tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Daughter-In- Law Shannon

My Daughter-In- Law Shannon


Hello all! This is Valerie; I am helping my daughter-in-law with this story. This is her first attempt, please enjoy.

My name is Shannon and I have been married 8 years now to Val's son Adam. I met Adam when he was stationed at 'MacDill Air Force Base' in Tampa, Florida. I was working for a vending company at the time, keeping all the drink and snack machines filled on the base. He was fixing the A/C in one of the barracks when we first met. It was a hot day that day and since I didn't have to wear any certain uniform, I was wearing a thin white tank-top and short tan cotton shorts. I was sweating a lot and my top was sticking to me. My thin white bra was easily seen through my wet top.

I saw this cute guy watching me as I unloaded the product I needed from my truck. He was in military camouflage and his brown shirt fit nicely across his well defined chest. I was keenly aware he was watching me and this usually pissed me off when someone stared at me but for some unknown reason today I was enjoying it. I was aware my shirt and bra were wet with sweat and when I looked down and could see the dark circles of my nipples through my clothing. I have always dressed on the conservative side and having someone able to see my nipples would usually have upset me. But uncharacteristic for me today, I didn't care. I just smiled at him and pushed out my chest as I pushed my cart past him.

I had just finished filling the drink machine when he walked in as asked if it was working. I said it was so he bought him one. He stated how hot it was outside and that the drink sure was good and cold. He said he wished he could hang around and talk some more but he was need at another building A.S.A.P. He said he hoped he would see me later and said left. So I filled the snack machines and loaded my stuff and went to the next building.

I was inventorying the machines so I would know what it would take to refill them; when I heard, "Are you following me?"

I turned and there he was again. We talked as we worked and then he asked if I would be willing to join him for a pizza after work. I said I would try to make it, so he gave me his phone number and told me to call him because he would like to meet me somewhere later. I hadn't had a date in a month and was looking forward to it. I didn't date that often, I was not a raving beauty but I was not bad either. I was 19 at the time we met and my friends say I was cute. I was 5 ft. 6 in. high, weighted about 110 lb., and had shoulder length brown hair and green eyes.

I got home and quickly showered and washed my hair. Since it was still hot outside I decided to wear a light summer dress. I only had one halter dress and decided to wear it. It was a just above the knee green halter dress and I wore old my new green lace thong panties under it. I normally didn't wear thongs but that night I felt unusually daring and wanted to dress sexy for Adam. I also decided to go braless that evening also. I rarely go braless in public and I had never been braless on any of my previous dates; this was a new experience for me.

I called Adam around 6 and he said he was glad I called. He was still looking forward to meeting me again. For our first date we decide to meet at a 'Pizza Hut' a few blocks from the base at 7 pm. He was just inside waiting for me. Before we knew it, it was 9pm. He walked me to my car; I turned to say good night and looked deep into his beautiful blue eyes and just had to kiss him. It was just like in the movies, a quick kiss, then and little longer kiss, and then a long deep kiss. I believe I actually swooned; I had to lean back against my car to catch my breath. I had never been kissed like that before. I was in love with him from that point on. I'm glad I had given him my phone number during supper because if he had asked me for it then, I swear I couldn't have remembered it.

He said it had been a great evening and he wished he had something to remember this night by, because when he woke up in the morning he might think it was just a dream. All of the sudden I had a wicked idea; I reached under my dress and removed my new thong panties and gave them to him. "I bet these will help you remember me" I said.

He had a surprised look on his face as he held my still warm panties. He snapped out of it and said, "I know I won't forget you or this night ever now. Not as long as I have these", looking at my panties. He kissed me again and said would call me in a little while to make sure I made it home alright.

On the way home I couldn't believe I had just removed my panties in front of him and on our first date too. I hoped I hadn't scared him away acting like a slut, because that was not how I normally behaved. I then noticed how weird it felt to be pantyless. I have never worn a dress without panties outside before but also noticed it felt good. I then had a feeling it would not be the last time I would end up pantyless after leaving Adam and that made me smile and feel good inside.

