tagIncest/TabooMy Daughter's Valentine

My Daughter's Valentine


There are few things sweeter than fist times. First kisses. First touch of skin against skin. First feel of heat and wetness. First penetration.

The room was perfect. Candlelight. Soft music. Good food and red wine. Dark chocolate and strawberries.

My Valentine was dressed to seduce - black thigh-high stockings, black pumps with three-inch heels; black lace pushup bra; deep burgundy skirt so short it was little more than a fringe above her thighs, and satin blouse with a plunging neckline to show off her bra and cleavage.

The outfit and dinner were my gift to her. She was my gift, my Valentine. My sweet eighteen-year old daughter, Tiffany.

I dressed for the occasion, matching her in terms of quality of apparel: dark suit; silk shirt; satin boxers.

Tiffany looked beautiful. Sexy. Young and oh so desirable. Blond and green, lovely pale skin that glowed in the firelight. My pulse began to climb the moment I saw her.

We enjoyed dinner slowly, building the anticipation of what was to come. But, honestly, I was eager for dessert from the moment she walked into the dining room. By the candlelight, she looked like a young version of her mother. Not as tall, and bustier than her mother had been, but the heels made her look taller.

Tiffany gave me a warm smile when she saw my favorable reaction to her outfit.

I held her chair for her, breathing in the scent of her, warm and spicy. She'd put on some sandalwood, knowing it was one of my favorite scents.

During dinner, Tiffany edged her toe up and down my leg. Seeing that I didn't tell her to stop, she continued to play with me under the table. I had a huge hard on going, and I did sigh when her stockinged toe rubbed across my crotch, pressing playfully on my erection.

We fed each other when we got to dessert. She ran a strawberry across her luscious lips and down her cleavage before lifting it to my mouth. After a sip of wine, she proffered a slender piece of dark chocolate, and slid it into my lips until I was gently sucking on her finger. I flicked the end of it with my tongue, and Tiffany purred.

"Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart," I said as she leaned in for a kiss.

Slipping her warm tongue into my mouth and tasting the chocolate and wine, she leaned back and gazed at me lovingly. "Happy Valentine's Day, Daddy."

Her hand reached down and massaged my hard on through my slacks as her tongue slid up my jaw line and she nuzzled my neck.

"Mmmm - you're good enough to eat," she crooned.

I sighed, and leaned back in my chair. "And you," I said. "You look absolutely beautiful."

Tiffany smiled, and slid from her chair down next to mine. Gazing up at me with shining eyes, filled with dark lust and a little mischief, she undid my belt and teased open my fly. My erection slipped into full view, and her warm hand wrapped around it wonderfully.

"I'm glad you approve," she said with a wry smile. Lowering her beautiful little mouth over my shaft, I watched as she took the head of my cock into her lips. She closed her eyes dreamily, and I sighed with pure delight.

"Ohhh, fuck, hun. That feels so good..."

Tiffany worked me slowly, deliciously with her lips and tongue. She sucked hard on the tip, then opened her lips and went further, taking me an inch at a time. I was amazed when she made a small sound as she opened her throat and took me deep.

"Ohhh, Tiff...!" I moaned.

Tiffany slowly withdrew, and I caught my breath. Standing, Tiffany undid a button of her blouse. "And now, if Monsieur would like to see what we have on the dessert menu..."

I watched in awe as she removed her top. The contrast of that black satin and lace against her pale skin was striking. Tiffany watched me as she bent and slowly slid off her tiny skirt. Her panties were French cut, and very slender, and I could see the edges of her pussy as she bent to retrieve the skirt. Twirling it away, Tiffany straddled my lap, my cock pressed against my belly and her mound.

Tiffany rocked slightly forward and back, rubbing her panties against my cock. I could feel her wetness through the material and it drove me crazy with need.

"Would Daddy like his Valentine, now?" she asked, play acting "little girl".

I could only nod, my heat pounding in my throat.

Tiffany took my hand and helped me stand. She bent and removed my pants from my ankles, then took my hand and led me to my bedroom.

The room had candles lit, and smelled of incense. Tiffany had spread rose petals across my king-size four-poster while I was taking care of dinner. Stopping at the edge, she crawled up on it reverse so she could face me. Tiffany reached up and undid my buttons. As I was bared to her, Tiffany kissed my chest. She even sucked and licked my nipples, and laughed sexily when I shivered at the skill of her tongue.

Naked except for my silk boxers, I said, "It's not fair - you're still wearing more than I am!"

With that knowing smile, Tiffany took my hand as she lay back on my sheets. "I know," she said. "I wanted to give you something to unwrap!"

I gazed down at my daughter's beautiful body - all five feet of her. Tiffany was blessed with a curvy little body. She was well-proportioned, if a bit on the short side. I was in heaven!

