tagLoving WivesMy Dad's Wife Ch. 5

My Dad's Wife Ch. 5


"Ah! Your milk is so sweet!" Ali relished in his sadistic pleasure. I was becoming hysterical. Suddenly, he stand up. But he quickly turned me around and positioned me on my knees in a doggy-like position on the floor. I had barely time to register what was happening. He stood up and went towards the tea table . I did not know what he was planning about me. By that time I realised his sadistic nature.

Through my jumbled hair I looked back at him over my shoulder I had seen him to come back with a empty glass and the bottle of body oil in his hands. I put down my head and through my hands I saw my beautiful 34D huse firm globes bounced and hanging freely, they stood straight out and were perky. He sat on my left hand side and spread his legs below my chest and then he put some body oil on his hands and started massaging my huse breasts that became warmer once it touched my skin. I truly felt wonderful, and I knew I would about to be seduced by him. He began to move his warm hands down to my aching tits. He began to make large circles around them, loosing his hands in the weight of my tits as he stroked the bottom part of the wondrous monsters. My nipples were so hard at this point, about an inch long and growing. This excited me so much that my nipples were beginning to poke .

He continued to make the large circles around my tits and slowly began to shorten the circles until his hands were completely wrapped around my huge, milk-filled tits. I had started moaning. He squeezed the huge tits in his hands, relishing the moment of finally having them in his palms feeling the hard rosy buds of my nipples poke his hands.

I was enjoying every minute of it. My tits hadn't been touched in soooooooooo long. This was a whole, new feeling for me. To feel his hands 'milking' my tits was exquisite, but it was making me so wet and horny. I wanted more.

At that time he took that empty glass and placed that in between his legs just within a inch below my left nipple. What he is going to do? What he thought about me? Oh my god!!!!!!! Am I a cow? Like a milkman he wants to extract my breast milk. How perverted he is? Frankly speaking I never even thought like this.

He continued the 'milking' of my tits and to surprise, little spurts of milk began to spray out as he would do this. He also started collecting my milk in the glass. He would twist from the base all the way up to the hard, suck able nipple. Suddenly he said that he wanted to enjoy this moment that he had waited so long for, for a while longer. He began to milk only the nipples - up and down, up and down, up and down, with only his thumbs and forefingers. I had started to lactate very much.
He slides his hands from the base to the tips, now. He concentrated hard on the nipples, pulling them, pinching them and then just holding them for long periods before releasing them. Each time he would pull on my nipples, he would twirl them in his fingers gently, rotating them back and forth, back and forth.

"Oh, that milk collecting sound generating in the glass was so kinky, OOHHH I'm so hot right now I would do just about ANYTHING. Yes, I would love to fulfill his fantasy because he is fulfilling mine right now. I've really wondered, I can't believe I felt that as if I've waited this long!" Between my hands I tried to see how much milk he had collected from my huge titties I was really getting into this role and really loved it.

MMmmmmmmmmmmmm, my nipples was so hard, momma. I couldn't control myself the milk streaming into the glass. He pressed the nipples finally, moving from one to the other, back and forth, pulling outward on the nipples with his finger, drawing them to harder points and making the precious milk flow into glass. The nipples slid from his finger with a slight pop as he pulled back. The sight and sounds made my clit throb, as it was so sensuous. OOHHHH GGGGGoDDDDDDDD. This whole process went on for about 15 minutes. I felt a strong sensation building inside my body. I gave a long moan "OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAA. OOOHHHH GAAWD III CAANNNT, PLEEASE NNNNOOOOOO AAAAALIIIIIIIII, I cried. OOOOUUI AAAMMMAAA. Another wave after wave of orgasmic bliss pulsed through me his continued to extract my milk as much as he can. My whole body was aflame as my orgasm continued to mount. Suddenly I was shaking uncontrollably. "OOOOHHH YESSSS!!" I screamed as third, stronger climax tore through me. "Oh yyyyeesssss....so goddAMN! OH GOD! TONGUE IT! Suck MY booooooooobs....my mmmmm oh ooooOOOOHHH

My pussy juices flowed out of my body and flowed through my legs. "Oh God that was incredible."

I saw Ali to stand up with a full glass of milk. My God I never thought that much milk is still there. That bustard extracted till the last drop. Oh now my whole body is paining specially my boobs. Even I could not touch them due to pain. I do not know what else is remained in my fate.

Ali looked towards me and said " Darling why your husband purchasing dairy milk from the shop? Does not he knew that a real Australian Dairy cow is in his house? I will take my Bed tea and b'fast tea with this pure milk." I really stunned. But kept myself mom.

Contd. in Part -6

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