tagIncest/TabooMy Daughter-in-Law, The Cheerleader

My Daughter-in-Law, The Cheerleader


All participants in this fantasy are over 18.


I have a thing for cheerleaders, I always have. I could watch them for hours.

My daughter-in-law, Jordan (everyone calls her Jo) was a cheerleader in high school. In fact, she was captain of the cheerleading squad her senior year.

I didn't know her, then. She became a part of my life when I married her mother-in-law. We're not blood-relations, she would be technically my step-son's wife, or step-daughter-in-law. But, we don't use the 'step' adjective here ... we're all just one big happy family.

I'm not a handyman by trade. I hold a regular job. But, I am pretty handy with home repairs and such. It is not uncommon for everyone in the family to bring me their broken stuff to fix. I'm also pretty handy with a needle and thread. (I learned the basics of sewing at home, but honed my skills in the Army - sewing on uniform patches/buttons and such.)

That's enough background. One day, Jo called me and asked me to come over - and bring my needle and thread. I told her I'd be over right away. When I got there, she was waiting in her bedroom - and hollered out that I should come back to where she was. When I got to the bedroom door, I was surprised by what I saw...shocked, stunned, and amazed.

Jo was standing with her back to the door, in front of her mirror trying to fasten a cheerleader skirt around her waist. She was naked above the waist and I could see her tits in the mirror. This was the first time I'd seen her naked breasts. I have no idea of bra sizes, but Jo wasn't overly endowed. If I had to guess, I'd say A or B cup and she is a very slender woman.

Anyway, I cleared my throat so she'd know I was there and she said, "Come closer, I need you to move this button a bit so I can get this skirt fastened."

I was intrigued. I had to ask, "Why are you putting on your old cheerleader uniform?"

"It's dress-up day at work. I've been bragging about being back to my high-school size after the baby was born, and now everyone wants to see me in my old high school cheerleader uniform. But, I can't get it fastened."

I have to tell you - at this point, I was excited. I had a partial woody just from the tits. And, I was gonna have to touch her skin at the waist-band of the skirt to see how much to move the button. My hard-on was getting harder just thinking of the possibilities. I walked closer and asked, "May I?" indicating with my hands that I needed to touch her.

"Yeah, go for it. I knew some touching would be necessary when I called you."

I tried, really I did, to maintain a business-like air as I grabbed the waist-band of the cheerleader skirt and adjusted it to where it would fit her waist. The backs of my fingers brushed her skin above her hip. My hard-on got harder. In fact, it was pretty obvious at this point. If she looked at my crotch, she would notice. And, since my hands were occupied, there wasn't much I could do about it. So, I kept on working on the waist-band. I was taking my time. (I wanted to do a good job. Yeah, right, I wanted to prolong the contact with her skin.)

It was then I realized. Where my fingers were, I should be able to feel the elastic of her panties. Nothing. Nothing but skin. I didn't think my cock could get any more erect, but I was wrong. I took a straight pin from my kit and marked where the button would have to go and stepped back and said, "Now you have to take it off so I can move the button."

I really expected her to tell me to step out of the room while she changed. I was shocked, again. She undid the zipper and dropped the skirt to the floor. Lifted one foot out, then used the other foot to pick the skirt up and hand it to me. I didn't take it immediately. I couldn't. I couldn't move. My eyes had started to follow the movement of the skirt as it fell to the floor and had been totally captivated by the fact that Jo was standing in front of me, now, completely naked. Her small landing strip of pubic hair caught my eye and I was transfixed. I have no idea how long we stood like that. It wasn't long enough, though. I just couldn't get enough of her beautiful skin, her perfectly formed landing strip. I felt her eyes on me and I slowly allowed my gaze to travel up to her face - pausing a moment to take in the beauty of her breasts and taking note that her nipples were rock-hard.

