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My Daughter's Friends


I experienced car trouble one afternoon, which forced me to leave my car at a service station. Luckily one of the attendants was nice enough to drive me home. Of course the fact that I was wearing a short tennis skirt may have had something to do with it, but I've never been afraid to use my good looks to get what I need.

I'm a thirty-four year old single mother and I have a great body thanks to my job at the Health and Fitness Club. Most of my time is spent watching the front counter and washing towels, but I'm permitted to exercise while I'm at work, too. The job doesn't pay much, but I'm able to afford a nice trailer home.

Since I was home early and my car wasn't out front, my eighteen-year-old daughter, Tami, must have thought nobody was home. I was in my bedroom when my daughter entered the trailer followed by two boys from her high school class. Both of the boys are also eighteen-years-old. My bedroom door was open just enough for me to watch what my daughter was doing.

Tami is five-foot-two with a slender body and perky breasts. She has dark hair, a cute face and a bubbly personality, so boys are always showing an interest in her. I'm five-foot-four, but our faces look remarkably alike. My breasts are a little bigger, but otherwise we look more like sisters than mother and daughter.

One of the boys kissed my daughter and the other one tried to touch her breasts. However, Tami was able to push them away. She told them that boys weren't allowed in the house while she was home alone. Unfortunately for Tami, the boys wouldn't take no for an answer and started ganging up on her. They were poking Tami and tickling her, and then they somehow managed to get her T-shirt up over her head. I was going to step in, but my daughter was laughing as if she enjoyed the attention so I waited to see what would happen next.

My daughter was in her blue jeans and bra as she again asked the boys to leave. I should have thrown them out, but they were some mighty fine looking young boys! They had bulges in the front of their jeans and I was somewhat curious as to what the boys were packing in their pants.

One of the boys begged, "Tami, if you show us your panties, we'll leave."

Tami replied, "Do you promise?"

The boys both promised, so my daughter agreed to pull down her pants. I was amazed that my daughter would be so gullible, but she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, and then she worked them down her legs. Tami finally slipped her pants off and stood before the boys wearing only her bra, panties and little white socks. She was blushing as the boys carefully surveyed her young tight body.

Finally Tami said, "Okay boys, you've seen enough. Now it's time for you to go."

However, the boys had other ideas. They chased my daughter down the hallway and one of the boys was able to grab my daughter's little underpants in back and yank them down. She was able to scurry into the bathroom and close the door, but not before the boys got a good look at her bare behind.

When the boys found that Tami had locked the bathroom door, they called out that they were leaving and said goodbye. However, they merely opened and closed the front door and then the boys raced into Tami's bedroom. The teenaged boys thought it would be funny to strip naked and hide in her closet, so they removed all of their clothes and kicked them under my daughter's bed.

I was amazed at the beautiful packages the young boys possessed! They were long and thick. I felt like running out and wrapping my soft hands around them, but I was able to control myself. The boys also had bulging biceps and six-pack abs, which I hadn't seen on the forty-year-old guys that I'd been dating lately.

My juices were beginning to flow, so I had to find a way to get into the game. After the naked boys were hidden away in Tami's closet, I sneaked into the living room and opened the front door. I acted as though I was just coming home from work.

I knocked on the bathroom door and said, "Hi Tami. What are you doing?"

The bathroom door opened and my daughter glanced out with a surprised look on her face.

She stammered, "Um, hi mom. I was just about to take a bath. What are you doing home so early?"

I said, "The damn car broke down."

Tami nervously asked, "Did you see any boys when you came in?"

I said, "Of course not. You know better than to have boys in the house when I'm not home."

Tami said, "Yeah, right. Well, I'll take my bath now."

I said, "Okay, but don't use up all the hot water. I want to take a shower when you're done."

Tami said, "Aw mom. You know how I like to relax in the tub. In fact, I want to get a magazine to read while I'm in there."

My daughter stepped out of the bathroom and I followed her as she headed into her bedroom. There was an issue of Rolling Stone and an issue of Glamour lying on her bed.

Then my daughter reached behind her back and I asked, "What are you doing?"

She gave me a puzzled look and replied, "Taking my bra off."

