My Daughter's Garter Belt Ch. 02


Andie started cumming right away, a low squealing escaping her lips as the waves passed through her. I didn’t stop or slow down, but I kept right on driving myself into my daughter. I wanted her to go into a sensory overload, so I started nibbling on her neck as I reached between her legs with my free hand and tickled her clit.

She kept right on cumming, the longest orgasm I’d ever seen a girl have. My little girl squirmed and panted and gasped “oh Daddy-oh Daddy-oh Daddy” over and over as I screwed her. She was lost in a world of pleasure, oblivious to everything except her cumming pussy. I was able to last much longer than our first time. I gently held her orgasming body as I gave my daughter a lesson in real fucking.

Finally I felt my own orgasm approaching, and with a loud moan I shoved myself into her and shot her full of hot sperm. It was just like before – my daughter’s pussy was just too tight to contain both my cock and my seed, and it spilled out of her as fast as I squirted it into her, drenching her thighs above her stockings.

Andrea dropped her hand between her legs and gathered the sperm as it spilled from her and took it to her greedy lips. She sucked them clean as she squirmed her pussy around me, driving me wild and milking my dick dry. Eventually orgasm wound down and my thrusting slowed and then stopped. Andrea lay there gently licking her left hand and kneading her clit through its after cum with her right. Finally, I slid myself out of her.

I lay there with my daughter in my arms as we snuggled and our breathing returned to normal. Knowing that I didn’t want to be caught naked in my daughter’s room, I finally forced myself to get up and return to my own bed.

I looked back at her as I closed the door. Andie was still on her side, worn out from sex just as her mother had been. Her long nyloned legs were stretched out on the bed. She had pulled her favorite teddy bear up under her head, and it was nuzzled up next to her face. Her finger was still in her mouth, gently sucking our cum off of it, and I thought that maybe she was already asleep. But as I pulled the door shut, she sleepily whispered, “Goodnight, Daddy.”

We never mentioned our sleeping together at any time when it wasn’t happening. No furtive kisses, no whispered endearments. Just a normal family life, with that one little secret. I imagined that I could see a new kind of happy satisfaction in her eyes, though. And maybe even a new bounce in her step. I often found myself trying to decide if she was content because of the sex she was getting or the sex she was giving. I learned more about her desires a week later.

Judy and I were in the living room watching the late news when Andrea came downstairs, ready for bed. She had on her flannel pajamas and a pair of big pink fuzzy slippers. It was her usual routine to kiss Judy and me goodnight, and tonight was no different. She bent over at the waist and gave her mom a kiss, and said “Goodnight, Mommy.”

She came over to my chair and did the same to me, a kiss on the cheek and a cheery “Goodnight, Daddy.” But as she had her arms wrapped around my neck she whispered in my ear, “I get my blowjob tonight, Daddy.” I looked her in the eyes, a little surprised.

Andrea beckoned my eyes downwards with a glance towards her foot. As I looked at her fuzzy pink slipper, she pulled the leg of her pajama up just enough to see her bare ankle. Well, it wasn’t exactly bare, because underneath her pajamas she was wearing her nylon stockings. The sight of her ankle in those dark nylons was enough to send a ripple of desire through my dick, and I knew that that was just what she had intended. As I said, my little girl knows me.

Judy was particularly tired that night, and so there was no sex for us. After I was sure that she was good and asleep, I snuck down the hall to Andrea’s room, my dick huge and bouncing between my legs.

As I shut the door behind me and my eyes became accustomed to the light, I could see her sitting on the edge of her bed, naked except for her garterbelt and stockings. She had her legs crossed in a pose designed to show them off, and I drank in the sight of her. Andie patiently let me look, smiling and enjoying my enjoyment. In that pose with that little secret smile on her face Andie looked more grown up than ever. My dick poked out my pajama bottoms, tenting them with desire. Finally my daughter wanted to wait no more. She girl smiled at me and crooked her finger, beckoning me over.

As I walked towards her, she spread her legs wide so that I could walk right up close to her. Andrea gazed at my dick with rapt attention as she unsnapped my pajamas and slid them down my legs. Then she wrapped her stockinged legs around me, hooking her ankles behind my calves and holding me close in a death grip. I could feel her erect nipples pressing gently into my thighs. She took my ass in her hands, and without a word slid my hungry dick into her mouth.

