tagLoving WivesMy Cuckold Story Ch. 01

My Cuckold Story Ch. 01


My wife, Maggie, and I have been together for a total of about four years. Two years dating, and then two years happily married. Early on in our relationship my wife admitted that being in control gets her excited and I very quickly discovered that I had a submissive side, it was a perfect match. Our favorite way to play outside the bedroom was to keep my penis locked up in a chastity cage, where she could control when I could get off, or even get hard. We sometimes would talk about making me a cuckold, but we both had reservations about it. I wasn't sure if I could stand seeing her please another man, and Maggie wasn't sure she wanted to please another man. Then one fateful run completely changed our outlooks.

We were returning from a four-mile run together back to our town home that we lived in for the last 3 years. My 28-year-old, 5"6 wife was just wearing a sports bra and running shirts. Sweat was dripping into her bra that was concealing her perky B cup breasts with the key to my chastity cage I was wearing was dangling from a necklace she wore. Her running shorts were clinging to her bubble butt that she earned playing years of volleyball starting way back in high school, played throughout college, and continued to play in intermural leagues. Her long brown curly year was neatly done into one long solid braid, and when it wasn't it would fall to her mid-back. I myself was bad looking. At 25 years old, I was 5"9 with an athletic build that I earned while I served in the Marines. I continued to maintain my muscles even after I got out and got myself a career in the business field. As we approached our town home, we noticed a moving truck next to the town home that shared a wall to ours, and a young man was standing at the end of driveway signing some paperwork. As he glanced our way, my wife waved and walked up him.

"Hi! My name is Maggie, and this is my husband Tom. Looks like we are about to be neighbors.

The 6"1 blonde hair man with his strong body build, smiled,

"Looks like we are, I'm Steve."

We continued to make small talk and towards the end of it Steve glanced quickly and looked at my breasts and asked with a smile, "Does the key around your neck have any significance? My embarrassment about this attractive man asking my wife about the key to my chastity cage made my cheeks burn. Fortunately, my wife answered back quickly,

"Tom gave it to be on our first anniversary when we were dating. It's the key to something that Tom holds very dear and trusts me with, his heart."

"Well, that's really romantic of him."

I was desperate to change the subject to anything except how my wife keeps my cock locked up

"So, Steve if you don't have any dinner plans, you should definitely come over and eat with us."

"I would love too"

"7 Pm work for you Steve?"

"Perfect, I see you guys then."

My wife and I entered our home and went into the shower together to rinse off after the run. She immediately started to play with my locked cock in the shower seductively saying

"What would you have done if I told him the truth. That I keep you locked up and you only get to fuck me when I decide too. Maybe I should've invited him to shower with us, so I can see a cock that wasn't locked up. One that would be able to please me right now."

I moaned in her ear, my penis pressing against the edges of the cage, struggling to get hard but not being able too. I reached down and started to play with Maggie's clit, slowly rubbing the outside, just the way she liked it. She responded my moaning in my ear

"Out of the shower now. I'm going to lay on the bed, and you are going to eat me until I cum."

I quickly obliged, drying myself off and her, and getting her down on the bed. I knew the sooner I got her off the sooner she would unlock me, and I would get to fuck her. I started off my kissing all around her pussy and slowly working my way to her clit.

"Stop teasing me. I'm turned on enough, get your tongue there."

Again, I listened to my wife, putting my tongue right on her clit and began to flick, suck, and lick. Then my wife started to dirty talk.

"I bet Steve has a big cock. One that would fill me up and make me cum over and over. He wouldn't be submissive like you. He would order me down on my knees make me take his cock out and suck it, until I begged for him to fuck me."

I increased my pace, sensing she was getting close, fantasying about Steve was getting her more and more turned on. She couldn't even finish a sentencing without moaning, and at this point she was almost at the point of yelling her dirty talk.

"He would flip me over and take me from behind. Shoving his huge cock into my tight pussy, and it would feel sooo good. His would go balls deep in me and with every thrust his balls would slap against my clit giving me even more pleasure. More pleasure than I ever had with you. He would make me scream in ecstasy grabbing my hair and roughly continue to use me as just a set of holes. Then, when he got close he would use my hair and bring my mouth right in front of his cock and make me swallow his load. Not only forcing me to swallow my seed, but making me taste myself, something that I'd never done before.

As she said the last sentence she gripped the bed sheets arched her hips and climaxed on my tongue. As if doing a sexual act we had never done with another man turned her on greatly. She was slowly recovering her breath while laying on the bed, while I looked on expectantly to be let out of my cage and fuck her. She smiled and said,

"I'll let you out after dinner. I want you struggle in your cage while you think about how you invited a man over, a man who I just fantasied about fucking me while you were eating me out."

I audibly whimpered in response, wanting to cum so badly, and hating the fact that now I would have to wait a few more hours.

Steve came over for dinner and we picked up where we left off with the small talk getting to know each other a little better. We had wine and beer with the meal, and we continued to sit around and drink after dinner was finished. We all started to get a little buzzed, and as the conversation was dying Steve started to make excuses to leave. As we followed him to the door saying our goodbyes, he asked a question.

"How long has it been since someone lived next to you guys?"

My wife and I looked at each other, shrugged, my wife looked at me and said,

"I don't know, probably 2 and half years" I nodded my head in agreement. Tom replied,

"Ah, that explains that. Um, not sure how to say this so I'll just come out and say it, the walls are thin. I heard you guys earlier today."

My face turned beat red, my wife's went white. Both of us realized that means he heard us fantasize about him fucking my wife, and her getting off about it. Tom looked at both of us,

"I also know about the key. It means you keep Tom's cock in a cage. I used to play with another couple that did the same thing. You guys seem like pretty good people, and Maggie you are definitely very beautiful and sexy. If you don't already have someone, I think it would be fun to be your bull."

