tagIncest/TabooMy Darling Gail Ch. 3

My Darling Gail Ch. 3


"Good morning, Daddy!" Gail yawns and stretches luxuriously. Part of one sexy pink nipple peeks over the edge of the duvet. "Kiss please!"

We have shared a bed for over five weeks now and it is still an absolute delight to wake in the mornings to find her tousled-haired form curled up beside me. I burrow under the bedclothes to kiss my daughter between the legs. It is our morning ritual, even on schooldays and even in the midst of her period. It is now mid-term break and Gail doesn't have to go to school, so I stay with my face between her thighs, exploring her delicious taste with my tongue. I love to take in her rich morning-time odour, especially if we made love the night before - and last night was a veritable cornucopia of sexual riches.

Mmmmmm, Daddy! I love the feel of your tongue caressing my sex lips and diving in between them to find my clit to make it all tingly and hard. In a few moments, my juices will start to flow and my vagina will begin to open like a wet, pink little mouth. And then you will move over me and slide your wonderful penis right up inside. We will rock together as you stroke your hot shaft against my vaginal walls and we will convulse in unison, sharing another wonderful climax, just like the ones we shared last night and all the others we've given each other these last few weeks. Oh Daddy! I'll never get tired of feeling you enter me - your long fat penis stretching me open and saying, "Hello Gail! I'm here to make you cum again." I love your tongue, Daddy! I love your penis! I love you!

Gail welcomes me into her vaginal heat with a contented sigh and our joint orgasms are incredibly intense, as morning orgasms always are.

You made love to me so perfectly again, my Daddy, my lover. My whole body sang with joy as you delivered your hot sperm against my cervix and cried out my name! But now you look pensive. Something is troubling you. Tell me please!

"Is something wrong Daddy? Have I upset you in any way?"

"Oh no, Lovely One! Quite the opposite! I was thinking about a situation we have to face...soon. In two days in fact."

"Maxine! That's right! It's mid-term for her too. She's coming home, oh great! I've missed her a lot!"

"I've missed her too. Have you done any thinking about...well, us?"

"Telling her you mean?"


"I don't want to try and hide it, she'd guess straight away, anyway. I think we should be open and honest. I'm not ashamed about how we feel for each other and what we do together. Are you?"

I am cupping her pert little left breast in my hand in our post-coitus warmth and I squeeze it gently, reassuringly, "Of course not! Maxine may not understand though."

"Then we must make her! She may not like us being lovers, but we must make her understand why we are!"

"Let's hope she will listen long enough for us to do that!"


Maxine storms from the room, slamming the door violently behind her.

"Well, we never said it would be easy!" Gail says wryly. "Let's give her time and space and we may get a chance to talk later on."

But, all our attempts to make contact are rebuffed by silence. Maxine locks herself in her room for two days, only coming out to get food and drink or use the bathroom when she is sure that Gail or I are not around. It is on one such occasion, late at night, that Maxine watches us.

Gail and I have been talking quietly in bed for many hours. We are both distraught that Maxine is not responding to any of our attempts at reconciliation. But it is getting to me more than it is to Gail. Eventually, Gail seeks to comfort me in the best way she knows how. In spite of my worries about Maxine, the sight of Gail's dim shape moving above me in the darkness, her aroused breasts swaying sensuously and the marvellous caresses of her velvet sleeve on my penis quickly bring me to orgasm. And her soft cry at my seed bursting against her cervix tells me that she has climaxed too. Then, when Gail bends to kiss me, I sense a third presence, but decide to just file the knowledge away, preferring instead to return my daughter's loving kiss with every ounce of the love I feel for her.

I surprise Maxine the next morning in the kitchen as she is adding milk to her breakfast cereal. "Maxine, Sweetheart, it is not like you think it is. Please give Gail and I a chance to explain. We're not asking for your approval, just your understanding."

"Don't speak to me, Daddy! Not ever again! You are a filthy, disgusting old man! If Mummy were here, she'd be heartbroken!"

"Please Maxine, try..."


She throws her dish of Cornflakes at me and runs out of the back door, off somewhere onto the farm. I let her go, hopefully to cool down, disconsolately wiping the soggy mess from my face and clothes and mopping the kitchen floor.

