My Daughter's Love


I hugged Tiffany close to me, and she smiled and crawled up onto me, her head on my chest while her hand massaged my cock through my shorts.

"You look beautiful," I said softly and kissed her head.

"Thanks, Daddy," she whispered back.

I wondered how it felt for her to be watching herself on the screen like this.

Tiffany, in the video, was beginning to really get into masturbating. The camera slowly began to zoom in on her face, and I loved the sly little smile Tiffany gets when she's enjoying her own pussy like that.

Then the image blurred, and I could tell there was a scene change.

The image became Tiffany showering in my shower. She was getting herself under the spray when the shower door opened and this tall redhead slips in with her.

This must be Donna!

I could feel Tiffany's body tension increase against me. Her hand undid my fly and slowly lowered my zipper. While my daughter stroked my cock distractedly, I watched as the scene unfolded.

Donna was more than a head taller than Tiffany, with large breasts - not as full as my daughter but a good handful, still. As Tiffany turned to her, the redhead bent and kissed her. The two of them stood under the water making out, hands wandering over each other, until Donna straightened, putting her breast at Tiffany's mouth level.

I cannot tell you the rush I got as Tiffany took the redhead's breast into her lips and began to lick and suck on it!

Tiffany could tell, though, as my cock pulsed in her hand. Her body seemed to relax as she realized that I was totally enjoying watching her amateur porn video.

Donna let my daughter suck on her breast for a while, and she lifted one leg and put it on the tile seat built into the wall. This opened her to Tiffany's hand, and I watched as my daughter began to finger Donna's pussy while she sucked on her nipples.

Donna was clearly enjoying what my daughter was doing to her, and braced herself on Tiffany's shoulder.

Tiffany began to work Donna's pussy with her hand very hard and fast, and Donna came.

Tiffany squeezed my cock, and paused in her masturbating me until Donna's orgasm passed. I guess she didn't want me to climax just yet!

Donna bent down and kissed my daughter again. Then, Tiffany slid up onto the tile seat and Donna crouched down between my daughter's thighs.

My pulse was racing, and Tiffany began to stroke me long and firm.

"Oh, fuck…" I sighed as I watched Donna lean forward and lick Tiffany's pussy.

Tiffany was exposed and her pussy lips were open. Melanie managed to get a clear view from above, angled down, and I could see in sharp detail as Donna's tongue traced the edges of Tiffany's pussy.

Tiffany stroked me harder, faster. Her other hand was in her panties, fingering her pussy.

On screen, Tiffany's breathing got very rapid, and I saw the tell-tale signs she was going to cum. She chewed her lower lip, and her hands went to Donna's head. Tiffany's legs began to tremble, and then she came, body clenching and bending forward as Donna brought her.

I came, my hot cum washing over Tiffany's grip as she squeezed it to slow the ooze.

Tiffany was breathing fast, and continue milking my cock, letting my cum be a new lubricant. The scent of my sex was heavy thick in the air.

On screen, the camera dissolved back to Tiffany alone masturbating in the bathtub. She was even further along, this time, and playing with herself rapidly, hips thrusting up from the water rhythmically.

The camera dissolved again.

Again?! There was more?

My bed, illuminated by candlelight. Tiffany was at one edge in a negligee, Donna at the other. Donna's long, creamy legs were quite visible, and I remarked on how shapely they were.

"Mmm - yeah," Tiffany said, her voice husky. "I wish I had legs like that! Legs that would drive you wild with desire!"

I kissed her head. "I love your legs, sweetie," I said. "I love all of you! You're so - fucking hot - I can't believe it!"

Tiffany squirmed to look at me. She gazed at me, reading my sincerity and desire. "Thank you, Daddy," she said as she kissed me. She quickly scooted back down out of the way so as not to distract me from her movie.

By now, the two girls were kissing and caressing in the middle of my bed.

