tagIncest/TabooMy Daughter's Xmas Present

My Daughter's Xmas Present


Author's Note: This is a submission for the 2017 Winter Contest, so please rate my story. Merry Christmas and good luck to everyone entering this year's contest.


I'm a horrible snoop.

Especially around the holidays.

There are a lot excuses for invading the privacy of a teenage daughter, especially as a father. I could say (especially after) that I was concerned about the content of her gift to her boyfriend. I might have said (before I found the pictures) that I felt she should be saving money for college instead of throwing it away on a man who only seemed interested in one thing.

But my real excuse, lame as it may sound, was that there was a Christmas gift on my daughter's bed, and I thought it might be for me.

I'm horrible at gifts. The kid shaking the presents to find out what they were beforehand never really grew up. When my wife was alive, hiding Christmas gifts from me became half of the fun. She would place them in these elaborate hiding spots, sometimes even storing them in her office. If I found them before Christmas, we celebrated together that night when she got home. Love has this way of turning our faults into something celebrated together as a harmless idiosyncrasy that only one person really knows intimately.

This time of year makes me really miss her.

Even after 18 years.

Kaylee never knew her. She died a few days after childbirth. I... try not to think about it, because sometimes it almost seems like a trade. Because as much as I still love Karen, as a single father, I started to feel like Dad became my entire identity. And at first, when she needed me for everything, that seemed like enough. I don't want to say it was a fair trade; nothing about it ever seemed fair, most of all that Karen never got to see our baby girl become the beautiful woman she is today. But at least Karen passed on something special.

But now Kaylee has pulled away. A healthy amount. Right now, even though it's Christmas Eve, she's out with a few friends.

Of course we are still close. Closer than most fathers and daughters. I guess it's only natural that Kaylee needs someone other than her dad. Friends, boys, all part of growing up. It has been a gradual thing. From playdates to sleepovers to now weekends when I practically don't see her.

And all along there were moments when I could see that my little girl was no longer so little. There have been so many times when I've done my best to avoid seeing her growing breasts as she parades around the house, oblivious at first that the same kinds of clothes she wore when she was younger drew too much of the wrong interest with 34C cups.

How to have that conversation?

How to have the conversation about sex, about periods, about birth control?

Because no one else, no one with more experience could help me out with anything. My parents were Puritanical, and I'd rather not see my princess pregnant because she thought praying would work as well as a condom. So I just did my best. I couldn't lie, use the popular euphemisms, or skate over things. I had to always tell the truth and know when to ask for help.

It's meant figuring out exactly how tampons, pads, and every other feminine product works. It's meant awkwardly taking my daughter to Victoria's Secret for a fitting. And it's meant sitting with the doctor to discuss birth control options and reminding the damn kid to take her birth control pill.

But it hasn't been all bad. It's made us very close, because Kaylee knows that she can ask me anything. And while there's thing I never would have wanted to know, there's things I've needed to know and needed to say. Better me explain a blowjob than some teenager as he tries to get one in the backseat of his pick-up.

It's meant that I have gotten the chance to know her as a young woman. Yeah... she's had her bratty tempers tantrums, her hormones, and her real grief at the loss of a mother she never knew. But I have always been there for her with answer to any question no matter how uncomfortable.

And while at times it's certainly felt icky, maybe it's selfish to pass on an unconscious squeamishness about sex. Maybe that's a bullet more parents need to bite, because that keeps teenagers from having sex too soon, or having the wrong idea about birth control and safety. It also teaches them the importance of communication with their partner, and that the difficult and awkward conversations are sometimes the ones we need to have the most.

Everything else-- friends, college, and dating-- we impart wisdom from the many fuck-ups of our lives hoping to spare our most important someone in the world a little more pain. But with sex we treat our kids like the subject is Voldemort, and we aren't allowed to even speak the name. I wouldn't have been any different, not realizing that my own hang-ups get passed down by each generation. But I didn't really get the choice with Kaylee. I realized the first time I saw most of her breasts because I hadn't bought her so much as a training bra that not saying anything was not an option.