I have to find Maxine and talk to her. I know of the private places that she used to go to when she was a young girl and wanted to be alone. I check them all first, but to no avail. My last port of call is the milking shed. Milking has finished and the cows are all back out in the paddocks. The shed has been freshly hosed down and appears to be empty, but then I hear a faint noise from around the back of the milking stand. It sounds like faint grunting and slapping noises. I go to investigate.

Maxine, her eyes shut tight and steaming breath jetting from her wide-open mouth, is bent forward at the waist, hanging on tight to the iron railing. She is almost naked, with her jeans and panties around her ankles, and shirt and bra pushed up high over her slim back. Her full, dusky-tipped breasts are swinging and bouncing freely to the rhythm of the burly farmhand's thrusting penis. Pete has slipped off his coveralls and they and his underwear are halfway down his legs, draped over the tops of his gumboots. The slapping sound I heard is his bare belly striking Maxine's naked buttocks with every inward thrust as he grasps her by the hips and pounds his long, angry-red penis into her from the rear.

To surprise one's girl-child in the midst of such a display of sexual wantonness would be a shock for most fathers and I am no exception. Yet, somehow, it is sexually stirring. I stand immobile and watch them for a few moments. Then Pete becomes aware of my presence and freezes with his penis in mid-stroke. Maxine turns her head and opens her eyes to find out why he has stopped and gasps with horror at seeing me standing there. I say nothing. I just look at them for a few moments more, then turn on my heel and walk away. It is none of my business. At nearly twenty, Maxine is old enough to make her own choices. But, I would prefer her to not have sex with one of my employees and in my milking shed!

An hour later I am in my office doing the farm accounts on the computer when Maxine comes into the room behind me. I know it is she from her eau de toilette - she always uses 'Anais Anais', just like her mother did. Gail prefers 'Charlie', but seldom wears any perfume at all. I spin my seat around to look at Maxine. She is standing with her eyes downcast and her hands clasped in front of her.

"I'm sorry Daddy..."

I hold out my open arms to her and she runs over and sits in my lap. Maxine throws her arms around my neck and buries her face in the crook of my shoulder. "I am so, so sorry Daddy! I was being stupid...!" Her voice is muffled and I can feel warm wetness soaking the collar of my shirt. My little girl is crying.

I stroke her luxuriant mane of dark hair reassuringly, "Hey, Sweetie, you don't have to apologise for anything! Who you choose to have sex with is..."

"But, Pete means nothing to me! He's a nice enough guy, but I have no feelings for him. I'm still trying to explain to myself why I got him to screw me, especially like that. And now he thinks he's in real trouble and will lose his job. The look on your face frightened him so much he just pulled up his pants and ran away after you left!"

"Poor Pete! No, his job is safe. It would be very unfair of me to sack him. My feelings about what I saw shouldn't interfere."

"How do you feel about it Daddy?"

"Well, shocked, I suppose. A little bit disappointed, maybe, and... jealous."


"Just like every father when he learns that a daughter he loves deeply has found another man and is no longer 'his property'. What are your feelings about what's happened?"

"I feel guilty, and very foolish. I was trying to punish you. Not many men could have resisted me, the way I displayed my body to Pete and begged him to take me. While I was taking my pants down and baring my breasts and offering myself to him I had a picture in my mind - of you seeing Pete banging me like some whore at the back of the pub carpark on a Saturday night. You would be so hurt and angry...just like I was.

"And then, when you did find us, I felt so sluttish and stupid!"

"Punish me? For me and Gail?"

"Yes, Daddy, for you and Gail... because you've got so close... because... Daddy, can we have a family conference, just as if it is a Sunday?"

"Of course!"

"But, just like a real Sunday, with you sitting up in bed. And, because Gail is now your 'wife', with her in bed with you, by your side?"

"If that's what you really want, yes! That is the way it will be."

Maxine kisses me swiftly on the cheek, "Thank you, Daddy! I'll go and tell Gail. I made peace with her and warned her that I would ask you for this if I got the opportunity. Then I'll give you two a few minutes to get ready."

Maxine wants a 'Sunday Meeting', so I climb into bed, naked as I would normally be, and sit up with the duvet covering my lower half. Gail gets in beside me, also naked, and sits bare-breasted beside me. I look at her enquiringly.

"I'm not embarrassed Daddy! Maxine knows that we sleep together and she also knows that I have breasts!"

