My Daughter Eases My Pain Ch. 2


She started to cum almost at once. As she came I thrust into her, fucking my daughter just like I had fucked her friends earlier. I saw her going through her orgasm and then start on small rolling little ones. Her body shook and shuddered for a few minutes as I continued to thrust into her hot little pussy.

After she had gathered her wits about her she moved around into a sixty-nine and began to fellate me with vigor. Her wet pussy was above my face and I leaned up to suck on her red, open lips.

As I licked her, I could feel my cock all of the way in her mouth and down her throat. Her throat was caressing the head of my cock to the point that I started to cum and cum hard. As I came she went into yet another orgasm and my face and mouth was flooded with her juices. We came together and then laid with each other until Becky came in for her turn.

As they switched places I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Coming back into the room I saw that Becky was waiting quietly for me. I sat down on the bed and she looked into my eyes.

"Do you like Teresa a lot?"


"Are you two going to date for real?"

"I guess so. If she still wants to after this weekend anyway."

"Will you do something special for me tonight, right now?"

"Sure Becky, if I am able to, I will. What is it you want me to do?"

"Well...if you would...uh...could you fist me again?"

"Sure if you want me to. I liked doing it probably as much as you liked having it done to you."

"I wasn't sure, it seems so nasty and all. I mean, getting fucked with a hand is, well, so hot. I loved the fisting I got before and I want it again. I may never get another chance to do it ever again."

"Becky, if you get into sex as much as you have with me with any other man, they won't even blink an eye at you wanting to be done this way. Just be cautious in how you approach them and let them think it is their idea as much as you can. It will all turn out."

I started to massage her legs and soon had fingers in her pussy. As time went by I added fingers and soon I had my whole hand in her very tight pussy. She grabbed my wrist and began to fuck herself with my hand and I let her control the motions.

She came twice as I held my hand in her and she fucked it with her body. Her thrusting started to get me hard again. And when she saw I had an erection she motioned for me to get into a position that allowed her to suck on me while she fucked my hand.

Becky came four times before she gave me up and I had shot off into her mouth. She swallowed everything I gave her and licked me up clean as could be. I pulled out my hand and as I did she had a small orgasm. I leaned in and licked her pussy as she moaned.

Her hands tangled in my hair and guided me to her pleasure spots. I continued to feast on her until she had a huge orgasm. She fell asleep after that and I took a shower.

I was worn out and ready for a long sleep. When I got out of the shower, Becky was gone and Teresa was in bed under the covers waiting for me.

"Come-on lover boy. You look worn out and need to go to bed and sleep. I will keep those horny little girls away form you while you rest."

"Who is going to keep you away from me while I am trying to rest. I think I have more to worry about from you not letting me rest than from them."

"Oh silly. I am going to just massage your tired sore body until you go to sleep. Then, in the morning, well, look out tiger. I am going to fuck you until you scream for mercy."

I slipped in alongside my new 'girlfriend' and rested my head on my pillow. Teresa hugged me close and began to massage my back. I hadn't had a massage like this for so long and it felt so good I was soon asleep. She had been serious about letting me sleep.

As I drifted off to sleep I thought over the last few days and how much my life had changed for the better. I also thought how Teresa as my 'girlfriend' was going to go over with my friends. I am sure that they would have something to say to me about this whole 'young girl-old man' age difference.

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