tagIncest/TabooMy Daughter's Love

My Daughter's Love


After our Valentine's date, Tiffany was desire unleashed. She had the energy and enthusiasm of any healthy eighteen-year old. I felt younger myself - at least, at the start.

Just like any new relationship, especially when it becomes sexual, ours was exciting and invigorating. I think the forbidden, secret aspect added some extra spark, too, to be honest.

Tiffany loved to take me whenever the desire hit her, which was often, being a teenager! And living in the same house made it all too convenient for her to slip into my room whenever she wanted to make love, or cuddle, or fuck. (Not that I didn't sneak into her room once or twice and take her in her bed!)

It had gotten so that I could hardly take a shower without Tiffany sneaking in to my bathroom and into the shower with me! She was insatiable.

And one thing that really got her hot was watching me masturbate. Tiffany had slipped into the shower with me, and helped me soap up. But then she sat in the corner, where there was a slight shelf of tile, and began to play with herself. "Touch it for me, Daddy," she said, her eyes gazing at my cock.

When I began to stroke it, she got such a wonderfully pleased expression on her face, it made me more than willing to comply.

"That's it, Daddy," she urged me on. "Stroke it for me. Let me see it shoot! I want to feel it all over my body!"

Needless to say, that brought me to the brink of climax right there with my daughter urging me to explode on her!

I groaned, and Tiffany slid down and put her face in the way of my cock so that when I came, it went onto her face. I came, spewing forth my sticky white cum, and it splashed onto her lovely face, across her cheek and nose. I moved it so that I could cum across her so teasing lips, and she giggled as it shot across them. Reaching out, Tiffany milked my cock slowly, bringing up all the cum I had, squeezing it out and letting it flow onto her lips and down her hand.

Then, to my utter delight, Tiffany wrapped those sweet lips of hers around my cock and sucked me clean. Holy fuck, was that sweet!

Her mouth didn't stop, though, and she had me hard again in short order.

I lifted her up, and turned her around to face the wall, pulling her ass toward me. With a little maneuvering (since Tiffany is about a foot shorter than I am), I managed to slip my cock into my daughter's tight, hot little pussy and began to fuck her from behind.

Tiffany loved that. She steadied herself by holding onto the shower nozzle and the controls, and moaned and whimpered as I banged my cock into her.

With a guttural cry, Tiffany came, and I pushed my cock up deep inside her and hugged her to me. I lifted her off the ground, and it made the weight of her drive her deeper onto my shaft. Tiffany had another intense orgasm, and I slowly set her back down. She turned to me, and we shared a wonderful, loving, passionate kiss beneath the warm spray of the shower.

"Oh my god, Dad!" she said. "That was intense!"

I was a little shaky myself, and agreed.

With a playful pout, Tiffany said, "But, you didn't cum again - did you?"

I laughed, and hugged her. "It's alright, Tiff," I said. "I can't cum every time! I - run out, after a while."

She smiled and nodded, understanding. "Oh! But, you can stay hard and not cum?"

I nodded. "Yep. Maybe because I'm - a little older," I paused and smiled as she took it in, "but it isn't all about cumming. Sex is - well, about pleasure. Giving it. Receiving it." Tiffany wrapped her hands around my shrinking dick, cradling it gently yet teasing at the same time. "And, well - uh - about sharing yourself with another person, emotionally as well as physically."

With her beautiful emerald green eyes, Tiffany looked up at me and said, "I love you, Daddy."

I kissed her and said, "I love you, too, Tiffany."

She looked down, suddenly shy. "No - I mean, I love you, Dad. You know…"

That made me pause. Just like any other relationship, this had gotten physical and enjoyable fast. And now, perhaps too fast?

I didn't know what to say, and just kissed her again.

Soon, our kisses became all we were focused on, and we moved from the shower to my king-size bed and made love. It was very enjoyable, and very wonderful. And while we spooned, I let myself begin to think about what this was becoming.

I didn't make up my mind, though.

I love my daughter. I mean, I love her as my daughter. And I got caught up in this wonderful yet confusing, very sexual thing with her. So, while I also found her attractive as a woman, did I love Tiffany "that way"? Or was I just being a selfish "guy," taking my sex where it was offered - as hot as that was! - and, well, using my daughter just so I could get off?

I didn't know. I'd like to think I wasn't that much of a dog. But, maybe I was?

Not only did Tiffany like to take me whenever she felt horny, she loved to tease me into arousal as well.

