tagIncest/TabooMy Daughter Sucks Ch. 02

My Daughter Sucks Ch. 02


(This is a continuation of the story My Daughter Sucks)


Half way through the summer Sabrina met a new friend. Salina was a local girl and they had an instant connection especially since their names sounded so much alike. Since Sabrina did not know much of the city, Salina offered to show her around town and introduce her to some people. They had a blast hanging out, shopping, and meeting new people. They were like two peas in a pod.

Salina was a tall thin big hipped Latina with bright light blue eyes with small perky tits. She wasn't chesty like Sabrina but had big full pink lips which fit perfectly with her light skin and green eyes. Sabrina on the other hand was a short full figured voluptuous young woman with 34dd with and incredible bubble ass her big round brown eyes complemented her long beautiful raven hair and dark skin. They looked like the complete opposite of each other yet both were sexy and very beautiful. The girls began partying, staying out late, sleeping at each other's houses. It looked like they were making the most of their summer.

Sabrina and Salina came home late one night after celebrating Salina's 21st birthday. Both were a little tipsy and they wanted to keep partying. My dad was on a cruise to Mexico so it was just us again. Mario and Rafael wasted no time getting into the swing of things. Within an hour the girls had us at the card table playing poker, drinking beer, taking shots, being silly, and laughing.

From out of nowhere Salina asks "Who wants to play strip poker?"

In her drunken state she laughed and almost fell off her chair. Everyone else looked at each other wondering if they heard right. After a few seconds, both my brothers where agreeing and Rafael began shuffling the cards for the first hand. Of course I began to protest.

"Hold on guys. She's a little drunk and doesn't know what she's saying," I said meekly.

"No I'm not. I'm 21 and I never played strip poker. It's my birthday and I wanna play," Salina slurred.

"Oh daddy, stop being such a nerd. We're all adults. It's all good we're all family. And it is her birthday. How wrong could it be? See my Uncles are ready to play. Come on guys talk to him," interrupted Sabrina.

Of course being the only one opposed to the idea. I lost. So we began playing. The first few hands the girls won and two hours later the guys were down to our boxers and the girls only had on bras and panties. Needles to say we couldn't take our eyes of their firm young tits. My huge hard on kept me from getting up or getting more beer. Everyone was drunk and laughing and having fun.

On the next hand Salina lost and took off her bra. The men all cheered and she teased us a little showing off her perfect perky 30b cup with light pink nipples. She assured us they were real and of course my brothers protested so she had to let them feel for themselves. And of course I had to make sure as well.

Then Sabrina lost. My heart stopped; whatever she took off was going to give me a heart attack. She looked into my eyes reached behind her back and undid her bra. Using her hands to hide her nipples, she threw her bra on the floor. Everyone was quiet as she continued to stare into my eyes. Slowly, she took her hands off her chest. I turned away and blushed. The whole room went wild as the men cheered and the women laughed. Unexpectantly, Sabrina grabbed my head, turned it, and shoved my face between her breasts and shook her body. When she let go, I saw everyone laughing at my expense. It was a little embarrassing but it was all in good fun.

Everyone continued to stare at Sabrina's huge tits and her long dark brown nipples as she sat down. As innocent and playful as Sabrina tried to make it, my cock was throbbing ready to explode. Also, I noticed that the nipples on both girls were hard as well. Were they enjoying their little display? Did they like our attention? It seemed that they did.

The men were first to lose all our clothing and we sat there naked. Both girls took turns checking out our respective throbbing cocks. Whereas my brothers made it obvious and flaunted theirs, I was more reserved and conservative about my erection. I thought the game was going to be over at this point, but Salina had other plans. She proposed a little game of truth or dare. The one with the highest hand would pick a person and that person would either answer a question truthfully or would be dared to do something.

Everyone was a little hesitant but we all agreed. But first the girls had to lose their panties. After a few more rounds we got to see both their tiny little pink pussies. Salina had trimmed a little arrow pointing towards her pussy but Sabrina had hers completely shaved. Both were tiny and looked wonderful. It took the men several minutes to get our composure and the women seemed to enjoy our attention. Sabrina stole a few glances at my cock while I did the same with her tits and pussy. We caught each other staring and smiled and laughed at each other.

