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My Darling Wife Denise


I guess a lot of people had said right from the outset that our marriage wouldn’t work – but we proved them wrong.

The first time I caught sight of Denise was in a rather peculiar situation. One of the chaps with whom I was working at the time was getting married and he arranged his own stag night! He was a very lonely man and desperately wanted to be liked by his fellow workers and thus he invited me along – we really didn’t know one another at all. His bride to be was really a very nice girl who worked in the building next door and they had met on the footpath about a year ago.

There were 12 men who attended his stag night party. He had done all of the arranging and booked a pub as the drinking venue and later, we retired to a large room he had booked at the hotel for the rest of the party. He was thoughtful enough to also book a couple of extra rooms in case any of his guests decided to stay over if they weren’t able to get home safely.

All went well with the first part of the stag night. Everyone joined in and we had a good time drinking a great deal and enjoying each others company. Although none of us were really close to the groom, we did our best to join in the festivities.

At about 11pm when we were all a little bit merry from the drink, we were invited to go up to his hotel room to continue the party. He had arranged the party so well there was a stack of booze already there and what he called his highlight – he had arranged for a stripper to come and entertain us all. What lengths a lonely man will go to to see that everyone might be his friend.

When the stripper arrived I just couldn’t believe my eyes – she was gorgeous. She was a pretty, tallish girl, aged 25 with a figure which had to be seen to be believed! She had short blonde hair and the nicest smile anyone could wish for!

She had with her a portable tape deck and set this up on the table and then asked which was the groom. Once this was established, she gave him a big passionate kiss and said, “Let’s get this show under way!”

The music started and she began her dance. She took about 3 minutes before the first item of her clothing was removed – we were all in a state of suspense by now. Her clothing was simple – a short blouse tied with a bow just under her magnificent boobs, this of course exposed her lovely flat stomach. She had on a very short mini skirt and shoes but no stockings.

Well the knot holding the bottom of her blouse was the first item to be undone, and when this happened, the whole of the blouse fell apart and showed her very small bra which was holding those magnificent boobs. When this blouse was on the floor, she didn’t take long to undo her bra and when this followed her blouse, she was naked from the waist up and showing a beautiful pair of firm tits.

It was easy to see every man in the room was very, very excited at the sight. She looked wonderful, slowly dancing to the beat of the music.

It didn’t take long for her short skirt to follow the other clothes and then she was dressed only in her shoes and a very small pair of knickers. These knickers were so small they showed some of her pubic hair at the edges and at the same time were transparent and showed the rest of her hair. Surprisingly her pubic hair was very black, so unlike her hair on her head. She also had a very fine covering of hair on her forearms – this not being as dark as her pussy hair, but a light shade something between her head and pubic hair coloring.

She danced her way over to the groom who was sitting on a chair at this stage and thoroughly enjoying the show. She asked him to remove her knickers and presented herself right up in front of him. He was very embarrassed but agreed to do the job. He stuck his fingers in the top of her knickers on either side and, as she gently rotated her hips, he lowered her knickers until they were around her ankles.

Once she had stepped out of her knickers and kicked off her shoes – apart from a watch – she was completely naked! She really looked beautiful standing there in front of the groom. She didn’t look at all like the strippers I had seen previously (and I had seen a few) she was beautiful, had a wonderful figure and the most pleasant manner about her I had seen in a young woman. She was wearing only the barest makeup and this consisted of just a little lipstick on her lips and, as I was to discover later, a dab or two of lipstick on her nipples because she said they looked better with a little something to make them more noticeable. What an unnecessary addition of makeup because they looked wonderful anyway, but I had to agree they did look good with the extra color.

She stretched herself in front of the groom, placed her right leg over his left shoulder and eased herself over his shoulder until her cunt was right up against his lips! What a sight. He hesitated for just a short while before he extended his tongue and began licking the lips of her pussy. She stayed there for several minutes seeming to enjoy the tonguing she was receiving and slowly moving her hips so that her pussy lips were always available for him to lick.