"And very beautiful they are too!" I lean over to kiss each perfect nipple and they rise to greet me. Just then, Maxine comes into the room and sits on the bed facing us on the 'empty' side. She is wearing a long cotton housecoat that covers her to her ankles.

After a few awkward moments of silence I smile to Maxine and say, "The floor is yours, Love."

"Ummm," she is looking down at her hands as she wrings them in her lap. Then she takes a deep breath, "It was one hell of a shock to come home and find that you and Gail are having sex..."

"Ahem!" Gail coughs lightly to get Maxine's attention. "I'm sorry to interrupt you so early on, Maxine, but I, Daddy and I prefer to think of it as making love. There is a big difference."

Gail looks to me for confirmation and I nod.

"Yes, you're right, I'm sorry. Well, I'm not a prude. I've had SEX with two guys, three if you count today..."

Gail's eyebrows shoot up so high they nearly disappear into her hairline!

"Daddy walked into the milking shed while Pete was screwing me, Gail. Pete didn't cum and neither did I, so I guess one could class the episode as a few minutes of penetration. Anyway, the reason why I ended up doing that with Pete is the reason why I asked Daddy if we could have this meeting and for it to be under these conditions.

"Just for the record, the other two times were, first of all, with a guy after the school Graduation Ball last year..."

"Jamie Whitehead?" Gail asks.

"Got it in one. That's when I lost my virginity and it was painful and awful, because he was so clumsy. The other time, I should say times, were with a very handsome, very sexy lecturer at the university just after term started. It was wonderful, but it only lasted a week. I learned later that he has a reputation for scoring with as many newly enrolled female students as he can. Not very flattering in retrospect I admit, but he was much better at sex than Jamie!

"When I got home two days ago I found that you two are having... making love. But this was different! This was incest! My Daddy, who I've always looked up to, was taking my baby sister, his daughter, to bed with him! It was horrible! I'd read about men sexually abusing their children in the newspapers and the long-term effects it can have on the kids. And now my Daddy was doing it! Abusing my sister! I felt sick to the stomach!"


Maxine holds up her hand to silence her sister's attempted interjection.

"Let me finish...! I was in a hell of a dilemma. Should I go to the police and report it? Get my Daddy, who I love, sent to prison? Then, let's face it, in a farming community like ours there's no such thing as name suppression! So, should I ruin the 'public' life of my sister, who I love, at the same time? Should I ignore you and get out of here as quickly as I could and never come back again? Or should I try and put an end to it and get us all to acknowledge among ourselves what has happened is irreversible, but it mustn't happen again?"

"There is another option," Gail murmurs quietly, but Maxine ignores her.

"I was still stewing over alternatives when I watched you making love to Daddy last night. Gail, you were so wonderful to see - both of you! And I realised that it wasn't a case of Daddy abusing you at all. You two are oh, so obviously in love. And, even though the law says it's incest, what I saw was two healthy people, both of you over the legal age of consent, who are totally rapt with each other, performing a natural act that the 'normal population' are allowed to do as of right.

"The police will never find out about you two from me. But, promise me that you will be very discrete! If they ever do learn that Daddy has had sex with you, even in many years time and despite the fact you freely consented, he will definitely go to jail for abusing an under-twenty-year-old person under his care and protection!

"After I had watched your beautiful orgasms and the way you kissed each other afterwards, I went back to my room and I cried and cried and cried. I was as jealous as hell that Daddy had chosen you to be his lover, Gail! I was so angry that Daddy doesn't make love to me like that. And I was thinking: Aren't I good enough for him?"

Maxine holds up her hand, asking for silence from us again.

"Rightly or wrongly I decided to find some way of hurting you; Daddy first and then you, Gail. I wasn't going to 'pot' you to the cops, so I had to think of something else. Something really, really bad. I was out of my mind with jealousy over your happiness together. And after my row with Daddy, first thing this morning, I was in an even worse state. I wandered around the farm for a while, wracking my brains for ideas. Then I saw Pete letting the cows out after milking. He was ideal! A strong, virile young man, and I knew he'd always fancied me. Better still, because I was so distressed yesterday and this morning, I'd forgotten to take my pill. And where I'm at in my cycle, there was a good chance I'd get pregnant! That'd hurt Daddy more than anything else I could think of would! I really was out of my mind!

