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My Daughter's Friends


November 10 - Dear Diary. I saw the hottest guy in school today. He's the singer for this new band. He's so cool. He's got tattoos and his nose and tongue are pierced and the way he shakes his ass when he's singing. I would love to meet him.

November 15 - Dear Diary. I got to talk to him!!! His name is Ricky he's new to West High his band plays weekends at the Three Rivers Teen Club!! And I saw he got a big bulge in his jeans when he talked to me. He held my hands when we talked, and I got so wet. I'm getting wet now, thinking about it. Good night, Diary, I need to take care of myself (wink wink)

November 16 - Dear Diary. I helped my mom clean the garage and she's going to let me go with Staci and Tonya to Three Rivers tomorrow! I am going to drap Ricky off the stage and rape him in the parking lot! He's so hot. He smiled at me in the hall today and I got so excited! Mom's taking me to the mall tomorrow to get clothes. I have to go. Bye

My step-daughter's diary ended there. The kid was eighteen and she still wrote in her diary like a twelve year old. Maybe, I thought, all woman are like that. Certainly many women act like it. She was at the mall now, actually the big factory outlet complex that was an hour's drive away.

I sat at my computer, pondering what I'd just read. I routinely read her diary, even Dr. Laura says this is a great help in keeping track of what your kids are doing. It certainly helped me steer her away from drugs and onto safer paths. I not only knew when her cherry was popped but what a jerk the guy was after, which helped all of us deal with the depression when he snubbed her. She's on the pill now, and she always makes the guy use a condom, besides. She doesn't know I know, but she finds my advice timely. Her first blowjob was a disappointment, the stupid guy complained not only to her about it, but to his friends. What an idiot. A smart boy would have lied that it was great and given her a second chance. Seems like all the boys her age didn't know what they were doing. She does like kissing girls, I found out, and she likes tits as much as I do, but she hasn't munched a carpet yet. Perhaps in time.

There was a thump on the patio door behind me. I looked around, panicked, trying to find a place to hide the diary, and realizing that if Judy was at the door I didn't have a chance in hell of putting away before she noticed it was missing. I stuffed it under some papers just as the glass door slid open.

It didn't help my panicked condition to see a the face of a brunette girl I didn't recognize peer around the corner. Who's this? Before I could ask, she stepped fully into the room, her large breasts barely restrained in their bikini top and her flat stomach leading my eyes naturally to the V of her bikini bottom. My eyes went irresistably back to her breasts, where her nipples were trying to thrust through thin material. The girl, whoever she was, was clearly a full blooded latina, and I lusted after her young body insanely. My mouth fell open but before I could make a noise, my gaze was torn from this vision of heaven by the girl that followed her, a somewhat smaller dirty blond clad only in a white bikini. I gazed helplessly back and forth at these two sudden visions of lust.

"Hi! Is Judy home?" The Mexican asked as she bounded into the room.

"Uh..uh..." I swallowed. "Who are you?"

"Oh! I'm Christy, and this is Erika. We just thought we'd stop over and see if Judy was home."

"I love the way you're dressed." I told them stupidly. My wits had left and weren't coming back until it was safe, it seemed. My mouth was running on autopilot.

"We were at the beach," Erika put in.

"We haven't seen Judy in years and wanted to say 'Hi'", Christy supplied.

"Hi. Yeah. Hi. I'm sorry, but Judy's at the mall, and won't be back for quite a while. Want to stay and keep me company? Er...er.. would you like to wait?"

They laughed. Christy's breasts bounced maddenly, trapping my gaze as they jiggled. Realizing that not only was I staring but that Christy knew what I was staring at, I glanced away to Erika, then back to Christy's eyes. She smiled and said "I think I'd love to spend time with you. What's your name?"

"Jim. Call me Jim. Would you like something to drink?" Without waiting for an answer, I got up and went into the kitchen. I needed a beer. I gave them a couple and we stood in the kitchen, drinking. On impulse I asked "are either of you religious?"