After a little while she moved away enough to place her foot back on the floor and dropped to her knees in front of him and, without any hesitation at all, she began to open the front of his trousers. Needless to say he was excited beyond belief and was obviously fully aroused judging by the state of his cock when she held it in her hand.

Once she had been stroking it for about 30 seconds, she began to lick his cock and then slowly inserted it into her mouth. She then proceeded to give him what must have been the head job of the year! She sucked and sucked, moving her head up and down on his shaft and obviously enjoying her work.

When it was obvious he was just about ready to cum, she moved her head off his cock and asked him, very nicely, whether he would prefer to cum in her mouth or in her cunt! His eyes sprang open and he had the look of a bewildered boy who had just been given the choices of his life and didn’t know what to do next.

She made the choice for him by undoing the rest of his trousers and dropping them and his underpants to the floor. She then took him by the hand and led him to the bed, laid herself back on the bed and invited him to have his last fuck before he married his wife!

He was, in effect, a very shy man but he didn’t take much effort to overcome his shyness. With his raging cock in his hand he advanced to the bed and, without any preliminaries, plunged his cock into her waiting cunt. She was obviously turned on by the events and was quite wet. He slid into her without any effort at all.

He fucked her like a madman for the whole minute he lasted before he blasted a full load into her cunt. She smiled at him, hugged him and wished him a very happy marriage! What a lady!

While she was still lying on the bed, with her legs apart and looking a million dollars, she asked if any of his friends would like to fuck her too! We just couldn’t believe our ears. This was an offer to fuck the prettiest and most pleasant girl we had ever encountered – we could hardly wait!

The first man fucked her in very quick time – we were all very turned on and it didn’t take long for him to cum. He was followed by each of the other men present. I was the fifth man to fuck her and, although she was a little sloppy from the cum already in her cunt from the other four men, it was definitely the best pussy I had ever placed my cock in! It was wonderful.

She was very sloppy when we had all finished and when she rose from the bed to walk to the bathroom to clean up, the accumulated cum was literally running down her legs. I wondered how she had managed to keep as much inside her pussy as she had although there was a very wet patch on the bed clothes just below where her pussy had been.

Once she was cleaned up she returned to the room, still stark naked and still looking as wonderful as before and proceeded to kiss the groom on his lips, obviously using her tongue to get him aroused. She then asked him if her wanted to fuck her again before she left. He realized he was the special guest and willingly agreed to a further fuck. This time, she moved onto her hands and knees and presented her beautiful cunt for him to fuck her doggie style. He plunged into her and proceeded to fuck her for all he was worth. When he had cum in her cunt again, he was really exhausted and slumped onto the bed alongside her trying to thank her enough for looking after him so well.

Our stripper gave us all a beaming smile and slowly dressed herself. She thanked us all for participating in the events of the evening and once again wished the groom all the very best for his marriage. Then she was gone!

I was besotted by this girl! I wondered how I could meet her again. As the groom and his bride were going on a honeymoon for a whole month, I had to await until they returned before I could ask him how he had contacted her for his stag party.

I told him a friend of mine wanted a stag party and I was given the task of arranging the stripper for him. He accepted my story with a knowing smile and gladly gave me a contact number for Denise.

I could hardly wait to ring her. I tried to explain to her over the phone who I was, but she said she would have to meet me to recognize me because she attended lots of parties like that and couldn’t even hope to remember anyone at all.

She was quite willing to meet with me even though I hadn’t mentioned any booking or anything which may have been remotely business.

When we met at the appointed hotel bar that night, I had no difficulty recognizing her – she was just as beautiful as the stag night party if not a little better!

She didn’t recognize me at all, but we had a couple of friendly drinks and then enjoyed a pleasant meal together. We got on really well. When it was time to head for home, I asked if I could escort her and she willingly agreed. We hailed a taxi and were soon speeding to her flat, not terribly far from where I live.

