tagIncest/TabooMy Daughter and I

My Daughter and I


I was in my home office with my neighbor, who I had been sexually servicing for about four years in a way that his wife would not. He was sitting, naked, on a chair. I was also naked, on my knees between his legs with his cock in my mouth. His cock twitched and started unloading my reward. When he started pumping his seed into my mouth I began swallowing. I kept his cock in my mouth sucking on the knob and licking all remnants of his cum being sure I did not miss any.

Just as he finished feeding me his seed I heard the door close. Dropping his cock from my mouth I asked him, "Did you just hear something?"

"No", he replied as I stood from my kneeling position.

Jim, began putting his clothes on and I slipped my pants and shoes back on. After Jim left I decided to see if anyone was here besides us. I went into the room which I have turned into a bar. I fixed myself a glass of Jack Daniel's and walked through the sliding doors onto the patio.

Myia, my thirty two year old daughter was sitting on the porch swing. She had a cocktail on the table beside the swing and an amused smile on her face.

Myia just recently split from her husband and she and her four year old son, Brandon, are living with me until she gets back on her feet.

"Hi Myia", I somewhat nervously greeted her. "How long have you been home? I thought you were working this afternoon."

"I was supposed to work this afternoon but it was really slow so I decided to take the rest of the day off," she replied. "Brandon is with his father this weekend and I thought I would just take some time for myself."

I began to relax a little believing that what I heard was her in the barroom. "It is always good to take time for yourself."

"Is that what you do? I saw you in the office just now." Then she continued, "I have wondered if you were bi-sexual and now I guess I know."

"Yes I have been bi-sexual for many years now. Does it bother you knowing that I like having sex with men?"

"Actually no, it does not. I just wish it was me instead of Jim," She responded.

Somewhat taken aback I stammered, "Wh...Wh..What did you say?"

She looked down at her hands clasped in her lap and quietly repeated, "I wish it was me you were having sex with instead of Jim."

After a short silence she continued, "I have wanted you sexually ever since I was about fifteen. I use to fantasize about you slipping into my bed at night.."

"Myia, I am very flattered that you wish to have me in that way, but it cannot be. You are my daughter," I sternly replied.

Myia said no more she stood up from the swing, picked up her drink and drank it. Then she stopped beside me on her way into the bar and kissed me on the cheek saying, "Okay, I will see you at supper."

Myia is a beautiful young lady at five feet one inch tall, weighing about one hundred ten pounds, striking blue eyes, a B plus cup size and copper red hair that she wears shoulder length.

I watched her as she walked past the bar, sat her empty glass on the counter and proceeded towards the kitchen.

As I watched her I thought, 'She probably is a very hot fuck. But she is my daughter and it cannot be.'

Over the next few days neither of us mentioned what we had discussed.

Then one evening just her and I were sitting at the bar having a drink when she asked, "Are you sure?"

I just nodded my head took a sip of my Jack and changed the subject.

About two weeks after Myia had caught me with a cock in my mouth my wife had to go on a business trip and would be gone for at least two weeks. She flew out of town on a Friday afternoon. I always felt there was a little more to her business trips than she talked about. However it did not bother me as we had not been sexually active with each other for a least five years, at that time. At that time she told me that she no longer was interested in sex to which I replied that she can do with out sex but I am not. I am sure that she has a lover, I know I have several.

That evening Myia and I dropped Brandon off at his fathers on our way to the club for dinner. We had a few drinks while there and then went home.

We did not talk about her fantasy of having sex with me again, except the one time she asked me if I was sure.

She had a mysterious smile on her face all evening while we were at the club.

I finally asked, "Are you alright? You seem to be in a strange mood this evening."

"Yes," she stated, "It is just that I always enjoy coming here."

I noted an unfamiliar look in her eyes but said nothing.

Something woke me about three in the morning. I looked down my body and saw Myia, naked, on my bed between my legs and my hard cock in her mouth. At that point all resistance on my part vanished.

