My Daddy's Favorite Girl


"Keep your hands at your sides," he instructed.

"Yes, daddy," I said.

When he opened the door and we emerged from the bedroom, the girls were seated at the dining room table a few feet away from us. We came out smiling, and I felt their eyes on the bulge in my robe. I felt thrilled at the knowledge that I was one of them now.

We ate in silence. From time-to-time I saw my sisters glance at my face. My lips were parted in a permanent smile throughout breakfast.

Afterwards, when daddy stood up from the table so did I. He announced he would be spending most of the day in the bedroom with "My sissy-boy." I grinned from ear-to-ear—the girls had a difficult time concealing the dismay on their faces.

Daddy taught my hands and lips and tongue more ways to pleasure him. I was an eager student. When he decided to fuck me again, he sat on the edge of the bed and, with my back to him, I lowered and raised myself on his wonderful cock as he reached around me and pulled at my nipples and played with my cock and balls. It was the most intense orgasm I'd ever had—that became my favorite position when I serviced his cock with my bottom-hole.

The next morning, before we showered, he had me bend over at the foot of the bed and rest my head and shoulders on the mattress. He fucked me with long, hard strokes that gave me goose-pimples.

"Sweetie," he said, as he thrust his beautiful cock in-and-out of me, " are my favorite girl now!"

His words thrilled me. I came on the bedspread as he filled my backside with his hot and creamy cum. Afterwards, I covered his face with kisses as I hugged him and told him how much I loved him.

We always ate lunch at 11am. He and I would come in from the fields and wash-up and eat a good meal. Daddy added a new routine after lunch. Before we went back to work he enjoyed an 'afternoon delight' with me in the barn.

I would strip naked for him and get on my knees. I'd lower his pants and suck his cock until he came in my mouth. Then he would bend over as I rimmed his asshole until he got another hard-on, after which, he would fuck me silly until he shot his load in my ass.

He insisted on keeping the barn door open so if any of the girls wanted to watch us, they could. Over the weeks I saw all of the girls except Jenny standing at the open door watching us with fascination. More than one of them rubbed their pussies while they watched us.

We settled into a new routine after dinner, as well. The girls would fill a large metal tub with hot water then I would strip and stand in the tub. One of the girls would shave my body hair then the others would thoroughly wash me all over, paying especially close attention to my penis and balls. When they were through my penis was always fully erect and they would point and giggle.

Then I would stand naked before daddy and with the girls looking on, he oiled my bottom-hole with his expert finger. I was embarrassed at first because I knew what would happen, but I soon reveled in the excitement as my sisters watched with rapt attention as daddy would finger fuck me and my cock would shoot jet-after-jet of cum in the air. Judy pointed out that I was staining the carpet so daddy had me get on my hands and knees and lick up all my cum.

I slept with daddy every night and a different girl would join us. Daddy directed our every move in bed. He would watch while I made the girls wet by fingering and eating their pussies. Then he would fuck them, usually in their pussies. I would hold his balls and tongue-fuck his anus while he fucked the girls silly—they would flop around on the bed like fish out of water—they loved his cock inside them. Then he had me eat his cum out of their pussies—I never failed to bring the girls to another shattering orgasm with my lips and tongue.

I worked especially hard when Jenny was in bed with us. I wanted to bring her as much pleasure as daddy gave me. She always fought it at first, but I soon had her moaning and crying as her slender body convulsed with explosive orgasms.

One night when Judy was in bed with us she asked daddy if I could fuck her pussy. Since I was such a sissy-boy, daddy had never thought about it before. He considered it then declared it was a good idea. I had long suspected that Judy was jealous of my new-found position in the family so I did my best to please her with my little cock. While I was on top of her thrusting my cock in-and-out of her pussy, daddy fingered my asshole. I shot a bucket-load of cum into Judy but she hadn't cum yet so daddy had me suck my cum out her pussy. I ate her until, she too, thrashed about the bed in orgasmic delight.

For the next week daddy had me fuck all of my sisters.

Now I don't know about the rest of the story, it was told to me by Jenny when I visited her in jail.

Apparently, Judy told daddy that she might be pregnant. The baby would have to be mine, because daddy had had a vasectomy after I was born. He wouldn't let me fuck the girls while we waited for Judy's period. It finally came and everyone was relieved.

Well, according to Jenny, Judy talked to daddy and told him all the girls loved it when I fucked them, but since we couldn't risk another pregnancy scare that maybe I should be 'fixed'.

Daddy said that the doctor might get suspicious of a young guy getting his tubes-tied so early in his life. Judy agreed and after awhile suggested another method. Daddy listened in horror while Judy explained that we could do it right here in the barn.

Judy worked hard on daddy convincing him that if it wasn't done, there was a huge probability that our 'family secret' would be discovered by the outside world. Finally, daddy relented.

One afternoon, I was surprised when Judy joined me and daddy for our 'afternoon delight'. She helped me undress. When I was naked and aroused, I was caressing her breasts through her blouse when strong hands pulled my arms behind my back and tied them to two posts behind me.

Then Judy and daddy pulled my legs apart and secured them to the same two posts. I was helplessly spread-eagled—my cock and balls dangled between my legs. Judy stuffed a dirty rag in my mouth. My cries were effectively muffled.

Daddy came up to me holding the knife that he used to castrate our goats. My eyes bugged open wide—I fought at my bonds—I screamed into the dirty rag--all for nothing—I was securely fastened and nobody could hear my cries for help.

Daddy kneeled between my legs and took hold of and twisted my scrotum like I'd seen him do to a number of goats. My eyes screamed-out to Judy to stop this madness—she had a crazy, self-satisfied sneer on her face.

Daddy gripped my scrotum and was one second away from castrating me when Jenny hit him on the back of his head with a shovel. He collapsed in a heap on the floor of the barn. He died instantly. Later that day Jenny was arrested for murder.

That is my story. Jenny is a hero—not a criminal—please help her.

I studied The Therapist as he finished reading my story. He was sweating profusely and he had a huge bulge in his pants.

The Therapist looked at me and licked his lips. "Maybe—just maybe I can help Jenny," he said.

He stood up and had a strange look on his face—I'd seen that look before from daddy.

The Therapist reached down and the sound of his zipper being pulled down echoed in my ears.

He slowly approached me, all the while massaging the bulge in his pants.

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