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My Daughter Kim


Recently I became not only a Father but a Grandfather as well to the same baby. How has this happened you ask, well it is as a result of an incestuous relationship between my daughter and myself. As this happened between my daughter and me I can easily see how these things develop. But best if I go back to the start.

My name is Alex Hooper and I am 49 years of age. I am a widower, my wife dying of cancer just four years ago. I have one Daughter, Kimberly, 24 years of age and married to an Australian Soldier, Allan.

Three years ago shortly after my Daughter got married my son-in-law was sent to a training camp in Townsville Queensland to prepare for an assignment to Vietnam as a "Military Advisor". At the end of his time he would be reassigned to a Camp in Victoria until he was sent to Vietnam.

Although the rent that they were paying in their married quarters was only minimal I suggested that they move into my home which would provide me with company and would also provide company for Kim while Allan was away.

Kim subsequently moved in and settled into her old room where she had grown up. Allan returned home after his training period and things settled down to some degree of normality.

Three months later Allan was sent to Vietnam where he was attached to a South Vietnamese unit as an advisor.

Allan had been away for four months and I knew that Kim was missing him terribly. Kim had gone to bed early while I stayed up and watched a movie on TV. When the movie was finished I walked down the hall towards my bedroom and was surprised to hear my daughter sobbing and weeping in her room. I gently knocked on her door and she bid me to come in. I went and sat on her bed and hugged her and asked what the problem was.

She hugged me and said that she was lonely and was missing Allan. After she had quieted down I went to leave however she held me and said "please hold me until I go to sleep" I lay on the bed cradling my daughter in my arms and eventually dozed off as well.

I awoke with a start about 3.30am and somehow during the night I had moved into the bed pulling the doona around me. Both Kim and I lay on our left sides and I was cuddling her in the spoon position. I suddenly realised that my right arm was around her and my hand was resting on her bare stomach. During the night her nightdress had ridden up and was now just below her tits. Gently rubbing her stomach I let my hand go higher until it was rubbing the bottom of her tits. Becoming bolder I gently cupped her right breast and felt the nipple harden under my touch. She stirred and turned onto her back and I quickly pulled my hand down once again to her belly. Moving my hand down I could feel the top of her pubic hair and I realised that she was not wearing any panties. Running my fingers through her curly pubic hair moving lower with each movement. Reaching her clitoral hood I could feel her clit engorged and poking out and I continued the gentle massage. Kim then opened her legs and taking my hand in hers moved it down until I was fingering her cunt.

Pushing two fingers into her vagina I finger fucked her for about two minutes when she suddenly turned towards me and threw her right leg over mine. Needless to say that this tit feeling and finger fucking had left me with the best hard on that I had experienced for years. Kim reached down between us and guided my rampant cock into her wet cunt. She placed her hand on my shoulder and pulled me on top of her as she rolled onto her back and gripped my waist with her legs. I could feel that her orgasm was approaching as she lifted her body in time with mine as I fucked her. Suddenly her body became rigid in the throes of orgasm and at the same time I released what felt like a gallon on cum into her. During this time not a word had been spoken between us apart from small moans from Kim as we had been fucking.

As we laid there still hugging each other with my cock now starting to go limp in her cunt she whispered to me "Thank you Daddy". Not another word was spoken and we drifted off to sleep still in each others arms.

In the morning I awoke alone in Kim's bed, I arose and went to my own room showered in the en-suite and dressed before heading down to the kitchen for Breakfast. Kim was dressed in a brightly coloured summer dress and was cooking Hot Cakes at the stove.

"Good Morning Daddy, it looks like it is going to be a great day." I noted that Kim's mood was light and cheerful and it was definitely a change from the mood that she had been in over the past few days. I thought to myself it is amazing what a good fuck will do to a persons mood.

As we sat and ate breakfast nothing was said of the early morning fuck and it was almost as though it never happened. As a freelance photographer I was not pressed to go to work and if fact did not have a photo shoot until late that afternoon.

