tagLoving WivesMy Darling Wife Kritika Ch. 02

My Darling Wife Kritika Ch. 02


Hi I am Varun 35 male from Delhi and my wife's name is Kritika, we have been married for 5 years now.

Kritika is from delhi too and she 32 years of age. She is 5'6" voluptuous but very well maintained and looks much younger than her age.

It all started with a dance party on kritika's cousin's marriage which went wild.

After the episode of that night I could see some changes in my wife. Next morning she woke me up wearing nothing and was simply insatiable, and her eyes were closed mostly during the sex as if she was imagining herself to be somewhere else.

Anyways next day of that episode it was engagement of her cousin, so she went to parlour straight after our sex session and was there till afternoon, and when she came back her face was all glowing, she straight away went to the bathroom and I followed her. She resisted but I argued I can't wait to see her naked again, to which she just smiled in a naughty way and made faces. She started undressing herself and I could drool more on her sexy figure with her skin all glowing with recent full body waxing.

But then she pushed me out of the bathroom and closed the door. When she came out I went ecstatic with her fragrance. I went to take bath and left her getting ready and when I came out sight of her gave me an instant hard on. Her backless blouse showed every bit of her spotless back and the straps of her blouse threatened to break any moment. The glittering red saree made her look like a godess. Her beautiful mounds were in full glory and she could give competition to movie stars that night. Her diamond jewelery just added to everything and it was very difficult to tell if they made her look better or they were looking good cause of her.

We reached the venue for the engagement of her cousin and it was a farm house. A huge bungalow with all the glittering lights everywhere, only dimly lit place was the swimming pool near which bar was set and since I had nothing much to do I hit the bar instantly.

My wife was standing with couple of other ladies and I was enjoying her beauty from where I was sitting. Then suddenly I saw the same guy sitting on next table who had all his way with my wife when she was drunk last night. He was sitting with his friends and I overheard him pointing to my wife and telling his friend what a great quickie they had and wishing that he could do more than just a confined quickie in the car. I had a raging hard on listening to this and was sure to get some real action that night.

I could see her bitching with the ladies with a drink in her hand and I knew very soon alcohol will start taking its effect on her, this guy made his first move by just passing by and giving her a smile but she quickly avoided him after giving a brief smile in return. Then he tried another way by started talking to some other lady standing nearby to whom he seemed to be familiar and after some time she introduced him formally to my wife and they shook hands as if they were complete strangers. They started talking and I stood very near with a group of men trying to overhear as much as possible. All I could make out was that this guy was telling her that this farmhouse belongs to his uncle and he would love to show her around. I got thrilled as I could imagine what all that will lead to.

Then I saw her looking for me and I was as usual smart enough to stay out of her sight. She asked that guy where the washroom was and he happily led her that way. I tried to follow them but somehow lost both of them as it was a big house. Next fifteen minutes I was looking for her in frenzy but I could not find her, my mind was racing with the thought that are the already making out somewhere but then I suddenly saw her walking my way closely followed by this guy. I immediately hid somewhere from where I could see and hear them and then I could see this guy flirting with her in full glory. He told her how beautiful she looks and he would like to show her rest of the house and told her that the house had a history of wild romances to which she said in a naughty way which part of the house is most romantic as per him and he said that he will show that to her.

I could clearly see the sexual tension building between them and he came very close to her before taking her empty glass from her hand and fixing her another drink. He then led her to another part of the house and I closely followed. They went to a place which looked like study and they entered it and the door got closed, I was clueless what to do next as i could not see anything and desperately tried to look for a window but could find none. I was standing hiding behind a pillar there next fifteen minutes cursing my luck when I see them coming out, I instantly noticed that her hair was disheveled and her lipstick was gone. They passed by me and I could hear them talk, the guy asked said that he wish she could stay there some more to which she replied that her husband would be looking for he. Next I saw her going to the washroom again and when she came out she was all decked up again and looked as if nothing has happened.

Then not able to spot me anywhere she called me on my phone and I said that I have made some friends and having fun boozing, I asked her what she is up to and she said she has met some old friends. I was then keeping a watch on her from a safe distance, she straight away went to that guy and they started chatting again, he said that he would like to show her another room but only if she repeats her performance for a longer duration this time to which she flirtingly laughed. I was thinking pretty hard what that "performance" referred to. He then wasted no time and took her to a room which looked more like a bar which was not at use, luckily it had a window and I could peep in, I saw them exchanging looks and he was rested himself against a wall, next I saw my wife understanding his move go down on her knees and unzipped his trousers. She then looking in his eyes took his dick in her hands and rubbed it on her cheeks, next I could see my beautiful wife tongue was all over his dick. He held her head and pushed his dick in her mouth. She was taking it in as much as she can but he was pushing harder making her choke at times. This guy was going completely wild with the pleasure kritika was giving him and at one point he decided that he could not hold any longer, but to make maximum out of it he just pushed my wife's head away from his dick and ask her to turn and get on the couch on all fours. She obediently did that as if possessed by him and he simply pulled her saree up till her waist, then he pulled her panty so wildly that it tore off. She was kind of completely naked by back as her blouse was anyways backless and her saree was pulled till her waist. He wasted no time and shoved his dick in my wife's pussy. It was too much too see my wife's beautiful skin glowing and he fucking her doggie style without much foreplay and treating her like a complete slut. Her breast was jiggling and pressing very hard against her blouse as if it will come out tearing it off. He kept pumping her in that position for couple of minutes and my wife was having a look of complete enjoyment and was moaning in between.

Then he paused for some time and turned her around and started unhooking her blouse, her beautiful mounds could be clearly seen now. He just slid the straps of her bra and starting caressing her nipples with his tongue. My wife could not take it any longer and she begged him to fuck her to which he instantly obliged. This time in full force he was on his top banging her and she had spread her legs in the air like a complete whore. I could see his penis entering her vagina with force and then coming out glistening with her juices. After fucking her for ten minutes he was about to come and pulled his penis out just in time and ejaculated all over her thighs.

Then he collapsed on my wife and both lay there catching their breath. Then they kissed when he got up my wife started dressing up. It was a different feeling to see her dress up after being freshly fucked by someone else.

She then tied her hair and he bent toward her and kissed her on lips to which she responded warmly.

Then they were all set to come out so I came back to the place where I was and after sometime my wife came there looking for me. I asked her where was she and she said she was having a look at the house with a friend and she had twinkle in her eyes.

Then she turned around and moved towards a group of ladies and I just sat there with my drink anticipating her next action.......

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