Erika giggled, "Religious? Us? No. Why?"

"Because I need to get on my knees and worship you." And saying that, I fell to my knees and pulled Christy's bikini clad pussy into my face, ignoring her startled "eek". I inhaled deeply the smell of sweat, sun screen, salt, all mingled with the heavenly aroma of hot young pussy. "Ahhh! I need to lick you! Both of you! I'm begging you, please! I need to taste you!"

Christy had started to push my head away, but she changed her mind and pulled me tight into her pussy as she started moaning. "Yes! Eat me. NOW!"

She ground her pussy into my face, and I started to pull off her bottoms.

Erika said "Are you nuts? Christy, what are you doing?"

Christy pushed my head away and I looked up at the girls' faces, waiting in agony, with Christy's hairy black pussy staring at me. "I'm tired of fucking boys that just give me a few licks and ram their dick in me to explode in two strokes. He's old. He's been eating pussy longer than I've been alive. I'm dying for someone to lick me. So shut up and kiss me." With that, Christy pulled Erika to her and kissed her full on the mouth. Erika put her arms around Christy and they moved to a close embrace. Erika's hips pushed me back, and they turned so Erika's white bikini bottom was in my face.

I pulled them down, and she stepped out of them as I stared at the beautiful firm cheeks in front of me. Her left cheek had a butterfly tattoed on it, and I kissed that as I squeezed her other firm cheek. Her young skin was amazing soft and smooth, and my tongue glided in sensual circles around the painted insect as my fingers found her moist pussy lips and eased between them. Erika broke off her kiss with Christy and moaned "you're so right!" as my thumb gently entered her vagina and began massaging the inside of her pussy.

Erika ssquatted, spreading her legs and making my access easier. I reached around behind Christy's ass and entered her pussy with my thumb also. Both girls rode my thumbs for a while as they kissed each other passionately. I kissed the exposed parts of each girl's breast, and simply enjoyed the pleasure I was giving them. After a while I suggested that we use the bed upstairs. They kissed for a little more then stopped and nodded. As they stood up I kissed Christy, and then Erika, deep full tongue kisses.

I took them by their hands and led them upstairs. At the edge of the bed, I stopped and turned. They both still wore their bikini tops, though Christy's left breast was exposed, her long hard nipple finally free. I flicked at this inviting treat as I reached behind her and released her bikini top. Her young breasts were still incredibly firm, and hardly sagged at all as they were freed. I resisted the urge to be rough, and simply teased her nipples with my lips as I ran my hands down her soft olive skin. i turned her and sat her down on the edge of the bed.

"Wait", I told her. I turned to Erika, who was watching us uncertainly, and kissed her gently again. She responded and held me tight. I stroked her long blond hair gently, and then eased off her bikini top, revealing pink nipples on small white breasts, highlighted by tan lines that were just starting to fade as the long California summer passed away. I kissed them, sucking strongly on them, for I felt that Erika needed a stronger lead than Christy did. I pulled on her nipple with my lips, and then slid my tongue down her flat tummy and into her light brown pubic patch.

I ran my hands down her silky skin and eased my hands between her legs, forcing them apart. As she spread her legs, I lifted her slender body up on my arms. As she clutched my head in surprise, I turned and laid her down on the bed, kneeling before her with my face buried in her tight snatch. Ny tongue found her hard clitoris, and I circled it as my fingers found both her nipple and her cunt. I pinched her nipples as I sucked on her clit while my other fingers fucked her eager pussy. Erika put her feet on the edge of the bed and thrust up into my face wildly.

I felt Christy moving on the bed, and suddenly felt the hard point of her nipples pressing onto my arm as she leaned across and sucked Erika's other nipple. Erika started screaming wildly and she pulled my head down into her pussy as her legs clamped my ears and squeezed. She screamed as she came, her whole body convulsing in spasms of pleasure. She finally relaxed and let my head go. "I never came like that before. Wow. I thought old guys were boring."