She took my cock from her mouth, kissed the head and licked the pre-cum from the slit as it flowed out. She lapped the pre-cum, kissed, licked and nibbled my cock head. Then she slipped the tip of my cock back into her mouth and ran her tongue up and down the shaft as she slid it deeper into her throat. She managed to get all of my seven and a half inches into her mouth and my bare balls rested on her chin. She held still for a minute then slowly started bobbing her mouth up and down on my cock.

I felt my cock twitch as my seed started to boil up my cock-shaft. When I started shooting my cum into my daughters mouth she backed up on the shaft until her lips sealed just the head in her mouth. I shot four very large loads of seed into her mouth, she swallowed all she could and the rest dribbled out of her mouth.

After I cum she lay with my cock in her mouth licking the head. When she was satisfied that my cum was all gone she raised her body up next to me and whispered, "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did."

"Yes sweetheart, I enjoyed it very much." I then pulled her into my arms and gave her a deep tongue probing kiss. After we broke the kiss I stated, "You do know, do you not that the genie can never be put back in the bottle."

"Yes," she giggled, "I know."

It was like a breath of fresh air and all barriers were gone. We kissed and caressed each other as we whispered endearments in the others ear.

I started gently massaging her breast and soon had her nipple in my mouth, suckling her. I switched to the other tit and did the same before kissing and nibbling my way down her body.

When I got to her bald mound of heaven I kissed and licked it. I separated her pussy lips with my tongue. I kissed, licked and sucked the gate to her love tunnel. I tongue fucked her and flicked her clit with my tongue. I sucked on her swollen clit as though it was a small cock.

Myia started mewling as she began having orgasms. She tightened her legs around my head and mewled with each orgasm. Then she would relax until the next one came. She had a crescendo of orgasms with each wave more intense than the one before. As she rode the waves of her orgasms her mewling vocally increased in volume. Her cum rolled out of her like a river and I lapped like a kitten at a saucer of milk.

When I felt that she was nearing her big O I brought my body up hers and as I hovered over her I took my ramrod hard cock in my hand and rubbed the head up and down between the lips that guarded the entrance to her love tunnel.

With my cock positioned over her mound of pleasure and aligned with the entrance to her piece of heaven, I sank into her.

It felt like my cock had been immersed in a ball of fire. I lay still for awhile as we locked lips and our tongues joyfully danced with each others.

I began slowly pumping into my daughter and she thrust her hips back matching my tempo.

We stared into each others eyes as we slowly pumped to meet each other. I pumped into her very hot love tunnel and she rode my cock meeting me thrust for thrust. Her eyes radiated her love and I am sure that mine did as well.

We slowly fucked for several minutes as we enjoyed the bliss of sharing our special father/daughter love. Then with a sense of urgency we increased the tempo of our thrusts into and against each other.

She sensed that I was nearing my climax and started thrusting hard. I could not hold back any longer and I started shooting my seed into her. I pumped five shots of seed, emptying my balls deep into her.

As I started shooting my seed she started having a crescendo of climaxes each gaining in intensity. She cried out with each climax and tightened her sheath around my cock. Each time she cried out it was vocally louder.

Her whole body shook as we consummated our love for each other.

We collapsed onto each other and with my cock still buried in her, our lips locked together and our tongues did a slow dance.

We lay back with her cuddled in my arms as we stroked and petted each other and whispered endearments. I soon realized that she was sleeping.

I arose from the bed and in the dim light I studied the body of my beautiful daughter, she had the look of a woman that not only felt loved but was very sexually satisfied.

An overwhelming feeling of love and a sense of immense pride welled up in me as I watched her peacefully sleeping.

I put on a light robe, slipped out of the room and proceeded to the bar. The grey light of dawn was streaming through the glass doors to the patio. I looked a the clock and it read a quarter past six

Myia and I had been exchanging our love for about three hours.

I brewed a pot of coffee and when it was ready I poured a cup full, carried it onto the patio and sat on the swing sipping it.

As I sipped on the coffee many thoughts of the happenings of the last few hours entered my mind.