Now the poker game became truth or dare. Rafael won the first hand and picked on Salina. She chose truth.

"Salina, do you like sucking cocks," he asked.

Everyone laughed and Sabrina and I were a little embarrassed, I guess we figured it was going to start off nice before we got to these types of questions. Salina gave everyone a wicked little smile, took a drink from her glass then looked straight at Rafael.

"No. . . . I love sucking cocks," she admitted.

Again the room went wild. Mario won next and asked the same thing of Sabrina. She put her head down embarrassed. She looked at all of us in turn and blushed some more. Finally, with Salina's coaching she answered.

"Yes," she said in a small meek voice but with a little smile.

Again, the room erupted and we all cheered her bravery. I'm not sure why we did it but we were having fun. Looking at my brothers I knew they were picturing Sabrina sucking on our cocks while she was sleeping. That image and seeing her naked almost made me cum.

Salina won again and picked on Sabrina who picked truth. This time Salina coaxed her to a dare. Sabrina went along with her.

"Ok Sabrina. I dare you to sit on your father's lap for the next five hands," she told her.

Rafael and Mario were beside themselves asking why Sabrina could not on their laps. I was too embarrassed to say anything. And Sabrina was protesting the fact that we were both naked. None the less, Salina stood her ground. After a few minutes Sabrina stood up and walked over to my chair. When I pushed it back she blushed, looked at my erection and then the rest of the room.

"How am I going to sit down with that in the way," she giggled.

"Just push it to the side. You'll be fine. He's your dad after all," countered Salina who began to dealing the next hand.

Sabrina had a hard time sitting down (no pun intended). First she was going to push it with her hand and as she soon she touched it, she pulled away. Then she was going to push it with her thigh and she was having problems. Finally, I grabbed it and pulled it to my right and she sat down. Her hot soft firm skin made it impossible for me to concentrate. She felt so good and soft on my leg. Sabrina's firm young ass felt better than what it looked. When I let my cock go it slapped her thigh and she turned and laughed with me.

Several more hands went by and everyone had their turn of truth or dare, yet my mind was still on my daughter's body. My hand was now on her hip or thigh and on occasion when she got up to "high five" someone my hand would brush up on her wonderful ass. When Salina won again and Sabrina picked dare, Salina had my daughter raise her hands on the air then shake her tits. For two minutes we stared as Sabrina showed off her prized assets. My cock was in agony and as hard as a rock.

Mario won the next round and had Sabrina repeat her performance but this time she had to stand up and do it. When she sat down my cock slid between her legs. She seemed not to mind or not to notice or maybe she just got used to my hard thick cock on her thighs. Rafael won so he had her bounce up and down and every time she came down the head of my cock just barely touched the split between her ass cheeks. After her little performance, Sabrina bent over and "high fived" Salina and began to sit down. That's when the impossible happened.

As she was plopping down, my cock slid between her legs finding the entrance of her pussy. Sabrina impaled herself a fourth of the way down my cock before she stopped. Nobody seemed to notice her actions for a few a seconds. They were still laughing and talking. She looked back at me and her eyes were wide with astonishment. We looked at each other without saying a word then we stared at my cock in her pussy, then at each other again. Both of us were frozen still.

Salina put a hand on Sabrina's shoulder and told her to sit down and shoved her down more on my cock. When Sabrina turned and looked at her friend everyone stop in their tracks, knowing something was out of place. I had put my hands on Sabrina's hip to support her in case she wanted to get off. Sabrina's and Salina's eyes met then they both lowered to Sabrina's pussy; I saw Rafael and Mario's eyes follow along. Everyone's jaw dropped as they saw my daughter impaled half way down my dick. Time stood still and nobody moved.

Finally, Salina spoke, "You dirty little slut. Man you are nasty. I thought I was bad but I never fucked my dad before. How does it feel? How does your daddy's dick feel Sabrina?"

