousy at this moment but my penis was engorged by the sight before me. I had abstained from jerking off for the past few days to save up my cum for tonight's intimacy with Sarah and I was regretting it as my balls swelled in my skinny jeans.

Javon moved down the bed and worked his head between her legs. What did she taste like? I was supposed to know tonight. I was supposed to be the one consummating our love for her birthday. Javon's big tongue worked its way around her labia and into her pink pussy. She writhed on the bed as his face was swallowed by her thighs.

Maybe this would be enough, maybe they'd just have wild oral sex and call it a night. This was my sweet Sarah after all. I knew of her limited sexual activities and I knew she didn't fuck on the first night.

Javon's oral pleasuring pushed Sarah over the edge and she came with a moan so loud I thought she would have woken the whole building. If her roommates didn't know she was sharing her bed with Javon tonight the sound surely would have worried them.

After coming down from her post orgasmic high she rubbed her hands through Javon's hair.

"I'm ready for you." The four words I dreaded, hoped wouldn't be spoken but knew deep down were inevitable.

Javon laid next to her for a moment to catch his breath and take things to the next level. His cock still rock hard thanks to this beautiful woman in bed with him. The way they laid together his 9 inches laid along her blossoming wet slit. They kissed and rubbed their bodies across each other, dragging his throbbing tool across her sex nearly sliding inside but for his immense size. He would need to make a purposeful push to get his massive cock into Sarah's small pussy.

I reached down to adjust my own throbbing penis when I realized my jeans were moist too. How was this possible? I was watching the love of my youth prepare for sex with another man, a black man who was much more equipped than myself.

"I'm going to grab a condom." Javon stated as he rolled over on the bed towards his jeans.

"No. Not tonight. I want to feel all of you in me."

I was stunned. My sweet Sarah whom I was prepared to fuck was about to take this enormous 9 inch cock into her pussy. I felt so many feelings all at once, heartbreak and lust. How did I let this happen?

"I'm going to make love to you Sarah."

I wanted to run in and stop this right now but I couldn't. This was my friend, this was her room, this was her choice. She wanted Javon tonight and it was her birthday.

"No Javon, you are going to fuck me tonight. But I need you to start slow, I have only had sex with average sized white boys and my pussy will need some time to adjust."

The two lovers smiled at each other on the bed, holding each other's dark and white hands together as their bodies drew nearer and nearer.

I've watched a lot of porn before but I was entranced by Javon's cock sliding up and down Sarah's tight white pussy. Her womanhood looked so neat and proper would it still look so innocent after she's fucked this man?

Eventually the tip of his cock caught against the edge of her pussy lips. I knew this was it, Sarah was about to be blacked. I wondered in the pit of my stomach if it was true, would she ever come back to average sized men after having sex with Javon?

I could tell Sarah was eager to feel this cock inside of her, I knew the anxious look on her face and she was tired of Javon's teasing. She pushed her weight down and initiated their coupling, both of them moaning as his bulbous head entered her tight womanhood.

I still couldn't believe this. I'd been working on seducing Sarah for months, built a relationship for years and after just a few days Javon had his cock in her. Maybe it would be too big, maybe she would push it out and call it a night.

Clearly I didn't know Sarah as well as I thought I did. She pushed down on Javon further and further taking inch by inch of his dark rod in her. She moved her hand down to her lips to open them further and continue guiding his cock in while rubbing her clit. She looked incredible, I had no idea how beautiful interracial sex would look and it tore me up inside that Sarah was the one I was admiring having sex with another man.

She had at least 6 inches of Javon's thick cock in her, he was as deep as I could ever reach into her most intimate place. They kissed and smiled at each other and he asked her "are you ready for the rest?" A gentle nod and they pushed their bodies together with a loud moan from them both. His stiff shaft slid against her tightly squeezed folds and his cum filled balls slapped against her anus.

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