My Daughter's Xmas Present


She beamed as she took the head of my cock into her mouth, never breaking eye contact, as if looking to me for some hint of resistance. I couldn't offer it. I was past the point of saying no. And how could I? My daugher kissed the tip of my head first, letting her lips slowly tease me as she moved slowly forward. She didn't even take the entire head in at first. Instead she stroked me with the other hand before spitting on my shaft.

She swallowed the length of me quickly then gagged and came back coughing for a second before moving my head into her mouth. Gradually, she recovered and took more and more of my dick inside of her mouth, until all but the base fit inside her mouth. I didn't hold onto her head. I couldn't do anything but let my daughter use her mouth to fuck my cock. She bobbed up and down going faster then used her hand here and there to take a breath.

She finally came up gasping.

"Tell me how you want to cum, Daddy... please... I want to make you cum soooo bad.."

She rubbed the head of my dick against her cheek as she looked up at me.

"Please, Daddy... wherever you want.."

I started to pull away from her but then changed my mind. She felt too good.

"Make me cum with your mouth, Kaylee. Swallow it all..."

She moved back to my cock, taking me deeper and deeper, faster and faster, only stopping to tell me...

"You know I've always wanted to suck this cock, Daddy."

Her mouth felt so wet and perfect.

"Cum for me, Daddy... and I won't waste a single drop of your cum. I want it so bad. Please, Daddy, I'll be...

And as she stroked me, my first shot started, hitting her across the right cheek and chin. Another hit her forehead, and ran down her nose as she pulled me towards her mouth. I shot a few more loads into her mouth as she deep throated me all at once, taking every one of my seven inches without gagging as she gulped greedily at my cum. I felt the head of my cock twitch a few more times before I was finished. I softened in my daughter's mouth as she looked up at me wide-eyed and through a long stream of cum in her right eye.

She looked perfect.

Cum was on her forehead and covered most of the right side of her face, running down onto her chin. And as I pulled out, a long strand of saliva stuck between the head of my cock and her lips for a few seconds.


My daughter covered in my cum, looking up at me with nothing but love.

"Daddy, I really needed to go to the bathroom now and clean up. But I'll have another present for you tomorrow."

"Okay... "

"Thank you, Daddy," She said smiling.

"Thank you, honey," I said. "I hope it's okay... I mean since your-"

"OK fuck, Dad, it feels like battery acid is in my eye. I love you, but I'm going to go take a shower."

She got up and started to take off down the hall, her ass shaking in those tight shorts as she made her way to the hallway bathroom.

"I love you too," I said.

I tried to peek in the shower.

All I could see was her blurred outline behind the glass, a sexy silhouette of her naked body under the steam.

Then her face popped out from behind the curtain.

"Good night, Daddy! You'll get another present tomorrow, one you won't find tonight. Go to your room until I wake you up."


I've never waited for a Christmas like this. Not even when I was a kid.

I couldn't sleep. My mind raced as I lay in bed, every now and then checking the clock to see that only a few minutes had gone by. I looked at her pictures again more than a few times, stroking myself almost to orgasm, but I couldn't bring myself to finish. Not while the image of my daughter wearing my cum on her face flickered in my brain.

My hard on kept me up through the night. She must have known how eager I was, either that or she couldn't wait herself, because I heard the loud knock on my door at six in the morning and my daughter's bubbly voice.

"Merry Christmas, Daddy! Your present is under the tree!"

I put on my boxers, my cock still standing at attention as I walked. I put on a pair of sweatpants and still could see the outline of an erection. I didn't think there was much of a point in trying to hide it. As wrong as it was, I wanted her to give me that beautiful pussy I had been looking at all night for Christmas.

My cock softened a little as I walked into the hallways and living room. And there she was, basking in the glow of the Christmas tree, all wrapped up for me. Her nipples were covered with two red bows, showing nearly every inch of her breasts. She had taped a large piece of red and green wrapping paper around her waist like a skirt. She smiled at me, her hand holding her head as she propped herself up.