So Kaylee knows what I know and considers sex completely natural, not some mysterious thing too fun and forbidden to talk about openly. I've said over and over again: I don't want to know the details. But she's 18, and even if she's living at home, she certainly has the autonomy to make her own decisions about her body. And at some point, I have to trust her, even with this new boyfriend who I can hear dirty talking over the sound of Parks and Rec in her bedroom. You want your daughter to grow up... but it's always too soon, and it's selfish to not think of her as a person who is finally beyond my complete protection and control.

And while I think that's perfectly natural in my head, I also think it's a pang that hits every parent hard. Just when I had finally gotten used to devoting my entire life to this other person, she decides that there are now these other people she wants to spend her life with... and they are jackass teenagers.

But so were most of my friends, so was I, and so is Kaylee.

Did I get enough "wisdom" through?

I hope so.

I also hope that her present isn't what I think it is.

I've had plenty of experience opening and resealing presents. My late wife always made meticulous use of the correct Christmas wrapping and paid pristine attention to the corners. I had to be sneaky. But Kayle wrapped presents with all the concern of a rabid raccoon. I didn't see how she could notice if I saw what was inside. And of course, my girl couldn't be bothered with things like a tag or bows.

Inside was a shoe box, too light to contain actual footwear. I opened the lid and saw a bunch of photos. And then I saw what was portrayed in the picture on top. I slammed the lid shut to the box.

I was sure I just saw my daughter's breasts!

And I couldn't help myself. I had seen most of her already, in bras, towels, and volleyball shorts. It's one of those things I can't help but notice, even along with that natural sense of shame. Because deep down, of course part of me wanted to see more, even though it's wrong... especially because it's wrong...

And fuck if she didn't look so much like Karen!

Long, very dark, almost black hair, wide eyes, an intoxicating smile, the kind that makes a man aspire to do whatever it takes to see it again. Her breasts never seemed as big as Karen's, but more than enough to draw a man's attention. And I had seen enough of her ass, bent over the volleyball court, that perfect bubble butt ready to burst out from the thin spandex.

And there were more than one picture in the box...

I began rationalizing. I knew I was going to look from the start. Yes, I'd had a steady diet of porn, but it's different seeing someone in your real life. That it was my daughter didn't much matter. I hadn't known many women recently. I told myself there just wasn't time, but I never could move from Karen. That I wanted to see, to look but not touch, well it didn't seem so bad really. Besides, I might need to talk to her about this. I had addressed sexting, but I kind of thought we were past the polaroid days.

I had to know what she was showing this boyfriend...I slowly reopened the box.

The first picture was taken from a downward angle, probably with her iPhone in a mirror. I could make out each of her nipples, small little dots on her large breasts, and the curve of her ass. I took it in for a second. Her face wasn't visible, and I couldn't quite make out all of her body. The next shot was far more graphic.

Again with the iPhone, though not in her hand. She was spread down doggy style, her face buried in her bed, her hair tied back into pig tails. Kaylee used both hands to spread her cheeks, showing off her tight, smooth little butthole and the lips of her pussy. My cock stirred against my jeans, and I moved uncomfortably, making it worse.

I had an erection looking at my own daughter!

But it wasn't like she was here. It wasn't like she needed to ever know. And so what? She was a hottie like her mother. Nothing was going to come of it.

I turned to the last picture. This one was something else. She faced the camera, and it looked like it had been almost professionally done. I could see her face in this one, a finger pulling down on a pouty lip. She looked so innocent, and yet so knowing. Her eyes were wide with pleasure. Finally I could see those breasts fully. She had small, perky areolas compared to the rest of her. She sat up a little, so as to accommodate the pink vibrator (which I had bought her) deep inside her hairless pussy, though the toy was only about five inches long.

I remember picking that out for her a long time ago. I've learned a lot about a woman's body, but I wanted Kaylee to figure out her own sexuality. I had heard a lot of a stories from my wife, who grew up in a very religious home, about experimenting with things like hair brushes and other dangerous things. So one day I just left it on her bed and never said a word. Seeing her use it... well I was glad I did the right thing.