I watched as Donna slowly undressed my daughter, kissing each newly exposed piece of flesh. Tiffany returned the favor, undressing and kissing Donna.

Tiffany stood and kicked off her panties, then tugged off my shorts. Facing away from me, Tiffany lowered herself onto my cock and began to slowly ride me up and down as we watched together.

Tiffany lay back on my bed as Donna went down on her. The angle blocked the camera from a view that would let us see Tiffany's pussy, but you could tell what was going on.

Donna began to tongue fuck my daughter, and Tiffany was losing herself to the pleasure. Finally, she cried and bucked, cumming on Donna's lips.

Donna, like me, kissed her way up and shared Tiffany's juices with her.

Tiffany kissed Donna hungrily, attacking her mouth like she had mine. Then, they switched places.

Tiffany began to ride my cock faster, excited by what we were sharing.

I watched in utter delight as Tiffany kissed the other girl's pussy. She teased Donna, kissing and teasing Donna's pussy with her tongue. Donna was beginning to writhe and whimper, her hands going to my daughter's head, hips pressing her pussy into Tiffany's lips.

Tiffany eased back and put a finger into Donna's pussy. With her head back, we could see Tiffany's finger go in and out of Donna's opening. Then, Tiffany bent back in and began to lick and suck while finger fucking the other girl.

Donna's hands went to the bed sheet, and she pulled on them as Tiffany ate her out. Tiffany ate Donna to a shuddering, bucking orgasm.

Tiffany crawled up and the two shared a wet, passionate kiss.

The two of them kissed and caressed, then Tiffany swung herself around to straddle Donna's face.

I felt my pulse hammering in my neck and through my cock as I watched my daughter lower herself down to eat her friend in a sixty-nine.

"Is that what you wanted, Daddy?" Tiffany asked me as she rode me. She could feel the answer in her body, and I watched the screen, amazed. It was glorious in its beauty and sensuality!

They licked and tongued each other until they both came. Tiffany lay her head down on Donna's mound, eyes closed and contented.

The camera dissolved back to Tiffany in the bathtub. She had one leg up on the edge, and was fingering herself deeply, close to orgasm.

The camera dissolved again.

Tiffany's room. Daylight.

Tiffany and Donna come in dressed in cheerleader uniforms.

Donna sits on the edge of my daughter's bed, and as Tiffany goes out of frame, you could see Donna edge up her skirt, showing she had no panties, and quickly ran a finger across her slit.

Tiffany pulled off her T-shirt to ride me naked, going up and down in a steady rhythm, neither too fast nor too slow, playing it out.

I nearly came as I saw what was next on the screen!

My daughter came back into frame, naked except for her shoes and socks, and she's holding a hot pink, two-headed jelly dildo!

Donna squeals with delight and begins to remove her own top and skirt, kicking off her shoes while my daughter puts lube on the dildo.

Seeing the two of them, ready to do this, in my daughter's room with all her stuffed animals and everything I associated with her as my "little girl" gave me a perverse rush.

Laying with legs facing, pussies open to each other, my daughter and Donna began to run their end of the dildo up and down their pussies. Then, they began to work the dildo into their pussy. Tiffany held the middle, and moved it back and forth, fucking Donna and herself. Donna lay back and enjoyed what Tiffany was doing, playing with her clit at the same time.

Tiffany was going up and down my cock so hard, now, she was beginning to slap against my thighs with her ass.

Donna reached down and pulled, making Tiffany work her harder with the dildo, until Donna fell back orgasming.

Then, as she sat up, she pulled the dildo out and put fresh lube on it while Tiffany turned to get on all fours. Tiffany was facing the camera, so we couldn't see her pussy as Donna began to fuck her solo with the huge dong. But Tiffany's eyes were right in the lens, and were looking right at me - at us - from the television.

"Ohhh… ohhhh.. oohh…" Tiffany began to moan as she rode me up and down, then wiggled her hips as I was deep inside her. Then, back up and down hard and fast. Again and again.

