tagIncest/TabooMy Daughter, My Lover

My Daughter, My Lover


I had planned this for seven years. Ever since she was eleven and started to develop into a woman I had waited for the perfect time. I was glad when she started her first period and was irregular. I expressed my concern to my wife that our daughter’s menstrual cycle being two months apart was not normal. I must have made an academy award performance because she took our daughter to the doctor who prescribed birth control pills to regulate her periods.

For seven years I watched her sexy little ass and her firm tits pass within reach of me but dared not touch. All those times I got a hard-on by watching her, my wife thought it was for her. She never knew that she was just an easy outlet. I thought of fucking my daughter but fucked my wife. Not that fucking my wife was a big chore. Joann was tall and slim, with long shapely legs and a nice shaped ass. Her natural tits were kinda small for me so I had made some suggestions about her having them fixed. She went from an all right B to a sexy D. I guess, looking back now, that she may have gone with my idea of fucking our daughter, but I didn’t want to take that chance. Joann was indeed a good fuck but she wasn’t into anything kinky and incest was definitely kinky to her.

I was starting to feel guilty over my cravings for my young daughter that I went so far as to purposely pick a college for her that was in another state. Joann wanted Katie to go to college nearby so she could live at home but I explained that the college out of state would teach her how to become more independent. Katie loved the idea but Joann was feeling the umbilical cord.

I thought I was going to go nuts without seeing Katie for those first few months. When I thought of her I would instigate sex with Joann. Things went well for awhile until I got bold and wanted to try anal sex. That was when Joann put her foot down. There was no way she wanted any part of it. I had to settle for the old fashioned sex with her.

She never found out that I got some kinky relief when I went out of town on business. There was a strip club called ‘The Garden’ and I would always go in there if I couldn’t sleep. There was a stripper there named Lisa who was very much into kinky. She thought it was a big thrill to have sex with a married man. She liked playing the role of my daughter and she was eighteen, the same age as Katie. There was one visit where she brought her friend Tammy along for a threesome. I even watched them as they both had sex and I imagined Katie with one or both of them. That was fantastic!

The first time Katie came home from college she was already eighteen. Her long brown hair had been cut short and her tits looked much fuller and firmer than when she had left. I wanted to do it over that weekend but we were never alone. Finally Monday morning came. Joann was at work but I had faked being sick so I could be alone with Katie. Katie had always been affectionate so she never thought anything different when I asked her to sit on my lap when she came into the kitchen. She must have thought I wanted to reminisce about her childhood. Unknown to her I had planned on this happening. I even wore nothing but my short robe without the tie so I could give my fuck machine easy access to her.

‘I missed you, Daddy’, she kissed me on the cheek and turned around and sat on my lap, spreading her legs over mine. Her nightshirt just covering her panties and leaving her long smooth legs bare.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and closed my eyes. I held her close to me and I know she could feel my cock grow because she started to squirm away from it.

“Don’t be afraid of it Baby.”

Katie started to pull my arms away from around her but I held onto her with one as I pulled my robe away with my free hand.

“Daddy, please don’t.”

“It’s okay Sweety. I won’t hurt you. I only want you to make daddy feel better.”

I kissed the back of her neck.

“Please do this. Daddy needs it.”

“You’re scaring me, Daddy.”

Still holding onto her tight, I ran my free hand under her shirt and started to massage her small but firm tits. Her nipples sprouted immediately at my touch. She started to whimper when my hand made its way down to her panties and slipped inside. She tried to move her legs together but I tightened my grip until she spread them apart again. I could feel the wetness of her denied arousal and the faint smell was sweet. She couldn’t stop her body from feeling this way. I moved my hand up and down her pussy as I kissed the back of her neck.

“I want you to make me feel better, Baby. Can you do that for daddy? Make daddy’s cock feel better.”

I moved my finger hard across her clit and heard the guttural sound of pleasure coming from my daughter’s body.

“Do you feel daddy’s cock Baby?”

“Yes” she said breathlessly.

I smiled. I was making her feel horny.

“Daddy’s cock is hard, Honey. Daddy’s cock needs you.”

“Please don’t hurt me Daddy”, she cried.

“I won’t hurt you. I love my baby. I want to show you how much I love you. I’ve been waiting all this time for it. I want to cum inside you and I want to give you your first orgasm. Does my baby love her daddy?”

“Please don’t do this to me.”

I wasn’t listening to her any longer. Everything was now automatic and was being run by my now fully erected penis. I wanted her to do the same things to me that Lisa would do and had done. I wanted a sex toy and I chose my daughter.

“I want you to move back and forth very slowly on my cock to make it feel better”

“Please stop scaring me.”

“Don’t be afraid Baby. Daddy won’t hurt you. Now, spread your legs wider and lap dance for your daddy.”