She loved the fact that she could get me hard at the drop of a hat, hardly even trying! Taking her shopping had nearly been a huge mistake because Tiffany would play with my fingers subtly yet erotically, and I'd have to sit down and hide my erection until it went away. Or she'd get on the escalator in front of me and lean forward, flashing me a view of her panties, then glance back with a mischievous sparkle in her eyes while I blushed.

By the time we got home, I was a blue-balled wreck. And Tiffany was horny as ever, and practically dragged me back to the bedroom to fuck as soon as we got home!

I explained to her about "blue balls", and she laughed. She made it up to me, though, by sucking me off. Tiffany gave such sweet head, and to my delight, took my cum in her mouth. She didn't always swallow, but she did seem to enjoy getting me off with her lips and tongue. Or she'd jerk me until I came, usually making me climax on some part of her - her face; her tits (Tiffany as wonderfully full breasts with large nipples); her belly. She liked to see it when I came. She often climaxed, too, when my cum would hit her skin, which turned me on to no end.

And then there was the time she gave me head in the movie theatre. Oh my God!

I took her to a matinee, and she wanted to sit way in the back, so I obliged her.

There was hardly anyone there, and when the movie started I felt Tiffany's hand sneak up my thigh.

Of course, I got an erection. I reached over and we kissed. I felt like a teenager back in high school again! (Which Tiffany still was for a few more months.)

But when her deft little hand undid my fly, I nearly came when I felt her warm fingers close around my exposed cock!

"Tiffany!" I whispered in shock.

She didn't say a word, merely lowered her head and took my cock in her mouth and down her throat. Heedless of the risk, or perhaps because of it, Tiffany sucked me with passion. Her pussy was sopping wet, and I tried to focus on fingering her - but, fuck, I couldn't. Her suction and lips, as well as the danger, made me explode in her mouth in no time.

Tiffany swallowed it down, though some escaped her sweet mouth and flowed down onto her hand.

As if it were the most natural thing in the world, Tiffany just grabbed some paper napkins from our shared popcorn and drinks tray and wiped up my excess spillage.

Then, she kissed me again, sharing my taste with me. I was so stunned, I didn't even pause, but enjoyed the way she played with my tongue with her own.

On the drive home, Tiffany sat slightly turned toward me and played with her pussy while I fought to keep my eyes on the road.

When we got home, I fucked her furiously until she climaxed again and again.

Tiffany would watch my videos with me, too. She's curl up next to me, her head on my chest, and one hand around my cock. She'd stroke me slowly while we'd watch the movies. But, I think my daughter could tell through my cock when I was really getting into watching what was on. Tiffany just seemed to know when I wanted more pressure, or faster. I seldom had to tell her to work me up, and I was free to just watch the scenes and enjoy her expert hand jobs.

Tiffany would usually just make me cum and let my goo flow down over her hand. She'd squeeze my shaft to slow the eruption, and watch as my seed spilled out, her eyes dreamy and pleased. Then, sometimes she'd take a taste, knowing it turned me on. Or she'd rub my cum into her skin, placing dabs of it on her nipples, rubbing my cream over her breasts, and down her belly.

Occasionally, Tiffany would let me watch her masturbate, which I loved. She'd lay open and play with her pussy, watching me watch her. And when she'd finally lose herself in her own pleasure and close her eyes and roll her head back, I'd always get such a rush!

One evening, as we lay in bed watching one of my new DVDs, Tiffany laughed softly.

"You really like girl-girl scenes, don't you, Daddy?" she asked, an amused smile on her face.

There happened to be one on at the moment, and Tiffany's hands were once again expertly giving me incredible pleasure.

"Hmm?" I asked, caught off-guard.

Her hands gripping me tighter, more pleasurably. Tiffany said, "You really love to watch women together, don't you? You really like it!"

I was in no position to deny it. "Mm-hmm," I agreed, laying back as my daughter jerked me harder.

Scooting onto her knees, a position Tiffany often took when she wanted to focus on getting me to climax, Tiffany said, "Mmmm - yeah, I can see that you do." She paused, working my cock deliciously. "Would you like to see me with another girl?"

I nearly choked as my daughter's question brought the image into my mind, and I came - hot gushes of cum all over her hands!

Laughing, Tiffany wiped away some droplets that had splashed her face. "Well, I think that gives me my answer!" she laughed warmly.

I lay recovering as Tiffany cleaned up.

Giving me a kiss, Tiffany curled up close and cupped my balls carefully. Playing with them gently, working to get my shaft hard again, Tiffany asked, "Have I ever told you about my past experiences?"

