tagLoving WivesMy Cuckolding Mother-in-law Ch. 02

My Cuckolding Mother-in-law Ch. 02


After my black 'friend' Tony started fucking my slut wife Jenny I took my revenge by cuckolding my Father in law with my Mother in law. As neither of us couples had used contraceptives I was worried in case either woman got pregnant.

As it happened neither did, I was both relived and sorry a strange mix of emotions. On the one hand I got turned on watching Tony's ten-inch cock fucking my wife and was even willing him to cuckold me properly by impregnating my wife. I was also now in love with my Mother in law who at forty-two was double my age.

I really wanted to give her the baby she craved though she'd told me she wouldn't leave her husband despite him being repeatedly drunk and knocking her about.

Midge my Mum in law had told her daughter my wife that Tony was fucking all his female pupils he was teaching to drive. She'd even told her he was fucking Mrs Evans a fat sixty-five year old. I'd followed it up by telling Jenny my wife Tony had a lot of sexually transmitted diseases so his lovers should use condoms. I didn't let on I knew she was cuckolding me with him of course.

The next time she was to have a driving lesson with Tony I hid behind the curtain in the alcove of our bedroom and waited to see what would happen. I heard them come up to the bedroom but they were arguing.

My wife was saying, "I know you've been fucking all your female customers including that sixty-five year old lard bucket Evans!" Tony was one smooth operator and soon persuaded her it wasn't true. Though I could see from his body language he was lying.

Soon he'd stripped Jenny naked and was licking her genitalia with the expertise of constant practice. He got my wife into the sixty-nine position and she was sucking his huge ebony cock. I knew she'd let him fuck her again by then and my own cock was solid as a rock.

I was definitely a wife-watching voyeur, seeing her cuckolding me was such a turn on. Tony changed positions and tried to fuck her bare back. However this time she demanded her wore a condom as she was at her most fertile. Jenny got out one of my own condoms and tried to roll it on his ten-inch long hard black dick.

But there was a problem not only was his magnificent knob long it was as big round as a drink can. Jenny strained but just couldn't get it over his cock head. Tony told her that he had to buy especially large condoms because of his big prick and he would bring some next time.

My wife said in that case he couldn't put his weapon up her so she'd suck him off. But Tony turned on the charm again after he'd used his tongue and fingers on her vagina and clitoris to bring her to a shattering orgasm. He rubbed his massive knob end up and down her genitalia until she was screaming for him to put it in.

He promised to pull out before he came as she was at her most fertile and Jenny seemed to believe him. I didn't but was in awe of his huge member fully four inches longer than mine and three times as big around.

It was no wonder she liked to be fucked by this bigger cock her sensations must be fantastic. I felt inadequate and thought she wouldn't even notice my thinner six inch cock in future. Perhaps I owed it to her to let her do Tony just for the satisfaction it must give her?

I watched as the big cock inched its way into my wife and they started to fuck in earnest. He plunged his penis into my wife at a rapid rate until she was screaming with lust. Telling him to fuck her good, to cum in her and impregnate her. That she loved him not me and wanted him to give her his babies!

She was orgasming constantly by now and Tony was twisting and biting her huge tits and nipples. Despite telling him to give her his babies she now told him to remember not to cum up her hole. He said yes he would, she didn't have to worry she could trust him.

But a moment later he thrust forward with his cock end so far in he must have been right in the opening of her uterus. Then clinging to her although she was trying to push him off I could see his bum clenching as he blasted stream after stream of his potent black mans cum into her unprotected very fertile womb.

She screamed at him calling him a bastard black bum. But the guy didn't apologise and started diddling her clit while still staying hard and moving gently within her. I realized he was keeping his sperm in place so they could impregnate her.

Without manual stimulation my own cock shot sperm against the curtaining just at the enormity of the situation. I'd surly watched this black guy put his baby in my lovely slut wife's belly.

At the second of my ejaculation I wanted this to happen. For this cuckolding situation to result in Jenny my wife having a black child and everybody to know I'd been cuckolded by a superior black stud!

As my cock softened however the situation and its consequences really hit me. Could I live with the shame of it and would my lovely wife leave me for her big cocked black lover?

Eventually Tony dressed and she walked him to the door totally naked. I got myself downstairs and waited till she went up again to the shower room. Then banged the door and ran up the stairs. She was just about to climb into the shower cubical but I grabbed her out of it saying I felt randy seeing her naked.