In the cab we held hands and looked into each other’s eyes before we kissed for the first time just before we arrived at her address. She invited me inside for coffee and, having paid the taxi fare, I followed her into her flat. It was nicely decorated and she seemed to be a very tidy person.

As soon as she had slipped her coat off, and hung it on a rack nearby, she turned to me and began to kiss me like I had never been kissed before! I was fully aroused and couldn’t help hoping I would get to fuck her again tonight.

She was most passionate and we groped each other and finally we began to remove each other’s clothes. Soon we were naked and she took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom.

Within seconds, she was sucking on my cock and giving me the most pleasurable sensations. It was only a matter of a minute or so and I could feel I was about to cum. When I told her she simply took her mouth off my cock for a moment and said, “Please cum in my mouth – I love it when someone I love cums in my mouth!”

Did I hear right? Did she say “love”? Am I going mad? Anyway, before I could think any further, I came in her mouth and she swallowed every bit of it!

I was in love – or at least it felt like that. We laid on the bed beside one another and slowly caressed each other. When she had been stroking my cock for a few minutes it was obvious I was erect again.

This time, she simply spread her legs widely, pulled me on top of her and, holding my cock in her hand, she slowly inserted it into her waiting cunt. I was really in heaven.

It took me longer to cum this time and I enjoyed all of the time it took, slowly stroking my cock in and out of her soft, juicy cunt.

She told me again she loved me! I couldn’t believe what she was saying. I felt the same way but was too shy to say the words at this time. She snuggled into my body and, holding each other close, we both went to sleep – naked and happy.

When we woke in the morning, she smiled at me and again told me she loved me! What is she doing to me? I decided to ask her what she meant by the word “love” and she said – “Just what it always means – I LOVE YOU!”

She seemed to be so genuine I really believed her and now felt I could tell her the same. We cuddled kissed and fucked all morning except for toilet breaks and also a quick bite to eat!

I realized I really did love Denise! I was in love!

This might sound really ridiculous, but I stayed at her house for 3 days and nights! I had rung into work to say I was ill and would be returning soon.

Suddenly my thoughts turned from love (and all that goes with it) to her and what her life had been until we had met. I really had to ask her about her stripping and what she intended doing about that in the future.

Denise amazed me with her next few words! “Roger darling, I love you and I would be really happy if we could get married and live together for ever and ever! But, of course, I wouldn’t be able to give up my stripping because, although you think I am doing it for the money, I am really doing it because I love to have sex with lots of different men. I can’t give that up – but I do want to marry you and love only you.”

This couldn’t be right – how could a man marry the girl of his dreams but still allow her to fuck other men, and so many of them?

I told Denise of my doubts and told her I wanted to marry her, but would feel much better if she could give up the stripping. She simply told me she couldn’t give it up and therefore I would have to have her as a bride but still allowing her to do these things or, and this was a terrible thought, we would have to end it all right here and now!

Well, there were lots and lots of questions I wanted to ask Denise! How had she not become pregnant after all of these men? Could she really love just one man (me) and still carry on with the stripping? How would I ever be able to believe she would stay with me whilst carrying on with so many men? Is there really a future for us both? These and many more questions needed answers but – I guess love is blind – and, after a couple of the questions were answered by Denise we decided to get married!

If wasn’t a big marriage ceremony – just a few of my friends and believe me I didn’t have many friends – and we were man and wife!

I did have a couple of concerns about our marriage – and to help it through, I decided to request several conditions for Denise and her activities.

I asked her to move with me to another city – well away from where she had been operating. She agreed to this saying she would have no difficulty establishing herself anywhere. This would also not be a problem for me as my job in sales, and with a very good track record, I would be able to get a good job anywhere.

The second request was a little surprising to Denise. I asked that I be allowed to accompany her on every stripping job. I could go as her escort or bodyguard, whichever she thought more appropriate at the time. She agreed to this without any hesitation but warned me I might not like all I saw. I told her we were in this together and for a marriage to work, we must take the good with the bad.