Tiffany grinned and moved up against my pillows to display herself for me. The black thigh-highs and bare skin drove me wild. My cock pulsed, and she laughed and said, "I see you're more than ready for your gift!"

Sliding off the boxers, I crawled on top of her, holding myself up with my arms. "Almost," I said. "But I have something I want to give you, first."

Surprised, Tiffany sighed as I kissed her passionately. Her lips parted at my urging, and my tongue filled her mouth. Then, I traced my way down her lips, her throat, her neck and down her cleavage. I lay on one arm as I undid the clasp of her bra and freed her breasts. I immediately attacked them with my tongue and lips and teeth, making her gasp and finally to writhe with pleasure.

"Oh, Daddy!" she moaned. "I like that!"

I smiled, and began to kiss and lick my way down. Down. Down.

Tiffany's eyes closed as I nuzzled the edge of her panties, moving them aside with my nose. The warm scent of her filled the air, and I sighed. This was bliss! Then, I held them aside as I placed a gentle kiss on her sopping pussy. Tiffany made another small gasp.

Grinning, I moved closer, pressing harder with my lips and then touched her with my tongue. Tiffany shuddered, and her legs closed reflexively.

"Oh, Daddy..."

I reached under her ass and peeled the panties down, leaving her in just her stockings. Then, I went down on my daughter, well and truly. I lapped up the warm, wonderful juices that flowed from her. The heat and scent of her made me hungry, and I gripped her by the waist as I ate her out.

"Oh, Daddy! Ohh!" she cried.

I kept it up, tonguing her as she bucked and writhed and whimpered. Finally, she came, her hips nearly hurting my nose as she thrust into my lips.

Then, as she finally signaled "enough," I gently laid her down and kissed a wet rail back up to her mouth.

Tiffany's lips ate at mine hungrily, turning me on to no end as she tasted her own pussy from my lips!

Finally, I broke our hungry kiss, and touched her pussy with my fingers, gently massaging her clit. "I wanted to make sure you were good and ready," I said, smiling. "It makes the first time so much easier when you're wet..."

Tiffany nodded, and kissed me again. "I am. I am! Ready. Take me - please, Daddy! Make love to me!"

I leveraged myself up, bring the weight of my build and body to bear as I pressed my cock against the opening of my daughter's pussy.

This was my real gift: to take Tiffany's virginity. She had let me know that she wanted me to do it weeks ago when she turned eighteen.

I assumed she was already sexually active. But Tiffany had let me know that, while she had "experimented", she had never had intercourse. She was still a virgin.

Then, to my further surprise, she confessed that she dreamed of me "that way", and wanted me to be the one to take her cherry.

We had a very intimate discussion, and Tiffany told me about the porn she had found on my computer, and my DVDs and so on. She got me so worked up, we wound up masturbating together. I couldn't think of anything else, and found myself horribly turned on by the incestuous yearnings Tiffany had unleashed.

So, we made a date: Valentine's Day. It would be - perfect.

My cock entered Tiffany's pussy slowly. Her heat was incredible! And when I felt the resistance of her hymen, I paused. "I love you, honey," I said.

Tiffany bit her lower lip and made a small nod. "I love you, too, Daddy."

I kissed her as I let the weight of my body push my cock through her hymen. Our lips drank at each other, and she made a small cry as her hymen broke. But the pain didn't last, or she put it aside when she attacked my mouth with her own.

I began to work my cock in and out of my daughter's pussy. I thought I'd be gentle at first, but Tiffany's awakening was more than I'd expected! She writhed and clutched at me, and bit my shoulder hard enough to leave marks. I fucked her furiously, crying out like an animal as I climaxed, pulsing hot cum inside my daughter's body.

"Ahhh, god!" I cried, and suckled on Tiffany's wondrous breasts while my cock pulsed and pulsed.

Hot fluid gushed out around my shaft, partly my cum, mostly Tiffany's juices as she came. Her legs wrapped around my back, and her hips pulled at me in rhythm with the pulses of my cock.

"Oh, god, Daddy!" she sobbed. "Oh, god!" Tiffany was crying!

I thought maybe I had hurt her, and pushed up on my arms, concern on my face.

But Tiffany shook her head, and said, "Oh, no - not that, Daddy! No - it's just... This is what I have always dreamed! Ever since I was -..."

I stopped her with a finger, still sticky from having touched her earlier. "Shhh - just kiss me, Tiff," I said. "I love you, too."

She kissed me. And the kiss became a hunger, and my cock grew hard again. Tiffany was flowing, a little blood but mostly just her arousal, and we were back at it. She was relaxed, now, and wild. I trusted that she'd stop me if it got to be too much (or that I could stop her if I needed a break!) and we made love again.

We rolled, and I let her experience "woman dominant". But she was too sore, and it was too much for her first - well, second first time, and we wound up back in good old missionary.