She gently massaged my dick with her wet lips and tongue as I slid back into her. After the longest time her lips reached the base of my cock, and I realized with a start that I was deeper in her mouth than I’d ever managed to be in her pussy. The feeling was incredible. Andie used the muscles in the back of her throat to tickle my cock, and I’d never felt so close to a girl before. My baby was engrossed in pleasing her father, and all other considerations including her own needs be damned.

Usually when girls give head they don’t even try to get it all the way in. They gag if they do. And the ones that can only usually do it for a little bit. They’re busy rubbing you with their hands and trying to make you cum and get it over with. And I won’t even get into swallowing.

This was another kind of experience altogether. I could almost feel her need to drink my cum, her desire to make me enjoy every minute of my milking. Andie slowly drew her head back, sucking softly and withdrawing me from her soft and warm mouth. As soon as I came free, her head dropped back down and took me in again. She began sliding up and down me, keeping a gentle pressure with her lips and tickling my dick with her swallowing. It was the most sensual blowjob I’d ever had.

She picked up the pace slowly, pulling me into her mouth using her grip on my ass, fucking me with her lips and tongue. I could feel the tip of my cock touching the back of her throat, and I was amazed that she wasn’t gagging. I took her head in my hands, savoring the feel of her cheeks as they expanded every time I entered her.

It didn’t take long. After a few minutes I felt the cum bubbling up from inside of me, getting ready to jet into my little girl. When the first spurt came out, Andie’s lips were at the top of her stroke, and just away from the end of my dick. The sperm splashed on her lips and cheek. Instead of drawing away like most women do, Andrea immediately threw her face forward, engulfing my dick all the way to the base as she began swallowing frantically to keep up with the cum. I’d never felt anything like it. My cum was shooting straight down the back of her throat, entering my daughter’s body just as if I was fucking her. I held her head in my hands as I tried not to bump against her face and bruise her pretty lips. She swallowed constantly, and I couldn’t tell if it was because she was trying to keep ahead of the jets of hot sperm or because she wanted to drink my cum so badly.

Finally she had milked every drop there was, and she slowly removed her face from my dick. Andie unwound her legs from around mine, and let go of the death grip on my ass. I hoped that there weren’t going to be finger marks – that would be hell to explain to my wife. Andrea used her finger to wipe my sperm off of her cheek. She looked me in the eye as she popped it in her mouth and made a yummy noise. Then she pulled my pajamas back up and fastened them.

“There,” she said. “A good girl always puts everything back when she’s done.”

Andie lay down in the bed, a satisfied smile on her face. I gave her a kiss on her cheek and then pulled the covers up over her just like I used to do when she was little. She cuddled up under the covers, her teddy bear snuggled under her head. As I started to leave Andie said, “You’re still fucking Mommy just as much as you used too, right, Daddy?”

“Yes, baby. I’ve been fucking Mommy too.”

“Good. I don’t want to come between you. But I need you to come and make love to me sometimes too. I hope that’s OK.” Andrea paused for a moment. “Did I do good, Daddy?”

“Oh, God, baby. Yes, baby. You did good.”

“Good. A girl’s got to keep her daddy happy.” Andrea smiled sleepily and nuzzled her bear. “Daddy?”

“Yes, baby?”

“Good night, Daddy.”

That was our third time together, and the first blowjob I’d received from my daughter. I couldn’t believe how good it was. All of that practice on boys in the back of cars had obviously taught her something. I started wondering if there was any way I could teach her mother how she did it.

A few days after that I was walking by the upstairs bathroom. I could hear Andrea brushing her teeth over the sound of running water. For some reason the thought of her alone in the bathroom with nothing on but her jammies made my dick pop up. I mean, I’d been screwing my wife just as much as I was before Andrea and I started our affair, but even though my cock was getting this extra sex it just wanted more. I didn’t understand it, and I can’t explain it. But it’s true.

Judy was downstairs running backups from her home computer link. I knew that she’d be at it for a while, and I also knew that she could decide to wander upstairs at any moment. But the only thing between my daughter’s pajama bottoms and me was the bathroom door. I only hesitated a moment, and then I opened the door and went in.