Kim headed off shopping with one of her friends and I was left to do some chores around the house. Kim was not home when I left to do the photo session which was an evening wedding. I returned home about 11.30pm and headed straight to bed. Passing Kim's bedroom I noted that the door was closed and no light was showing. Entering my room I turned on the light and was surprised to find that Kim was in my bed. She lay there looking at me and began pushing the doona down away from her body. I was even more surprised to see that she was completely naked, something that I had not seen as our tryst the earlier morning had been in the dark. The last time that I had seen her naked was when she was about 10 years old and she had started to develop breasts. Her 24 year old nubile body held me in awe as I looked at her firm 34c tits and beautiful honey coloured hair of her cunt.

"Daddy" she said, "get undressed and come to bed with me." Quickly I undressed and lay beside her taking her in my arms and saying "Are you absolutely sure that you want to go on with this" She kissed me passionately snaking her tongue inside my mouth, breaking her kiss she said "At this moment there is nothing I want more."

Our hands roamed over each other and I moved down to take one of beautiful nipples into my mouth and my hand down to her cunt. I then started kissing down her stomach and to the inside of her thighs. Kim pulled my head towards her cunt and said "Lick and Suck me here Daddy" Without breaking contact I moved around until my knees were each side of her head leaving my cock within easy reach of her mouth. Kim lifted her head and took my shaft into her mouth sucking and running her tongue around the knob. I felt a finger at my arsehole and my natural reaction was to reject this intrusion, however, I relaxed and felt the finger enter further and further into my rectum. Kim located my prostate and massaged it producing a feeling that I was not sure whether I wanted to Cum or pee. I felt myself cumming and started to pull away but Kim had other ideas and increased the sucking of my cock and the rubbing of my prostate until I unleashed a torrent of semen into her most receptive mouth. Continuing sucking her clit I felt Kim orgasm letting forth with a loud moan.

I felt myself harden again and thought, not bad for a 49 year old, and I moved around and without too much ado pushed into her cunt. I fucked like an 18 year old when Kim started to moan and groan and suddenly she said "Shit I am coming again, Daddy fuck me harder, God that feels so good fuuuuuuuuuuuck I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmg. I also let go with a further load of cum into her cunt.

Laying there in each others arms after the euphoria of our orgasms I said to Kim "Honey we must be careful and ensure that if we are going to continue to fuck you don't get pregnant" "Don't worry Daddy I will take care of that my period is due tomorrow and I am as regular as clockwork". She replied

Sure enough her period arrived the next day and that curtailed our activities for a few days. We continued to sleep together and fucked and sucked whenever and wherever we could. About a month later we were laying in bed one night talking when Kim said "Daddy, I think we have a problem, I think I am pregnant" I freaked out saying how could this happen you were always said that you were taking care of conception protection. She told me that when Allan left she had stopped taking the pill and started using the rhythm method and thought she would be OK. I asked her if it was not too early to tell and she told me that her period was due two days ago but did not come. She stressed that she was most regular with her periods. She also said that she had suffered morning sickness yesterday and today and that usually starts when someone was about two weeks pregnant.

We resolved to wait until her next period was due before we took any action. Sure enough her period failed to arrive and at that time she went to the doctor who confirmed that she was about six weeks pregnant.

That night amid tears and recriminations we tried to think of what we could tell Allan. We decided to hold off for a few days and when we had gathered our thoughts Kim would write to him and tell him that one night she went to a club and met a man and in a drunken state she had had sex with him and as a result of her unfaithfulness she was pregnant. She would beg his forgiveness for this occurrence.

Unfortunately Kim never had to write this letter as two days later she received that unwelcome telegram from the Department of the Army advising her that Allan had been killed in action during the 1968 Tet Offensive. The local newspapers wrote a considerable amount on Kim and Allan and how an unborn son or daughter would never see their father. We just hoped that nobody did any sums!!!

Seven months later Kim gave birth to our beautiful daughter we named Ellen, that was as close as we could think of to Allan.

That's the story of how I became both a Father and Grandfather on the one day.

Since I wrote the true account of my introduction to incest with my Brother Anton I have received a large number of e-mails asking me to write another story. This is my first attempt at fiction so I hope you like it. Please e-mail me with your praises or criticisms. This may encourage me to further write about Alex and Kim!

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by Grissom175511/11/17

Sequel Please

Loved the story... I like to read what happened next:- Were they discovered? Did Kim's girlfriends (who did the maths), get to Kim about how hot her father was and made plays for him to pregnant them?

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