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My Daughter Knew a Way to Help


My wonderful wife died almost exactly 6 years ago. She had made me very happy and we enjoyed our life together. Our life was made all the better when our only daughter Megan was born 27 years ago. My wife and I have been very successful in business and we were both retired and living life to its fullest when disaster struck. Donna was killed in a car smash which was caused by a drunken and doped up young kid who also died in the accident. My life was very empty after that - I missed my wife terribly. I suppose it would be fair to say I had become a recluse and didn't go anywhere - just staying at home feeling miserable.

Megan was almost an ugly duckling, to coin a phrase, when she was young but she suddenly blossomed when she reached 15! She grew a beautiful looking girl with a wonderful figure. She grew breasts which were the envy of all the other young girls and the rest of her body was marvelous. My wife constantly told me we would have to watch out for our daughter because she would eventually become a handful! How right she was. We both grieved for Donna but Megan's grieving only lasted about 3 months before she was able to shrug off the feelings of loss and she started to get around as she had before her mothers death.

Megan had always had a group of young people around her and most of these were young men. From age 15 to 21 she was always on the go. She was extremely intelligent and had no trouble with her school work and later university where she graduated with honors in law. Of course she found work very easily and soon settled into a very good job where she hoped to be a partner in a year or so.

During this period when she was 15 to 21 she was constantly dating young men and never seemed to be without a male at her side. She still lived at home and, between us and a casual maid, we managed very well. Megan had no modesty about the way she dressed (or undressed) and was forever walking around the house with almost nothing on at all - sometimes she was naked - but although I was her father I still enjoyed looking at this lovely young woman.

I knew she was fucking most of the young men she went out with because she told me! There wasn't much she didn't discuss with me and that was a very healthy relationship to have. Our house was quite large and I didn't feel like moving while we both shared some memories of Donna in the home. Megan had her own apartment really set up in one of the wings of the house and so she was able to live her life somewhat separately from mine. It was nothing for me to see her walking around the house naked after spending the night with a young man in her room.

One morning she came into the kitchen to get some breakfast and as we sat at the glass-topped table she told me there were some things she wanted to discuss with me and now would be a good time. While she was sitting there wearing just a housecoat she began with, "Well Dad, guess what? Charles and I are going to get married!" I knew Charles - he was a very successful banker and regularly stayed overnight with Megan and I got to know him and like him a lot. The news cheered me up a lot and I walked around the table to hug and kiss her. She then continued with her news, "Dad, I suppose you would have already guessed I am pregnant and, although I am not sure it is Charles's baby, he is very happy to marry me and thinks it is his own. Of course this baby could have anything up to 10 different men as the father but Charles seems to be the best bet for my future so I have chosen him! If this sounds a bit callous then it is too bad - I have to look after my future and that of my baby!"

I wasn't a bit surprised there were possibly many men who could be the father. I knew Megan had slept around a lot but she was probably wise to choose the man most likely to be successful as her husband.

Megan and Charles were married with all the pomp money could buy and they seemed very happy. In due course they had a lovely little baby girl whom they called Chantelle. Of course she was the apple of my eye and I was allowed to look after whenever Megan needed some time alone. Looking after Chantelle gave me a new interest in life and I really loved that little girl. At the same time I knew Megan wasn't being true to Charles and I had my suspicions confirmed one day when Megan rang me and asked if she could come around and talk to me. I was nursing Chantelle while Megan sat opposite me on another lounge chair as we talked. I couldn't help looking up Megan's lovely legs and I am sure I could see black pubic hair indicating Megan wasn't wearing panties. Anyway, Megan told me she needed to talk privately and began, "You are probably aware I find it difficult having only one man to take care of my needs! I have been used to having lots of men and Charles, although a wonderful husband, is almost a bore when it comes to sex! I want more men and the risk of being caught troubles me so that is why I here now. Would you object terribly if I brought some men home here - one at a time, of course - for some extra sex every now and again. The benefit to you would be that you would be able to have Chantelle to look after while we are in my old room. How would you feel about that, Dad?"

Usually Megan couldn't shock me but today she did! I felt like giving her a lecture but realized that would be a waste of time - she would do what she wanted anyway so I simply told her it would be alright with me, provided she was very careful and didn't get caught. After all I liked Charles and didn't want him to be hurt under any circumstances. While Megan was talking with me, she looked at her watch and said, "I will have my first man here in about 15 minutes so would you mind looking after Chantelle. She has everything you will need and I will be here to take over again in 2 hours!" I sort of smiled to myself - she was so confident I would agree to her outrageous request she had taken it upon herself to invite the man anyway!

I took Chantelle out into the garden so I wouldn't have to meet this other man but I needn't have worried - Megan brought him out into the garden to introduce us. She is just that sort of daughter! Well, I don't know what they did for the 2 hours but when she came back to my part of the house to collect Chantelle, she looked very tired and my guess she had been fucked a lot of times by her new man. She showered at my place before returning to her own home. When she had finished her shower and was almost dried, Chantelle began crying and Megan came out of the bathroom stark naked to see what was wrong. I had almost forgotten how lovely she was.