Andie looked at me in the mirror, surprise on her face and her toothbrush in her mouth. She was half bent over the sink, her tiny butt calling out to me. I stepped behind her as she watched me in the mirror. I could tell by the look in her eye that she new exactly why I’d popped in just then. I put my hand on the back of her neck and pushed her down. She bent at the waist willingly, her head almost in the sink and her hair falling about her face. Her ass, which had been calling me from the hallway, was now exposed and ready for my ministrations. I slid my hands inside her pajama bottoms and pushed them down just enough to expose the tiny little butt that I dreamt of so often. Andie moaned as I took her ass cheeks in my hands and roughly fondled them.

I quickly unzipped my pants and laid my hard cock between the cheeks of her bare butt. Andie soundlessly wiggled, grinding herself against my pink rod. She reached out with her arms, dropping her toothbrush and grabbing the sides of the counter to steady herself from the pressure as I pushed against her.

There wasn’t time to do this right. My wife could easily catch us. But I badly needed a fuck from my daughter, and I couldn’t take any time to get her wet and ready. I grabbed a bottle of some pink liquid soap and squirted it on the head of my dick, which was starting to leak fluid of its own. I reached down and smeared the soap all over my shaft, getting it wet and slippery. Then I placed the tip at the entrance to Andrea’s tiny little hole and held on to her waist as I pushed myself into her.

Man, if I’d thought that she was snug when we’d made love before and she’d been ready, it was nothing compared to the tightness of her little cunt now. I swear, I thought that her pussy was so tight that it was pushing all of the blood back out of my hungry cock. But the soap helped and as I’d been learning, Andrea was always easy to get excited. After the first slow push into her tight pussy I was able to start sliding myself in and out of her.

Not that I lasted long. Andrea stayed bent over the sink, holding on for dear life as I pummeled her pussy with my slick rod. After only about a half dozen strokes I came. My hips shoved her against the sink as I pinned her there with my spurting tool.

As before the sperm couldn’t fit inside her, and it spilled out and ran down her legs, mixing with the pink soap and Andrea’s own cum. She couldn’t have been comfortable bent over the bathroom sink like that, but in her post fuck dreaminess she just didn’t care. I suddenly found myself gasping for air and I realized that I’d been holding my breath while I emptied myself into her.

Finally my spasms wore down, and my dick was sated and empty. I took my hands from Andrea’s waist and slid out of her. She moaned softly in disappointment as I withdrew, her pussy suddenly empty and still wanting. I grabbed a towel and wiped myself off, and then I used it between her slightly spread legs, drying her pussy, thighs and ass. I pulled her jammies back up to cover those perfect little cheeks.

I hung the towel back up, and opened the door to leave. Andrea was still bent over the sink, recovering from her first quickie. She picked up her toothbrush and moved it to her mouth. She still had toothpaste on her lips from when I’d walked in. Andie caught my eye in the mirror as she brought her toothbrush to her lips and said, “Thank you, Daddy!”

But that was several days ago. And so you can see that as our affair had progressed, I’d never even seen her naked legs. Usually they were encased in nylon, and once in her pajamas. And for a leg man like me that was practically sacrilegious. I needed to touch her bare legs, caress her thighs and cradle her calves in my hands.

Andie sat slouched in the chair, her dripping pussy exposed and her stockinged legs spread wide, inviting me to remove her nylons. But now I was going to get the chance to touch and hold my favorite part of a girl.
And that’s why my hands were trembling as I accepted her invitation to take off her stockings.

I started with her right leg, unfastening the little clips that held her stockings to her garterbelt. The difference in feel between her dark nylons and her warm silky thighs was as erotic a sensation as I’d ever felt. I slipped the stocking down slowly, sensuously, taking the opportunity to stroke her thighs as Andrea watched, thrilled at the pleasure her daddy was taking from her body.

When I pulled the stocking off of her toes, Andie held out her hand to me.

“Gimme,” she said. I handed her the dark cummy nylon, and she promptly popped the toe of it into her mouth and began sucking the cum out of the fabric. She grinned as she did it, obviously enjoying the taste of my sperm and the texture of the nylon on her lips. Laying there in one nylon with her perfect right leg bare and beckoning and her mouth full of cum I thought she was about the sexiest sight I’d ever seen. In spite of its recent cum splurge, I felt my dick start to stiffen again.