On screen, the camera (awkwardly) moved to the side so that, as Donna got on all fours and inserted the dildo in her pussy, you could see the two girls facing away from each other with the dildo between them.

Tiffany turned to the side so that her face was still visible on camera. As they began to rock back and forth, fucking themselves and each other, Tiffany began to chew her lower lip.

I felt another orgasm coming. And, as I watched Tiffany climax onscreen, Tiffany in real life came, and I followed her.

Tiffany emitted a long, low moan of orgasm, holding herself on my legs and shuddering while my cock pulsed inside of her. I could feel her pussy quivering as her womb pulled at my cock, milking me gently.

On screen, the two girls came and rolled together, kissing.

The image dissolved to Tiffany in the bathtub also having an orgasm. I loved the sight of her in the water, her nipples tight and hard, her hand pressed into her pussy as her hips bucked and thrust upward. Finally, she collapsed back into the water, a very contented and blissful expression on her face. I especially loved the wry little smile her lips were making!

I lay panting, catching my breath. Tiffany leaned forward, not getting off my cock, and picked up a small remote. She pressed a few buttons, and suddenly there was an image of the two of us, Tiffany straddling my cock, live on the television!

I sat up in surprise. "Tiffany?!"

Tiffany smiled wickedly, and dropped the remote on the floor.

Looking over her shoulder, she said, "What, Daddy? Don't you want to watch you fucking me?"

I looked past her, and saw her beautiful body - full breasts, pale skin illuminated by the blue color of the TV and my cock inside her, and felt - shock. Disturbed. Excited. Not horrified, mind you. But, the reality of fucking my daughter was brought home to me in a very profound manner. And it made it all that much more - erotic.

Carefully rising off of me, Tiffany knelt down and began to lick my cock clean. She was careful to keep to the side so that the camera caught everything. Part of me wished we could zoom in, and I reached for the remote.

Tiffany saw what I was doing and smiled her impish, sexual grin and handed it to me.

While she resumed licking my cock clean of pussy and cum, and also getting me hard again in the process, I zoomed tighter.

With the high quality camera and HD set, it was quite sharp as I watched my daughter use her tongue to lick up the sides of my cock, and tease the rim of the head. Then, as she slipped the whole head into her lips, I watched as her tongue made small swirls around the head.

"Oh, fuck, Tiff!" I moaned.

She laughed, and tickled the sweet spot under the head with her tongue.

Then, my cock good and hard again, she crawled up onto the couch and asked, "How do you want to fuck me, now, Daddy?" and smiled.

"Every way I can," I replied. My voice took on that low growl that drove Tiffany wild, and I laughed - a deep, masculine sound. "Every way I can."

I zoomed back out to catch the two of us on the sofa, and turned Tiffany away from me on all fours. I love to take a woman from behind, and the sight of my daughter's beautiful breasts swinging beneath her as I rocked into her from behind was incredibly delicious!

I could see her face, and watched while I thrust hard into her pussy. I wasn't going to cum again - not with any real juice, anyway. But I was determined to bring Tiffany as many times as I could. I planned to fuck her all night long!

The camera recorded us for about an hour. I got video of Tiffany and I as I took her from behind, and with her on top. I shot us with me in missionary, and then I let Tiffany have the remote to control the camera while I ate her out. She managed to get some very good close-ups of my tongue and her pussy.

Tiffany really wanted to get a cum shot, though, and I had to disappoint her.

"I'm sorry, sweetie," I said. "I'm just all used up! In a day or two, maybe we can shoot it, okay?" I mean, I wanted to - not just because it turned her on, but because I wanted to watch as I came on my own daughter's face and tits and body.

With a small pout, Tiffany said, "Oh, okay, Daddy. But, I want a lot - so save it up until we shoot it, okay?"

I laughed and kissed her. "Okay. I promise!"

Making sure I took the recordable DVD and put it someplace safe, we finished up for the night and went off to bed together.

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