Megan continued her affairs for the next few years usually bringing different men she had found. Although I was 50 and now quite happy looking after Chantelle quite often I was also feeling rather frustrated. Partly this was knowing Megan was getting so much sex with different men and I wasn't getting any, and every now and again I would see Megan naked and my memories of lovely young women would flood back. I said previously Megan was a very intelligent young woman and she detected I was very frustrated so I guess I wasn't really surprised when she told me she wanted to have a chat with me about my own sex life! She had just had a shower and had returned naked to talk with me as it was a hot day and she didn't bother with clothes. She began her chat by telling me I had to get out more! She said she knew I would love to have some lovely young women to fuck (yes, she always talked like that) and she knew a way to help! I am not sure how I felt thinking my own daughter is going to help with my sex life but I knew she would be working on a plan already so I had better listen.

Megan began, "Dad, as you know Chantelle is now in Kindergarten Child Minding Center four mornings each week. I want you to collect Chantelle from the Center each day she is there! When you go to collect her you will meet lots of mothers who will also be picking up their children. Because the Center is in the best part of the city the mothers you will see there are very attractive young mothers - many of whom are single mothers - and I am sure you will find some of them to your liking. I can tell you already a lot of them would love to be fucked by an older man!" My daughter never seemed to finish shocking me. "You can start today by picking Chantelle up at 2.30pm. I want you to go there with an open mind and take a good look at the young mothers who will be there. You can let Chantelle play on the playground equipment while you have a good look at all the young women. Whatever you do with these young women is strictly your own business but I am sure you will rejuvenate your sex life very quickly if you will just let yourself go a bit. If you go off with any of these mothers they will know how to look after Chantelle because they have their own children so don't worry about her. Just bring her back here to your own home afterwards and I will be here waiting for you. I will probably be entertaining someone anyway so it will be good all round!" Well, that is my daughter - she knows how to do everything!

That afternoon I dressed casually but very neat and headed for Chantelle's Kindergarten. She was delighted to see me there and ran over to me as soon as the leader said she could. I looked around the women and was amazed at what I saw! Most of these women were aged between 23 and 35 and with a couple of exceptions they were all very pretty and had good figures! I was amazed at all these lovely women here. There were, of course, a few fathers to pick up their children but mostly the mothers picked up the youngsters. I did a lot of smiling that afternoon and, as suggested by Megan, I allowed Chantelle to play on the playground equipment and soon I had a young mother come over and talk to me. She kept her young daughter in front of her and several times bent over to do something with her child but I knew it was to give me a look at her lovely breasts which were swinging free under her blouse with no bra to impede my view! Her blouse was partly undone anyway and I had no bother seeing her breasts and her nipples but the last time she bent over she undid another couple of buttons and now when she stood up her breasts were almost bare. She smiled at me and said, "Megan told me you were feeling a little lonely lately and I wondered if you would like to come home with me and we could talk for a while! If you would like to do that, you could just follow me in your car and I am sure you won't regret it!" I knew instantly this had all been arranged by Megan and I was on a sure thing. I told her I would love to talk with her so she just did up two of the buttons to stop her breasts falling right out and then we gathered the two children and left together.

I followed her car until she pulled into a large driveway of a beautiful house and she signaled for me to follow her into the driveway. When we got out of the cars she told me her name was Jennifer and the children would be looked after by her mother. We went inside and I met her mother, a very nice lady indeed, who didn't say much but took the two children by the hand and led them away. When I turned back to Jennifer she had undone all the buttons on her blouse and it was pulled back exposing her beautiful breasts and nipples. She shrugged the blouse off her shoulders and then stepped over to me and took my hands and placed them on her breasts. She then placed her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. The next few minutes were a blur and soon we were in her bedroom and naked and she was pulling me onto the bed with her. We kissed and I played with her body, her lovely body, while she was stroking my hard cock. The first time I touched her cunt it was sopping and I knew she was ready for a good fucking! She spread her legs and I placed my cock against her cunt lips and she lifted her behind off the bed and my cock went into her lovely wet cunt. Naturally we fucked like mad and I felt her cum several times before I shot my huge load deep into her cunt! Boy oh boy, I felt young again. We fucked twice more before she told me her husband would be home soon and I should probably get dressed after my shower. She told me I shouldn't worry as her mother would intercept her husband and make up some excuse for me being there! I knew straight away this was a fairly regular thing with Jennifer!

I collected Chantelle and said goodbye and we left. Chantelle was chattering away in her own childish language as we drove home. Yes, Megan came out to greet us having just said goodbye to her lover of the afternoon and told me she knew I had had a very good afternoon. I queried how she knew and she told me Jennifer had rung her to tell her it was O.K. to let her husband go home now as I had left! So Megan was fucking Jennifer's husband while I was fucking Jennifer! What a strange world we live in.

The next afternoon when I collected Chantelle I again looked around this mass of lovely women and Jennifer gave me a knowing smile but didn't come over to me. Instead I was approached by another lovely woman who was carrying a baby as well as looking after her young daughter. When we were alone near the playground equipment, she undid her blouse and pulled out a magnificent breast and fed the nipple to the baby. I was actually watching a young mother breast-feed her baby in front of me. Eventually she asked me if I had tasted breast-milk lately and when I said no, she suggested I might like to follow her home and she would tell me all about it!

