tagGay MaleMy Dad & Uncle Pt. 02: Dad Reacts

My Dad & Uncle Pt. 02: Dad Reacts


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


If you missed Part 1, you can read it here: https://www.literotica.com/s/my-dad-and-uncle-pt-01-slave-to-uncle-abe


My Dad & Uncle Part 2: Dad's Reaction

We were awoken by the sound of uncle Abe's phone ringing; he hazily checked the caller ID.

"It's your dad!"

I sat up straight as he took the call. I was nervous, but focused.

"Hey!...yeah, we had a great time...we played games and chatted all night...no, he's still asleep...yeah, we've talked about it, I'll fill you in later...10? What time is it now?...Cool, we'll see you then."

He hung up and said, "You're dad's gonna be here in a couple of hours."

"What did he say?"

"Not much. He wanted to know if he was right about you...are you nervous?"

"And scared!"

"Come here."

I moved closer, he embraced me and said, "It's gonna be OK. I promise."

I nodded and he kissed me. No morning breath. The man is a mythical creature; a fucking sexy one. He slid his hand from my back down to my ass. I was instantly stiff and it brushed against his hairy stomach.

He sneered and said, "More relaxed now, I see."

"I could be more relaxed."

He kissed my neck and licked it rapidly with the tip of his tongue as he squeezed my ass. My body tingled and I moaned. I wrapped my left leg around his thigh, giving him easier access to my horny hole. His middle finger massaged my sphincter and I could feel his cock hardening against my body.

He delicately pushed me to my back and lay on top of me. He licked my right nipple and softly pinched it with his lips. He then gently bit with his teeth. I let out a loud moan. My eyes closed. The pleasure was entrancing.

"Did it hurt?" he asked.

"No, it was great. More."

He bit slightly harder. The pain was tolerable but very stimulating. He did the same to my other nipple.

He kissed my smooth stomach with his soft wet lips as his hands pinched my nipples. He then buried his face in my crotch and sniffed. He let out a soft moan. He kissed every inch of my dick and my balls.

His grabbed my thighs and kissed the inner part all the way down to my feet. The sensation was phenomenal. He grabbed both feet and kissed my soles.

"Oh my fucking god," he said as he covered his face with my soles.

He licked and sucked every toe. It was fucking epic. I never stopped moaning throughout.

"Come here," he ordered.

I sat on my knees facing him. He grabbed the back of my head, pulled me forward and ravished my mouth with his tongue. He then raised his left arm and rested his hand on the back of his neck. With his right hand, he shoved my face in his armpit. His legendary manly musk was hypnotizing. I kissed and licked his hairy armpit. It was fucking arousing.

"Bite my nipples," he said.

I licked his left nipple and softly pinched it with my lips.

"I said bite," he commanded.

I gently bit his nipple.

"Harder," he ordered.

I bit hard, real hard, and he grunted. He ordered me to stop and do the same to his right nipple. I obeyed.

He then pushed me to my back and said, "Let's 69."

I lay facing his crotch; he faced mine. I kissed his semi hard dick, sniffing its musk. The aroma was inviting. It made grab his cock and rub it all over my face.

He licked his finger and gently penetrated my ass as I licked and sucked his balls. My dick was throbbing. He licked my precum and teased the piss-slit with his tongue. I moaned louder as he took my dick in his mouth and sucked me.

"Ahh, easy, uncle Abe. I'm too horny."

"I know but I have a record to break, so shut the fuck up and suck my cock."

I smiled and licked his lustrous juicy precum, It tasted way fucking better than any other morning juice I've ever had.

I took few inches in my mouth and sucked him. I slid my left hand between his thighs and grabbed his firm ass and pushed his cock deeper until my lips touched his lower abdomen. I sucked his 8 inches in and out while my right hand massaged his balls.

He grunted like a beast and started moving his hips forwards and backwards, fucking my mouth with his gargantuan cock. The pleasure was severely escalating. My body trembled and within seconds, I shot my load in his mouth.

He swallowed every drop as his big cock muffled the sound of my orgasm. My dick remained in his mouth until it was soft.

He stopped fucking my mouth and said, "That's number one."

I continued to suck him until he commanded I stop.

"I didn't make you cum, uncle Abe."

"You will. Come and taste your cum on my tongue."

I moved closer to him, he gazed into my eyes and we kissed.

"Still nervous?" he asked.

"Not any more."

"Well, what the fuck are you waiting for then, boy? Serve your master."

"Order me, sir."

"Get on top of me. I wanna eat your ass while you blow me."