My cock was throbbing as Katie moved her firm ass back and forth. I was aching to have it thrusted into her wet pussy. Her movements weren’t getting anywhere but making me even hornier. My fuck gun was hard and ready to explode. I wanted to explode my cum in her soft, sweet cunt. I wanted to feel her tight asshole around my swollen cock. Quickly, I decided to take matters into my own hands and I lifted her up and pushed her facedown onto the kitchen table. She yelped as I tore her panties to make room for my large cock.

“Daddy, please,” she pleaded

“Spread your legs and make room for Daddy’s cock.”

I thrusted my whole 9 inched thick rod into her wet cunt. She gasped as I broke her hymen with the first thrust and I could feel some of her blood trickle down my legs. I didn’t care. I was getting what I wanted. I was ramming my cock hard into her wet pussy. I wanted this for so long that any idea that I would be gentle with her flew out the window.

“Ask for it! Tell me you want me to fuck you! Say it!”

Katie whimpered as my fuck machine rammed her small wet hole. I held her head down with both hands as I started a rhythm. I thrusted in and kept it there for a few seconds then I pulled it out up to the head, then thrusted it back again. I shook her shoulders when she didn’t answer me.

“Ask for it, bitch. Ask for it!”

I rammed harder to show her I meant business.

“Stop raping me Daddy.”

“Rape? You think this is rape? This isn’t rape Baby. I’m fucking you now. Do you want me to rape you?”

She was right. I was raping her. I was so sexually frustrated thinking of her that now I wanted to punish her for doing this to me. To me, this was justified.

“No, please, don’t hurt me Daddy. I’m scared. Please stop it.”

She must have thought I was going to leave her alone when I pulled my cock out of her. She was wrong. I had waited and planned for this for seven years and I wasn’t going to let go of this fantasy easily. I wanted to fuck her and I was determined to shoot my hot cum inside her. I took her by the back of her neck and half dragged her upstairs to her bedroom.

Her pleading just got me more excited and when we got to her room I flung her down onto the bed. I tied her legs far apart and proceeded to tie her hands together to the bedposts. I left her crying on the bed as I went into my medicine cabinet for some petroleum jelly. My fantasy not only included me fucking her pussy but fucking her ass as well. I wanted to feel my cock surrounded by her tight hole. I took my robe off and put it on my bed so there would be no questions asked by my wife if she were to find it in Katie’s room. When I returned I put the jar of Vaseline on her night table and slipped her nightshirt in her mouth to gag her pleas for help.

I stood over her as I took in her beauty. She was fully tanned with no tan lines. Her tits were small but not tiny and she had pink hard nipples sticking straight up like my penis was doing. She had shaven her pussy and left only a small closely trimmed line in the middle of it.

My head was spinning fast as I moved in between her legs. Instead of lying on top of her I leaned over her and placed my mouth on one of the fabulous buds. My tongue swirled around the fleshy bulb making it harder and more erect. I then took my hand and started to cup it and then to caress it then to squeeze it. Glancing up at her I noticed her eyes were closed and she was softly moaning. I moved down her body to her belly button, swirling my tongue inside the indented flesh. Her moans got louder as I moved to her pussy. I drove the little slut wild as I flicked my tongue up and down the inside of the pussy lips. I found her blood-engorged clit and began sucking on it. Her moans got deeper the more I sucked. I was bringing her to her first orgasm. I soon replaced my tongue with a finger, jabbing it in and out of the little hole. I worked my middle finger hard. When she was close to a climax I would add another finger until I was using three fingers. She was now moaning loudly and arching her back to help push the fingers in. I took my fingers out and guided the head of my dick inside her. It slipped in and made a perfect fit. I moved my dick in and out of her, first at a slow pace and then faster as she moaned deeper from the pleasure she was getting from this taboo ritual.

I took the chance that she wouldn’t cry out and took the gag from her mouth. She moaned loudly and gave me quick hard kisses. I took another chance and untied her feet. She wrapped her legs tightly around me, pulling me in deeper. I then untied her hands and she caressed my chest and shoulders as she kissed my mouth, tongue flicking in and out of mine. She was horny and her fucking was even better than her mother’s…she was even starting to rival Lisa. To my surprise she pushed me over onto my back and mounted my hard cock. She rode my pole like a rodeo rider. I reached out and cupped her bouncing tits and she took one of the fingers I had used to insert into her wet pussy and put it into her mouth and began sucking hard on it.

“Am I fucking daddy good?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss!”

God she was better than her mother was. She was better than Lisa and Tammy. If I didn’t feel her hymen break I would not have known she was a virgin. She was now in control and was making me crazy. She rode me fast and wild. After her orgasm she collapsed onto the bed.

Katie started to get up and I reached out for her.

“That’s not all, Honey.”

Her green eyes questioned me. She clearly thought this was it. My planning had now changed. After that incredible sex, I wanted her to suck my cock before I stuck it in her ass. Neither one of those her mom liked doing so I would get them from our daughter.

