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My Cum Coated Queen


The music was typical nightclub thump. People bounced around the dance floor, rubbed rudely against one another through the sweaty clothes that merely separated them from fucking one another. People packed in and pretended this was like any other nightclub. For many, it was a normal night out. For me, it was a new experience.

"May I?" my wife yelled to me as she motioned with her head to the bar.

I smiled wide. "Go ahead. Have fun."

I watched as she moved through the crowd to the bar. While at most bars she would have asked for a drink, at this bar she asked for permission. I watched her point to herself then to a strange woman's pussy. The girl nodded and Randi plunged in. I stood back and watched her shove her tongue into another woman's twat. I could not help but think, "This swinger's bar thing could be a lot of fun."

As I watched Randi go down on another woman, I smiled and relaxed a little. Just as I was getting into the mood of the club, a blonde haired tranny ran her finger down my arm and said, "Hey." I looked away almost awkwardly and said, "No thanks." Suddenly reserve returned.

I made my way through the crowd and finally made it to Randi. She was still slurping hungrily into the woman's pussy. I reached up and grabbed Randi by the arm.

"Is everything okay?" she asked with genuine concern.

"Yeah. I just want to fuck you."

Randi turned to the girl sitting spread-legged on the bar and said thanks. She wiped her fingers over the girl's pussy one last time then licked them clean.

Randi and I turned to go back to the rooms reserved for fucking. There were mirrored dens, dark areas, well lit areas, beds, stools, and any other set up one could conceive. There were naked bodies in every direction and the reality of a fuck den became audible over the music. "Oh, I'm cumming!" a woman's voice screamed out as others cheered.

Randi turned around and asked, "Hey, do you want me to fuck you with a strap on?"

The idea was one that I usually jump at, but I was still apprehensive about the club setting. I am still closeted about taking it in the ass from my wife's dildo, so I said no.

"I really want to fuck you right now."

Randi was dressed in a lace teddy and a thong. I was wearing my jeans and a t-shirt. I could not stop staring at her, so she took the lead. She sat on the edge of one of the bedded areas and pulled my pants down. My cock was raging hard and she stroked it a few times before taking it into her mouth. I was so turned on and she was sucking so well that it was extremely difficult not to explode into her mouth.

She sucked until I was soaked. I looked down and she was rubbing her pussy ferociously until she came.

"Hey, I thought I was supposed to do that." I teased.

"You are... right now." She pushed back onto the bed and pulled her panties off. Then she got onto all fours and I got behind her. I ripped my shirt off and threw it aside. I grabbed her hips and began to pound at her from behind. She was soaked. Her cum soaked cunt was musty and smelled of fuck. I began to sweat from the heat of the room and constant thrusting.

"Ahhh!" I yelled out as I began to explode into her. Others cheered.

Randi fell forward and I panted trying to regain my breath. I had just cum, but my cock was still hard.

Suddenly, we heard "On your knees cunt!"

We looked over and saw that a dominant male and a domme had taken charge of a submissive woman. The naked woman was put on her knees and the man stepped in front of her. He shoved his cock into her mouth and forced her to deep throat him. She gagged a little as she took it in. Then the domme moved around behind her slave. She grabbed her slave by the back of her hair and used the slaves face to fuck the man's cock. Then she stopped. She pulled the slaves mouth away and shoved the slave onto all fours.

"Mistress," I called out to the domme. She looked at me as if I had made her mad. "Do you mind making your slave lick my wife's pussy clean?"

The mistress motioned for Randi to lie down in front of the slave. The man moved around behind the slave and pushed her with his foot. "Eat her cunt, slut," he commanded. The slave did as she was told. She crawled like a cat until she buried her mouth into my wife's pussy.

The slave pulled back and said, "Mmmm. You're wet and full." I was turned on by the slave woman slurping my cum out of Randi's pussy.

Then, the dominant male moved to Randi. He grabbed her back the back of the head and pulled her face to his cock. She resisted, but he shoved into her mouth. I watched for a second not knowing how to react, but I remembered that we were "anything" goes for the night. I also knew that Randi's remnant fantasy of single life was to be gang banged.

"Fuck it." I thought and stood from my spot. I walked a circle around the room and gathered watching men. I tried to keep them young and fit for the sake of keeping Randi horny. I led one man to each of her hands. Then I told another to lay under her. I watched as she turned over and straddled the man. She slowly lowered herself onto the stranger's rubber covered cock. She was nearly full.

Knowing the last hole needed lube, I grabbed the slave woman by the back of the head. "Get her ass wet for me."

I watched for a second as the slave girl licked and slobbered and spit into Randi's ass. I felt that she was wet enough, so I moved the slave girl aside. I placed my cock to Randi's ass and slowly slid in. I had fucked her in the ass many times, but there was a new sensation. I could feel the other man inside her as well. It was difficult to maintain the mood at first, but the groaning and moaning took over.

There was a loud groan, so I looked up. The dom arched his back as he exploded into her mouth. She stayed on his cock until he swallowed every drop. Then he pulled out of her mouth and was replaced by the guy on her left hand. It was not long before he came and she swallowed. The guy on her right hand was not able to hold out. I watched as his cock twitched in her hand. He sprayed thick wads of cum over her hand and arm. She milked him dry until he could barely stand. Then she called out to switch positions. I pulled out of her ass and she got off of the stranger. She told me to lay down, so I did with my hard on pointing straight into the air. She lowered her ass back down onto me and pulled the stranger back into her pussy. He and I resumed fucking her. Then the stranger started panting. He was about to cum, so he pulled out of her and yanked his condom off. Randi grabbed him with both hands and jerked his cock while she rode me. She jerked until he spurted loads of cum on her stomach.

Finally, it was just Randi and me. She slowed her pace, full and covered with cum. I thrust into her and she used her ass to squeeze my cock. I could not hold out any longer. I twitched and came. I sprayed into her ass, pumping her full of my load. I convulsed with the release and felt her begin to twitch harder. She was playing with her clit while I fucked her in the ass until she joined me in orgasm.

Out of breath and well spent, we decided to leave our newfound friends. We gathered our things, ate a little more pussy on our way out and said good night. It was time to head back to the hotel for some really dirty sex.

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