My mind was swirling. Was he really propositioning to fuck my wife, in front of me? Why am I so scared, yet so turned on right now? Both Maggie and I were too stunned to reply

"Ah, I see this isn't something you guys have actually done before. I'll tell you what."

He walked forward and took the necklace with my key on it off Maggie's neck.

"I'll take this and let you two talk this over. If you don't want to, no worries just send Tom over to collect the key. I'll keep this to myself, never bring it up again. No judgements. Everyone has their kinks. But, if you do want to play send Maggie over. I'll start slow ease you guys into this, make sure not to make anyone feel uncomfortable."

With that, he turned around and walked out our front door. My wife and I just stared at each other. Both of us struggling to process what just happened. Then after a couple minutes, my wife finally spoke

"You know, we have talked about doing it. Maybe we just need to try it and see if we like it or not." She quickly continued on, not letting me get a word in. "You know it might be fun, he is a nice guy, very attractive and he even has some experience and could help guide us."

"You got to be kidding! He is our neighbor, what if it doesn't work out and ends badly, we will have to live next to the guy!

"So, what? He already knows about your cage. Besides, tell me you aren't trying to burst through that cock cage right now." She reached down and grabbed me. I was so turned on, even the little sensation from her hands through the pants on my balls made me moan.

"That's what I thought. Tell you what, you have 10 seconds to walk out that door and get your key. Otherwise I'm going over there." She looked down at her watch.

My mind was racing. If I don't go out that door, he will fuck my wife. My wife who hasn't had any other cock besides me in her for the last four years. Then, a guy we just met today, who we barely know will know what her pussy feels like. While these thoughts and more were racing through my head. I heard my wife leave through the front door. I stood dumbfounded that my wife just left me to go fuck another man. I didn't know what to do, when I heard my phone beep. I took it out of my pocket and saw I had a text from my wife:


My cock was twitching in its cage, desperate to get hard. I rushed upstairs sitting on the edge of bed, not sure what was going to happen next. Then, on the other side of wall, I began to hear muffled voices. Suddenly, man's voice became very loud.

"On your knees, suck my dick. That was what you fantasied about when your husband was going down on you, right?"

A muffled voice replied, but too quiet to tell what was said. I began to hear groaning. Then again through the wall

"Your wife sure does know how to suck dick."

My cock was twitching uncontrollably. Without even noticing I had stuck my hand down my pants and was desperately trying to jerk off, but the cage was making it impossible. The moaning stopped, and a muffled voice said something.

"Say it louder so your husband can hear."

"Please, I'm so wet. I need you to fuck me."

Steve laughed, "This is reality, not your fantasy. You haven't deserved for my dick to be in you yet. You are going to have to earn that privilege."

The moaning continued, "that's right, no, you aren't allowed to touch yourself."

The sounds of his groans seemed to last forever, but probably only lasted five minutes. Then I heard one extra loud groan.

"Start counting Tom, in two minutes you can come over."

I quickly looked down at my watch and noted exactly when two minutes had passed. I went down stairs stood by my front door, staring down my watch. Exactly when two minutes passed I rushed out my door, ran over, opened his front door and rushed upstairs to the bedroom. I found my wife naked except her pair of gray panties, visible wet at the crotch. She was handcuffed with her arms above her head, a red ball gag in her mouth. Something wet glistened off her chest, and I realized it was Steve's cum. It covered both her breasts, and part of her neck. My wife made some noises and her eyes flicked to the side table. On top of the table was the key to my chastity device and a note:

I take six-minute showers. You already lost two minutes waiting to come over. You have the remaining time to have sex with you wife. When i come out of the shower the cage is going back on, whether you have cummed or not.

I quickly took off my clothes, unlocked myself, stripped off my wife panties and got on top of her. I slipped inside of her with ease, the first time in a while that I have been able to do this without lube. She responded by moaning loudly. I pumped away, desperate to get off before his shower was over. Maggie moaned loudly in my ear, despite the ball gag. I could tell she was getting close, and so was I. A few more strokes and she started to orgasm, her pulsating pussy causing me to orgasm as well, right at the same time the bathroom door open. I laid on top of my wife, both of us trying to catch our breath. A minute or so passed when Steve spoke behind us.

"Good to know she is on the pill, otherwise you two should tell me now if you are trying to have kids."

Neither myself or Maggie responded.

"Good. Now Tom, get yourself back in the cage. Unlock Maggie, the key is in the side table. Then, Maggie put your clothes back on. You are to put your panties back over your cum filled pussy, and your cum covered chest. You will sleep like that tonight. In the morning, you may shower."

While he was giving us directions, I was able to get my cage back on and handed my wife the key

"Tsk Tsk Tsk, not so fast, I think I will hold onto that key for the both of you. I don't want Tom to cum again until our next play session. Also, Maggie, you may not orgasm either. No masturbation, no Tom touching you in any way, whether with his mouth, fingers, dick, or toys. No sexual stimulation for either of you, until I say so. Tom, you may want to give me your number."

He tossed me his phone, and I quickly input my information. We both quickly got dressed and went back to our own home. My wife fell asleep in my arms, with my cum soaking her panties, and her shirt clinging to her because of another man's cum.

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Stupidity runs amok

First off, this belongs in FETISH. Number two - the cage is both a toy and a joke. He doesn't need the key to unlock it and he doesn't need to remove it to ejaculate. So that part of the story is justmore...

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A bit over the top

I really liked the first two chapters, but having Steve rig the contest after fucking Maggie for two weeks is a bit too much. Tom normally gets off every two days. He and his wife have a very light D/smore...

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