"Never mind that, I want a turn" Christy pulled me up onto Erika and rolled over to put her pussy under my face, one leg covering Erika's face, the other spread down Erika's side. I lay with my jean covered hard-on pressing onto Erika's swollen pussy. I started humping her as I marvelled at the long glossy black hair on Christy's tight pussy. I lay on Erika and parted Christy's dark lips with my eager tongue. Her pink clit was very responsive, and soon Christy was squirming as I circled her clit. I pushed on it and sucked on it as I humped Erika.

Erika was responding underneath me and was sucking and licking Christy's leg. I thrust my tongue suddenly into Christy's wet pussy, and rammed her clit with my nose. Christy screamed, letting go of her nipples and pulling on my head. I fucked her with my tongue, thrusting my hard-on onto Erika on the same stroke. Soon Christy was cumming, her hips thrusting into my tongue as her juices flowed onto the bed. She rolled over with a sigh, her perfect firm young ass pointng to the ceiling briefly before she turned over and watched me still humping Erika.

"Fuck the poor guy, Erika," Christy told her. "He's dying." I bent to suck on Erika's pink nipple as Erika reached down and released my jeans. I stood up quickly and stripped my clothes off, finally freeing my aching cock. It was dripping with pre-cum and throbbing. I laid back down on top of Erika, and resumed stroking the outside of her cunt with my now naked cock. It felt wonderful. Erika kissed me wildly as she lifted me up and guided my dick into her pussy with her hand. I entered her with one hard thrust, her soaked pussy taking me greedily.

We bucked wildly together and soon I was screaming in ecstasy as I blew my hot load deep into this hot young blond whore. She came again as I came, her legs wrapped around my ass and pulling me in tight as her tight pussy milked my cock for all it's sperm. Spent, I kissed Erika and rolled off her, bumping my head into Christy's perfect breast.

I sucked on it greedily, without thinking, and Christy climbed on top of me, straddling me and rubbing her long black wet pussy hair on my softening cock. I buried my face between her firm tits and squeezed them, hard. Her dark chocolate almost black nipples begged me to suck on them, and I did, squeezing her breasts together and putting them both in my mouth at the same time. Christy moaned and lifted up, my hard dick slipping into her tight wet cunt. She rode me wildly, sitting up straight for the deepest penetration and pulling her nipples out of my mouth.

I looked over at Erika, and her eyes were glowing as she watched. "Sit on my face," I told her, "ride my tongue one more time".

She bent over and kissed me, and then swung her legs over my head. My cum was still dripping from her pussy as she mounted me. The salty taste made my dick even harder. I licked Erika's pussy and cirled her asshole as she rode my face. I could hear those two kissing as I fucked one pussy and sucked the other. Soon Christy was rocking far backwards on my cock, and suddenly her pussy clenched me with incredibly tight hard spasms as she came loudly. She rode my hard-on until she was done, then crawled off, leaving my cock flopping on my belly.

Erika bent down and took me into her mouth as I continued sucking her pussy. She was very gentle and her lips and tongue glided over my cock. Gradually she sucked me harder and harder. I wasn't near coming, but it felt wonderful. I started thrusting into her pussy with my hard tongue, making her moan around my cock. I pulled her pussy lips apart for better access and started a figure eight motion around her clitoris and asshole.

Suddenly I felt a tongue on my balls as Erika continued to suck on my cock. Christy was circling my balls with her tongue and licking my asshole. I felt my balls tightening up and soon I was shooting into Erica's mouth, my arms around her waist and pulling her pussy down onto my face as I yelled out my orgasm. Erika sucked on my cock until I finished, and then she pulled Christy up and kissed her, both of them tasting my sperm. Erika rolled her pussy off my face, and turned. Both girls kissed me, and all three of us shared the taste of my salty cum.

Christy smiled at me. "That was the best, Jim. I have a lot of friends that would like what you do. Can you meet them?"


I'm looking forward to when Christy calls me back. I love teaching young people.

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