She told me no she must have a shower first as she was so sweaty then I could have her. She was kicking and hitting me but I picked her up bodily and threw her on the bed.

Then spreading her legs I plunged my tongue into her vagina, she was shaking with fright and looking scared that I'd discover her cuckolding secret. For the first time I tasted another mans sperm, a cream pie from her soaking genitals.

I lapped up the steady stream of spunk, Tony had cum massively inside my fertile wife it just flowed on and on. He'd filled her with his black mans birthing fluid till it overflowed; at least one of his multi million swimmers must be fertilizing her egg at this very moment!

She had dozens of hickies from Tony's teeth on her tits that she tried unsuccessfully to cover with her hands. Her whole genitals had been ravaged her vagina was red and gapping like a cavern. Her outer labia were swollen with blood from her extreme lust and her clit stood out like a small penis from its hood. I'd never seen her roused this much before, even when she came with me her clitoris stayed in its sheath.

It struck me perhaps she'd been faking orgasms with me and needed a real man to satisfy her? Eventually my wife thought I hadn't noticed anything unusual and she suggested I fuck her bare back so she could have my baby. I was tempted but knew if I did and she became pregnant I wouldn't know who's it was.

So I insisted on putting on a condom to her dismay! But even with this barrier I got a very different feeling from her fuck tube. I couldn't feel the sides and had to scrabble around with my hand to be sure I was in her twat.

But with all my rivals sperm swimming around it felt wonderfully silky like fucking a tube of marshmallow. This was such a fantastic feeling I decided if she wasn't pregnant to get her to have a coil or some other device fitted. That way she could have many lovers and present me with cream pies to suck out and fuck her afterwards.

When I did cum in her it was the best we'd had together, I was sure when she came it was genuine this time. Though I expect she was thinking of her lover's giant black prick.

We lay in each other's arms and I removed the full condom. She took it from me and looked at it then said she knew at least ten percent were faulty and I might still have made her pregnant! She was covering all her options my slut wife Jenny.

I went to see my wife's Mother Midge and told her the full story. She said, "In that case you deserve to have another chance to make me pregnant. I'm also very fertile at the moment so lets fuck ourselves silly!

In her bedroom with its pictures of my in-laws wedding on the wall she stripped naked and displayed her very hairy red haired covered genitals. She bent over so that her gorgeously massive buttocks surrounded her already swollen and wet labia. With the red hair emphasizing her pussy I could hardly turn this gift down.

I wanted this red haired naked woman so much and plunged my hard cock strait into her soft tube bare back. In this position I could reach round and feel her huge hanging breasts as they shook and swung like fat fleshy pendulums with our passion.

My lovely red haired mother in law and lover started to cum and her pussy flooded female cum over my cock and balls. With a few more thrusts and her clenching and unclenching her hole around my shaft I came holding myself in her throbbing cunt.

Midge was screaming by now fuck me son, make me pregnant I want to have your baby! Do me, spunk in my cunt, I'm so fertile now and want your sperm in my egg. Make your mum in law a mummy again my lovely son.

When we'd recovered she used her vast breasts to give me a tity fuck, kissing and licking my cock head each time it emerged near her mouth. This was the first of these I'd had and was so erotic. But she banned me from coming that way, as she wanted it in her pussy.

I felt myself building to a climax so changed position and pushed it in her hole as she gripped my buttocks with her legs. Again I came and she purred with happiness as she had another big orgasm.

Three weeks later my wife told me she was pregnant and shamefacedly suggested that the condom we used must have been faulty. I was full of mixed emotions I knew it couldn't be mine and would be a half cast child but I felt sexually excited at the same time.

I went to tell Mother in law the news and Midge told me she was having my baby. We hugged and fucked each other silly for hours at the wonder of it all. I was there when Midge told my father in law and wondered how he would take it.

The guy as Midge had predicted had no thought that it wasn't his. He boasted to me about what a great he man and lover he was to have made his wife pregnant again. Then said he was going up the pub to celebrate the good news. He didn't think to take his wife with him so we had gentle sex together; it was an incredibly emotional time.

After my wife Jenny's pregnancy became generally known I got a phone call from Jean Tony's wife asking if I'd come round to hers when he wasn't in. I did when I knew he'd be fucking my wife so would be away for a while.

Jean said she had something terrible to tell me, she'd found her husbands diary. In it he'd written that he was having an affair with my wife Jenny and had made her pregnant. She said she knew he was a philanderer and fucked every woman he could get but to make another mans wife pregnant was the end. So she'd decided to tell me about it.