Once we were at her home - her name was Kelly - she handed her baby and the two girls to a maid who took them away and Kelly undid her blouse and showed me her lovely engorged breasts. She took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom where she stripped off all of her clothes and mine and then sat on the bed against the headboard and arranged me across her lap. She then placed her dribbling nipple in my mouth and I began to suck. I found her milk was flowing freely and soon I was swallowing furiously to avoid missing any. She just loved me feeding on her breast and I felt her cum while I was sucking her nipple. After a while she asked me if I would fuck her and naturally I did. She told me I could suck her breasts whenever I wished but I had to leave at least one breast to feed her baby! Sex with Kelly was wonderful and I shot two loads of cum right up into her body before it was time to leave. Again I had a chance to suck on her nipples before I left but she said I couldn't take too much milk but next time I could have much more. I really loved this sex with these young mothers.

Again when I got home I found Megan had been entertaining Kelly's husband while I had been with Kelly! How these young women worked this I just didn't know. The next day Chantelle didn't have to attend kindergarten so I rested all day in readiness for the next day.

Collecting Chantelle had become my most exciting thing all day. This time a young mother was sitting on a very low child's chair and called me over to her. She introduced herself as Christine and asked me if I could sit down on the carpet in front of her! This seemed to be unusual until I was on the carpet and then she spread her legs and I could see she wasn't wearing panties and I was looking right into her lovely hairy cunt! It was now an accepted practice that I would just follow the selected woman home and then I could fuck her for a couple of hours. Christine was very hairy and I particularly enjoyed playing with her hairy body before I fucked her hard. She loved rough sex and I made sure she got it all.

Over the next four weeks I was able to go home with no less than 16 of these lovely young mothers. I fucked every one of them several times and I enjoyed being fed milk from their breasts and even anal sex a couple of times. They were a very randy lot and just loved sex with me. I am not sure how many of their husbands Megan fucked while I was with the wife but I gathered it was a considerable number.

On the Monday of the following week before I left to pick up Chantelle, Megan told me I would be meeting a very special mother today. "She is called Nadia and she is a single mother - she has never married but had the child by her boyfriend but he had been killed in an accident before they could marry once she learned she was pregnant. You will find Nadia is a very sensible young woman - she is aged 30 and not only is she very beautiful and has a wonderful body, she is very lonely and would love some company. The reason you haven't met Nadia before is that I have been keeping her for today for a special reason. You have proved you are very capable of making love with the many women you have met already but all of those are married but Nadia is single and needs a good man to look after her. I think you would make a wonderful husband and lover for Nadia!" Megan always stunned me with her wild ideas but now she was playing match-maker and I wasn't sure I wanted to be part of that!

I collected Chantelle and smiled and greeted all of the other women I had fucked but they were all keeping their distance from me and I began to realize this was all very well planned and they all knew I would be meeting this Nadia who ever she was. One of the mothers came over to me and told me I should go into the back room of the kindergarten because Chantelle wanted to show me something. I knew instantly I was being set up with Nadia but I went along anyway. When we entered the back room Chantelle was indeed anxious to show me something. It was a drawing she had made and I was looking at it and complimenting her on it when the most beautiful young woman came into the room. She smiled at me and told me her name was Nadia!

Nadia was the most exciting young woman I had met. She was totally attractive with the prettiest face possible and a figure to match. She had very black long hair which came down her back in a cascade of silk and she was dressed very demurely with a nice blouse and skirt. She offered to shake hands with me and I held her hand just a bit longer than normal while I looked at her beautiful face. She told me she had wanted to meet me ever since I began collecting Chantelle but she didn't want to seem too forward and held back. She had her own little daughter, a very pretty young thing, just like her mother, by her side and I was instantly taken by these two.

She asked me if I would like to have a walk in the park nearby - a complete change from the rush the other women made to get me home to fuck them - and so we walked though the park talking as we went. She was a delightful young woman and I was instantly taken by her. There was absolutely no offer of any sex at all - quite the reverse - she just wanted to talk to me and get to know me.

After that afternoon we dated regularly and we went to the best restaurants and to the theater enjoying each other's company so much. We had reached the stage of kissing goodbye as I took her home but she never invited me inside afterwards. We had been dating for 4 months and I had a hunger which I could only seem to satisfy when I was in her company. Eventually she finally agreed for me to go into her home with her after a very satisfying meal and I was delighted to find such a very neat and tidy apartment. She had arranged for her daughter to be looked after by a baby-sitter who left shortly after we arrived. Her child was asleep so we sat on her lounge and kissed and cuddled for quite a while. Eventually Nadia told me she loved me and for the first time I was able to tell her I loved her too. She was very pleased and right at that moment I knew she was the one for me! I then held her very tightly and asked her to marry me! She smiled at me and whispered, "Yes, of course, my darling, of course I will marry you!"

From that moment we were a couple. She and little Stephanie came to live with me and before long we were married in a simple ceremony but I was delighted to see all of the young women I had fucked earlier were present at the ceremony - no doubt organized by Megan.

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