"Do you want to unwrapped your gift, Daddy?"

I moved her on her back and ripped off the the wrapping paper, looking down at her bare teenage pussy. She looked so tight and small, even as I spread her legs apart.

"It's exactly what I wanted."

I put my mouth down on her clit, using my lips to gently kiss my daughter in her most intimate area. She squealed a little bit, and I wrapped my arms around her legs, keeping them apart as her hips bucked up against my tongue. I licked in small little circles all around the top of her pussy, just the way her mother loved it. It was impossible not to compare the two, though it had been so long.

"Oh God! Daddy, you're so good at licking my pussy."

I varied my technique, tasting every inch of her before moving one of my finger inside of her. I parted her lips with my index finger and watched as my daughter started fucking herself on my hand. I kept my tongue moving, and she began moaning louder and louder.

"Please, Daddy, don't stop..."

I didn't.

"Oh God... I'm close, I'm close so close... Daddy, can I cum?"

I looked up at her, Kaylee's eyes closed in ecstasy

"Cum for me, baby girl."

"Oh God.... Daddy, I'm cumming!"

Her whole body shook underneath me. Her legs and pussy spasmed, and I kept my mouth on her clit, my lips tugging gently on her as she came.

"Jesus, just fuck me, Daddy."

I tugged down my underwear and sweatpants, my dick literally springing out of my pants. I adjusted her small body, my eyes looking down into my daughter's, as if asking permission to do this, to cross this line all the way. I wanted her so bad. I needed to be inside my daughter.

"Please, Daddy, I need to cum again. I need to be fucked."

She looked so desperate.

I gripped my head, positioning it right where it could slide into Kaylee. I couldn't quite get the right angle at first and just rubbed myself all over her dripping cunt. I moved her legs back a little, my hands holding her thighs as I adjusted her on the carpet. I moved my hand to my cock and pushed it forward, hearing her give a gasp as the mushroom head spread her apart.

"Oh wow... It's so big..."

I moved deeper inside her, slowly stretching her pussy as I held her against me. I looked into her eyes, and then down at her nipples, still with those red wrapping bows stuck to them. I squeezed her breasts with one hand, moving in closer to kiss her. Our lips met for the first time, connecting us together in a some small way somehow even more important than being inside her.

"Is it your first time?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"No, Daddy... " She looked away.

"It's okay, baby."

"No, Daddy, it's just your penis is so much bigger than his."

"Oh God... you feel good."

"I'm sorry, Daddy, I didn't mean to be such a slut."

I could feel myself all the way inside her.

"It's okay, baby."

"I always wanted you though. I called him Daddy every time. I just didn't know if you would want me..."

"Oh honey..."

"I wanted this so bad, Daddy. Oh God I need it. I need your big Daddy dick. I need your cum. Use me, Daddy, use my hole."

I pumped faster into her, trying to hold on as long as possible. I knew that I would need to have Kaylee again and again, but that wasn't what mattered right now. I wanted her to have an orgasm. I wanted her to enjoy sex in every way possible. I wanted to take care of all her needs.

I held her legs apart as I drove my cock into her,pushing up against her, moving forward slowly and taking my time so as to hear every moan of pleasure as I pounded into my daughter. She moved back against me, and I moved my hands down her legs to grip the sides of her ass. I went faster and faster, spurred on by her moans.

"Oh fuck, Daddy, I'm about to cum."

"Ask me," I said.

"What?" She said.

"Ask me if you can cum, like you did before.

"Can I cum, Daddy?"

"It's so hot, honey. It makes it sound like you've really given me your pussy."

"You do own my pussy, Daddy. You made it, so you can decide when you want to make it cum."

"Oh God, Kaylee..."

"Daddy, please can I cum? Oh God... Daddy I'm so close... PLEASE, DADDY!?"

"Cum for me, Kaylee.."

She gasped for breath.