Sabrina just whimpered and bit her lower lip. Mario and Rafael just looked on.

Salina spoke again, "Is that all you can take? Can you sit all the way down? Can you take all his dick?"

Sabrina started to get off me but I held her tight. She turned and looked into my eyes and after a few seconds she continued to slide down the rest of the way on my cock. Nobody had said anything else. When she had taken all my cock into her pussy, she began to move her hips slowly; she was grinding her pussy onto my cock. Her tight velvet pussy lips grabbed my cock so good, I was in heaven. The little gyrating motions where sending shivers through out my entire body. After of few minutes, Sabrina broke the silence with little moans.

The three other people looked on as my daughter fucked herself on my cock. My hands slid up onto her full breasts and I began playing with her tits and nipples. She moaned louder and began to move more and faster. Sabrina spread her legs letting everyone see exacting what was happening while she pushed her heavenly ass onto my stomach. Then she leaned back onto my body and titled her head next to mine and began moaning.

Salina got up and kneeled between Rafael and Mario while her hands disappeared under the table. I could tell she was stroking them off as the three watched me fuck my daughter. Finally, Salina bent over and began taking turns sucking off my brothers as they watched us fuck. Mario and Rafael moved the card table so they could see everything Sabrina and I were doing and we could watch them. Their hands mauled Salina's young body as she began to moan as loud as Sabrina.

Sabrina began to pick up the pace. Her hips moved faster and she began bouncing on my cock making her full tits jiggle. Then she began to talk to me.

"Oh daddy please, god you're cock is so big and thick. Daddy we can't. I'm your daughter. You're cock can't be in my pussy. Oh god daddy. Daddy please. Please daddy. You're too big daddy. Daddy your hands are on my tits. Please daddy, my nipples. Daddy oh god daddy you're fucking me too deep. Daddy, oh god daddy, please. More daddy please more. Fuck me deeper. Fuck me deeper daddy oh god yes fuck me harder," she begged.

I pushed Sabrina on the floor to her hands and knees and began to fuck her as hard as I could doggy style. She met my every stroke and moaned and begged me to fuck her harder. Salina continued to stroke and suck my brothers as they watched me fuck Sabrina's tight little pussy. Grabbing a handful of hair I pulled her head back making her arch her back so I could spank her firm round ass. Making sure they could see her full round tits, I fucked Sabrina like she was a little slut.

"Come here Sabrina. Give me a big kiss," Salina told my daughter.

While I kept fucking her, Sabrina crawled over to Salina and the girls began French kissing. Sabrina's hand began to play with Salina's nice perky tits as I kept fucking her. Salina kept stroking Rafael and Mario who in turn began to play with Sabrina's huge tits. I kept pumping my hard fat dick into my daughter's tiny little wet pink pussy as she kissed Salina and moaned.

Salina then grabbed Sabrina's head and shoved her face onto Rafael cock.

"Go on Sabrina show your daddy what a good little cock sucker you are. Suck your Uncle's cock. Come on you little slut, suck his dick," Salina told my daughter.

Salina hadn't finished talking and Sabrina was already gagging because she had swallowed her Uncle's dick in one gulp. Her head began bobbing up and down and her hips were rocking as she sucked and fucked both of us. Salina stood up and climbed on top of Mario facing him as she slid down his cock. Soon all of us were fucking like rabbits. Mario sucked on Salina's tits as she fucked him fast and hard. Sabrina would have been the loudest person in the room, if she was not too busy gagging on her Uncle's cock.

Soon, I felt Sabrina tight up and began to let out a long low grunt. Then I felt her warm juices begin to flow over my cock. This intense feeling sent me over the edge and I began to shoot my wad into her hot little pussy with my own loud moan. Rafael grabbed Sabrina's head and began to pour his load down her throat. The three of us tighten up moaned, groaned and erupted together in the most intense orgasm I had ever experience. My brother and I emptied our balls into my daughter's young body as she milked every last drop from us with her mouth and pussy.