I lay on top of his hairy body, he placed his arms under my thighs and firmly locked my ass into position with his large forearms. His face was buried in my ass. His thick manly beard was brushing against my ass cheeks. The feeling was astounding.

I took his cock in mouth and sucked it while he licked my hole with the tip of his tongue and then with its body. His tongue was a force of nature. It was like a fucking hurricane. Spark waves shot through my body. I've missed his bewitching tongue on my ass. I moaned as he shoved in his tongue and fucked me with it. He growled like a predatory animal feasting on its pray.

"Fuck, your ass is so tasty. I could eat it for hours."

Please do, I said to myself.

I stroked his shaft as I sucked him deeper. He then ordered me to sit on his cock. I obeyed. He grabbed the lube and handed it to me.

"Lube my cock and your asshole."

I did what I was told.

"Now ride my cock like the fucking whore you are."

"Yes, sir."

I grabbed his dick and gently pushed in few inches. I yelped. I maintained my position for few seconds until the pain subsided and turned into an un-fucking-believable pleasure. I missed this feeling. I missed his dick inside me. I was connected to him again.

I gradually lowered my body until all 8 inches were inside me and my ass cheeks rested on his thighs.

"Josh," he sighed, "Your tight ass kills me."

I smiled and began to swirl my ass on his cock widening its walls and then moved up and down fucking myself with his magnificent tool. The pleasure was incredible. I was hard again. He pinched his nipples and moaned while he stared into my eyes devilishly, yet lustily.

He grabbed my waist and moved his hips fucking me slow then hard; aggressively hard. The domineering look on his face was fucking divine. Uncle "brute" Was fucking me like a brute.

"I wanna kiss you," he said.

I leaned forward, our bodies joined and our sweat blended. He kissed me as his cock violently drilled my hole. I rested my face on his shoulder. I was in ecstasy listening to the sound of us grunting and to the sound of his body smacking against mine as his cock rammed my ass.

"Yeah..fuck me..ahh..fuck me hard, sir..tear my ass..ahh."

"You like that? You like getting fucked like a slut? I'm gonna fucking breed your tight hole."

I couldn't hold it much longer.

"Yes..breed my ass, sir..please don't stop..ahh..fuck me..I'm gonna cum."

"Yeah, shoot that load, boy. I wanna feel your warm cum on my body. Shoot it."

"Oh fuck..I'm cumming..AAAAHHHHHHHHH..oh my god..oh my god..aahhhhhh."

He ROARED and his cum exploded in my ass.

"I'm gonna cum..AAHH..AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH..FUUUUCK..Josh..Josh."

He held me tight as we both panted. Moments later, I could still feel his dick squirting cum in my hole.

"God! You make me cum like a fucking pig," he said as he tried to catch his breath.

"This was incredible. I love what you do to me, uncle Abe. I love feeling you inside me. I fucking adore you."

"Look at me," he ordered.

He gazed into my eyes and kissed me passionately. I snuggled next to him and he wrapped his arms around me.

"Two down," he said.

"Did you enjoy it, uncle Abe?"

He sat up straight between my legs. He grabbed my feet, softly kissed them and in his husky voice he said, "I fucking loved it. You're like a hardcore drug, Josh, and I'm getting addicted to you."

"I like that."

"You do?"

"Yes, I'm already addicted to you, uncle Abe, and I want you to always crave me."

He smiled, lay on top of me and kissed me.

"I wanna go somewhere with you for a couple of days where it's just the two of us," I said, "I wanna be naked the whole time, wearing nothing but my leash. I wanna sit at my master's feet, always ready to serve his cock's needs."

"Your master would like that very much. Tell you what, a friend of my mine has a lovely farmhouse. It's pretty secluded. We could go next weekend if you want."

I grinned and said, "I can't fucking wait."

"Now let's get a shower. I wanted to fuck you more but it looks like we don't have much time. We have to tidy up the place and get ready for your dad...Oh, remind me to hide the box labeled "TOYS" before your dad shows up."

"What's in the box?"

"Some fun stuff we could use next weekend," he said with a wink.

"Can I go and see?"

"Later. Right now, I need my urinal."

"Yes, sir."

We kissed under the shower and he asked, "Do you have to pee?"


"Pee on my dick."

I did. He placed his hand under his dick, collecting some of my piss. He slurped it, grabbed my chin with his hand and force opened my mouth and spat the piss inside.

He then ordered me to go down on my knees. He rubbed his piss-soaked cock all over my face and shoved it my mouth.

"Clean it, boy."