I had to slow down to stop from cumming right then. Still I couldn't help but keep every one of my seven inches all the way inside of her as she clawed at my back. I could feel her convulse around my cock, nearly screaming with pleasure as the orgasm overcame her.

"I'M CUMMING, DADDY!" She yelled.

"I know, baby. Cum for Daddy."

Her eyes closed as her neck arched.

"Look at me, look at Daddy."

She had almost a frightened expression, her eyes fluttering and filled with an intense look of pleasure, her mouth open wide as she let out a moan. She was breathing heavily as her body settled a little bit, then she kissed me again.

"Thank you, Daddy,"

"Come here," I said as I pulled out of her.

I positioned Kaylee on her hands and knees, facing the real presents under the tree. I moved my hands over her tight little bubble butt, giving each cheek a small little slap as I moved closer to her. One of the bows fell over her nipple as she arched her back, letting me see the bottom of her nipple as I pressed her down into doggie style. I didn't need to feel to know that each of her tiny nipples was rock hard, but I did anyways, moving my left hand under her breasts.

I moved my cock against her ass, for a second fucking between her cheeks. I lowered my body a little bit, finding the angle a little uncomfortable, before spreading her lips again with the head of my cock.

"Go slow please, Daddy..."

"Tell me how it feels, baby."

"It's sooo big, Daddy... so much bigger than my boyfriend's."

"Is he the only one to fuck you?"

"No, Daddy..."

"You've been such a slut."

"Yes, Daddy."

"Are you going to be my slut now?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"You aren't going to let other boys see these titties."

I grabbed both her tits now, knocking off the last bow, pinching her nipples and pulling on her breasts, using them to fuck her.

Kaylee cried out in pleasure.

"It's soo deep, Daddy..."

"Are these Daddy's now?" I asked again, squeezing hard on her breasts.

"Yes... Daddy... " She said, almost out of breath. "I... can... barely... take it..."

"Does it feel good?"

"Yes, Daddy.... Keep fucking me, keep fucking your little girl. OH FUCK THAT FEELS GOOD!"

I pulled her closer, getting as deep as I could inside of her. I moved my hands to her ass, grabbing both cheeks for a second before turning my hands around and gripping her silky thighs. I saw my daughter turn around and look at me.

"Harder, Daddy... please."

I started to sweat, trying to keep up the momentum.

"Harder, Daddy... treat me like a slut. Fuck me hard."

I slapped her ass. I couldn't believe the things coming out of my baby girl's mouth.

"HARDER, DADDY! Pull my hair! Fuck me rough!"

I grabbed her ponytail in my right arm and gave it a gentle tug.

"Harder, Daddy! Fuck me like the slut I am."

I pulled a little harder, using her hair to yank her neck back.

"HARDER, DADDY! Punish me. I've been a naughty slut, teach me who's slut I am now. I was such a bad girl."

I yanked her hair hard.

"Oh yes, Daddy, fuck your slut."

"You're mine now, honey."

"I'll be your good girl, Daddy. I'll only fuck you. It's your pussy.

She paused, looking back at me over her shoulders as we stopped for a second..

"But I need it rough. I want to just be taken by you. I've fantasized about this for so long. I just want you, Daddy. Do me however you want."

I grabbed her shoulders and pumped faster and faster. I could hear the sound of my body against her, the loud slap as my ass connected with her pelvis. She seemed to fuck me as much as I fucked her. I couldn't believe how well she took it, how my daughter wanted more and more of me inside of her. She was so wet and still so tight. At points, I felt I could barely fit inside my little girl, and still she threw herself back onto me.

"Oh yes! Use me, Daddy!"

I grabbed her by her hair and pushed her face down onto the carpet. She adjusted so that her her check was resting comfortably as I moved inside of her.

"Please.... Can I cum, Daddy?"

"No." I said.

"Please, Daddy... I'm so turned on."


She gasped as I pulled out of her.

"Please no, Daddy! Please fuck me more, Daddy!"