Tiffany, though, asked me to do something when I was close to orgasm again. "Daddy - pull out of me when you cum, alright? I want to see it. I want to see it when you cum!"

In the throws of passion, I grunted, "Ok, sweetheart - okay..."

When I felt my climax about to hit, I quickly pulled my cock free, and lifted myself up with one arm while I held my cock with my free hand. Tiffany gasped as my hot cum splashed across her mound and pussy lips, shooting up onto her belly and pooling in her navel.

"Ohh!" she moaned, and to my amazement, she came by watching my cock shoot on her!

She reached down and pressed on her sopping pussy. She got the mixture of my cum and hers on her hands, and lifted it, wonderingly, looking at it on her fingers. Then, tentatively, she took a small taste.

I laughed despite myself when Tiffany made an expression that betrayed she was not highly impressed with the taste of us together.

"Not what you expected?" I asked, and cuddled up nest to her, hugging her close.

Tiffany made a small laugh. "No - not quite." She kissed me again, and said, "But I think I could get used to it!"

I looked at her, seeing the playful light in her eyes, as well as the lust that was already refueling.

"It's not to everyone's liking," I said. "Me - I like the taste of a woman..."

Tiffany kissed me, and bit my lip mischievously.

"Ow! Okay - I like the taste of this woman," I corrected and touched her wetness. "But my cum? I don't know. I know I'm not as strong tasting as most men. I think because of all the clean living!"

Tiffany laughed with me.

Tiffany turned so she was cradled in my arms facing me. She was short, so that meant she fit comfortably. She reached down and fondled my flaccid penis, caressing it and examining it with warm curiosity.

"Funny that such a little thing - ..." She paused when I flinched at that. "I mean, that such and odd thing can - cause so much trouble." It stirred and she giggled.

"And pleasure," I said and kissed her. Her hands fondled me wonderfully, and my cock began to harden. Tiffany watched as it grew, and her eyes began to get that hungry look to them.

"God! I still think about the first time I saw you masturbating!" she said, and her hand began to wrap tighter and work my cock more purposefully. "I thought it was so huge, how could I ever get it all inside of me? But, oh how I wanted to! Oh, how I wanted to!"

With that, Tiffany slid down and wrapped her lips around my cock.

I lay back, sighing with delight. Apparently, the blood and cum and juices didn't deter her - and it felt so fucking good!

"Oh, sweetie!" I moaned. "That feels so good!"

Tiffany's wonderful little ass was pointing in my direction, and the feel of her stockings on my skin made me feel my own maleness throb through me. I grabbed her hips and moved her so that she could lick me while I ate her.

Tiffany didn't know what I was doing at first. But as the pleasure began to take over, she soon settled down and practically purred while she sucked my cock like a Popsicle. It was now my chance to distract myself by making my daughter cum again.

It was pretty close there, for a second, because the more I pleasured Tiffany, the harder she sucked on my cock. But finally, she backed off and held my hard on while she gasped for air as I brought her with my tongue and lips. I sucked on her clit until she arched upright, emitting a loud moan, and then shuddering as she sat on my face.

Tiffany collapsed, swinging around to lay atop me and attacking my mouth with kisses.

My cock felt the heat and wetness of her opening, and I slipped back inside her once more. This time, Tiffany rode me slowly, I helped hold her and let her know to take it at her own pace.

It didn't take long before my daughter was sliding up and down my shift, her breasts bouncing beautifully, as she rode me. We came together, both of us crying out.

As we lay there catching our breath, Tiffany suddenly shouted, "Fuck, that felt good!"

I laughed. "Yes, it did."

We hugged, and I pulled her to spoon with me.

We lay that way, just enjoying the closeness, for some time.

I gently caressed Tiffany's nipples, just idly, as we lay there.

But, I felt a new hunger, and I said, "Who's ready for more dessert?"

Tiffany chuckled and rolled over. "Really? Again? Can we?" She glanced down at my cock.

I smiled and kissed her. "Soon. But, I meant strawberries and chocolate."

"Oh," she replied and smiled. Tiffany gazed at me for a few moments. "Daddy - I don't know what - what happens now, but..."

I kissed her. "It's okay, sweetie."

She held my face as she gazed at me. "But, I do love you, you know? And - and this was - everything - more than I had ever wanted! Thank you!" She hugged me, and I hugged her back.

"Tiff - I'm glad that I could give all this to you. I love you, sweetheart, and I want the best for you."

"Really?" she asked, and bat her eyes coyly.

"Yes," I replied.

"Good," she said and slipped from the bed quickly. "Because I know there were only three pieces of chocolate left, and I want all of them!"

With s whoop, she darted off out the doorway and down the hall.

I jumped up, laughing, and chased after her.

"I'll ground you if you eat them all!" I shouted.

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