“Some special things just for the two of us.”

Special things?”

“You are a good daughter, Baby. I love you very much. I’m proud of you.”

Katie was confused.

“Have you ever tasted cum, Baby?”

She shook her head no and looked away from me. I rubbed the back of her neck and guided her head down to my semi-erected cock.

“Remember how you used to eat Nutty Buddies? You would make a hole at the bottom of the cone and suck the ice cream out from the hole. Remember, Baby? Think of it as a Nutty Buddy.”

She held onto my shaft but didn’t make an attempt to do anything with it.

“How did you like me licking your pussy?”

She looked up at me and smiled slightly, blushing.

“This will make daddy feel the same way.”

She licked her lips thoughtfully and then knelt on the floor between my legs. She held onto my cock with both hands, caressing it into stiffness. She began by kissing the head and making little circles with her tongue at the hole. She then put the head into her mouth and began sucking as she was milking the shaft with her hands.

“Ohhh Baby yessssss…”

My head was about to explode and my hands were absently pushing her head into my crotch.

She began to slowly get more of the shaft into her mouth, moving it in and out. She began to massage my balls with one hand while she milked my shaft with the other.

“Yesss Baby…do this very good and Daddy has a surprise for you Baby. Put it down your throat as far as you can take it. It feels so good you sucking it.”

She did as I said and swallowed nearly all of it. I didn’t really expect her to swallow the whole cock since it was too large for her. What she lacked was experience but that would come with time. I came up with a brilliant idea.

“Does Baby want her daddy to do the same thing?”

She took my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me doe-eyed. I smiled and motioned for her to get onto the bed. I then moved around and straddled her face as I was looking straight into her gorgeous pussy.

“Let’s have fun, Baby.”

We gave each other pleasure for what seemed like an eternity. We rolled around on the bed, each trying to gain the upper hand in this sixty-nine position. When I came, she was on top of me and she lapped up every drop of my cum. She came just seconds after I did. Her body stiffened as the orgasm took hold of her. She rolled off me and lay sprawled out on the top of the bed.

I was nearly spent but there was one more thing I wanted from her. I reached over to her night table and fondled for the jar of petroleum jelly. Katie looked at me, clearly wondering what I was doing with Vaseline.

“Get on your hands and knees,” I told her as I opened the bottle of jelly.

She did what I said and I took some of the jelly and rubbed it onto my cock, rubbing it so I could get another erection. I didn’t want to get a full staff since this would no doubt hurt her, but I did need a little erection to get the fucker inside her hole. I then took a big gob of the jelly and began to lubricate her asshole. I had the stuff dripping on the outside and I put some more inside her with my fingers. She was beginning to get soft enough for me to enter her.

I put the jar back down on the table and moved her ass cheeks further apart. I placed my cockhead next to her tight hole and pressed slowly against it. Her puckered hole gave way slightly as the head made it’s way through. She cried out in pain as I tried to push it all the way in so I stopped and pulled it all the way out.

Katie dropped to her elbows and raised her ass up higher. I decided that the best lubricant was natural lubricant. I started to masturbate her. She moaned and moved her hips up and down. She came hard on my hand. Female cum soaking my hand and I rubbed it all into her puckered little ass.

I eased my rod into her tight hole again. This time it met with little resistance although she was still so tight around my cock that it felt as though it were being smothered. We started an incestuous dance that had us both moaning loudly. I wrapped my arms around her and grabbed at her tits as I moved us back and forth. My cock was at full erection and was about ready to cum deep inside her bowels. She threw her head back when her orgasm hit and screamed. She started to buck her hips against me, forcing me deeper than what I already was.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh God yesssssssssssssssssssss!”

I had to smile. I was giving my daughter a bigger orgasm than my wife ever had. After my cum shot through her bowels and my pole became soft again, I pulled it out and dropped onto the bed next to her.

“Was I good, Daddy?”

“Very good, Honey. You are great!”

Katie leaned over and kissed me. It was no longer a daughter’s kiss, but a lover’s kiss. She wanted more but it was time for Joann to get back and Katie had to finish packing.

“Could I come home next weekend?”

I smiled. The next weekend her mother would be out of town visiting her parents.

“You want to do this again next weekend?” I asked, still smiling.

“Yes. I liked it. I want to do it again. I want to come home every weekend and break. I want to go to college here so we could do this all the time.”

I thought of Lisa. I was going to be out of town on business the weekend after next and I could bring Katie down with me. The three of us in a threesome, or perhaps Tammy could join us for some group thrills. I gave her a last long kiss and left the room to take a shower before Joann came home.

Later that night in bed, Joann announced that Katie was transferring to a local college the next semester and would be getting an apartment. I started thinking of all the great sex we could have at her new place. Katie had definitely become grown up.

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