She looked so beautiful. I took in every inch of her body. Without even realizing it, my hand moved to my penis. I fished it out and moved to my daughter's bed. I spread out the present so I could see each part of her body-- her ass, the curves of her body, and that toy... the toy that I got her. I imagined seeing it move in and out of her as I moved my cock back and forth, rubbing it against the rough fabric of my jeans.

I knew I was going to cum. I had to cum. And I found myself aiming my cock towards Kaylee's picture, trying to aim my semen for her pouty little face. I wanted her covered in my cum and didn't care about the consequences in the moment. I was getting close, right on the edge, my head started to twitch in anticipation...


I froze.

Then recovered enough to shove my penis back into my pants. I had been facing away from the door, still it was kind of clear what I was doing. I couldn't say for certain that my daughter saw my dick, but she certainly saw the photos.

I turned around. My cock straining noticeably against my jeans. Her brown eyes looked down at it, then up at me, her eyes widen with shock. Then she let out a nervous laugh. I blushed and tried to double down on my role as a parent.

"Look, honey," I started. "You take a great picture. But you haven't been seeing this guy more than a few months."

"His name is David and we-"

"Look, I know. And I guess this is somewhat better than sexting. If you want to give him the pictures without your face in it, that's fine. I can't stop you from taking nudes with your face in it, but you are too young to know what you want out of life. A teacher, a judge, whatever... If those pictures get out..."


"I've shown you the stories on revenge porn..."


"And I don't know David, but this stuff can get out and-"

"Dad, it's not for David!"

"What?" I blinked a few times, trying to figure this out.

"No... we broke up over a week ago."

"Why didn't you say-"

"I just needed some time," Kaylee said. "Besides, you like always hated him. I felt stupid enough without the I told you so."

"You know I'm trying," I said.

I said this a million times over these 18 years. Every time I fucked something up. Every time she felt the least bit mad at me, I told her I was trying. Our own version of "as you wish" from The Princess Bride. Just my special way of saying I love you and I wish your mother was here to help me.

"I know, and I also know I shouldn't have left a gift out this close to Christmas," Kaylee said.


"And what were you doing in my room?"

"Snooping," I admitted, spreading my hands wide. "And I am retroactively justified. Sorry hun, I'm in the clear. Part of the job."

"Come on... I'm 18!"

"And still in high school," I countered.

"One more semester."

"Is that an argument? Because it really seems more like random words masquerading as an argument. I found naked pictures of you!"

"I'm 18!"

"I know, I know," I said softly, deescalating the situation. "I just want to ask how well you know this guy?"

"Oh, like really well..."


"Long as I can remember," She said coyly.

"So you can trust him."

"I hope so!"

"This is serious."

"The gift was for you!" She blurted out.

And then every functional part of my body just stopped working as my brain struggled to react. The idea that these pictures were actually for me, that my daughter took her vibrator and played with herself for me.... Well I couldn't think of anything to say.

"Oh come on, Daddy," She teased. "I can see your hard on right now. I knew you'd find it. It's Christmas Eve. Like you wouldn't try and catch a present before I put it under the tree."

"But, honey," I stammered. "You're my..."

"So what?" Kayle said. "Daddy we've never had quite the normal relationship."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean most dads don't give their daughter a vibrator. Most dads don't make sure their teenager has the right bras and knows how to make sure something fits. Most dads don't make sure their daughter takes their birth control pill every night."

"Well I mean without your mother-"

"And I know I look like her," Kayle whispered.

I didn't know what to say.

"It's okay. I'm glad. She was so beautiful, Dad in the all the photos and videos. And you weren't weird about it."

"Weird about what?" I asked.

"The looks, Daddy," She said. "It's how I knew you would like this. And I've been encouraging it a little ever since you first saw me in a towel a few months ago. I've been teasing you. I notice how you look at me in my volleyball shorts or yoga pants, even if it's not obvious. It's how you looked at those photos. It's okay. I love that I can do that for you, Daddy.

I still didn't know what to say.

"It's just pictures. If you don't like them, it's okay. I got you other Christmas gifts..."

She sounded so forlorn; I knew I had to say something.