I kept my hands on her the small of her back while I let my cock drain. Rafael had the biggest smile I've ever seen on his face as he brushed Sabrina's hair away from her face and watched her clean his cock. Sabrina licked and sucked on his cock while she slowly moved her hips with my cock inside her pussy. Her ass kept brushing up my stomach so I grabbed a cheek in each hand and began to massage her round booty.

Looking over I saw, Mario had a handful of Salina's ass as he kept fucking her hard. Salina stood up and slid down Mario's cock again this time facing away from him. She bounced on his cock making her firm little tits jiggle as she rode him.

"Stand up in front of me," she told me.

Slowly I stood up and stepped over to her. As soon as my cock was within reach, Salina began sucking and cleaning my cock. I looked over to Rafael and Sabrina who were now watching Salina please both Mario and me. Rafael was hard once again because Sabrina was still playing with his cock. He grabbed Sabrina and picked her up and turns her around like Salina and guided her down onto his cock. Sabrina looks into my eyes as her Uncle begins to fuck her little wet pussy. Watching them and feeling Salina's hot mouth on my cock made me get hard again.

Salina takes one last long suck from my cock and looks up at me, "Do you want to feel your daughter's mouth on your cock? Do you want to tity fuck her big full tits? I bet you want to feel what your brother felt as he came down her throat. Go on put your fat cock between her tits. Make her deepthroat your cock. See looks she's waiting for you."

Sabrina was looking as us when I turned to see her. She looked up at me and licks her lips. I walked over to her while she cupped her tits. Slowly, I slid my cock between her full soft big tits and begin to pump my little girl's breasts. Every time the head of my cock poked through her tits, Sabrina sucked on it while looking up at me. Grabbing her hair I pushed down onto my cock and began to fuck my little girl's mouth like I had her pussy. My hips were soon pumping deep and hard. Pushing her head down I shoved my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth making her gag. Harder and deeper I shoved my cock down Sabrina's throat enjoying the sound she made as she chocked on my dick.

I heard Mario and Salina grunting as they both came together. Looking over, Mario's and Salina's eyes were focused on Sabrina. There were enjoying watching her suck and get fucked. Salina grinded her hips on Mario's lap milking his dick. She looked at me and licked her lips and cupped her tits and began pulling on her nipples.

Salina grabbed my arm and pulled me away from Sabrina who was still sucking my dick. It came out of her mouth with a loud pop and Sabrina looked at both of us. Getting off Mario's lap, she made Mario and I switch places. I was now on the seat and Mario was standing. Slowly, she slid down my hard cock and leaned back.

"Go ahead Sabrina lick your Uncle's cock clean. I want your dad to see you sucking and fucking both your Uncles. Show him what a little slut you are," she told her.

Mario grabbed a handful of Sabrina's hair and shoved her face onto his cock. It was his turn to fuck my daughter's mouth deep and hard. I watched my brothers fuck and gag my daughter while Salina began bouncing on my cock. They were using her like a cheat whore and she was moaning and fucking them back. Both of the men grabbed and pulled on her huge tits. Every now and again Rafael would spank her firm round ass. Watching her get used like that and seeing her enjoying it made me explode into Salina.

As I came inside Salina, she leaned back and whispered in my ear, "You like watching your daughter get fucked and sucking cock don't you? Did it feel good cumming in me while you're watching you little girl get fucked? I bet you been wanting this for a long time. I know you're brothers have. Don't you think she's been waiting for this? Look at her fuck and suck she's just a dirty little whore. She just needed an excuse. Sabrina is going to fuck the hell out of all of you from now on."

I sat there watching Sabrina and my brothers fuck like wild animals. Salina sat on top and grinded her hips on me until she too came. Sabrina began bouncing up and down on Rafael and within minutes both grunted and they came hard and loud. Sabrina moved her hips milking Rafael dry. Finally, Mario pulled back on Sabrina's hair and shot his load on her pretty little face and huge tits. The milky white cum stood out against her dark Puerto Rican skin.

Sabrina looked at me with her cum covered face and smiled. Looking at her I realized I got the best part out of our divorce. I smiled back and looked forward to the many long days ahead.

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