"Come here." I said, sitting on the couch.

I started her out riding me, sliding inside of her easily now. I had her wrap her arms around my shoulders and then slowly started to stand up.

"What are you doing, Daddy?"

"I'm going to pick you up and hold my baby girl."

Her legs wrapped around me as I worked to my feet, my cock almost sliding out as I picked her up. She couldn't have weighed much, and I was in good enough shape to easily hold her up, my hands squeezing her tight little ass and spreading her cheeks apart. Her arms hugged tight around my neck, and I could feel her nipples pressed against my chest.

"Oh God, no one has ever fucked me like this!"

Kaylee started bouncing up and down on my cock, using my shoulders to piston herself up and down. Once, I slide out, but she was able to grab my cock and put it back inside of herself almost instantly. I couldn't really speak. Keeping a grip proved to be a challenge. As I found my footing again, kicking a few wrapped presents out of the way, I ended up using the tree as sort of leverage. It pressed up against the wall of the living room, the ornaments all clinking against each other as I moved my daughter against the branches. The whole Christmas tree threatened to topple over for a second before stabilizing, helping me gain a little balance.

As she rode my dick, I could feel Kaylee's fingers moving up my chest. Her hair had started to come undone, strands of it in her face, but still I could made eye contact with my daughter. Then Kaylee moved down and bit into my neck hard.

It felt amazing!

I fucked her even harder then, hearing the sound of the tree against the wall as I pounded into her.

"FUCK! Daddy, can I cum?"

I nodded but either she didn't see it, or she wanted explicit permission.

"Please! Daddy, this feels so good..."

"Yes... " I barely whispered. "Cum..".

I would have lost her but for the Christmas tree. She moved both her hands to my back and pushed harder into me. She was riding my cock, suspended in midair, barely holding on as she shook with pleasure. I could feel her pussy quiver and her body writhe against me, making my cock twitch with excitement.

"I'm cumming..." She said almost as an afterthought long after the pleasure had subsided.

I was close now and knew my orgasm needed to follow my daughter's. She was mine now, to do with what I wanted, to take care of her in every way.

"I need to cum..." I said.

"Cum inside me, Daddy."

"You sure?"

"You know I'm on birth control."

I did.

"I saved this for you, Daddy. I needed you to be the first to cum inside my pussy. I've always wanted to feel a man's cum inside of me. I just wanted you to be first."

I gave a few more thrusts, each a little bit faster before feeling the point of no return. As the semen moved up inside of my baby girl, I stopped moving, overcome with pleasure as I finally let go. Instead of shooting out like earlier, my cum seemed to slowly flow out and into my daughter's wet pussy. I held her close, giving one last stroke inside Kaylee as my penis slowly shrunk inside of her.

As I put her down, I looked at her bare pussy while she found a place to put her feet. My cum was running down my daughter's legs, and a little had splashed on one of the presents. We both noticed together, then Kaylee looked up and away from me, a little embarrassed.

"Well Merry Christmas, Daddy."

And we both laughed.

"It's okay," I said. "I don't want to open any other presents today. I already got exactly what I wanted."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/30/18

That was just deliciously erotic, hot and yummy!!
Well daddy knows what present he wants to open tomorrow, woo! Hehe.
I'm not just the first man you've let cum in you sweetie, I'm also the last man.more...

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by olblueyes04/22/18

very erotic, well written, well paced,, love family sex tales

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by Anonymous03/21/18


A very hot story with the best Christmas gift a man could ever get! Only thing is I wished there would have been more kissing involved with daddy, but that's just me. And, I wish I could write like this.more...

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by Anonymous02/03/18

Holy Heck

I... I can't.. I need a daddy like this so badly its not even a question anymore..
He's the perfect amount of timid and dominant.
I want my own daddy to give my body up to and be loyal.. .

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by Anonymous12/20/17

Wanna be fucked like that

I want to be fucked hard and rough by a big cock this made me feel so wet and arroused this is soooo good😘

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