"I... I... liked the pictures. I just think it might be wrong..."

"I've thought that too," She said, her hands playing with her ponytail before moving down her tight brown locks and to her tight tank top, playing absently with one of the straps.

"But a lot of people think sex is wrong," She finished.

"This is different..."

"Because we are family?" She snorted. "Only if we were planning to make babies. I'm on the pill. And besides...."

She paused for a second to collect her thoughts.

"I don't really see the harm in pictures. Especially since they remind you of mom. I don't imagine she left you many nudes. And it's been a long time for you."

That awkward silence seem to hang all around the air, as if we could reach out and touch it. Each of us struggled with what to say.

"How long?" She asked timidly.


"How long has it been since you've had sex, Daddy?"

"I'm not going to talk about that with you."

"Oh my god! Not since... not since Mom?"

I nodded, embarrassed.

"Okay, literally... for fuck's sake, enjoy the pictures, Daddy."

"I'm not going to..."

"Oh, like you weren't already. Come on Dad, I saw your shove your dick in your pants."

She reached over me slowly, her white tank top revealing nearly all the top of her cleavage as she picked up the photos. She held the first one over her chest, standing a foot or less away from me, giving me a full view of her nude on her side.

"I didn't really like how this one came out. I mean... it's okay. You can see my left nipple, so that's kind of a tease, and it doesn't show my face, so I don't mind spreading it around, but it's just not my best angle."

"I think... you look good..." I stammered.

"Aww thanks, Daddy. You look good too! It's why this is so easy to share."

She winked at me.

"Now this one's a lot better. I always liked the spread view, where you can see both holes. Not a lot of attention gets paid to the butthole, but I think for girls it's really almost better than a pussy. I had to take it like a dozen or so times, lining up the phone just right, but it was worth it, don't'cha think?"

I nodded.

"Take it out, Daddy... come on..."

I couldn't bring myself to do it. So Kaylee surprised me by bending down on her knees, setting the pictures at her feet, and working slowly at unbuckling my belt.

"It's not like I haven't seen it. It's not like you weren't stroking yourself looking at me naked. Go ahead... it's your Christmas gift. What's that they say, it's only cum once a year?"

She worked at my belt slowly before unbuckling it. Then she unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them until they parted enough for the head of my cock to poke through. I am circumcised, a little over seven inches, and wide enough to be noticed. But as hard as I was, at this angle it didn't look like anything too special.

Still she cooed.

"It's so big."


"I can tell... let me see more."

I worked out the rest of it as she bent down, again almost flashing her tits in that tight fitting tank top. I moved the skin up and down my shaft, faster and faster, stroking myself inches away from my daughter as she leaned over and picked up the last picture.

It was then I realized in a moment of clarity that I wasn't even looking at the pictures really, just my daughter. And even as she showed me the photo with her playing with that pink vibrator in her pussy, her breasts on full display, I could only think about the girl in front of me, watching as her father jerked himself off in front of her, acting as if nothing unusual was happening.

"I couldn't quite decide on a pose here. I hope pouty wasn't too much. But then again, you aren't really looking at this for my face," She purred.

She was right. I wasn't even looking at the photo against her chest. I was looking straight into my daughter's eyes, lost in lust. Imagining taking my only daughter and shoving my cock into each of the holes she'd shown me.

"I'm going to suck your cock, Daddy."

God it felt good.

"And Daddy.... You can cum wherever you like."

Jesus Christ... my baby girl....

"I'll swallow every drop if you like. Or you can cum on my face. I'll let you fuck my tits if you want."

She got down on her knees and started to jiggle her tits, the tank top not really holding them in. Kaylee reached up near the straps and slid the white fabric down, showing me her nipples as she pulled part of her breasts out for a split second.

"Is that what you like, Daddy? You like that I have these big tits now don't you? Because I'm still Daddy's girl."

Oh God... I was close.

Then she pushed my hand away and grabbed my dick, which seemed to dwarf her hand.

"I'm only going to suck your cock tonight, Daddy. But I want you to know that I'm good at it. I've been practicing for you, Daddy."

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