My Daughter's Love


Tiffany half-opened her eyes and grinned. "Yeah."

"Did you… Did you - like it?" I asked.

Closing her eyes and smiling mischievously, Tiffany responded, "Oh, yeah!"

I wanted to know more. "Did you ever think - you might be gay?"

Tiffany smiled and shook her head. "No. I mean, pussy tastes good - …"

I nodded and smiled in agreement.

"But, that was just - fun. I mean, my girlfriends and I enjoyed it. But, most of us, I think, did it just because we are young and horny. I only think maybe one or two of my friends is actually gay. Most of them - well, maybe bi, but just experimenting. Finding out."

I was amazed at my daughter's maturity - sexually speaking.

"I was more worried about the fact that I was hot for my own father!" Tiffany added.

I nodded.

Tiffany opened her eyes and watched me. "I'm glad it didn't freak you out, Dad," she said.

I laughed. "Well, it did at first, I have to admit!" I replied. I looked down at her, and drank in the sight of her beautiful body. "But, after that talk we shared, when you told me that you had - fantasized about me… I found myself getting hard whenever I saw you, or even thought about you."

Tiffany lit up. "You did? Really? Well, I guess so, considering what's happened."

"I struggled with it for a few days. But," I paused as the memory refueled my sexual hunger, "but, I kept getting the most powerful hard ons, and I'd find myself wondering - thinking about you."

Tiffany smiled and reached down and began to play with herself slowly. "Go on," she said.

"Shit - the night you told me, and we wound up masturbating together?"

Tiffany nodded, and her fingers began to work harder.

"I hadn't had any sex with anyone in years. And then, there you were - this incredibly hot, sexual, beautiful creature - and you're turned on by me! And - and seeing you, like that - like this! I couldn't help myself."

I was stroking my shaft, now, as Tiffany moaned softly and slid a finger into her pussy. Her eyes watched me dreamily, hungry and seductive.

I moved to kneel beside her, my cock over her body.

"So young, so beautiful, and oh so sexy!" I repeated.

Tiffany chewed her lower lip as she edged near orgasm. I'd learned to read the signs, and loved the way she did that. It made me feel my own climax build.

"So, you thought about me while you jerked off?" she asked softly, her voice husky.

I smiled, and began to jerk myself harder, faster. By the look in my eyes, Tiffany knew I wanted to cum on her the way she loved.

She began to writhe and finger herself harder. We'd learned to time ourselves pretty closely, and I came, shooting out a stream of white cum that shot up Tiffany's belly, from her mound up. When it hit her skin, Tiffany gasped, and her climax wracked through her.

Seeing my daughter's orgasm intensified my own, and I pulsed more hot cum out onto her mound and pussy. The sight of it as it ran down, flowing down the edges of her opening, was intensely erotic!

"Fuck, Tiff!" I cried, pushing out the last of my cum. "Look what you do to me!"

Tiffany chuckled sexily. "Me? Look what you do to me! My own Daddy makes me so hot, I can't fuck anyone else!"

I wanted her. And I loved her. Like no one else, I loved and desired my daughter!

"But," some small voice in the back of my head asked, "What kind of future can you have with her, really?"

I didn't know. Goddamit, I didn't know! But, for now, we loved each other, and we were happy. We were closer than we'd ever been - and I was closer than I had ever been to anyone in my life.


There was that reality. This wasn't "normal". Loving, yeah. Sexy, definitely. Legal? Not at all. Immoral? I would have said "yes" until this happened. Now, I just didn't know.

A few weeks later, Tiffany came home and had this mysterious smile on her face.

"What's up with you?" I asked.

Tiffany came up and gave me a light kiss on my lips. She had to stand on tip-toe when she did due to the difference in our height. "Oh, just a little surprise for you!" she said grinning.

I felt my cock stir. "Oh? And when do I get this 'little surprise'?" I asked.

Tiffany felt my bulge and laughed, kissing me teasingly again. "Not yet," she answered, keeping her mystery. "Soon. Let the anticipation build!"

With that, she sashayed off to her room.

I went to my office to work. When I opened my email, there was one from Tiffany with a rather large file attached.

" 'For my secret admirer!'" the header read. I downloaded the attachment and clicked to unzip the file. What I saw made my jaw drop!

The file was full of pictures of Tiffany modeling! Some were partial nudes, some complete nudes. And, they were well done. Whoever shot my daughter knew what they were doing!

"You like?" I heard her voice from behind me.