Another request was for her to have regular medical examinations. I wanted her to be clean and if I was to be her husband and fuck her whenever we wanted, I didn’t want to be catching some disease or other. She readily agreed to that too, saying she was having regular medical checks already and we would soon establish a willing doctor wherever we moved. She also told me the reason she never got pregnant now was that she became pregnant at 16 and she had an abortion. The doctor who was a friend of hers, and understood her situation, suggested if she was going to continue to carry on with lots of different men, perhaps tying her tubes might be a sensible option. She had this done and also informed me that, although the process could not always be guaranteed, it could be reversed if needed and she could become pregnant again.

All these present doubts seemed to be answered and so we decided to start looking for a married future in another city.

We chose a city which had a wonderful climate and the sort of location we both liked. We bought ourselves a delightful older style of home and proceeded to settle in. I haven’t mentioned before, but I am comparatively wealthy and Denise, partly from her activities, has quite a healthy bank balance too.

Thus we were set up very well. I decided to spend a few months helping Denise set up her activities and deferred looking for a position for myself.

Denise had no doubts about her ability to set herself up and so, after making a few discreet inquiries at a couple of pubs and clubs, I located a very respected doctor. He already handled quite a number of high priced call girls and I guessed he would be able to add one more to the list. He was duly contacted and we both went to see him for appropriate tests. He was a genial sort of chap in his early fifties and greeted us like long lost friends even though this was our first meeting.

Dr. Simmons certainly didn’t beat around the bush! He asked a few questions of us, particularly of Denise, and then simply said to her, “Right my girl, get out of all of your clothes and hop up on that examination couch and fit your feet into the stirrups – I guess you have done this lots of times before!” Denise stripped very quickly and hopped up onto the table and hooked her feet into the said stirrups. Dr. Simmons quickly spread the stirrups, and Denise’s legs, until she was spread very wide and open. He pulled up a seat which was on wheels and proceeded with his examination. He called me over and said “Why don’t you watch what I am doing, if you are like me I am sure you like looking at beautiful pussies and you won’t readily get an opportunity to see one as beautiful as this one and stretched so widely as it is at the moment.” I really enjoyed watching him at work. First he inserted his speculum into her cunt and did a visual examination with the aid of a special light which he inserted inside the speculum. It was really something for me to actually look inside my wife’s cunt – I quickly thought there wouldn’t be a lot of husbands who would have seen the actual inside of their wife’s cunt. How lucky I am!

He then proceeded to take three swabs and carefully sealed them for checking in the laboratory later. After examining Denise’s breasts for lumps and something else he wouldn’t elaborate on to me, he declared her to be fit and healthy, subject to the tests coming back clear, and arranged for Denise to ring him in 3 days to get the test results. He also set up a regular series of appointments, each 3 weeks apart, for these routine tests in the future. He seemed to be a very understanding doctor. Denise was really pleased with Dr. Simmons.

Denise amazed me in the way she set up her business. First she contacted all of the wedding photographers in the telephone book. She asked them to provide her with all of the appointments which had been made with them for weddings and, where possible, the name and address of the groom or, if possible, the best man. Some of the photographers were keen to help her establish her business but others were more skeptical and demanded some sort of payment. Denise told me if she liked the look of those photographers who wanted payment, she offered to let them fuck her on a regular basis if they provided essential information. After just the second week, she had fucked 17 photographers who had supplied not only the details of the wedding photographs, but the names and addresses of the best men involved in each wedding. She told me it was usually the best man who arranged for the stripper and it was better to approach them rather than the groom who might be a little hesitant at incurring the wrath of his new wife if she found out he had arranged it. It was too difficult for me to be present when the photographers fucked Denise but as soon as she arrived home, she told me, in great detail, just how they had fucked her. There was no doubt, she loved to be fucked and as often as possible.

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