I told her I did know and showed her the photographs I'd taken and developed in my own dark room. We talked about what we were both going to do, she didn't want to leave him as she had no relatives or source of income.

Then she said, "He'll leave me for your wife as she's slim, beautiful and twenty years younger than me. Then we'll both be alone and I'll bet the divorce judge will let her keep your house and they'll live there!"

I said, "Your probably right Jean, but what can we do about it, she's already carrying his baby?" "Well," Jean said, "I reckon he won't leave me if I'm pregnant as well. But he always uses his large size condoms, so I can't get him to impregnate me!

I wondered ----- if you don't find me to ugly you could make me pregnant? I know I'm nearly twenty years older than you at thirty-nine but I don't know what else to do!

I'm just a fat black moma but if you don't find me too hideous perhaps? Oh you'll think I'm a slut now but I've only ever had sex with one man my husband!"

Jean started to cry, I held her in my arms and cuddled her. I kissed her on the forehead and said, "I don't find you ugly Jean I think your beautiful I'd like the privilege of making love to you, when had you in mind?"

She replied, "Well my two kids are at a friends party for the evening and Tony is with your wife probably fucking her at this minute. Plus I'm at my most fertile today. So would right now be all right? If my body disgusts you just leave when you want.

I kissed her on the lips and we French kissed for quite a while I felt her breasts and she put her hands down my trousers to give my cock a slow wank. "Lets go for it Jean," She pulled me into the bedroom, undid my trousers and sucked my penis into her mouth.

It felt absolutely wonderful with her rather large fleshy lips caressing the end and her tongue licking the shaft, I'd never had better. But I was worried about coming in her mouth so asked her to stop and undress. This she did self consciously, but she needn't have worried she looked a knockout to me and I told her so.

Her bum was big all right but a completely different shape to Midges it stuck strait out rather than being rounded. He breasts were massive and sagged; jet-black areola covered six inches of each tit. Her teats were nearly two inches long and drips of milk seeped from both of them.

Her breasts alone made me feel really horney; I just had to drink from them. I sucked each nipple and sweet tasting milk filled my mouth, I was in heaven. When I'd had my fill I dropped to her crutch and nuzzled through the thick black hair. It was stiff and hard to the touch in complete contrast to Mother in laws soft ginger thatch.

Jeans outer labia hung down a good four inches and were jet black. I took each one in my mouth and licked it with my tongue. She shuddered and said, "Don't stop now lover!" I didn't but as she opened her legs her inner lips and vagina were such a contrast, so bright pink they took my breath away.

"You're gorgeous Jean." I said in awe of her genitals. I plunged my tongue into her massive hole and licked up her slimy excretions. Then worked upwards until I reached her clitoris hood, I teased its black skin and her long pink clit emerged. I fastened my mouth around the wonderful pearl and suckled it like a nipple.

She came, how she came bucking and bouncing her fat belly wobbling almost as much as her gigantic breasts. Jean threw me on my back and mounted my hardened pole. Still orgasming she screamed, "Do me lover fuck your spunk in old black Jean."

I'd meant to take a long time but I was so turned on that I shot it all into her in a few minutes. When we'd calmed down we made slow passionate love kissing and feeling every part of each other's body. She said she had never had sex with a white guy and I hadn't had a black woman. But I would in future if they were all like Jean.

After cumming again twice myself and Jean at least a dozen times we had to stop as she had to go to pick up the kids. Jean suggested that I come round to hers each time Tony gave Jenny a driving (and fucking lesson.) I agreed as it sounded like a good way to get back at them.

So once per week I was having sex with my black lover Jean while her husband banged my wife. By now we knew Jean was having my child, which we were delighted about. In addition I was servicing my wonderful Mother in law now several months gone with my baby as well.

My wife found out she was expecting twin's, that wasn't surprising as Tony was one of twins himself. Jenny my wife was trying to persuade Tony to leave his wife for her. But as Jean had predicted he wouldn't leave with her being pregnant so Jenny refused to have anything to do with him.

From then on my wife was constantly trying to seduce me at every opportunity I assume this was to get me reliant on her again. No doubt it was also to get me wanting her enough to accept her half cast twins that were due in four months time.

My mother in law was expecting a couple of weeks after and Jean six weeks later. In the mean time I was fucking three beautiful and very different pregnant ladies.

Could life be better? No way. But what would happen when the four children were born who would they look like? Would it cause trouble all round?

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