He did call and we talked for about 2 hours. We made another date for Saturday, he would pick me up at my apartment and we would spend some time at the beach. For some reason, I wanted to buy a new bikini, a little bikini! I didn't understand it at the time but I actually wanted to get as naked as possible for him. My parents were the last people to see me naked and that was when I was a little girl. I was still a virgin and I had let only one boy fill my tits from outside my clothing up to this time.

I found the bikini I wanted. It tied on the sides and rode very low in front causing me to shave almost all my pubic hair. I also found this cute little hot pink mesh micro mini-dress to wear with it as a cover-up. I was so nervous Saturday morning before Adam came to pick me up. I am usually a conservatively dressed person. I am normally a t-shirt/jeans person and always wore a bra in public. All my dresses were at or just above the knee. I owned no mini-skirts or dresses, and I always wore underwear. As soon as I put on my bikini, I took notice on how small it really was. I had never ever worn anything this small in public. My breast were only about a ¼ covered and most my ass was bare. It wasn't a thong bottom but looked almost like one when it wedged in my crack. I was just about to put on my old suit when the doorbell rang. The unknown wild woman inside of me won out and I grabbed the pink cover-up and headed to the door.

Adam gave me a big hug and a big kiss and said I looked great! I didn't give a fuck about the suit anymore I just wanted to be with him. I climbed into his new convertible Mustang and off we went. He asked if I had any special beach I preferred to go to. I told him "No".

Adam said he grew up about an hours drive up the coast and he said he knew of a special beach that his family liked to go to and if I didn't mind he would like to take me to it. I asked him what kind of special beach he was talking about. He told me it was a clothing optional beach and that before I got worried, I didn't have to get undressed if I didn't want to.

Now this surprised me! I had never even considered going to a nude beach before. I asked him many questions about the beach. "Did people really get completely naked? Did they get upset if people stared at them? Was he going to get naked? Would they get mad if I remained clothed? And more! And now I was thinking that I might be overdressed in my tiny bikini. Then Adam said I could do it in baby steps. Start fully dressed, then untie my top while I was my stomach and turn over if I wanted. To just go slow and stop whenever wanted. He said not everybody got naked their first time to a nude beach.

Adam told me that his family got to be nudist when he was very young and going nude on the beach was one of his favorite pastimes. He went when ever he got the chance. He said he decided to let me in on his and his families little secret early on before we got serious. He said the last two girls he dated didn't like it so he decided to let me know very early on in our dating life before and if things got serious between us.

I told him I didn't think I had problem with it. I wasn't am exhibitionist but I wasn't a prude either. I didn't think I would end up naked but if he wanted to it was fine with me. [Boy would it be fine with me. I would get to see him naked, the first real live man I would ever get to see naked.] He smiled and held my hand as we drove for about an hour. I kept glancing at him wondering what he looked like naked. I had never done that before with any of my other dates and I was finding the thoughts very exciting. And the thoughts of me removing my bikini didn't bother me as much as I thought it would.

We finally turned off the highway onto a narrow one lane dirt road until it ended at a parking area next to the gulf. There were already 15 to 20 vehicles there. I could see close to 50 people on the beach and every one of them seemed to be completely naked! Then it hit me, I would be seeing a lot of naked men on that beach, not just Adam. My heart and pussy began to pound as I climbed for the car. Adam suggested that I leave my dress in the car so it wouldn't get sandy. I didn't hesitate one second as I lifted it above my head. I looked at Adam as I dropped it on my seat and seen a big smile come to his face as he got his first look at my bikini. I smiled as I asked him if his liked my new bikini. When he said he loved it and that I looked really good in it, I was happy I wore it and his smile made me fill completely at ease.

We grabbed the few things we needed and walked down the beach a bit. My eyes were getting their fill of naked guys. I was surprised at all the different size dicks and liking all the nice tight asses I was seeing. Adam stopped and spread out his blanket. He looked at me and asked if I was ready?

I said, "Ready for what?"