When we first began this affair, she had kind of talked, but not much in detail.

"Not really," I replied.

With a small grin, Tiffany said, "Would it shock you to know that I've tasted pussy before?" She cocked her head and gauged my reaction with both her hand and her eyes.

My dick made a small stirring.

Dropping her voice to whisper hotly in my ear, "Have I told you that I've let my girlfriends play with my pussy? That I've let another girl eat me?"

I didn't need to answer, my cock did it all for me, hardening under Tiffany's hand.

Tiffany swung herself over me to straddle my cock, and slipped my shaft up inside her pussy. I could tell that she was highly aroused, too, from the heat and wetness of her pussy.

Slowly riding me up and down, Tiffany asked, "Would you like to see me being eaten by another girl, Daddy? Or to see me eat her?"

My face, my body told it all.

Her smile broadening widely, Tiffany made a very adult, deeply sexual sound. "Oh! You want to see them both, do you? Me eating her; her eating me. Mmm… Maybe I can arranged that for you, Daddy."

I growled, rolling her onto her back, and I fucked her like an animal. I pounded myself into Tiffany's hot wet flesh until I had a spine wrenching climax, trying to shoot what little cum I had left as far into her body as I could.

Tiffany's eyes were wide with pleasure, and she bit my shoulder, marking me, as she continued to writhe and thrust under me until she climaxed as well.

I rolled off her and lay panting, catching my breath. Tiffany pressed close to my back, hugging me and nuzzling my neck.

I rolled over, and kissed her deeply. I forgot all about this being my daughter any more. This was - my dream girl. My fantasy woman made real! Young, incredibly sexual, playful, and loving.

I found myself moving ever closer to emotionally being in love with, as well as sexually in lust with, my daughter!

Tiffany just gazed at me with her bright, shiny eyes. And I smiled and kissed her lips gently, not ready to get too physical again just now.

"My god, Tiff! The things you do to me!"

She smiled and laughed. "Are you happy, Dad? Are you pleased?"

I nodded, and pulled her closer, having her curl into my chest. "That I am, lovely. That I am!"

A few days later, my curiosity driving me crazy, I finally had to ask about Tiffany's prior experiences with her girlfriends.

Tiffany laughed softly, caressing my erection, as we lay in bed together.

"Well," she said, "you know how Tara and Angela and I were all on the softball team together?"

I nodded, enjoying the feel of her hand as it stroked me slowly, lightly, teasing.

"We used to come home and all get in your shower together. Just to get clean after a game. Not - well, not because of anything else, really. I mean, your shower is huge and we could all fit in it at once, and - it was kind of fun! But one time it was just Tara and me, and - I don't know… I mean, I just felt - aroused - for some reason. I mean, you know Tara - she's got those long legs to die for, and that dark tan. I don't know - I felt a tingle that went to my nipples, and they started to harden. I pretended to be washing them, but I was really playing with them because it felt good. And it made me feel good down there, as well!

"Tara noticed because she asked me, 'You gonna' get clean, or do I need to get you a room?'

"I didn't know what to say! But Tara looked at me, and then she moved closer. Her eyes were looking at my boobs, and she got this funny look on her face. Then she looked at me and smiled. Tara put one hand on my breast and began to massage it for me, watching me.

" 'Like that?' she asked.

" 'Yeah,' I said. It was making me feel hot and wet down below, too, but I just let Tara play with my boob for a while. I had closed my eyes, and then I felt her lips on mine!"

My cock was hard and pulsing, and I shifted a little. Tiffany smiled knowingly and began to jerk me harder.

"It surprised me, but Tara was really gentle. I kissed her back. Then she slipped her tongue into my mouth, and that was - well, that was hot! I felt this huge wave of lust wash through me, and there we were, totally making out in your shower!"

I moved again as Tiffany's hand job was moving me closer to orgasm.

"Tara bent down and took my nipple in her lips and her hand went down to my pussy at the same time. I nearly came when I felt her touch me there! She didn't pause, but went right on sucking on me and then slid her finger into my pussy! I held myself up by holding onto her, and she gave me my first orgasm."

I was close myself!

"When it was over, Tara laughed and kissed me. She liked it that she was my first. She wasn't weird about it at all! Just said that it was totally natural, and she was surprised I hadn't done it before."

I came, spewing forth my hot cream all over my daughter's hand. Tiffany smiled, and spread it on her breasts and belly.