Knowing that the boys were watching Tami from inside her closed, I said, "Shouldn't you take your underwear off in the bathroom?"

As my daughter slipped off her bra, she asked, "Why? This is my bedroom. What's the big deal?"

I couldn't answer her. All I could do was watch as she unknowingly bared her breasts to the young boys. Tami's boobies aren't very big, but they're full and firm, and her puffy pink nipples looked so tender and cute as she innocently displayed them to the two boys hiding in her closet. Then my teenaged daughter bent over and pulled down her panties. Tami's beautiful bare butt was facing the closet as she took her time deciding which magazine to read.

She finally selected the Rolling Stone magazine and said, "Okay, I'm ready to take my bath now."

I said, "Go right ahead...and take your time. I'll just take my clothes off and wait until you're finished. Do you mind if I read the Glamour Magazine that's laying on your bed?"

My daughter replied, "Sure, whatever."

Then my naked daughter went into the bathroom and closed the door. I deliberately stayed in my daughter's bedroom, knowing full well that the teenaged boys were watching my every move. As I stood facing the closet doors, I casually unzipped my tennis top and pulled it off. Then I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra. I slowly slid the bra-straps down my arms before finally allowing the bra to fall away from my full firm breasts.

The two closet doors were partially open, giving the boys a gap from which to peek through. I stood to the side of the closet doors and pretended to admire my breasts in the mirror on the wall. First I pushed my boobs together, and then I gently caressed my ripe melons before pinching and pulling on my nipples.

Once my nipples were erect, I stood sideways to the mirror. This positioned my bare boobies directly in front of the closet doors. I remained there for a minute or two, giving the boys a good look at my exposed breasts. I knew it was wrong for me to tease the young boys, but once I got started I couldn't stop. The thought of two teenaged boys admiring my bare breasts gave me goose bumps. However, I kept my composure and continued with the striptease show.

Next I turned so that I faced away from the closet doors, and then I unzipped my tennis skirt in back. Ever so slowly I eased the skirt down my hips and pushed it to the floor. I was now naked except for my little white panties.

I calmly turned all the way around in front of the mirror so I could see myself from every angle. This of course allowed the boys to observe me from every angle, too. Then I started to get a little nervous because my reflection in the mirror reminded me of how skimpy my panties were.

The fabric of my panties was so thin that my dark pussy hair was visible in front. The panties were riding so low on my hips that a little bit of my butt crack was hanging out above the waistband. Fortunately I work out every day so I had a nice firm butt to show the boys. However, I was still feeling a little apprehensive because I was beginning to wonder if I'd pushed it too far. Then I decided that since I'd gone this far, I might as well go all the way, so I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and prepared to push them down.

Suddenly, I overheard one of the boys mumble, "Oh man, do you see that? She's gonna take her panties off!"

The other boy whispered, "I got eyes. Now shut up before she hears you."

Finding out that the boys were enjoying my striptease act extinguished my feelings of nervousness. The realization that two eighteen-year-old boys were actually admiring my thirty-four-year-old body made me feel proud. I reached between my legs and touched the thin material of my little undies. Sensing how nice and wet my panties were merely confirmed that this act of exhibitionism was really turning me on!

I wanted to rub my pussy, but I knew I'd have to wait a little longer. Once again hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and slowly pushed them down my legs. I could hear some commotion in the closet as I stepped out of my panties and flaunted my bare body right in front of the closet doors. My round firm breasts and neatly trimmed brunette bush were now totally exposed to the teenaged boys. The excitement of two young boys staring at my bare body sent chills up and down my spine.

I was still a little nervous about the ramifications of what I was doing, but the sexual tension building inside my body forced me to push it even further. Besides, as far as the boys knew, I was just taking my clothes off inside of my own house. They didn't know that I was aware of their presence in the room.

While still pretending to admire myself in the mirror, I turned around several times to give the boys a look at my nude figure from every possible angle. Then I laid back on the bed and started reading the magazine. The closet doors were at the foot of the bed, so I casually spread my legs as I thumbed through the magazine. This gave the boys an unobstructed view of my hairy triangle.