"Anyway, as crazy as it may sound, I didn't want to get Pete punished for not doing his job properly, so I gave him twenty minutes to finish washing the equipment down and run the steriliser through. And then I went for him. The rest, as they say, is history."

Gail and I sit there silently, digesting this information; each of us lost in our own thoughts. Thoughts! My mind is a jumbled mishmash trying to come to terms with Maxine's judgements and feelings.

Oh, my poor sister, we have hurt you so much, Daddy and I! How can we make it up to you? I tried to tell you of another choice. Maybe if...it is worth a try!

"Maxine..." Gail's voice is very soft and warm, "Please come into bed with us." She slides down until the duvet covers her up to the neck and, pinches my leg, signalling me to do the same.

Maxine starts to scramble under the covers.

"No! Not like that!"

Maxine pauses uncertainly, her cheeks suddenly flushing a bright red. Then her eyes light up. She swiftly unbuttons her housecoat and throws it onto the floor. For the second time today I see my eldest daughter's beautiful naked body and again my penis stirs. Maxine knows that I am admiring her loveliness and unashamedly raises her arms and spread her legs to show me everything. But, it is her sister who breathes huskily, "Oh, Maxie, you are so beautiful!"

If Gail is a dainty forest naiad, Maxine is Earth Mother - a fecund goddess built especially for procreation! Her back and waist are slim, like Gail's, but her breasts are full and round, and with no sag. And they are tipped with large, dark brown-pink nipples. Her belly, hips and buttocks are generously curved, tight-skinned and glossy and without a hint of fat. Her pubic bush is a mystical, verdant grove that is so thick that it almost hides the dusky prominences of her outer labia and protruding hood. She is extraordinarily, beautifully, sexually alluring!

Then this magical person slides under the covers and snuggles her soft belly against my hip.

Gail leans across my chest with her soft breasts crushed flat against me. My erection surges hotter and harder. She kisses her older sister softly on the lips and, to my amazement, begins to touch her breast under the covers. Maxine looks shocked too, but she rolls onto her back slightly and let Gail carry on with her caresses.

"Maxine, you should know that it was me who seduced Daddy, not the other way around. I have had strong sexual feelings for him as long as I can remember. Yes, ever since I was a little girl."

"So have I!" Maxine moans faintly.

"When you left for the university I laid little traps for him and he began to want me too, but he kept his distance. Eventually, I won him over and it has been so wonderful between us ever since. I love him very much Maxine and I love you, we both do. Here, give me your hand."

From the movement under the covers, I can tell that Gail has ceased to fondle Maxine's breast and is seeking her sister's hand. I feel her place it on my rampant erection and hold it there. I say nothing, do nothing. For a while I am to be a spectator to a very special drama.

"This is Daddy's penis. Isn't it wonderful? It feels so beautiful when he slides it in you and strokes it in your belly until you cum. Feel how hard and smooth he is Maxine. Touch him all over. Feel the slippery pre-cum leaking from its head. Mmmm, it tastes so lovely when you take him in your mouth. Find his testicles and hold them in your hand. They are so fragile, yet they hold so much life. Go ahead, touch him."

Gail's moves her hand away from me and returns to her sister. I can tell she is stroking Maxine's hip. Meanwhile, Maxine begins to explore me, just as Gail told her to. I close my eyes dreamily; lost in the deeply erotic sensations she is giving me.

All of a sudden, I hear faint liquid sounds and Maxine gasps. I open my eyes to see her staring saucer-eyed at Gail.

"Have I shocked you by touching you between your legs, Maxine? Mmmmm! Your pussy is so wet and slippery! I think you are ready for Daddy already! Have you taken your pill now?"

Maxine nods dumbly.

"Come then and kneel astride his hips."

Gail has Maxine totally under her control. Still staring incredulously into Gail's eyes, the older girl does exactly as she is told. I feel Gail positioning the head of my penis at the entrance to Maxine's vagina, sliding it up and down her slit several times to moisten the head. I hold my breath. Soon I will no longer be an idle onlooker.

"Now press down."

Maxine gasps again as her hot, satin sheath encloses my hard shaft, sliding smoothly over me and swallowing my full length in one easy movement. At last, she turns her attention to me and I reach up with my warm hands to cup and caress her lush breasts and nipples. Maxine moans and starts to work her stomach muscles, and moves herself up and down on my rod.

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