"Mmm - I love it when you cum, Daddy," she said. "I'd love to make you cream all over me while another girl watched."

I moaned and nodded. "I would, too, sweetie. I'd love that, too - if it got you off."

Tiffany smiled and cuddled close. We kissed. "You really love to give me pleasure, don't you, Daddy?"

"I do," I answered her. "I've always loved to see a woman experience pleasure. To know that I am giving her something exquisite… well, it gets me off, too!"

Tiffany squirmed and lay back, spreading her legs. She opened her pussy for me and said, "Oh, Daddy! I'm so hot for you! See?" And she slipped a finger into her pink opening and fucked herself slowly as I watched. Then, Tiffany withdrew her finger and lifted it to my lips.

The aroma of my daughter's pussy coming off her finger was warm and intoxicating. I let her slide her wet finger into my mouth, and I sucked and licked it like it was her clit.

I moved so that I could enjoy the real thing. "Now, your turn, my little minx!"

I bent down and lapped at Tiffany's hot, wet pussy. She was flowing, soaking the sheets with her young, excited juices. I loved getting her all over my lips and chin!

"Oh, fuck, Daddy!" Tiffany crooned. "Oh, that feels so good!"

I gazed up at her while I ate her out. Tiffany's eyes were closed, and her face scrunched up in ecstasy as I slid my tongue into her pussy. I sucked on her clit, swirling it with my tongue gently. I'd found that Tiffany's clit was very sensitive, and a little went a long way toward pleasuring her. And when she came, she would buck and writhe and moan. Tiffany had even clawed my back pretty good one time, she got so carried away!

This was one of those times. I'd like to think it was my oral expertise, but honestly I think it was due in part to my daughter's own arousal around her friend Tara.

Maybe Tiffany was bi?

It seemed so, but I really didn't have much to base it on. I mean, as far as I knew, I was her only "boyfriend". I was the one who popped her cherry. Maybe she'd just experimented with girls prior to this?

I didn't know, but I did want to find out.

We dozed together. When we awoke and refreshed ourselves, we wound up (as usual) back in bed together.

Tiffany was sucking my cock, and I was loving it. And I asked her, "Tiff? Honey - where did you learn to suck cock like that?"

Tiffany blushed, and smiled. "Movies."

I guess my doubts showed on my face.

"Well - movies, and practice," she said with a mischievous grin.


Tiffany scooted up and lay atop me, sliding my cock into her hot pussy. She rode me slowly as she explained. "Yes, Daddy - practice! I wanted… I wanted to be able to do it right when I - when I - sucked your dick."

I felt that go right through my body, and Tiffany wiggled her hips, moving me deep inside her.

"Tara and Angela showed me. They showed me on Popsicles and things like that."

"No boys?" I asked, wondering.

Tiffany shook her head. "No - not really. Well, there was one - Dan Miller - but that was only because Tara said I should try the real thing before…"

I stopped her, holding her still for a moment. " 'Before'? Don't tell me - you told Tara that you - thought about me, like this, before?"

Tiffany laughed. "It was just a fantasy, Daddy! Tara wasn't freaked out. In fact, she said she thought you were kind of hot…"

My daughter's friend thought I was hot?!

"She didn't find it - gross?" I asked, surprised.

Tiffany resumed her sliding up and down my shaft. "Nope. I mean, shit, Dad - Tara had been gang-banged before. She's kind of… well, kind of a slut."

I had no idea! My daughter's friends? Then again, they were adults, now, and sexual beings. Who was I to judge? I, who was fucking my own daughter right this moment, and loving it!

"Tara loved to make guys cum on her, too. She had six guys jerk off on her!"

Six?! Fuck!

"And you?" I asked, hoping Tiffany would say what I thought she'd say.

Tiffany laughed and ground her pussy into my groin. "Me? I just ate pussy and saved myself for you!"

That made me cum. I climaxed, pulsing hot cum into her pussy until it flowed out around my shaft and slid down my balls.

Tiffany felt it as it flowed out of her, and rotated her hips, picking up her pace, until we were fucking good and hard. Then, arching her back, she came on top of me.

"Oh, Daddy!"

Tiffany lowered herself, keeping my cock inside her until the last second. When I slipped out, a small flow of our combined love ran out. We shifted so neither of us had to lay in the "wet spot".

As she lay basking, I gazed at her.

My own daughter! So young. So beautiful. And so sexy! What was I doing?

"You 'ate pussy' while you, uh - saved yourself, for me?" I was curious. And, of course, turned on by the image.

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