I turned in my chair to see my daughter, wrapped only in a towel, as she came into my office door.

"Very much!" I admitted, and smiled.

Tiffany crossed the room and kissed me, and sat down on my lap. "Oh! I can tell you like them!" she exclaimed and wiggled her ass on my hard on.

Then, with her on my lap, we went through the photos together.

"I thought you'd like to have some pictures of me," she said playfully. "I mean, instead of all those other girls you have in your porn folder!"

I felt a moment of denial. "I -…"

Tiffany laughed and kissed me. "It's okay, Dad!" she said. "I'd be surprised if you didn't have any pics on your computer."

Obviously, Tiffany had been through my files because she took the mouse and navigated to my "hidden" porn folders. She knew exactly where to access them.

"I saw these," she said and began to scroll through my "Pattycake" collection with an amused grin. "And thought you'd like to have some of me as well. I mean, we look similar, don't we?"

It was obvious now, of course. Though, at the time, I didn't make the conscious connection between my collection of Pattycake pictures and my desire for my daughter. But, now that she had pointed it out, Tiffany was very much like Patty in terms of build and appearance.

Tiffany turned to me and said, "I'm a little taller than she is. But, we're both blonde - though, you can see from this picture she wasn't always blonde! We both have large breasts and pale skin…"

"And you both turn me on to no end," I added.

Tiffany smiled brightly, squirming against my cock again. She closed the Pattycake file and went back to her own.

"Who took them?" I asked.

Tiffany smiled and said, "Oh, a friend…" mysteriously.

I felt a stab of jealousy. Was it a guy? Did some boy get to see my daughter naked like this?

"A girl friend…" Tiffany went on.

"Oh?" I was more interested, now.

She laughed and kissed me. "Yes. A girl. She's someone I met at school, and she into photography, and I asked her to take some."

I told her that I found them quite well done. The woman had captured my daughter's playful spirit, as well as her cute sexuality.

"I'm glad you like them, Daddy," Tiffany said. "Because Melanie is coming over for dinner."

My eyes opened in surprise.

"It was the least I could do, Daddy! I offered to pay her, but Melanie said she was glad to have someone model for her, and she did this all for free! Feeding her was the least I could do."

I chuckled and hugged her. "I suppose. I mean, I am happy to help support a fellow artist, right? Especially one who has given me so many beautiful images to look at!"

Tiffany squealed with joy and hugged me.

Her towel fell open, and I took advantage to take one of my daughter's lovely, full breasts into my mouth and suck on it.

Tiffany closed her eyes and gave herself to the sensation.

With my free hand, I slipped it down and felt her heat and wetness growing.

"Oh, Daddy…" she said softly.

I ran my finger up and down her slit. Then, as I penetrated her with my finger, I closed my teeth tightly on her nipple and let it drag itself free.

Tiffany shuddered and her pussy began to flow. The warm musk of her filled my office, and I knew I had to make her cum.

Picking her up, I stood and turned, setting Tiffany down in my chair. I nudged open her thighs gently and knelt between my daughter's legs. Her pussy was so beautiful and inviting!

I kissed her mound and thighs, and worked my way to her pussy. When my tongue parted her lips, Tiffany sighed and sagged back in my chair. I began to lap at her pussy, drinking her in. Then, as I knew she loved, I rolled her clit between my thumb and forefinger through the wall of her lips. My tongue gently began to stroke her clit like a small penis, and Tiffany moaned. I kept up my tonguing her until her breath was coming raged and fast, then I sucked on it, flicking it swiftly with my tongue.

Due to her sensitivity, it didn't take long for Tiffany to gasp and cry out as she came. Her juices flowed out of her and down my chin. I drank her as fast as I could, backing off from playing with her clit, as she had a series of orgasms. Finally, Tiffany let me know she'd had enough, and I straightened.

We kissed, Tiffany licking her juices from my lips, and we stayed like that for a while.

"Do you want to cum, now, Daddy?" she asked.

She looked so dreamy and high, I shook my head and said, "Not now, sweetie. Later. Just enjoy. You gave me quite a gift here. It was the least I could do to return the favor."

Kissing me deeply, Tiffany said, "I love you, Daddy."

"I love you, too, Tiffany," I answered.

Finally, reluctantly, Tiffany slipped off to shower, leaving me to work. Though how much work I was going to get done between now and dinner, with dozens of beautiful, sexy photos of my daughter on my computer to distract me, I didn't know.

Melanie was not what I expected.