He then reached for his shorts and unzipped them. I said, "Oh that, yea, go ahead." I watched as he unbuttoned the waistband and stepped out of his shorts. "Nice" I said out loud, not meaning to. "Thanks" he said. I blushed and turned my head telling him I didn't mean to say that out loud. He started laughing and said he was glad I did.

He told me to lie on my stomach and he would put lotion on my back. I did and it felt wonderful as he massaged the warm lotion on my back and when he started to do my legs I knew I should keep my legs together so he couldn't get too close to my pussy but I couldn't stop them from spreading the closer he got. His hand felt weird but nice as her rubbed the lotion on my ass. I felt him pull the material into my ass crack exposing more of my ass cheeks as he lotioned me up but I didn't care, it felt nice having my ass caressed.

He then asked if I would do his back too. Of course I didn't mind. I so enjoyed rubbing my hands over his entire backside. I even felt his balls against my fingertips when I put lotion between his legs. I then got back on my stomach and tried to relax as I watched all the nude people around me. I noticed how comfortable and natural they all looked walking around naked and then reached back and untied my top. Adam reached over and rubbed my back making sure I had some lotion where my strings were he said.

I told him I had never done anything this wild in my life. I said I never bared this much skin anywhere in public before. But I also told him I was actually enjoying it and enjoying being with him here. I said I felt completely safe with him but I still didn't know how far I would go with this nudity thing. I smiled as I said I liked seeing all the nakedness, especially the guys.

We talked about our families. He told me his mother was an exhibitionist and told me a few of the crazy things he knew she had done. He had me laughing all afternoon. I told him I would really love to meet his mother because she sounded like she would be fun to be around. I was right! Valerie is one of the friendliest and craziest people I have ever met. She would eventually encourage and show the fun of exhibitionism. We have spent many weekends over at Mom Val's house over the time we have been married and we usually end up nude around their pool. Mom and I have gone off shopping and flashing on many occasions. I adore her!

About a half hour later Adam rolled over onto his back and I noticed his dick was bigger than before, not hard but definitely bigger. Seeing that swollen member of his gave me the courage to roll over, tits naked to the sun and anybody else willing to look for the first time. Adam smiled and handed me the lotion and said I had better cover those puppies real good or they might burn their first time out, so to speak.

About another half hour later, Adam said he was hot and was going in for a dip. I said I would join him. So I stood up topless like I had done it may times before. I took a few steps with him and then stopped and told him to wait for a second. I turn and went back to the blanket untied my bottoms and dropped them next to my top. I turned and took Adam's hand and walked naked and proud of it across the sand to the water. It felt great feeling the sun all over my naked body and it felt so right and natural, that I remained naked the rest of the time we were there. Adam and I even walked up and down the beach a couple time to let everyone see my nakedness, I loved it! It started getting late so we walked naked back to the car and Adam said all I need was to put just the dress back on for the ride home. I liked the idea.

It felt so good and natural wearing just that hot pink mesh mini-dress. The dress weighted nothing; I could barely feel it's weigh against my skin. Adam asked if I was hungry. I said I was and he quickly pulled into this snack-bar along the beach. He got out, walked around and opened my door for me. I saw him look between my legs as I swung them out. I enjoyed knowing he was looking at my uncovered pussy. Then!

Whoa! Wait a second here! I am getting out of Adam's car virtually naked except for a very short see-thru mesh dress. But hey! I'm not upset about it. In fact I kind 'a like the idea of Adam parading me around in public almost naked. I have already gone way past my previous limits of public exposure and am enjoying it. I just didn't know where I'm going with this but as long as I'm with Adam, I didn't care. We found a small table near the back. A waitress wearing a cropped t-shirt and short-shorts took our orders. Before she left she said she liked my dress.

