tagIncest/TabooMy Daughter's Cuckold Ch. 04

My Daughter's Cuckold Ch. 04


As I lay there bound to the bed, sucking on the panties in my mouth, I could hear Tracey and Amber moving around the house, talking, occasionally laughing or giggling. I didn't know what they were up to, but I had a bad feeling that there was more humiliation to come.

I lost track of time but my arms were aching from being held in place by the straps holding my wrists to the headboard, so I knew it had been a while. By now I was hungry and thirsty, but I knew better than to make any noise. Besides, at this point Amber still didn't know who it was that had licked her to orgasm, and I wanted to keep it that way. It was bad enough that Tracey knew without her friends finding out. I knew there was no way that secret would not come out if other teenagers knew.

When I heard the doorbell ring I felt the panic rise up again. What was going to happen now? This was going too far!! Maybe it was just pizza or sandwich delivery. But I knew better.

Before long I could hear music and the unmistakable sounds of a small party going on downstairs. I couldn't count the voices, but there were at least half a dozen, including several boys. I recognized one as my daughter's boyfriend Roger, whose cum I had been forced to lick from her pussy the first time she caught me dressed up and spread out on the bed like a sissy whore. My thoughts drifted for a minute as I thought about that night, and I was shocked to find that my cock had grown painfully stiff of its own accord. I was ashamed and disgusted to think that remembering such an event had aroused me, but it did, and I could tell there was now a wet spot in my panties. I was still erect when the door to the bedroom opened again.

"Well, I can see you're enjoying this as much as I am", said Tracey. She walked over and trailed her fingertips gently along the shaft of my throbbing cock, making me moan in anguish. My shoulders and hips were on fire from being bound for so long, and now my cock was starting to throb as well.

"You must be uncomfortable like that, Daddy. Isn't that an uncomfortable position to be in for so long? I'll bet you would do pretty much anything I told you to if it meant getting off that bed, wouldn't you?" She reached over and twisted both of my nipples until I moaned loudly and tried to respond around the panties in my mouth. All I could manage was a muffled, "ytthhh mthtrthh!" I nodded my head vigorously to indicate my agreement.

"That's good, because you're going to be my party favor tonight. I'm going to tell you exactly what I expect of you, and you're going to agree to it before I untie you from this bed. Then you're going to perform exactly as I command for the rest of the night or the whole world will hear about you and your perverted little faggot outfits. Is that clear?" Again I nodded and mumbled my assent as best I could.

"I have a little party going on downstairs. I'm going to get you off of this bed and you're going right over this chair instead. I'll be tying you there, yes, don't bother arguing, it's going to happen. Whenever someone gets a little horny at our party they're going to play a little game, and you're going to play along. And don't forget, number one, I have the pictures I took. Number two, if anyone figures out who you are, good luck getting them to keep THAT secret. They'll blab to the world. Word's going to get out fast, and I think you would rather not have that happen, right my little whore?"

I was defeated completely. I had no choice but to agree. She let me stretch for a minute (during which I begged her to reconsider, and she refused). Then she bound my ankles to the rear legs of the chair and my wrists to the front legs, so that I was bent over the back of the chair with my ass exposed. Then she gave me a few hard swats with a hair brush for arguing with her, covered my face with a pair of her worn panties and left the room. I was left there exposed with my ass red. Both it and what little was left of my pride were still stinging from the utterly humiliating spanking I had received from my daughter.

It wasn't long before the first player in her perverted game was led in. The game was, the boy was blindfolded and led into the room. He was told there was a someone tied up that he could fuck, but only anally. If he guessed who it was he would be awarded the prize of exposing the person tied up to the rest of the world. I was horrified, but I knew it was pointless to struggle. I felt someone apply some lubricant to my exposed ass, then the head of a very hard cock was pressed against my ass. I had used a dildo on myself a few times, but they were always small ones and they hurt. Nothing I had done prepared me for the agony as the boy pressed forward, burying the entire length of his rock hard 18 year old cock into my ass!! I felt his balls against me as he finished his thrust.

I was biting hard on the panties in my mouth, trying not to scream as the tears rolled from my eyes. I was being brutally raped and there was nothing I could do but pray for it to end. He pistoned his cock in and out of my hole, grasping my hips as he used me without mercy. My asshole was on fire, and with a sense of horror I realized that he was not wearing a condom. A few seconds later he grunted loudly, made one last deep thrust and I felt his cock swell up and spasm as he pumped his load of cum deep inside me. He relaxed for a minute, panting, before withdrawing his half-erect cock from me. I could feel my asshole gaping open as he guessed a few names, only to be told each time that he was wrong. Finally they led him out of the room as I silently sobbed into the panties filling my mouth.

Four more times that night I was used by the girls' friends. After the first one I was well lubricated with cum and sex lube. One of them was much gentler, but one had a cock that nearly split me in two even after the first two had loosened me up. All of them came inside me, but none guessed that they were fucking their hostess' father. After the second boy pumped his load into me and left I found myself trying to squeeze my hole around the cock of the third, and by the time the fourth one fucked me I was pushing back against him. I could feel that my panties were sopping wet from the pounding my prostate had taken, and a couple of times I was shocked to realize that I was having an orgasm without ejaculating as the boys were fucking me. I vaguely recalled making some moaning sounds, but I immediately felt Tracey's hands covering my mouth to silence me.

At last I could hear no sounds from the lower floor, and I realized that I must have drifted off to sleep after the fourth anal assault. The party was over and Tracey was untying me.

"You did a good job, sissy!" she said as I collapsed onto the floor. "None of the boys were able to guess who they were fucking. Of course I had to cover your mouth after you started enjoying it. I guess you really are my little sissy cunt now, aren't you Daddy?"

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by 4yourpleasureiam12/12/18

Great. I love the crying part and then learning to love being a sissy. I love it when I am used

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