tagIncest/TabooMy Daughter the Tease

My Daughter the Tease


My daughter in the last couple of years really has started to catch my eye. My wife has gained weight and doesn't desire sex nearly as much as I so when my daughter would parade around the house half naked in a short robe or shorts I couldn't help but take notice.

I would never want to hurt her so obviously I left it at that. I would sneak her sexy underwear she left around and jerk off while teasing my cock with them. One afternoon I walked in our bedroom to lie down and we have a bathroom right off our bedroom.She was showering and when she had finished she must not have heard me go into the room as she slid the door open to let some steam out.

My God, my 21 yr. old daughter had the nicest ass, perfect firm breasts and long smooth legs to go along with it. My cock instantly stiffened as I laid as still as I could while she bent over doing her hair and make-up completely oblivious to me stroking off my cock as I watched drips of water fall from her young pussy. I felt like I was 18 yrs. old again my cock throbbing in my hands.

After a minute or so I wanted to climb out of bed, slide up behind her, bend her over and slide my cock in her freshly washed pussy even if it was my very own daughter. Soon I was shooting my huge load all over myself under the blanket as I stared at her fine ass while catching a glimpse of her perfectly shaped small but beautiful tits. I began to jump into the bed as she showered hoping to see her again over the next several days but to no avail.

The fantasy began growing as I tried catching glimpses of her pussy as she shifted around on the couch or was wanting to get quick glances of her tits through the slit in her robe as she milled around the house. Then one day I noticed some pictures she had taken of herself on the web cam posing in very seductive positions. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I placed them in a folder and revisited them every so often to relieve my sexual tension. I would grab a sexy pair of her panties and rub them on my balls as I stroked my shaft until I would explode all over her sexy panties. My daughter had grown into a stunningly beautiful woman. I now knew she knew she was a sexy attractive female which even fueled the fantasy more.

I couldn't get this out of my mind for months as I tried peeping in on her whenever I could just hoping to catch another cheap thrill. I began rubbing my cock on her ass ever so slightly when I hug her just to see her reaction.

One Friday I had come home from work early and my daughter was lying down as she often did in the afternoon. Her door was slightly ajar and as I walked by I saw her long tan legs slightly spread at the foot of her bed. I slowed down and then noticed her hand sliding up and down her thigh and then disappearing as she slid her fingers gently into her wet pussy as she moaned and squirmed about. I soon realized she hadn't heard me come in.

My cock again was rock hard and luckily I had pants on. I began to jerk off as I watched her pleasure herself.

She started to open her legs enough to where I saw her beautiful pussy and I let out a moan. She stopped as I froze in place. She then quietly asked,"Who's out there?" as I stuttered and stammered.

I mentioning as I could hardly breath,"Oh it's just me looking to close your door."

She giggled and then asked me to come in. My cock was at full attention and she called me on it while still giggling. "Dad you were watching me play with myself weren't you?" she asked breathlessly. It was obvious and I again looked for something to say.

Before anything came to mind she smiled and motioned me to come sit on her bed. She put her hand gently on my shorts and without hesitation pulled my cock out and began to stroke my pulsating cock while she fingered herself feverishly. I leaned back as her small hand sent me to seventh heaven.

I bent down and put her firm soft breast in my mouth and sucked the one and massaged the other for a minute or two. I then slid my hand between her legs and began teasing her clit as she moaned," Oooh daddy rub my hot wet pussy for me!".

I could tell she was enjoying this immensely. She looked so hot fucking herself I couldn't hold back and gasped," Jerk your dad's hot cock baby until daddy cums!".

I proceeded to shoot my hot load all over her soft young hands.

She smiled and said, "Dad, I love jerking your big thick cock for you."

I couldn't believe what had just happened. I said," We can't let anyone know about this.You're my daughter for crying out loud." as we both chuckled.

"Dad it's only sex and we're both adults what's the big deal?" she slyly asked.

She then mentioned," Dad next time I want you to fuck me like the naughty girl I am ok?"."I want to feel your hard cock inside me." she pleaded.

Her body looked so good. Her perky tits were sticking straight up and I couldn't help but think this could get very interesting!

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