She was older than my daughter, in her early twenties. Thin, with that unnaturally pale skin and too dark eyeliner that hints of Goth. Melanie was - strange. But nice, in an odd sort of way.

Tiffany clearly connected with her, though, and I was glad to see that my daughter had some social life outside of - well, us.

"Tiffany says she met you at school," I said to make conversation.

Melanie muttered, "Yeah."

That was all. I didn't know if I made her nervous, or if she was just not that talkative.

"But," I went on, curious. "You're clearly in college, and Tiffany's still in high - …"

Tiffany cut me off. "She's friends with someone I know in school, Daddy. I didn't say she was in school with me."

I was surprised by the way Tiff jumped in. My "parent radar" kicked in and I knew there was something up.

"Oh? And who is that?" I asked.

Tiffany glanced at Melanie, who remained oblivious, chowing down our food.

"Donna," Tiffany answered. "She's in the drama department, and we met in dance during gym."

"Ah," I replied. Tiffany seemed nervous, though I had no clue what it was about.

"So, you met my daughter through this Donna?"

It was a moment before Melanie realized I had asked her a question. "Huh? Donna? Yeah."

I had to smile. This was kind of amusing. Melanie reminded me of some of the photographers I knew from the Industry - very artsy types, visionary, but not good people persons. I guess because they lived in the abstract. I didn't know any fashion photographers, though. I assumed they'd be more personable, having to work with people and so forth.

"Well, you did a very nice job with Tiffany's pictures," I said and went back to eating.

Tiffany got this wide-eyed look on her face, and Melanie, for once, looked more alert. Surprised, I'd say.

"You showed them - to your dad?" Melanie asked.

Tiffany was blushing. "Well, I mean - uh - not all of them…"

Melanie looked from Tiffany to me and back again. "Which - which ones? The ones of just you? Or the ones of you and - …"

Tiffany squeaked. "Uh! No! I mean, yeah - the ones of just me. I mean, the ones of me. You know, the ones I asked you to take for - him."

Melanie looked confused, and a little upset. She looked at me as if trying to get a read on me. "And you - liked them? The pictures of your daughter, I mean?"

Now I was curious, but I could tell this wasn't the time to go pressing for answers to satisfy my curiosity. "Well, yes! I think you did an really excellent job photographing Tiffany. Very - professional. You have real talent!"

That helped, complimenting her like that. Sincerely.

Melanie shook her head, and glanced at Tiffany. "Well, thank you. I'm glad to know someone appreciates my work."

"Oh he does!" Tiffany said mysteriously, glancing at me from the corner of her eyes. "He certainly does! That's why he said it was okay to have you over for dinner."

There was a pause, and we all just ate not knowing what else to say.

Melanie, to my surprise, broke the silence first. "And when did you want to shoot the video?"

Tiffany froze. To her credit, she didn't look at me and give away too much.

"Uh - whenever. Soon. Soon would be nice."

Melanie shrugged and went back to eating. "Okay. I'll check with Donna and maybe we'll do it this weekend."

Tiffany glanced at me again, and said, "Yeah - that would be great. Daddy, I was going to ask, was it this weekend you were going out of town?"

I was trying to piece things together, and a my radar was pinging again. "Yes. You know I have to work this weekend, and I won't be back until Tuesday. We had an agreement - remember?"

Tiffany smiled, though it seemed a little nervous. "Of course, Daddy! 'No parties!' But, is it okay if I have Melanie and Donna over? Melanie has a - project - she wanted to work on. And she asked if I'd like to be in - uh, help work on it!"

I paused, my mind working. I didn't know what was going on, but I didn't get the feeling it was trouble, so I said, "Sure. You have my numbers to call if there's an emergency. But, you're an adult now - I expect you to behave like one."

Tiffany seemed to relax. "I will. Thank you, Daddy!"

Melanie shrugged and looked at me, then my daughter. "Okay. I'll tell Donna we can work this weekend. It would be nice to get this thing shot and edited, and see what I can do with it."

Tiffany smiled a strained little smile, and asked, "Pie, anyone?"

As we ate our dessert, we moved from the dining room to the den, and Melanie came alive. "An HDTV? And HD-DVD player? Big screen? Whoa!" she exclaimed.

Ah - a tech junkie, I could tell. "Yep! Full home theatre experience and everything," I answered. I was not an expert in any way, but was proud of my setup.

Melanie was practically drooling. "Mind if I…?" she asked and gestured at the set.