We went to the bathroom to wash our hands and when I returned to the table, Adam was sitting wear I had been. I thought nothing of it for a few minutes as I sat where he had been. Then I noticed I was facing a table with three guys at it and all three of them were looking under my table up my dress. I froze with the thought of them looking at my pussy, and then I felt my pussy start to tingle. I couldn't believe I was actually accepting the thought that those men I didn't know were looking up my dress at my bare pussy. I whispered to Adam that the guys were looking up my dress at my pussy. He said he thought it might happen and wanted to see what my reaction would be. He also said that if I wanted to, we could change seats but he hoped I would stay where I was and enjoy flashing them just like his mother always did. He said he was getting a hard-on knowing that other men were staring at my pussy but couldn't touch.

I thought about it for a second and decided what the hell, I wasn't hurting anyone and I did actually enjoy the looks I was getting. So I whispered to Adam, "OK, I'll stay here. And I am beginning to enjoy it and I am getting worked up over it. Remember earlier I told you earlier I was a virgin, well I want you to take care of that for me later. But if you don't want to fuck me later, get up and change seats with me right now!" I couldn't believe those last words came out of my mouth. But the fact was, I was getting very horny and I needed to be fucked. I have never given sex much thought before but now I wanted Adam's cock deep inside of me. I did not want to be a virgin any longer.

He smiled and said, "I'm not getting up." I smiled and looked over at the guys. They smiled at me and I couldn't help but spread my legs a bit wider for them. I could feel my juices dripping down between my legs. It took all my willpower not to reach down and rub my pussy. It needed my attention more than it ever had in the past. I then noticed the waitress heading our way with our meals. She put down our burgers and whispered to me, "I didn't realize it was that cold in here," glancing down at my very noticeably erect nipples as she spoke and giggled.

Adam and I wasted no time eating our burgers, we were both hunger for sometime else. As we left, Adam asked how I would like to have sex on the beach at sundown. I told him it sounded perfect! We went back to the beach we just came from finding only a few cars left. He took off his shorts and I removed my so called dress. He removed a couple condoms from his glove box and we walked naked to the waters edge and lay down on the wet beach sand. There were a few people in sight but I didn't care, let them watch me get fucked. It just made me hornier. He was as hard as steel in seconds and he quickly gave my hungry pussy what it craved. We made love again later on the sand under a full moon a rising.

I found I loved being naked outside and didn't want to get dressed for the ride home. It was dark and late as we got back into Tampa; it was so much fun riding naked in a convertible down the highways. I told Adam I enjoyed riding around naked and planned on doing it a lot more and not only at night. He said her was looking forward to my next naked ride. He got me home and I slid my dress over my head for the walk up to my apartment. It didn't take much to get Adam to stay there that night. He left late Sunday evening. I remained naked the entire time after dropping my little pink dress just inside the door. I was a little slut the entire time. I tried anything we could think up. I was sore in all three holes, but also very happy.

I'm not sure how Adam was able to me to turn me into such an exhibitionist so fast but I liked it. I was nude under my wedding gown when we got married 4 months later. I know it was fast but when you find the right person, you just know it. We've been married 8 years now and still screw like newlyweds. We have a 4 yr old son and a 3 yr old daughter. Mom Val loves to watch the kids so Adam and I can go out to show me off. Adam and I have purchased many revealing outfits for me to wear. But I will never forget my little pink dress that started it all, I still wear it occasionally.

Adam took me to Panama City beach for spring break during our first year of marriage. It was a lot of fun running around all them college boys in the smallest wicked weasel g-string I could find. One or both of my nipples were hanging out 90% of the time in that little top and the lips of my pussy were usually exposed on both sides of my extremely narrow bottom. I was constantly getting groped by those crazy drunk college boys. I liked it. I was almost always in a sexually aroused state most of the day and got off more times than I can remember in public. Adam was always right next to me as my protector and to finger me off if I needed. And I needed him to finger fuck me a couple times a day it seemed like and of course I had to have an audience around to watch him shove his fingers in and out of my pussy.

Adam is the only man I have ever let put his cock in me but he has told me he would like to see another man fuck me but I told him I wasn't ready for that yet. What haven't told him yet is that when it does happen, I would like it to be him and another man at the same time. Yes, two or maybe three men at the same time. I do have three holes don't I?

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