First and foremost was, 'I just fucked my daughter!'... 'no that isn't right I made love to my daughter.'

'or should I say we made love to and with each other.'

'What happens now, the dynamics of our relationship is forever changed.'

'Will we continue on this path?'

My brain was in a turmoil with these and other thoughts. Over a period of a couple of hours I drained the coffee pot as I sorted through my thoughts and feelings.

I finally came to the conclusion that Myia is certainly old enough to know what her feelings are and what she is doing. Our overwhelming love for each other brought us to this point and it was bound to happen sooner or later.

It was not like just having sex with my daughter but rather the further bonding of father and daughter by the consummation of our love for each other.

As I contemplated on everything I realized that with all of the women I have had an emotional and sexual relationship with, none came close in comparison to the love which Myia and I share.

I prepared another pot of coffee and it was ready just before Myia appeared.

She was wearing a sheer lilac colored baby doll and radiated both an outer and inner beauty. Her striking blue eyes were glistening with love and immense pleasure.

I poured a cup of coffee for her and set it on the counter. She came to me, wrapped herself in my arms and whispered, "You are wonderful." Then before I could reply she clamped her lips on mine.

We broke our kiss and she picked up her cup and sipped the coffee. We walked onto the patio and sat on the swing.

We sat in silence as we drank our coffee.

I finally spoke, "How are you feeling, sweetheart?"

"MMMMM", she replied. "I feel wonderful and I feel loved. I am very happy that we did what we did. The only regret I have is that we did not fully express our love a long time ago."

I reached over and pulled her into my arms. We kissed as we embraced and were soon exploring each others body with our hands. We somehow managed to remove what clothing the other had on and our exploration continued with the addition of our mouths.

Myia slipped to her knees between my legs and took my rapidly hardening cock into her mouth. She sucked as she slid the shaft into her mouth. She slowly moved her mouth up and down my rigid shaft.

Then she swallowed all of my cock... backed off a little then did so again. She dropped my cock out of her mouth, stood and straddled my body.

Myia plunged her body down on my cock burying it deep in her tunnel of love and once again it felt like my cock was in a furnace. She worked her pussy up and down on my hard cock and I thrust my hips meeting her mound of heaven as she came down and pulling back, keeping time with her tempo. She sped the tempo up, plunging her love tunnel rapidly up and down on my cock. Then she slowed the tempo, pumping gently up and down. Then she sped up again, she alternated between slow and frantically pumping on my cock.

With a very loud guttural sound she slammed herself down hard on my cock, squeezed her knees on my hips and spasmed violently as her orgasm overtook her. My cock spewed forth its seed with five squirts. After giving my daughter my seed my cock began to go limp. She gripped my cock in her tunnel of love as she collapsed forward onto me. We basked in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

Myia swung herself off of me and sat beside me. I dropped to my knees between her legs. Cum, both hers and mine, was dribbling out of her sweet pussy. I leaned forward and began lapping our love juices. I sucked on her mound of joy and licked the gateway of the passage to heaven. I stuck my tongue in as deep as I could licking her clean and savoring it all.

Myia and I fucked and made love all weekend, we were like two teen agers that had just discovered sex and just could not get enough.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/24/19

Anybody want a "daughter" ? get ahold of me at i_am_only_1me@yahoo.ca

Anybody want a "daughter" ? get ahold of me at i_am_only_1me@yahoo.ca

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by Anonymous04/16/18

Me Too

As i grow up I too dreamed of my Dad and me.
At a young age I went in on my dad as he sleep and woke him as I took his thing in my mouth. While mom was away one night I too got him too make love to memore...

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by clitlicker4u04/15/18

What a lucky man

Even though it was later in life, at least he did get to fuck his daughter. Made me wish I had a daughter to fuck

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by kmlicksandkisses04/14/18


Thank you for sharing your life experiences with your daughter. Truly a pleasure to read and imagine what might have been for myself with my daughter. Thank you again. Looking forward to any other experiencesmore...

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