"Be my guest," I said. It was fascinating to watch. Melanie had been so flat during dinner. But now, with her creative side going, she was like a whole different person. Oblivious to the people present, I have to say, but totally engaged with what she was doing. I could see some of why she was so talented.

"A video?" I whispered to Tiffany as Melanie checked out my gear.

Blushing, Tiffany said, "Yes."

I watched her, trying to read her mind. "To go with the pictures you gave me?" I felt a small flame of desire kindle.

Sensing my potential arousal, Tiffany smiled coyly, and said, "Maybe. Maybe not. I guess you'll just have to go out of town and imagine what we might be doing here. Together. Donna and me."

My cock stirred, and I had to sit down lest Melanie spot it and suspect something unnatural was going on between my daughter and me.

Tiffany made a soft, sexy laugh, and walked away from me. She put just the slightest swing into her hips as she did, though, and I smiled.

Business took me away for the weekend.

I left Friday afternoon, and found that work helped distract me from any sexual feelings. While I was busy, that is. Once I was back in my hotel room, my imagination went into full gear, dreaming up fantasies of Tiffany and another girl posing together. But video?

I rented an Andrew Blake girl/girl movie and jerked off in my room. I missed Tiffany, though, so it wasn't all that satisfying.

"What have you done to me?" I asked out loud.

By Sunday night, I had talked myself out of expecting too much. But Monday night, I felt like a kid before Christmas who hasn't a clue what Santa is bringing, only that it would be something good!

The flight left me wiped out, as it usually does.

Tiffany was so happy to have me home! She gave me a big hug, and a kiss, and that helped wake me up.

"Ooow, Daddy!" she exclaimed. "I'm glad to see you're so happy to be home!"

Laughing, I dropped my bags and picked her up in my arms. I carried her back to my room and dropped her on the bed.

"I missed you - more than I can say," I confessed. I tore my shirt off and ripped off my pants as Tiffany undressed in a hurry, too.

I went down on the bed and we embraced, kissing and caressing. I was like I had been years ago when I was still in love with Tiffany's mother. Only now, I was in love with Tiffany.

We made out, and things went as they always seemed to, ending with us making love. The first time was fast and hungry. The second was slower, and very sensual. We hardly said a word, but simply basked in the delights of being together physically, sexually.

I fell asleep soon after, happy. Content.

Tiffany was back at school, so I was free to work during the day and we met up again in the evening when she got home.

I kept expecting my new surprise. Tiffany just laughed and said, "It's not ready! Melanie's - editing. But she said it would be done soon!"

"When? When?!" I asked, playing impatience. I was half-kidding. The other half was like a child who wants his presents now.

Tiffany kissed me and laughed. "Soon! That's all I can tell you. Soon!"

It was three weeks before Tiffany came home with that same "I've got a secret" smile on her face.

I had to wait, even then. Tiffany wanted to have a "special screening", and we made a "movie date" for that Saturday night.

Saturday I felt my excitement and curiosity growing. I had my ideas about what this would be, but no certainty.

That evening, Tiffany was dressed in a casual, lazing at home style: oversize T-shirt; socks; and panties. That was it.

I was surprised, but followed suit. I wore an open cotton shirt and my cutoff shorts.

Tiffany seemed a little nervous, but cuddled up with me on our sofa.

She made us watch some "chick flicks" first - some romances and comedies that were on the satellite. Then, as it got to be about 11pm, she finally got up ad slipped an unmarked DVD in the player.

Remote in hand, she looked at me with a mischievous, sexy grin on her face.

Taking a deep breath, Tiffany said to me, "I hope you like this!" and pressed the "play" button.

There was cheesy music playing as the screen took on a multi-colored blur. The sound quality was - amateur. Then, a title came up on the screen: Tiffany's Bath.

The blur dissolved into a high angle shot of Tiffany as she dropped her towel to stand naked beside my bath. The production quality wasn't very good, though quite sharp due to the camera used and my player. But, seeing Tiffany like this - naked - I was engaged watching.

Tiffany stood looking at herself in the mirror of my bathroom, and played with her breasts. She pulled on her nipples until they hardened, and I knew she liked that and it made her wet.

Then, she ran her hand across her mound and down to her pussy. Tiffany rubbed herself slowly before gently stepping into the bath and laying back in the water. Her lovely full breasts floated on the surface, and I watched, aroused, as Tiffany began to explore her body. She played with her breasts with one hand while her other began to play with her pussy.

The camera - Melanie - thankfully kept the shot wide enough to see all of my daughter, tight enough that she filled the frame at an angle.

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