tagIncest/TabooMy Daughter's Feet Ch. 02

My Daughter's Feet Ch. 02


The next day was my last off day before I had to report for shift again. I got up just after my wife left for work. I started to make a pot of coffee wondering if Kayla would be showing up. The house phone rang, and I was greeted by her cheery voice. She was making sure our coffee date was still on, and she would be over in about 10 minutes. Some things never change. I chuckled to myself at how she still called every time beforehand to make sure I was going to be home. I poured her a cup of coffee, and sat down in my chair at the kitchen table, putting her cup on the table in front of her chair. I wondered what she would be wearing today. I liked the pink nylons. I made my wife wear hers last night while we made love. She enjoyed my aggressiveness, and was still walking on bowed legs this morning.

Less than 10 minutes later, Kayla came in through the kitchen door. She was wearing a bare midriff t-shirt advertising Aerosmith. For the first time I noticed she had her belly button pierced. She had on a short jean skirt with a white belt and a belt buckle like the type you find in Texas. It was that big. She finished off her ensemble with a pair of basic black flip-flops. She took her seat at the table, crossed her bare legs toward me and gave me her daddy smile.

"Morning dad. Beautiful day isn't it?" She picked up her cup, and took a sip to test how hot the coffee was. "I tried calling your cell phone first, but of course you didn't answer. What good is a cell phone if you never use it?"

"When in the heck did you get your belly button pierced?" I asked. "And what is with the buckle the size of Texas?"

"I got the piercing about two years ago, you paid for it, and I like this belt buckle." She stuck her tongue out at me and finished it off with her daddy smile again.

"Wait. What? How did I pay for a piercing?" I asked bewildered.

She put on a look like she was really thinking hard. Her eyes were looking at the ceiling, and her tongue out of the corner of her mouth. "I seem to remember this guy giving me fifty bucks to buy a new pair of pantyhose because I had a run in mine. He told me to use the rest on whatever I needed. I didn't need new pantyhose because I have a full drawer of all different kinds at home, but I really needed a belly button piercing. I got it on sale too, only forty-nine bucks." She finished with a laugh.

"Just some guy huh? Any other random guys just happen to give you money?" I asked raising an eyebrow at her.

She gave me the look I long ago dubbed the triple d. The— 'don't be dumb dad'— look. "Really dad?"

"Okay okay." I laughed at her. "Enough with the triple d look."

"You deserve it for that remark." She continued the look for about another 10 seconds before her face returned to normal.

We sat in silence for a few minutes just looking at each other. Almost like a staring contest to see who would blink first, her pretty green eyes looking directly at me. I casually sipped on my coffee. It seemed like we both wanted to make sure that yesterday was forgotten, but neither of us daring to ask. I got up to refill my coffee cup. I turned around to look at her back. Her blonde hair with the strawberry highlights was done up in a ponytail. She was mindlessly slapping her flip-flop against the bottom of her bare foot, like she always did whenever she was nervous. I remembered the day she was born. I think I was screaming as loud as she was. I was genuinely happy her mother chose me to be her surrogate father. When she was little her mom and I would joke about how I could be her real dad since she has green eyes like me. Her mother's eyes were brown. I took my seat back at the table and let out a sigh.

"Are we okay dad?" she asked. Now she gave me the puppy dog eyes.

"I'm fine. You?"

"You know what I mean dad. Yesterday? Remember? Are you and I cool?"

"Yes Kayla. We're cool."

Her breath came out in a rush. "Oh thank God. You have no idea how much that means to me. I was afraid to come over today after all I did and said yesterday. I want to explain to you why I did and said that. Will you listen? And not get mad at me and throw me out like you did yesterday?"

"Kayla, there is no need to explain anything. It is forgotten about."

"I want to dad. Just please listen."