When my eyes finally got to her face, I expected to lock eyes with her, but her gaze was elsewhere. Then, I noticed where she was looking. Remember, I told you my hard-on was obvious. Well, she was obviously staring at it. Before I could look down again, I noticed her lick her lips. I reached out to take the skirt and had to take a step forward to do so. When she let go of the skirt, as her hand fell back to her side, she brushed the back of her hand against my cock. (Did she do that on purpose?)

That question was answered in mere moments. Instead of allowing her hand to keep dropping to her side, she turned it and palmed my cock through my shorts. I stepped closer. I tossed the skirt on the bed behind her and reached my hands out to touch her. I started at her hips. My right hand traveled up to caress her rock-hard nipples. My left hand sought out the landing strip - and the smoothness of her mound that surrounded it.

Her hands were not idle. She was working on my belt, snap and zipper on my shorts. In moments, I felt my shorts fall to the floor and then felt her hands pulling out the elastic on my briefs as she slowly pushed them down to mid-thigh. Then, her hands moved back to my cock and she began to stroke it with one hand and cup my scrotal sac with the other.

My left hand had found nirvana. Her pussy lips were engorged and I could feel the moisture coming from her pussy. I slowly massaged the opening of her pussy, searching for the little button that I expected would give her pleasure. She jumped when I found it - thrusting her hips forward and causing one my fingers to dip inside her hot, wet pussy.

She started walking backward toward the bed coercing me to go with her by gently tugging on my cock. When we got to the bed, she sat on it, and leaned forward - taking the head of my cock into her hot mouth.

"Jo, you need to give me a break for a second or this will be over before it even starts good." She backed off and I gently guided her back to the bed so she was lying back with her feet on the floor and her knees spread wide. I knelt between her knees and leaned forward myself - then took that little nub into my mouth and sucked on it. She had to have been right on the verge of orgasm - because she came so quickly from that initial contact. But, it was also clear that she wanted more. Her hands grabbed the back of my head and she pulled me into her pussy - tight - and clamped her thighs on either side of my head.

Seems like she was enjoying this - and I certainly was - so I kept going. Using my tongue, lips and (occasionally) my teeth to enjoy one of the sweetest pussies I've ever tasted. It was only a few moments until I could tell she was on the verge of another orgasm. Her thighs got tighter around my head and I could hear the moaning coming from her body. When the wave crested, she shook violently for a moment, then went rigid as her pussy gushed all over my face.

As she started to come down from her cum-high, I felt her pulling on my ears with her hands. The suggestion was clear - my face was wanted up by her face. Her thighs released my head and I started nibbling and kissing my way up her body. I had to stop on the way to her face and suckle on those rock-hard nipples. But, it was clear she didn't want (or need) any more stimulation at that point - she urged me onward.

When I got face-to-face with her, I could see nothing but lust in her eyes. At this point, the head of my cock was almost exactly where we both wanted it to be. One slight adjustment, and the head of my cock was in her pussy. My earlier assessment that this was nirvana was confirmed. My cock has been in many pussies, but this was definitely in the top two or three.

I played a bit with just the head in her pussy - teasing her a bit. But, she wasn't having that. She reached back with both hands and grabbed my ass and pulled me inside her all the way to the hilt. She held me there for a moment, grinding her mound against mine. I tried to pull back to give her another thrust, and she resisted - holding me tight against her mound - my balls tight up against the cheeks of her ass - as she rotated her pussy in circles around my cock.

I could tell she was rising to another orgasm. She was panting. Her nipples were even harder than before, digging into my chest through my t-shirt. I could feel the walls of her pussy pulsing and undulating as her fever Rae.

I needed a bit of in-and-out to reach my orgasm, so I pulled again and was able to get the head of my cock back about an inch or so - then I thrust it back in hard - and started rotating my mound against hers. "One more of those, please..." I cried, "... and I'll be there..."

She loosened her grip on my ass so I could pull back one more time. This time, I pulled way back ail just the head was still in her pussy, and paused. "Are you ready?"

Using her legs, she pulled me back in forcefully - and my cock started erupting as soon as I hit bottom. At that same time, she went all rigid again and she was red all over ... cumming again.

We were spent.

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