I removed her other nylon slowly, enjoying stroking every inch of her smooth leg and foot. Andrea took it from me so that she could suck my sperm out it too. I lay back in my chair and looked at the vision of erotic loveliness in front of me. There’s something extra sexy about a young girl who’s naked just from the waist down. She was still exposing herself and teasing me by nibbling on her stocking.
Finally she decided that it was time for her to be going. Andrea got up from her chair and pushed it back into place. Barefoot and carrying her wet nylons she padded over to her backpack. She picked up her pack and stuffed her stockings into it. Then she pulled out a small white hand towel and turned to face me so that I could watch as she spread her legs and wiped herself dry. She put the towel back in her pack and took out a new pair of black stockings.

I was watching her, quite contented to cast my gaze over my succulent daughter and dream of our next time. She was just about to start putting the nylons on when she happened to glance at my still naked crotch. My dick was hard and red all over again, and dripping pre-cum just as if I hadn’t already had the orgasm of the year.

“Daddy!” she squealed. She put her hands on her hips, pretending anger. “What am I going to do with you?” She stomped her bare foot on the carpet. After a moment of staring at me, Andie shook her head to herself.

“Well, I can’t go out and leave you here like that,” she whispered. Andrea stuffed her stockings back in her pack. She looked so cute and innocent standing there, talking to me in that tone of voice that daughters use when they’re pretending to be exasperated with their daddys. “Gosh, the things a daughter has to do for her daddy.”

Still acting exasperated but barely hiding a giggle, she went on.

“ I mean, really. Now Daddy, if I take care of that before I go do you promise to fuck Mom when she gets home?”

I nodded mutely, unable to muster the words to tell her to come fuck her daddy again.

“I mean it Daddy. Will you fuck Mommy as soon as she gets home?”

“Yes,” I croaked. My dick was craving the touch of those magnificent smooth legs, and I probably would have said anything.


“Yes.” It seemed that was the only word I could manage.

“Say it Daddy! Say ‘I promise.’”

“I promise.” It didn’t come out quite as convincingly as I would have liked.
Andrea stared at me for a moment. Then, her decision made, she reached up and pushed her hair back behind her ears and walked over to me. “Well, OK. Scoot up,” she said.

I positioned myself in the chair, making room for her legs on either side of me and pushing my pants down a little further. My dick was hungry to be inside my little girl, and I don’t think its ever been harder. Andrea crawled up on the chair and straddled me. Her knees were spread wide as she planted her feet on the seat of the chair on either side of my hips. She kissed me passionately on the lips as she got herself into position. I caressed those shapely legs as she spread them wide and reached down to take hold of my wet steel pole.

Andrea’s breath was short already, and it became shorter as she placed the head of my dick on the entrance to her most valued treasure. Her little hand holding my cock against her bald pussy filled me with tense anticipation. She moaned a little as it started to enter her, but she stopped to look me in the eye.

“Promise?” she gasped, unable to actually wait for my answer as she let her weight down, impaling herself on my rigid manhood.

“Promise,” I gasped between my clenched teeth as my dick reached the bottom of her wiggling pussy. The sensation of my daughter’s young slit gripping me so tightly was exquisite. I’ve always loved her, but I’d never felt closer to her than I did right then.

Andrea didn’t even hear me answer. She was just too distracted by the sensation of being completely filled by my throbbing rod. As I’ve said before her pussy is so tight that it almost hurt, and I loved the feeling of being buried inside my daughter. I think she was already cumming before she’d even begun her first stroke.

My little girl buried her face in my shoulder as she started riding me up and down, the firm muscles in her legs flexing under my loving hands. After a few strokes she began whimpering and saying “oh-god-oh-daddy-oh-god-oh-daddy” over and over. Every once in a while she’d change to, “oh, that feels so good.” Then it was back to “oh-god-oh-daddy.” She held my neck in a death grip and I held on to her taut ass while we fucked.

Andie was still cumming as she rode me up and down, but after a minute or two she somehow managed enough control over her orgasming body to lean back and look me in the eye. But she never stopped pistoning herself on my hot steel shaft.

“Daddy,” she said, panting and gasping. “Cum in me Daddy.” Andrea never stopped sliding up and down on me. She squealed as a spasm of pleasure hit her, but she kept her eyes on mine as she kept riding me. She could barely get the words out through her gasping for air. “Cum…in me…..Daddy! Pleeeeeease!!”

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