Knowing that the boys were staring at my totally nude body was really getting me excited, but I couldn't just finger myself in my daughter's bed. Then I saw a vibrator on Tami's nightstand. I picked it up, curiously looked it over, and then I decided it was time to really put on a show for the boys. While gazing at the toy I pretended to talk to myself.

I said aloud, "Hmm, I didn't know Tami had one of these. I'd better speak to that girl about it when she gets out of the tub."

Then I acted as if I'd never seen one before. First I switched it on and then I sat there deciding what to do next.

I said aloud, "Well, I guess I should try it out before punishing Tami for having it."

I gently rubbed it against my tender nipples.

I moaned, "Mmm. That feels good. I wonder how this would feel like between my legs?"

I sat back on the bed and started using the toy to caress my inner thighs. I spread my legs wide apart and with my feet facing the closet, the boys a clear view of my neatly trimmed brunette bush. Next I started moving the vibrator close to my pussy lips and then I'd move it away. This seemed to tease the boys.

Then I started rubbing the vibrating toy all over my pussy lips. I gently caressed my little clitty with the plastic pleasure giver and that's when my juices really started to flow.

I said out loud, "Mmm, this feels so good on my love button. I wonder what it would feel like if I put it inside of me?"

Suddenly I heard one of the boys mumble, "Put it in and find out" followed by a smack.

I guess the other boy slapped him in the head to get him to shut up. I acted as though I didn't hear the boys and finally decided to try out the toy. I laid back in the bed and kept my legs spread wide apart. Now I was certain the boys could actually see my pussy lips. Knowing that the boys could see every inch of my naked body was making me tingle all over so I gave them a nice long look. Then I held the vibrator in my right hand and casually caressed around the outside of my hairy triangle while using my left hand to touch my nipples.

I wanted to tease the boys some more, but I couldn't wait any longer, so I slowly worked the plastic penis into my pleasure place. Mmm, it felt incredible as the toy slid deeper and deeper inside of me. I kept moving the vibrator in and out, in and out, and the feeling that was building inside of me earlier was now almost overwhelming. One of the boys was so dumb that he opened the closet door a little further to give himself a better view. The door was opened wide enough for me to actually witness him stroking his massive erection!

Seeing the young boy's rigid rod made me even more excited, so I buried the electric dick deep inside of me. It felt so good that I began to moan. The tension was really starting to build inside of me as I plunged the vibrator in and out of my wet pussy. I was caressing my titties as I pleasured myself, and then I suddenly began to tremble as the sensation inside of me was beginning to overpower my senses.

Soon I couldn't take it anymore and I started moving the toy around frantically inside of my pussy while yelling, "Oh wow, oh wow, I'm cumming, I'm cumming" as I finally brought myself to a powerful orgasm.

After reaching the summit of sexual sensation, I switched off the vibrator and laid back on the bed. My naked body was twitching from exhaustion and shuttering from the aftershock of my orgasm. I was lying in the bed when Tami entered the bedroom. My daughter was still in the nude after taking her shower and she didn't even question the fact that I was naked in her bed. Tami and I are always walking around the trailer without any clothes on so I guess she thought it was no big deal.

I was pretty sure one of the boys had already exploded in the closet while watching me, but it looked like the other boy was still stroking away as he checked out my daughter's beautiful bare form. I couldn't take the suspense anymore. I had to see the teenager's penis up close so I told my daughter that I would help her find something to wear. Then I threw open one of the closet doors. My daughter let out a high pitched shriek as she came face to face with the masturbating boy.

I demanded, "What's going on here?"

The boy replied, "I don't...I can't stop...oh man I'm..." and then he let out a big grunt and shot his load all over my flat tummy.

My daughter's eyes lit up in amazement as the boy continued to stroke away right in front of Tami and me. He didn't stop stroking until he was completely finished and the last little bit of the milky liquid leaked out onto the floor. While the boy was finishing himself off, my daughter decided she was going to quickly grab something to wear and opened the other closet door. Tami shrieked again when she discovered that the other boy was also naked and hiding in her closet.

Once again I demanded, "What's going on here and where are your clothes?"