She proceeded to tell me her story. Because she hadn't given up the big prize to Matt yet, he broke up with her. Seems he got quite upset since he found out she has intercourse with her girl friends, and yet she hasn't let him have intercourse with her. She asked him once if he loved her as much as I do, and he told her not to be stupid, he loved her more than I ever could. She knew that wasn't even close to being true. The only place she wanted to be after he left her was alone with me. But I was working. So she went and got a pedicure to make her feel better about herself. She found out about my foot fetish because her mother had a couple extra glasses of wine at Kayla's sweet 16 birthday party, and Kayla heard her tell Connie- one of her mother's friends- that I like to smell her feet when she gives me a handjob. (I guess that would explain why Connie is always giving me the googol eye when she is here visiting with Corinne-my wife.)

From then on she wanted to make sure I noticed her by wearing pantyhose or being barefoot all the time, especially when she knew we would be alone on our date night. She explained if she hasn't seen me in a while, or is upset she gets a pedicure and spends the time when they are pampering her feet, thinking of me, because of how often she has caught me looking at her feet. She sometimes masturbates thinking of me smelling her feet while she would jerk me off, just like her mother does to me. I am the only man she knows without a doubt loves her, and will always care for her. She has practiced her skills on a couple boys, telling them if they want her to jerk them off, they have to smell her feet while she does it. She practices giving her vibrator a footjob, and when she is the "girl" when her friends and her get together she always gives the girl wearing the strap-on a footjob. She wants to practice at giving them so if she ever has the opportunity to do it to the man she really wants to -me- I would think she is better than her mother. Matt is the only boy who has gotten an actual footjob from her. She realized yesterday Matt only did love her for whatever kind of sex she was giving him, and the man who really loves her- without any question- totally and unconditionally- shot her down in flames. She looked like she was on the verge of tears.

"Dad, I love you so much, and all I really wanted was you to hold me and tell me 'everything is going to be okay, daddy is here', just like when I was little and scared of thunderstorms." She paused for a moment and sniffled. "Instead, I end up telling you all sorts of crazy shit you didn't need to hear or know about and practically beg you to touch my feet and jerk off for me or in my stockings. I told you I wanted to give you a footjob, have you make love to me, called myself your little slut, and what I apparently sound like when I orgasm. I played with myself shamelessly in front of you. But when you called me a two dollar whore, I realized just what the hell was I doing trying to seduce you. I hope you really don't think I am, or that I use drugs. You didn't have to be my dad, you didn't have to adopt me, but you did. You never treated me any different than Kenny or Trina. You never used the "you're really not my daughter" card. You may not have always been my dad legally, but you have always been my dad to me. I don't even want to ever know who my real dad is, because there is no way he could be better at being a father than you. You were always there for me, always praising what I did, always making time just for me. Can I just be your little girl again, crawl into your lap for a minute and have you tell me you love your turtle?"

I moved my chair out and turned towards her. "I don't know Kayla. I really didn't need a highlight film of what happened yesterday, or why you feel the need to have sex with me. I am proud of you for using alternative means of practicing safe sex until you find the guy who will make you feel special- more special than I do. I love bragging about your accomplishments, although I'm not going to brag about your sexual prowess, experience, or specialty." I made a funny face at her. "That would just be weird. I'm sure there is some kind of law against me knowing about how and what you do during sex."I smiled at her and she gave a short giggle. "I love being your dad, and the special bond we share. You are a very beautiful young woman; as beautiful as your mother, but in case you hadn't noticed, Trina took over the role of being my little girl after you moved out." I smiled at her holding out my hand in an invitation to come to me, while patting my knee with my other hand.

"Oh daddy." she laughed, got up from her chair and just like she did when she was little, put her arms around my neck sat down on my lap and snuggled into my chest. "Don't tease me." She sighed into my chest:" I know I'll always be your little girl."

"Yes you will be." I whispered as I kissed her on the top of her head and laid my cheek against it, just like I used to do when she was little. "Dad loves his turtle very much."

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