I cleaned every inch until he ordered me to stand to my feet. He turned me around and pushed my body against the shower wall and asked me to spread my legs. He pissed on my ass cheeks and on my hole.

He then squatted and licked my ass and my hole clean with his savage tongue, I was so fucking turned on by how filthy my beast is. He never ceases to surprise me..or make me hard. I was stroking my dick but he quickly ordered me to stop.

"You are forbidden from touching it until I give you my permission. Got it, boy?"

"Yes, sir."

We kissed for a couple of minutes under the shower and washed each other's bodies.


After the shower, I put on my jeans and my now clean white t-shirt. Uncle Abe wore black short shorts and a tight black top that accentuated his muscles. He looked fucking incredible. The shorts could barely contain his family jewels. I wanted to go down on my knees, pull down his shorts and bury my face in his balls.

We tidied up the place and uncle Abe hid the toys box in his bedroom closet. I didn't get the chance to see what's inside. After we were done, we sat in the kitchen and uncle Abe made coffee. I suddenly giggled.

"What's funny?" he asked.

"Nothing, it's stupid."

"Tell me."

"Well, when my dad yesterday said he wanted us to come over and help with the unpacking, I started picturing both of you shirtless. It turned me on like fucking crazy."

He smiled and said, "So, that's why you were frozen. I thought you were having a stroke or something."

I laughed and said, "I almost had one."

He handed me my coffee. I took a sip and asked, "Do you like to get rimmed, uncle Abe?"

"Of course. Everyone does. It's an incredible sensation. You know, the first guy I had sex with has an amazing tongue. When he rimmed me, it sent me through the roof."

"I'm pretty sure I can do a better job than him."

He smiled and said, "I'd be happy to let you try."

Couple of minutes later, the intercom rang. Uncle Abe answered it.


"It's me," dad replied.

"Come on up."

Uncle Abe buzzed him in. I was starting to get nervous again. He noticed. He hugged me tightly and said, "Take it easy, habibi. I told you, everything will be fine."

"I hope so. Just please give me heads up before you talk to him."

"I'll take him into the balcony when I'm ready to tell him. Deal?"

I nodded.

My dad walked in carrying a box of donuts. He was wearing his favorite one-size-too-small white Polo shirt and a pair of shorts, slightly longer than uncle Abe's. He looked as hot as always. He was also wearing flip flops. I've studied his feet many times before and they are always impeccable. He gets weekly professional pedicures at the hair salon he frequents.

He hugged us both and asked about our night; we lied.

Uncle Abe gave dad a quick tour of the place, which ended back in the living room. Dad was checking out the boxes with his back turned to us, uncle Abe winked at me and took off his shirt.

Dad turned around and saw uncle Abe shirtless. He was puzzled.

"We're gonna get sweaty and greasy and this is an expensive shirt. You should take off yours, too," uncle Abe quickly said.

Without hesitation, and to my surprise, dad took off his shirt. After all, it was his favorite and he didn't wanna ruin it.

I smiled at uncle Abe and mouthed "Thank you".

"What about you, sport?" dad asked.

"I'm good. My shirt is old anyway and I don't care if gets dirty."

Dad smacked his hands, rubbed them and asked, "Should we get started?"

"Yalla," uncle Abe replied.

For the next four hours we unpacked all of uncle Abe's boxes and his place was looking much nicer. I tried so hard to control my frequent erections as I watched the two shirtless hunks turn into sweaty rugged handymen. There were a couple of moments where my dad and uncle Abe's naked and sweaty upper bodies accidentally touched. I turned around every time it happened to hide my erections.

I helped them as much as possible to distract myself from drifting into fantasies.

We then took a break, uncle Abe ordered some food and we had a quick lunch together while we watched TV.


After lunch, uncle Abe and dad grabbed a couple of beers and went into the balcony. I knew this was it. Uncle Abe was about to confirm to him I'm gay and shock him with the news of what we did. I was no longer seeing two sexy shirtless men, I was seeing two adults who are about to have a serious discussion.

I couldn't hear a word of they were saying. I tried to stay calm but I couldn't. I was petrified. In the back of my mind I was starting to have regrets because I didn't want dad to be upset with me. I have always made him proud; but my perfect record is about to be erased. I'd kill to not be here right now..or for some vodka.

Uncle Abe was doing most of the talking. Dad was paying attention. He turned his face to me and smiled. I was a bit relaxed but also confused. Did uncle Abe already tell him? Is he really okay with me and uncle Abe fucking?

I was watching my dad's face like a hawk, when suddenly, his smile vanished and his eyes widened.