The boys mumbled something as they held their hands in front of themselves attempting to hide their shrinking erections. I made no attempt to hide my nakedness from the boys, but I was a little disturbed to see that my young daughter also left her bare body completely exposed. The boys were eagerly inspecting my daughter's pink puffy nipples and soft brown girl fur, yet Tami just stood there and made no attempt to block their view.

I knew I had to say something so I turned to my daughter and sternly said, "I told you that boys aren't allowed in the house when I'm not home, yet I find two of them in the house and they're naked. Then I find a vibrator, too. Tami, you've left me no choice but to punish you."

I sat on the bed motioned for my daughter to bend over my knee.

My daughter innocently asked, "Mom, what are you doing?"

I said, "You deserve a spanking."

Tami giggled and said, "No mom. I'm eighteen, I'm naked and two boys from school are watching me. No, you're not going to spank me."

I said, "Its either a spanking or you never get to use the car again."

My daughter looked at the boys, blushed, and then she bent down over my knee. Her firm little butt was up in the air right in front of her classmates. Then I looked around for something to whip her with.

My daughter said, "What's taking so long? Are you going to spank me or just parade my bare ass around in front of the boys from school?"

Then I said, "This will work" as I grabbed a suede belt from the floor.

The belt was soft so it wasn't going to hurt, but I figured the act of getting spanked and humiliated in front of two boys from her school would make her think twice before doing something like this again. I started whacking away on her bare little bottom with the soft belt as the boys looked on. The motion of spanking Tami caused my naked breasts to wobble in front of me, and this did not go unnoticed by the boys.

Suddenly I realized that spanking my daughter was having the opposite affect. Even though her butt cheeks were turning pink from the strokes of the belt, Tami was playfully giggling as if she was enjoying the whole thing. With the sound of my daughter's girlish laughing, combined with the sight of her bare butt and my exposed breasts, the boys were beginning to get excited again. Their young soldiers were starting to rise to attention and in my daughter's position, their packages were right at Tami's eye level.

Finally I stopped and told my daughter to sit down next to me. I explained to her that it wasn't fair for her to receive all of the punishment and then I said that the boys should get a spanking, too. I motioned for the boys to lie across our laps and the boys eagerly accepted their fate. The naked teenaged boys stretched out across our bare laps and I could actually feel the young boy's penis pushing against my inner thigh, while the head of his penis was actually touching my pussy hair. I just hoped that the other boy's erection wasn't invading my young daughter's pussy.

Then my daughter said, "We only have one belt, what should we do?"

I said, "You use the belt. I'll use my bare hand."

I started spanking the boy's muscular ass with my hand as his erection began to throb against my leg. As I spanked his exposed ass, the boy slid his hand up between my legs and inserted a finger into my wet pussy. I know I should've stopped him, but I couldn't fight the feeling.

My daughter and the other boy were laughing and having a good time, but my boy meant business. He massaged my little clitty before moving his finger all around inside of me. It felt so good that I wanted more. I finally couldn't take it any longer and I told my daughter that I shouldn't be naked in front of these young boys.

I said, "I'm going into my bedroom to get dressed."

Tami said, "Yeah sure, whatever" followed by some more giggling.

My daughter didn't even notice that the boy who was on my lap followed me into my bedroom. Once I was in my own room, I pulled the young stud on top of me and quickly inserted his rigid penis inside of me. He started moving in and out, in and out, and I was quickly on the verge of an orgasm. Then the boy started groaning and I could feel that he was really stiffening inside of me.

He started grunting, "Can't hold back...got to cum."

I begged, "Please hold on a little longer. I'm just about there," but the young boy couldn't stop and began shooting his load inside of me.

When he was finished, he rolled off of me and said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I've never done this before."

I said, "Don't worry. You were great. I just need to finish up."

I inserted a finger inside of my wet pussy and started moving it all around. The boy looked confused so I gave him a hug, and his mouth went right to my nipple. As I continued fingering myself, the boy went to town on my bare titties. It felt really good as he kissed and licked my erect nipples while I continued masturbating. Within seconds I reached the point of no return and started trembling all over. Then I couldn't take it anymore and exploded with another powerful orgasm. When it was over, my body when limp and I lied back on my bed with my eyes closed.

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