tagMind ControlMy Daydream

My Daydream


I had gone to the coffee shop to get some work down away from all distractions. I had an exam tomorrow and I wasn't even close to ready for it. Every time I opened my statistics textbook my eyes glazed over and I ended up on the internet or listening to music. My apartment was a place full of distractions so I left for this wonderful place down the street. I ordered a latte and sat myself in the back room. It was a Tuesday afternoon and the place wasn't busy to start, but in the back I didn't even have the girl behind the counter to pull my focus. I sat down in a large chair and pulled out the book and my notes. I still had five chapters to read so I marshaled all my attention and started to study.

I lost track of time, but I was three chapters in when a guy sat down on the couch right near me. He was a student too maybe. He looked the right age. I didn't know him but he was cute, all dark and handsome. He had a coffee in front of him and was reading the newspaper. He didn't look like someone looking to talk, which suited me just fine at the moment. Normally I would have tried to flirt but right now I needed to focus on the task at hand. My eyes returned to the page I had open and I skimmed over the first line. I didn't even know where I was and I flipped back a few pages to reorient myself in the text. My eyes passed over the same lines again and again.

I could smell him? It was a question and a thought all at once. He was sitting at the far end of the couch, too far away to smell over the strong scents of coffee, yet I was sure now that I could smell him, powerful and clean. I brought my focus back to the textbook, and made it a few pages before I became caught again reading and rereading the same lines. I looked up at him; he was lost in his reading. He had broad shoulders and nice arms and suddenly he looked up at me. His eyes were dark and intense. I looked away and back to the text. But still I was caught on the same lines. My eyes passed over them and then over them again.

Then I was on his lap, his strong hands on my hips and his lips on mine. His tongue pushed itself into my mouth and I opened to let him kiss me. My eyes fluttered open, and I was looking at the textbook still. I skipped ahead a paragraph and began to read again.

I was straddling him as he kissed my neck. A voice in my brain was telling me that I hadn't gotten up, but it grew quiet as his fingers brushed over my nipples and my eyes closed. His mouth caught a nipple, and a very small gasp escaped me. He sucked on my bare breast, and- When had I taken my top off? I hadn't, I wouldn't take my top off in public yet one hand flicked over one nipple while his mouth latched onto the other. I could feel a wetness growing between my legs and I began to ride him. I could feel that he was hard even through his jeans, mine long discarded as I ground into him. No, that made no sense.

I was still sitting in my chair, my eyes unfocused staring at the page in front of me. How long had the same page been in front of me? I wasn't sure but I turned the page anyhow, even without remembering a thing on it so that this guy across from me wouldn't think it was strange. My breathing was heavy from a daydream and the wetness I had felt was certainly real. I didn't want him thinking I was some sort of perv. He was cute, and his eyes had been so nice, but this was crazy. I thought about leaving but I knew that if I went home, I would be pulled back into the fantasy and would forget the studying. I'd slip my hands into my panties and toy with my pussy lips..

Just like he was doing. I was on him, his one hand pushing my panties aside as he toyed with my pussy, his finger finding my clit. I had to bite down on my lip to keep quiet. There was still the girl up front and honestly, who knew who else was up there. His finger moved over my clit again and again, picking up speed. His other hand reached lower and suddenly his finger slid inside of me. A mewling sound slipped from my mouth before I remembered where we were. My own hand found my breast and I squeezed it gently as I began to respond to his touch, my body naked on top of him. Only that wasn't right. I had been wearing panties and I hadn't gotten up. How was I naked now? I tried to remember if I had stripped them off, but he slid a second finger into me and my pussy tightened around him. My eyes closed and I bit down even harder to stop from moaning. I came, wetness flooding his hands. He kissed me, and my mouth was hot and hungry for more.

His cock was hard in my mouth and while I wrapped my lips around it I tried to think about when I had stopped kissing his mouth and started kissing his cock. I took him deep, the smell from before filling my nostrils. My hand was on my clit, rubbing frenetically. I needed to cum again before we were caught by that girl up front. My head bobbed up and down on his long shaft. I had never taken I guy so deep in my mouth, but every time I pushed him deep, my clit was on fire. It was like the pleasure I was giving him was really coming back to me but when I stopped to think about that, a voice inside was telling me that it shouldn't be so direct. That voice was stopped by the intense wave of pleasure I felt when his throbbing cock bumped up against the back of my throat. Each thrust was like a flick on my clit and I was grateful to have his cock in my mouth, keeping me quiet.

The thrusts were deep, deeper than any man had ever reached and my pussy was so wet as he slid in and out of me. I was on the couch, and he was fucking me from behind. My arms were braced on the arm of the couch and I was facing the door to the back room. Any second now that girl up front would walk through it and catch me as I pushed back against this stranger. I needed to keep quiet and my focus was so much on that that I couldn't even begin to understand how we'd ended up on the couch. I had been sucking his cock only a second ago, or maybe it was longer. How long had we been fucking? I wasn't sure anymore.