Rage blanketed his face and he yelled, "WHAT?! TELL ME YOU'RE JOKING, ABE!"

He turned and looked at me again. He was furious. This was it. He knows. Uncle Abe put his arm on his shoulder trying to calm him down. Dad pushed it away. He stormed back into the living room, looked at me with fury and said, "Go get your stuff, we're leaving."

I was nailed to the floor. Uncle Abe followed dad into the living room, still trying to calm him down.

"NOW," dad yelled as he maintained eye contact with me.

I rushed into my room and closed the door. My mind was too distracted to pack my bag. I heard their voices. I stood by the door listening in on the conversation.

Uncle Abe: "Jack, you need to calm down."

Dad: "DO NOT TELL ME TO CALM DOWN. You took advantage of my kid."

Uncle Abe: "I didn't. I didn't do anything he didn't wanna do, I swear. And he's not a kid anymore."

Dad: "I trusted you with him."

Uncle Abe: "And I didn't betray your trust. I know it doesn't sound rational right now but what we did was in Josh's best interest. Believe me. He needed this. He needed to experience being with another man. It was driving him insane."

Dad: "Of course it was driving him insane, he's a horny teenager, but it should've been with someone his own his age, not someone his dad's age...and NOT his uncle!"

Then, a bombshell was dropped.

Uncle Abe: "Your son is not interested in guys his own age and need I remind you we both fucked guys his age? And your son doesn't care that I'm his uncle, just like I didn't care when my older brother lured me into having sex with him when we were young."

My jaw dropped. Dad?! Dad is the guy uncle Abe was talking about? His first gay experience? I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

Dad: "Shut the fuck up, Abe."

Uncle Abe: "Think about it, Jack. If his first time wasn't with someone he trusted, the urge would have driven him into the arms of a creepy stranger who might have hurt him. He's a great son, Jack, he doesn't deserve all this rage. He deserves for you to treat him like a man; to be closer to him, and to pay more attention to his needs."

Dad: "How dare you tell me how to raise my kid? I know damn well what his needs are."

Uncle Abe: "Really? You think you know him so well? Did you know your son is attracted to you, Jack? Did you know he dreams about you fucking him?"

Dad: "WHAT? What the hell are you saying? Is this because I told you he checked me out a couple of times when I was naked? He was just being curious about men."

Uncle Abe: "God, you are so oblivious! He's been having dreams about you since he was a kid. And don't tell me you wouldn't have done the same if you were in my place. You know damn well how good looking your son is. He's hotter than any guy we've ever been with, and I know for a fact you're weaker than I am when it comes to guys like him."


Uncle Abe: "I knew it! I knew you had thought about it."

Dad: "I'm not gonna stay here and listen to this bullshit. JOSH, NOW!"

Uncle Abe: "You can run away from this conversation but it won't change the fact that I'm right. I know you too damn well, big brother."

I grabbed my bag and stepped into the living room. I looked at dad, he turned away and walked towards the door. I turned to uncle Abe and saw sadness in his eyes. I walked up to him and hugged him.

Uncle Abe: "I'm sorry, habibi. I know I've let you down."

Me: "You didn't. I love you, uncle Abe."

Uncle Abe: "I love you, too."

Dad: "JOSH! We're leaving NOW!

He then looked uncle Abe in the eyes and said, "You're never gonna see my kid again. Ever!"

Uncle Abe sighed.

We didn't say a word to each other on the drive home. When we got to the house, I ran up to my room, closed the door and lay on my bed trying to process all the information I was hit with today.

Ten minutes later, dad walked into my room and said, "It's okay, you're safe here now."

I looked him in the eyes and said, "Dad, uncle Abe didn't take advantage of me. He didn't even wanna touch me until I forced myself onto him. He never hurt me. I was safe with him."

Dad: "So you heard everything?"

Me: "Yes."

Dad: "Is it true what he said...about your dreams?"

Me: "Yes. I always felt guilty about it but after last night with uncle Abe and what I heard today, I don't anymore...is it true what he said about you and him?"

He sighed and said, "I never told you because it's not something you share with your kid."

Me: "What about the other thing uncle Abe said? Did you have thoughts about me?"

He got nervous and his face turned red.

He said, "You should get some rest, son. We've both had a very weird day and I promise we'll talk about this later."

Before he left the room, I said, "Dad, I you need to remember that I'm an adult and capable of making my own decisions. I've always made you proud and I don't want us to have a relationship where I do something behind your back. I will see uncle Abe again and I would love to have your blessings. Now that I know everything about you, I know you'd understand."

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