This stranger was becoming rougher and more demanding. I tried to move away, to lessen the power of each stroke. I needed him to slow down or else I would loose control and scream. I was thrashing around but each movement only caused him to push into me harder. His hand found my ass and began to pull on me harder, bringing him deeper into me with each thrust. His other hand slid onto my tummy and down, lower and lower and how I wanted him lower. His finger found my clit again and he created a rhythm of thrusts and flicks. It was steady and I could feel my body responding to him. A gentle wave of pleasure was building inside of me and my breathing was getting ragged. But I could control this, if he remained steady I could control my body. I felt a new pressure building and his finger was on my asshole, pressing and playing. It was more than I could bare when his slid his finger inside of me. I closed my eyes and let a wave of pleasure take me away. Still he didn't stop. Why wouldn't he stop? Surely we were moments away from getting caught. But it felt so good and maybe it was worth it. I was keeping quiet and the girl behind the counter had been reading when I came in. She hadn't come back here yet, why would she now?

Each thrust was stronger than the last. I squirmed to get away but that only made him stronger. I tried to move with him to find the rhythm, but his thrusts were getting wild as he worked himself into me. His one hand slid out of my ass and the other must have come away from my clit because I could feel him driving me back and forth with his hands digging deep into my hips. My clit still felt like fire. My hand was there now and I rubbed myself even as I struggled to control myself.

I had slowly become aware of a sound that had been echoing in my ears. How long had that been there? I was so lost and disoriented now that I could never be sure. It was foreign and hungry; whispers and grunts with the tone and inflection of longing. I didn't know what it was, but surely the girl behind the counter out front would hear it and come running, catching me naked with this stranger. It grew louder and louder and it would give us away before I was ready. Wherever it was coming from it had to stop before I was caught. I looked around for the source but my confusion only got worse.

Suddenly it didn't matter to me anymore. We weren't in the coffee shop, but in a house and the sound was getting louder still. I didn't understand how we had gotten here. We'd never stopped fucking, never left the couch, but I was sure we were alone, in a house and the grunting was louder still. And then I recognized it. It was me, my own voice, egging the stranger on. Again and again, I whispered "Harder, harder." They were barely words now, moans more than anything and my fingers held tight to the arm of the couch as his cock slid in and out of me, his thrusts getting faster and more frenzied. "Oh please, I need it harder. Oh, please!"

My head collapsed onto the arm of the couch, I could barely hold the rest of me up and I realized that the whispers and grunts of before were replaced with moans and cries. "More, harder, don't stop" all coming from me beyond my control. Inside I could feel a building wave stronger than the others. Somewhere my eyes had closed and all that remained was the tension between my legs and the sounds of my own voice driving him forward and driving me to the edge.

I felt myself reach the height of my excitement. I was out of my body yet in it fully as the waves broke and my body convulsed in shudders of unspeakable pleasure. The sound which had haunted me became something different, guttural and animalistic as I came, my pussy squeezing hard against his thrusts.

Those thrusts never stopped. I could feel the tightness building again as I rode him, my face away from him and I knew that it made no sense. I hadn't moved yet here I was on him, riding him like a thing possessed. The little voice that questioned it again was pushed away by my pleasure. His hand found my clit and I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I bounced up and down on his cock and I was close and wet and moaning so loud now-


The stranger was watching her with rapt attention. The textbook she had been reading had fallen to the floor a while ago and she sat slumped in the chair, her eyes closed. Her breathing had been heavy but now that sound was replaced with quiet grunts and moans. He had moved across the couch to be closer to her, to hear her and watch as her face twisted with pleasure. Her voice was soft and alone in the back room he knew no one but him could hear. As much as the shared fantasy he had created was sexy, this was the real turn-on for him. Seeing her lost in the daydream he created, out of control and vulnerable was getting him hard. It had been so easy. Her brain had been halfway there on its own. She mind was already blank from the boring textbook that now lay on the floor. All he had to do was slip inside her mind and guide her to something she'd find more interesting. Now she was in there alone fucking him like a wild animal. He hadn't expected her to be so wild and willing to accommodate him. It had been her idea to move locations so that she could moan loudly. Even thinking of the grunts, the cries and the moans made part of him want to slip back inside the dream. She had been a surprise and he only left her mind to see her like this, in his dream state, under his control. He'd left her on an auto-pilot of sort, though riding him was her own idea too. She'd wake soon, her orgasms were getting strong and soon one would wake her up. Maybe not the next one but certainly the one after.

The only thing left was to decide if he wanted to be here when she woke up. From the back of her throat a series of whimpers burst forth and the stranger knew that he needed to see this to completion.

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